Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yanks Actually Win One

Just a quick hit:

A-Rod is back and his bat appears to be as well.

I'd like to say the convincing 8-0 win was a momentum changer and the slide has ended . . . but, then I saw Ian Kennedy was starting the next game. Will this be his last start of the season with the big boys or we will see the guy we kept over Santana?

Rasner! Rasner! Rasner! Rasner!


crash said...

Rasner pitched another great game. A-Rod has come back on fire. He should have had 2 HRs last night. Another positive sign is the bottom of the order (Duncan, Cano, Moeller, and Melky) went 5-17 with 4 RBI and 3 R.

Scooter is getting his wish with Joba pitching more innings to get him ready for the rotation.

old professor said...

Crash, just a comment from your last posting about Mussina not pitching like a professional - last time I checked, he led the team in wins (actually tied with Wang - who apparently has a calf strain).

Let's flip a coin about who goes down when Chamberlain goes into the rotation: Kennedy or Hughes. At the rate of stretching him out, Chamberlain would be ready for the rotation about the time Hughes finishes his rehabbing in the minors. So will Kennedy go or will it be Hughes. Or, could it be both and Rasner stays in the rotation. It would be difficult to move him from the rotation if when the shift comes, he is 6-0 or 7-2. Both Kennedy and Hughes could see a large part of this season in the minors. (Which given their age, may not be such a bad thing). One small tiny little question - If Chamberlain goes to the rotation, who fills his spot for the 8th inning bridge, Farnsworth??

old professor said...

Just one quick note to our beloved Muts fan, 57, the team goes from second place and 1.5 games behind and a sweep of the Yankees to losing three in a row to the Braves and are now at .500 in fourth place 3.5 games back. Oh and Willie apologized for his racial insensitive remarks. A long time ago the Yankees were known as the Bronx Zoo, (Randolph was actually part of that team). Welcome to the 21st Century and the Queens Zoo (oh forget it just doesn't have the same ring to it).

Mid said...

Um, your boy JB Cox.

And Don't tell me you think he needs more work - Cashman thinks he's ready and that's all that counts..

.. Hughes and Kennedy are done in the Bronx for the rest of the season. Rasner, Karstens, and Joba will be filling out the rotation going forward.

57 said...

the difference is, the Bronx Zoo actually had a little more heart than these chumps. Actually, they need to build this team around David Wright and no-one else. Randolph needs to go...and he needs to go now...this is the same Randolph that lead them to the collapse last year, and leading them into mediocrity this year!! If he'd rather be a Yankee, so be it... Howard Johnson, Mets Hitting instructor and part of the 1986 championship team, must be disgusted to compare his team to these heartless chumps. I am disgusted... something has to change and change this weekend.

The Scooter said...

OK, I feel a little better this morning. It's funny what a Yankee win can do for a guy.

Rasner is a bulldog. Yes the league will catch up to him in short time (probably by the All-Star break), but lets milk him for all he is worth until the bottom falls out.

As Crash alluded to, I am NOT HAPPY about this "stretching Joba out" crap. I mean have you ever heard of doing this in-season? I just think it screams of desperation and of Cashman trying to save his job. Fire him now and put Stick Michael in the GM chair.

Here's a thought, the Mets fail to make the playoffs and the Wilpons chop both Randolph's AND Omar's head off....Then they hire....wait for it....BRIAN CASHMAN as the new GM.

Enough already, bring instant replay in to check homeruns. Is someone going to have to lose a playoff game or worse yet a World Series game before Bumbling Bud Selig does what is necessary?

Prof, Jeter sure looked umm range inhibited (dripping sarcasm) when he made a stellar play going to his LEFT last night to start the double play in the seventh. Not many shortstops get to that ball.

It's funny, a few years ago all we heard about was the debate about who was better, Jeter, Nomar or Tejada...and then 2 years ago there was that silly debate about who the best shortstop in New York was....Looks like Jeter has survived all the scrutiny: Nomar is done, Tejada is a steroided shell of the player he once was and as it turns out Jose Reyes is Rey Ordonez without the glove.

But if you must know why Jeter is THE are links to his last five girlfriends:

Current flame:

Last 4 flames:

No one better EVER say that I don't bring value to this blog!!!!

57 said...

Jeter lost all credibility when he dumped Mariah. I WUV her! What was he thinking??? At least have her on the side you idiot!!!

As for Cashman, No. I am SICK of ex-yankees. You, apparently, love them... Gooden, Strawberry, Mankiewicz, Ziele, Torre, Cone shall I continue... get your own talent.

57 said...

Reyes vs. Ordonez????.... someone just pissed in my Cheerios.

old professor said...

Scooter, the question you need to ask yourself is why Jeter apparently can't hold one to any of the individuals he has dated. There has to be a flaw there somewhere, maybe there are issues on range.

So he makes one play to his left - the first one this year I might add.

I do agree with you regarding instant replay to clear up issues regarding homeruns. There have been two blown calls at Yankee stadium this week and one in Houston that led to the Astros changing their fence structure and painting new lines.

crash said...

Damn...maybe I need to reconsider getting the Jeter jersey after all.

Old Prof said "Scooter, the question you need to ask yourself is why Jeter apparently can't hold one to any of the individuals he has dated."

Why sit still with one when you can walk through all of them?

Personally I would have stopped with Biel.

old professor said...

Crash, with any of them you would end up in a bodycast and on disability for the rest of your life. Plus your wife would kill you to collect the insurance.

57 said...

Why wasn't Pettitte on Jeter's list?

crash said...

Holy crap. We actually got to see the Kennedy we saw last year and hoped to see this year. Hopefully he found something.

Mid said...

I love Matsui - hate Melkey.

crash said...

Melky needs to go. Cano is really ticking me off. He is trying as quickly as possible to get out of the batters box and swinging at the first pitch way too much. Before that 9th inning single he saw 4 pitches in 3 at bats. It's almost like he's afraid to hit.

And why did Girardi not start Abreu last night. I understand you want to get Duncan in, but why would you bench a player who is hitting .290 and has multi-hit games the last couple of nights in favor of guy hitting .200 (Giambi)who can't hit beach ball right now?

I will admint I was very excited about Girardi managing the Yanks, but he is already starting to wear on me and just make some stupid decisions for someone that supposedly loves to study the game.

Crash said...

Did anyone watch the NCAA Lax semi's. Syracuse came from behind pulled the upset over #2 Virginia in 2 OT. GREAT GAME!!! They will face off against Hopkins on Monday for the championship.

Interesting note...during the Hopkins game, they showed banners from a bunch of past champions and Hobart had a banner up there. Do you think they would have put their 13 (12 consecutive) D3 titles on the banner...nope they put there 2 D2 titles on the banner from 1976 & 1977. Coincidently I just read that Hobart is staying in D1, despite doing miserably the past 12 years and almost going back to D3.

Looking forward to watching 'Cuse and Hopkins go at it.

old professor said...

Crash, regarding Hobart - the board of directors actually voted to go back to D-3 but alumni started an anti-D3 movement and the directors changed their minds.

Amazing what happens to a line-up when you put A-Rod in.

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