Monday, May 26, 2008

Climbing Out of the Hole

Have the Yanks turned the corner with the warmer weather or is it that they are just playing lousy teams in Baltimore and Seattle? 5-1 the last 6, however, still a game under .500 and still in last place in the division.

I think it would not be a stretch to say the chances of the Yanks winning the division are fairly slim at this point. I'm NOT willing to proclaim the October streak over - I mean they can claw back and fight for the wild card which they have done before. What I am saying though, is that when a team is 10 games over .500 and in first place at Memorial Day weekend, rarely does that team give up that lead. The AL East Champions could very well be the Tampa Rays. . . . . Did I just type that?

Matsui is swinging the hot bat hitting .331. I didn't like it that Girardi took him out of the starting lineup for Sunday's game. If anything, you respect the role he is on, and bench Roberto Kelly Jr. (Melkey).

Rasner puts in another quality start. 4 games in his ERA is sitting at a nice 1.89.

Who is not putting in quality starts right now is my other boy Jeff Karstens. Two games into his rehab he's got two losses and ERA above 9 - ouch.

Win or lose, good or bad, Ian Kennedy has two more starts. After that, furniture is moved, and room is made for Joba who will be getting his starting nod the week of June 2nd.
I think it is all over but the shouting for Willie Randolf. Mets are two games under .500, lost 5 of 6, including a beat down of a sweep at the hands of the Braves. I think in my pre-season posts I had the over/under at the All-Star Break. All is not lost though, it was his first manager gig, rarely do things go smoothly, he'll go to YES booth for a few months, lay low, learn from his mistakes, and then take over for Joe Girardi when he is fired at the end of season.
Is the year we get a batter over .400 (Jones)? Or is the year we get a triple crown winner (Hamilton, Berkman, or Brown)?


Crash said...

Just when I thought the offense may be coming around the pull out a 1 run performance against a guy they just tagged all over the ballpark earlier in the week.

Nice to see Giambi and Cano above the .200 mark. This just in, Melky still sucks and should be playing center field for Minnesota right now. Not sure if Kennedy is out of the rotation or not when Joba comes back. They want to try and limit innings but stretch them out out at the same time. I think the Hughes injury was a blessing. When he's ready to start throwing again he obviously go's to AAA. If the rotation is going well you won't see him until September. If it struggles someone (Kennedy) goes down.

Mid, no love for the Orange? NCAA Lacrosse Champions. They beat Hopkins in a high scoring game 13-10. I believe that's there 10th national title.

Mid said...

Yeah I was going to mention SU, but didn't want to be too wordy on a Sunday night.

Cuse is now 10-5 in Nat' Championship games.

I'm ready for some new blood in the final four though. It seems that every year it is a combo of SU, John Hopkins, Duke, Virgina, or Maryland.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that with the decision to stay at D1 that Hobart really commits to giving it a go and get in the mix.

The Scooter said...

Mid, are you actually calling for Randolph to manage the Yankees? Did I read that right? 57 would pay half his salary for the Yanks to take him off of the Mets hands. And we all know he can afford it.

The Devil Rays will not finish above 3rd place in the AL East.

As for's called "keeping him fresh". He's no spring chicken anymore. I'm sure he appreciated the day off.

Rasner looked great again...the bullpen....Not So Much!

Please...NO MORE FREAKING LACROSSE TALK! Go back to boxing...mixed martial arts...curling...but no more college are making me want to jump out my office window.

crash said...

No worries Scooter college lax is done until next Memorial Day.

Since you requested MMA...Sean Sherk got destroyed by BJ Penn over the weekend. You may know Sherk's name as the guy that got suspended for steroids and as a result of the suspension was stripped of his title. His record was something like 32-2. Well, now off the juice he is 0-1. BJ Penn is now calling out Georges St. Pierre...That would be an interesting match-up but I think Penn is out of his league, GSP would destroy him inside of 2 rounds.

The Scooter said...

MMA starts and ends with two words..........KIMBO SLICE!

crash said...

I would agree if you're talking about the general public and their knowledge of MMA. Kimbo is being used strictly as a marketing gimick. He is not a real MMA fighter, he's a street thug. He hasn't fought anyone decent yet. Fedor, Coture, Tim Sylvia or anyone in the top 10 would embarrass him.

The Scooter said...

Kimbo Slice vs. Mike per view.

I haven't paid for a fight in ten years...but I would pay to see that one.

57 said...

I still miss how great the sport of boxing once was. Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Cooney, Leonard, Hearns, Hagler, Duran, Tyson. Need I say more

Mid said...

How can you reminise about Ali and Fraser?

My first fight was Holmes vs. Spinks on HBO. That was it - I was hooked from there.

Mid said...

WTF -- IS there a pitcher in the house or what?!

The Scooter said...

I want LaTroy Hawkins off this team now. Did anyone have any confidence whatsoever that he was going to pitch a scoreless 11th.

Last night was the first game that was lost because of the Joba situation. I'm all about "the big picture", but it's still difficult to watch the Yankees give up a game because of this silliness.

I don't want to hear about pitch counts and max innings, they started Joba in the bullpen this year and they should have kept him there until next Spring.

Jeter has to take a hit too, for pulling a "Jose Reyes" and getting picked off of second base in the 9th.

Mid said...

Ian Kennedy headed to the "DL".

crash said...

In the beginning of the season I mentioned the Reds have the best hitting prospect in baseball, Jay Bruce. They called him up yesterday and he only went 3-3, 2 R, 2 RBI and 1 SB.

This makes the Reds OF pretty crowded, look for them to move Dunn, Griffey, or both real soon. They will obviously look for pitching in return. Harrang & Arroyo are having sub-par years and Cueto after starting off well has crashed back to reality. I don't see the Yankees in as possible trade partners just because of the current OF/DH log-jam.

The Scooter said...

This is why the Mets are a Mickey Mouse organization:

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