Sunday, May 11, 2008

It could have been worse . .

The first thing I heard when I tuned into Friday's game was that the Tigers bats have been very quiet and inconsistent so far this season. I sarcastically remarked: a few innings from Igawa will cure that.

Sadly, my comments turned out to be true. It was getting to a point that I started to feel sorry for Igawa. And in searching for the positives out of all this, I say, it could have been worse - at least he didn't walk anybody right?

I am probably going to jinx it with this next statement, but here goes anyway - I think Jason Giambi has turned the corner for the season. The last 4 games he is batting .385 and 2 walks. We need someone to step it up when we're missing the level of production from guys like Posada and A-Rod - this could turn out to be Giambi's time to shine.

I've got two things to say about my boy Rasner. One would be I'm voting for him to be the starter for the All-Star Game (big surprise!) - and am counting on all of you to as well! Second, with his successful outings of trusting his stuff, throwing strikes and at least giving the team 6 innings of work, it gives the front office some flexibility in terms of not rushing Kennedy back up and allow him the time necessary to really fine tune his game. The next time we see Ian start for the bombers, hopefully it'll be for good.

Do you give Igawa another start or do you bring up Steven White to see what he can do?


The Scooter said...

Hey, let's trash talk 57 while he's gone!

old professor said...

the results from Igwa's game could have been a little better had the Yankees had someone at third who could field. Bettemit allowed at least four balls to get by him that led to runs and extended the inning. Igwa unfortunately lost concentration and started pitching up.

Rasner's efforts were excellent and he may have actually worked his way into the rotation.

crash said...

Rasner earned a couple more starts, Igawa probably gets at least one more start before being sent back down to Scranton, then being packaged in a trade for a young 1B or OF.

Did anyone see the remarks by Kennedy after he pitched well in his first AAA start? This kid has got to grow up and learn not to open his mouth. He said a couple of things while up with the big club that made you stop and shake your head and that trend has continued after being sent down.

I'm telling you now, he's not going to cut it in NY, the pressure will get to him and the media will eat him alive. He's better off being traded to team out west like San Diego, Oakland, or San Fran.

Mid said...

What'd he say?

Mid said...

. . and thanks for inviting me to breakfast -

old professor said...

Actually Mid it was a brunch and it was excellent. Eggs Benedict, Crepes, Turkey Bacon, Potatoes, scrambled eggs, and bread. (Crepes had options of Strawberries, bannanas or chocolate).

Stop whinning you wouldn't have driven that far to begin with.

Don't be surprised if Kennedy is kept down in the minors until he learns to keep his mouth shut. Maybe he would prefer to pitch in Pittsburgh.

crash said...

In his first start for SB, he went 7.1 IP, gave up only 1H, 0BB, 0R. He said something along the lines of...when I woke up this morning I knew I was going to make those guys look stupid. I knew I was going to get my first win of the season.

Previously, I think we discussed this before, he has said he doesn't like the pressure, he feels it, etc.

Girardi brushed off the most recent comments as him being young. I call immature.

The Scooter said...

OK...he's young AND immature...let's cut him....we have Rasner and Karstens around to anchor our rotation for the next 5 years.

mid said...

Scooter -finally a moment of clarity!

old professor said...

Mid, Karstens has yet to pitch competitively this season. He is still rehabbing from a pulled groin. It was good to hear that Humberto Sanchez is doing well and figures in the Yankees plans this season. He has been told he will be used primarily in relief. On a sour note, what is Girardi thinking when he mentions that Carl Pavano could be a factor later this season. The guy is still throwing off of flat ground and has not thrown in competition for well over a year. Now there is a person we can really count on.

Could the Rays be for real? They sweep the Angels and now pound the Yankees.

crash said...

Rays are for real. What's the old saying...pitching wins championships. They're pitching will only be getting stronger when Kazmir comes back, and the already have one of the best staffs around. Not to mention the bullpen doesn't implode like it has in years past. Having Percival there makes a huge difference.

Steve Phillips actually said that the Rays have a better chance than the Mariners to hang around and make some noise after the all-star break and make a push for the playoffs.

I hope the Rays make the playoffs...just not at the Yankees expense.

Mid said...

Ian Kennedy back up to start on Thursday.

Steven White is getting disrespected.

old professor said...

Mid, it is nice to see that you have found a new poster boy for overlooked players. Here is something to consider, while White is 4-1 at Triple A his WHIP is 1.27 which by the way is higher than Igwa's (1.13). By contrast Rasner's was 0.83. I believe the Yankees are probably on the verge of trading Igwa somewhere. They have not had very good luck signing Far East pitchers - Please reference; Igwa, Irabu, Madea[signed shortly after Irabu for about $1million; never made it beyond AA]. Maybe Seattle would be interested since they seem to have a number of Japanese players already and are controlled by a Japanese owner.

Crash said...

Old Prof I'm actually impressed that you know what and how to reference WHIp. However, though White may have the highest among those three pitchers, a 1.27 is still very respectable. You really only worry when the pitcher is approaching 1.5, if you're around 1.00 you're a god.

Just for reference purposes here are some career WHIp:

Johan Santana 1.095
Mariano Rivera 1.036
Wang 1.275
Pettitte 1.357

It's just the jump from AAA to MLB is hard to forecast. Another decent indicator is BB/K ratio.

old professor said...

Another wasted effort by Wang as the Yankees come up short against the Rays (who by the way for the first time in their history are now six games over .500 and are in first place in the East).

