Monday, April 14, 2008

Disappointing Sox Series Ends With Loss

The most wins recorded in a season since Denny McClain's 31 wins in 1968, is 27. It was recorded by A's pitcher Bob Welch in 1990 (he went 27-6). I think Chien Ming Wang has a chance to match or better that record this season. When you can go deep into a game with as little inning stress as this guy goes through, anything is possible. He is the bright spot for the team thus far.

With Posada and Molina as a starter/back-up combo we probably had the best catching situation in the league. Now, with Posada's shoulder situation and Molina's ham string, we may have the worst. Chad Moeller is being brought up from AAA.

With his outings getting shorter per start, I'm starting to believe that both Hughes and Kennedy would have been better off starting 3 to 5 games down in SWB. Let Karstens and Igawa get roughed up for the month of April (let's face it, they're used to it) and allow Hughes and Kennedy to fine tune their control and arm strength. I"m not saying they don't have the goods, but they can definitely use some refinement right now.

As much as Hughes got roughed up, and despite the Bombers dropping 2 of 3, they had their chances in both losses to come away with a win. -- no clutch hitting when men are on base.

13 games in, we're in the basement, and have scored less runs (by double digits) than anyone else in our division - what is up with that.

Around the league: They may have lost on Sunday, but no team is as hot as the AZ D-Backs. Johan Santana has only given up three earned runs in 14 innings, yet ended up with two straight losses. Batting .205, my predicted MVP candidate (JJ Hardy) is not looking too good right now. KC has the best pitching staff in the AL according to stats, can you name a starter?

Ortiz's power outage can be attributed to one thing in my cynical mind - no HGH in 2008.


The Scooter said...

I'm not worried about being in the cellar at this juncture...and to put a silver lining on it, at least they have started off better than last year.

The kid pitchers will get better. I think it makes sense for them to take some lumps on the Major League will serve them well, experience wise, later in the year.

Moose looked fine, and it appears as if he will give the Yankees a serviceable back end of the rotation guy. Even while struggling, Phil Hughes showed that he truly does have "electric" stuff. It's going to be fun watching him evolve throughout the year.

Once again the Yankees have started the year with no consistent offensive attack, but the good news is that Cano and Giambi appear to be coming out of their respective slumps.

I've been impressed by Alberto bait?

I thought Mid would be all over Girardi for pitching to Manny on Saturday. His first real "glaring" error as a Yankee manager. I'm sure he will learn from his mistake.

The level of officiating during the Stanley Cup playoffs has so far been atrocious. Phantom calls...make up calls....soft penalties....what the Hell happened to hockey?

Mid said...

On Girardi's decision to pitch to Manny - I disagreed with it on one front, and one front only - that Moose was the guy on the mound. Had it been any other pitcher, I would have agreed with the decision, I don't agree with intentional walks as a general principal. But, when Moose is on the mound, I do not expect good things to happen - ever, period end of story.

Moose is throwing better than Ian and Phil for sure. But 5 innings, 8 hits, and 4 earned does not usually put a team in postion to win.
I too am impressed with Alberto G. - If he is not trade bait, then starting next year when Giambi is gone, Jeter goes to first, Alberto starts at Short.

Crash said...

I can't believe I'm going to say this but...Mussina didn't pitch horribly. He made mistakes to Manny. The difference between Mussina now and Mussina of 4 years ago, he was capable of making a pitch to get Manny out. Girardi went out on limb to support his player. He shouldn't make that mistake again, in that situation.

Hughes actually made me sick last night. I had to turn off the game in the second inning. I thought the ump was squeezing him a bit. I thought he made some quality pitches that were not called, but I'm not saying that's the reason the Yanks lost. Bottom line is Hughes has gotten progressively worse with each start. I think Molina is a good catcher but maybe Hughes was use to throwing to Posada and the manner in which he calls a game. He did cross up Molina a couple times last night which would suggest just a lack of communication/chemistry. Anyone want to package Kennedy and Hughes for Santana now????

The offense in general has plain stunk. Giambi was the only one who should any life at all. I take that back Molina, had a couple of big hits in the series and was batting over .300 the last time I checked. But Cano needs to get it going, the entire OF needs to start hitting and A-Rod needs to hit some bombs. He came up a couple times in big moments this weekend and didn't do anything, including that weak-ass K against Paplebon.

I agree with Scooter that I only take solace in the fact that are off to a better start than last year.

