Sunday, May 18, 2008

Phoning it in from the Basement

There isn't really a whole lot you can say about a team with the third worst record in the American League.

It is not that they are in last place that bothers me the most. When a team is missing the production of a Jorge Posada and A-Rod from its lineup, there is only so much to expect. What does bother me the most though is the way these guys are playing. No one has stepped it up in A-Rod or Posada's absence. Is there another pair of MLB players that has more non-quality ABs than Cabrera and Cano? There are so many things to point to, but can be summed up by saying that there is just a lack of fire from the team in general.

I believe one of the reasons for bouncing Joe T. and hiring Girardi was to provide that "spark". Well, I am ready when you are - let's see it. Hank said it best: Time for these guys to start earning their pay.


Boxing: Chris Byrd, a long time former heavyweight champion who has faced the division's best over the years (both Klitchkos, Tua, Golata, Holyfield etc.) moved to the light heavy division, dropping 40 pounds to compete for the title there. It was supposed to a mere formality given how weak the division is and an easy place for Byrd to re-ignite his career. His first fight at the division was just on ESPN Friday Night Fights - Byrd faced a tune up in some guy named George to earn the mandatory challenger designation. Things didn't quite work out the way they were supposed to. George ended up beating Byrd every which way one can get beaten. Knocking him down several times, with it being stopped in the 9th. I've seen a lot of fights, rarely have I seen a man's legs turn into noodles like Byrd's did though. Time to hang up the gloves I guess.


Has there ever been a bigger no brainer than for UPS to be the official sponsor of Big Brown? Big Brown got his first win in Saratoga last year right around the time when Crash was getting married. Coincidence??? I hope this horse closes the deal and gets the T-Crown.


What would the ratings be if Tampa ends up playing the Marlins in the Series?


The Scooter said...

For once Mid, I agree totally with you. As you guys know, I never ever rip the team....but this is just pathetic. The "dead bats society" that is the Yankee lineup has become almost impossible to watch.

The only two guys who seem to even care are Jeter (.314) and Matsui (.304)

Abreu (.280) has been mediocre at best...but after those three, take a look at the numbers:

Melky .255
Cano .204
Damon .250

I'm not expecting anything out of Molina and Gonzalez/Ensberg but the four guys above are all capable of hitting .300 (maybe a stretch for Melky). Do they rebound, or is this what we are going to see all year?

When you look bad against the Mets of all teams, maybe you really ARE bad.

I can't blame Girardi, he's doing everything he can to generate runs.

You know it's bad when Mid is blogging about boxing. What's next, English League Soccer?

57 said...

Well, well, well.... upon my return from destitations far and beyond, I return to see the beloved 'MUTS' (prof) beat up on the Yankees to the SWEEPING tune of a combined 18-6 margin over a two day span.

I dont want to hear about Posada or A-Rod not playing. You had your offense in play on Saturday, and we were just better.... you threw us your ace on Sunday, and we were just better. Neither A-Rod or Posada would have mattered.

Prof: Start putting the 'E' in for 'U' in Muts..we've earned it.
Scooter: Wagner
Crash: Ching Meng Who?
Mid: Where is my lawn mower?

The Scooter said...

Shut up!

Mid sold your lawnmower on Craig's List and I bought it. You can't have it back.

crash said...

Not only is the team hitting like crap, but the pitching isn't so hot lately either. I think Pettitte is on a 3 or 4 game losing streak, Wang has lost a couple in a row now, and the bullpen is giving up late runs. I can't believe I am even saying this but the only guy saving the Yanks from a long losing streak is Mussina. He pitches tomorrow and I think Rasner pitches Wednesday. Hopefully the Yanks get a couple of good starts, and the bats come back with A-Rod returning to the lineup.

Scooter I actually think Girardi is trying too much. I think I heard/saw last night that Girardi has used 38 different line-ups this year so far. Yes injuries have played a significant role in that, but he needs to keep some consistency there, to try and let the players get into a routine. If you want to shake things up don't mess around with batting Cano in the 3 spot, how about benching his ass for a week and playing Alberto Gonzalez. Or bench Giambi and give some AB's to Duncan.

57 said...

...oh, and Carlos Delgado was robbed of a 3 run ding.

old professor said...

Get use to the performance you have been witnessing for the past several weeks. A-Rod will make some difference, but if memory seves me correctly, he was hitting about .220 with runners in scoring position.

Bottom line, the lineup has mediocre to over the hill players at most positions. Let's start first base - giambi, hitting under .200 and can't throw a ball from first to second or to home. So he is a defensively liability and not producing offensively, but Girardi likes his at bats - really. Second base - great defense and arm, hitting .200 maybe the pitchers in the league have finally caught up to him. Shortstop - don't get me started on Mr. Overrated. Third base should improve with the return of A-Rod. Catcher - Molina was known for having a great arm - how many stolen bases did the Rays have on him? Moeller is the backup to a backup. left field - Damon is phoning it in and should have followed up on his thoughts to retire at the end of last season. Center - Melky is hitting .250 and has exhibited some power. He is the best defensive outfielder they have. Abreu third in batting on the team a defensive liability when approaching the wall.

Starting pitching: dare I say it Mussina is the most effective pitcher they have right now. Pettitte has been experiencing problems in the middle innings (can we say left handed specialist out of the pen?).

Seems to be a diffence of opinion between the two Steinbrenners; Hank wants the team to start producing NOW and Hal seems to take the approach "we need patience and no one said we would win it this year". George on the other hand has been banned from watching the games for fear of a stroke.

The Scooter said...

Pretty good analysis, Prof. Who wrote it for you?

57 said...


old professor said...

Scooter, thanks for the compliment. As for who wrote it, me. As for 57's question regarding the muts - In New York they are the second class citizen and most people remember last year's collapse. Joe Morgan's analysis of the Muts last night was they are playing the same as they did at the end of last year and that is one of the reasons there are rumors about Willie going down the road. True they had a good series against the Yankees, but have played very inconsistently. When they finally win the World Series (and beat the Yankees) the respect/credit will happen. No win no respect.

57 said...

I have said fire Willie from DAY ONE!! I have never liked him, nor will I ever like him. His lack of aggressiveness was shown in their inability to wipe the cardinals in 5 or 6 games in 2006!! RIDICULOUS... Willie should be GONE and i want him GONE! Hire Gary Carter as their manager!

old professor said...

Gary Carter???? What makes you even think he can manage. Wait, I see the connection - he was a catcher so that will make him a combination of Joe Torre and Joe Girardi and Mike Sosia.

And Mid if Tampa played the Marlins in the World Series, it would be the first series that no one watched. It would be worse than St. Louis versus KC. Yes Scooter that World Series did actually occur, though you, mid, 57 and even Crash were too young to know it was going on. Look at the bright side, you would be able to get tickets along the third or first baselines.

There have been some rumblings about David Wells or Freddie Garcia as free agents. Garcia maybe not Wells. By the way isn't Kris Benson still a free agent??

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