The Yankees look lathargic at best or just plain old and disinterested. The offense has four people hitting in the lineup that are under .220. Molina by the way looks like exactly what he is - an old backup catcher.

Once you get by the first five hitters in the lineup, it looks like a AA lineup.

The Rays may be for real. They have had strong pitching (11 wins in a row at home) and I am impressed with their defense especially the infield.

Mid said...

The Yanks have let Wang down again.

Rays are in first place, and the MIA Rocco Baldellie was taking BP with the team before yesterday's game. - If they can get him in the lineup, with guys like Upton and Crawford - look out.

Matsui is such a freakin' pro.

old professor said...

It looks as if the Yankees may be contemplating making some changes in the pen soon. They have promoted two of their prize relief pitchers up the ladder. JB Cox (yes the one from Texas that was a number one pick a few years ago) has been promoted to Triple A and Melechon was been promoted to AA. Look at Cox being in the majors by the All Star break. (When he was drafted he was viewed as the eventual replacement for Mo). While they may be set for pitching, they still need someone to swing the bat and drive in runs.

First base is a wasteland for the team. Don't even harp on the fact that Giambi has seven homeruns, he is still batting .185. Cano is still hitting under .190. Help may be around the corner with A-Rod back by Tuesday (unfortunately they could be seven back by then).

crash said...

Yankees placed Sean Henn on waivers and the Padres claimed him.

old professor said...

Maybe he will get the chance with the Padres that he didn't get with the Yankees. It is always questionable to allow a 26 yr.old lefty to leave the system.

The Scooter said...

All together now.....


The Scooter said...

All kidding aside...Mussina now has 6 wins; I repeat SIX WINS! He is tied for the American League lead.

When is it time for us to address the fact that he is having a really really good year?

old professor said...

Scooter, this is Mid's site and based on the venom that he has thrown in Mussina's direction for at least two years, do you really expect him to give Mussina any respect.

Mussina has an ERA of 3.99 and except for his first game of the season, has kept the Yankees in a position to win all of the games. He is in position to win more than 14 this year. The question will be if he does have an outstanding season, does he come back or retire?

The other piece to the puzzle is he pitched on an extra days rest, which in the past has been a problem to him.

What a surprise - Cano had four hits and is not hitting .200.

Mid said...

I did not see the clip only heard about it - Manny caught a ball, slapped a high five to someone in the stands, and then threw a guy out? Anyone see it?


4 runs in 3 games.


Love the latest from Hanks.

Mid said...

Was there a bigger no brainer than re-signing Mike Mussina or what?


The Scooter said...

Mid, even I have to admit that the Manny play was pretty cool. First of all he made a great over the shoulder running catch...didn't break stride as he literally climbed the wall, high-fived a dude in a Sox jersey...landed, spun and made a perfect throw to the relay man who completed the double play....Quite entertaining.

and yes...we know that you have ALWAYS been a big Mussina guy.

crash said...

The Manny play was laughable. He made a decent running catch in the OF, the fact that he doubled off the runner was purely coincidence, the base runner will probably be fined in kangaroo court for being stupid.

Scooter you know when we celebrate Mussina having a decent year, when he can beat the Sox and when he can come up with a couple of big wins in October. He may tied for the league in victories, but of those leaders he has the fewest quality starts.

Last night was a big win though, the Yanks have obviously sucked the last week or so with Wang and Pettitte taking a couple of L's. It's been Rasner and Mussina keeping the Yanks from a serious losing streak.

I like that he is winning the games and pitching well...but I'm not jumping on that wagon yet.

old professor said...

Mid, to see the clip on Manny, go to Click on team sites then Boston. The video will run from that site. His teammates pass it off as Manny being Manny. This comes the day after he proclaimed himself to be the greatest leftfielder in Boston History. (Yaz may have something to say about that).

Crash, regarding Mussina performing in October, worry about getting there firts then let's see if he can perform. If he continues to pitch this way through September, he will help the Yankees get to the playoffs (provided Wang and Pettitte stay healthy and can win).

crash said...

I think Mussina would benefit from having that extra day off all season. Any possibility Girardi goes to a 6 man rotation? Yes I know the premise of that would be to find 6 guys that can actually start...

Mussina actually pitched will last September because he had the month of August out of the rotation.

old professor said...

Another Kennedy start and the same results - an early exit and another Yankee loss. It is starting to become apparent he may not be able to pitch consistently above triple A. At twenty-two years old, he may have a lot of upside in his career. But currently, he is not ready for prime time.

crash said...

To be honest I didn't watch the whole game. I tuned in for the pre-game, watched the first batter and turned the channel in disgust.

Kennedy needs to spend the rest of the season in AAA.
What if we trade him and Damon to Texas for Josh Hamilton...Texas is always desperate for pitching.

crash said...

Holy crap, just noticed the Yanks are in last place in the division...only Seattle and Detroit have a worse record in the AL. Pittsburgh has a better record for God's sake.

crash said...

Matt Holliday will earn $13M next season, and is trying to get a 4 year extension out of Colorado. If they give it to him, he could be traded...possible suitors: Yankees, Indians, Cardinals, Tigers, Blue Jays, Mariners, and Mets.

Personally I don't think the Blue Jays will pay that much. They weren't giving that to Rios or Wells. Tigers may have spent too much on Cabrera and Willis to be serious contenders. Mariners are in Sexson shock and will probably avoid long term big money deals for a little bit. Cardinals have never been huge spenders (even with Pujols). That leaves Mets and Yanks.

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