And since Old Prof probably won't be chiming in until Wednesday or Thursday let me provide one comment I'm sure on his behalf...The play of Alberto Gonzalez should certainly open up a number of possible trades, I mean what team wouldn't be interested in trading for Derek Jeter. Even if the Yankees have to eat most of Jeter's salary in the deal, it's worth it if they can get a quality arm.

The Scooter said...

Wow, a couple starts in and you are ready to give up on Hughes and Kennedy, huh Crash? Last time I looked Santana was giving up three bombs in his Shea debut.

And with Prof being AWOL until mid-week, I'm glad that Crash has taken over the "post a stupid comment" spot in our rotation...a "supposed" Yankee fan calling for a trade of Jeter...That's just rich.

Mid said...

Molina was batting .350 and leading the team in doubles.
There were some big time cross ups between Molina and Posada.

The Scooter said...

Joba has left the team to be with his ailing father, who apparently collapsed last night at his Lincoln, Nebraska home. He is reportedly in critical condition.

I goes without saying that I'm sure we all wish Harlen, Joba and the rest of the Chamberlain family all the best during this trying time.

Mid said...

Yes thoughts are with him. . .

. .its Mussina's fault.

Crash said...

Scooter you should recall that I am a Jeter supporter. I am not saying to trade Jeter. But certainly OP would, he is very anti-Jeter, saying he's overrated and can't field.

Scooter you're right, if I'm going to settle for crappy pitching I would rather have it be with kids who aren't making $20M a season (yet), and have room for improvement. It's just a matter of how well will they adjust.

That's unfortunate about Joba's dad.

Middle Relief said...

Was it me - or were we trying to lose that game?

I thought the back up catcher did a pretty good job - saved a hit run.

Bruney finally gave up a few runs. Still doing well this year. I hope they're not getting fatigued. Maybe bring up some arms from SWB and give these guys some rest.

Crash said...

I stopped watching the game when it was 7-2. Imagine my sruprsie this morning when I saw the Rays scored 5 in the 7th.

Bruney was bound give up something sooner or later. Hopefully he bounces back and we don't get the old Bruney from last year.

I think the bullpen showed it's not the same without Joba. I hope everything works out with his dad and that he can come back and pitch with his head straight.

Kennedy taking a liner, not good. He was pitching well up to that point. Hope he doesn't miss time.

This was the first game the Yankees have played in a warm climate. Their bats were good, starting pitching was good, Mo looked good. Maybe they just needed a little warm weather to get going. I was looking at some stats and it seems a lot of the "star players" are off to slow starts and they all have been playing in cold weather.

57 said...

Four words..

Tampa Bay

Mike Pelfrey

Mid said...

If Giambi doesn't start getting some hits, I wouldn't be surprised if Joe G. started DJ at first to keep Alberto G. on the field.

The Scooter said...

You know, can we stop this Derek Jeter playing first base garbage? It's not going to happen, period. At least not for another 3 or 4 years.

I can see Duncan getting more time at first if Giambi's struggles continue, so I assume they will call him back up once they can send the 3rd string catcher back down.

By the way, let's give Giambi some props for his defense at first. None of us thought he could still man the position, but he has been more than adequate. He saved A-Rod an error last night, with a nice pick of a throw in the dirt. Plus he added a little mustard to it with a cool little "glove swipe". He looked like Willy Montanez.

Another well pitched game by Pettitte. He battled and ate innings even though he didn't have his best stuff.

crash said...

Looking forward to the short 2 game series against the Sox. Hopefully Wang can have another great outing.

Crash said...

Did anyone else see that Hawkins has given up #21. He is now wearing #22 because it wasn't "worth the headache" it was causing.

The Scooter said...

Welcome to Yankee Stadium, Clay Bucholz...

Mid said...

Brian Brueny for President.

57 said...

anyone watch the 'MAINE' event last night?

Beltran, Reyes, Church all go deep... the bats are waking up!!

I GUARANTEE Johan pitches a shut-out this weekend.

Jackie Robinson day....another testament to how the founding fathers neglected all americans when they founded this country.

John Adams said...

57 - if you don't like the work we did then relocate to Europe or Northern Africa.

John Adams said...

oh, and one more thing - the Mets really suck

Thomas Jefferson said...

I get laid.

alexander hamilton said...

yeah, by men...

Aaron Burr said...

How about I shoot you again.

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