Monday, May 05, 2008

Yanks Return the Sweep

Just a quick hit this a.m:

Let's call it the Rasner factor. Since it was announced he'd be coming up, the Yanks are undefeated. Coincidence? - I think not.

I'm not going to mention any names, I'm just going to point out that Jeter is batting .500 since someone called into question his bat speed 4 games ago.

Has Moose fixed his game? It looked like he was throwing slower than BP velocity, but it was definitely throwing the timing of the hitters off - good outing by him and hopefully a sign of things to come.

Farnsworth seems to be on track - left to a standing O on Friday's game.

I was initially thinking that Igawa was the odds on favorite to get the call for the next opening in the rotation, but after checking some of the numbers on the guys down in SWB, Steven White (2-1, 3.2 ERA) might get the nod instead.

Where in the world is Jeff Karstens?


The Scooter said...

I think they traded Karstens to the Mexican League for the rights to Julio Franco....or was it Giuseppe Franco?

Mid said...

The Mets took two out of three from the D-Backs, I heard on M&M this morning that was the first series AZ has lost since the opening weekend.

old professor said...

Mid, maybe Jeter reads your blog and was motivated by someone questioning his bat speed and range. I guess if you swing enough times at pitches you will eventually put some of them into play. It could also be he was not batting against top of the line pitchers (Eric B. is just coming of the DL). Let's be real, even Damon had a good series.

Word on the street with Kennedy being sent down, it could be Igwa getting the next start in that slot, which I believe will be May 11.

And finally, at what point do you start reporting Muts results - Does 57 owe you some money or what??

Crash said...

I think it is almost a sure thing that Igawa gets called up this week. He's been decent (not great) at AAA and don't forget they have a lot of $$ tied up in him.

Karstens was almost ready to make some rehab starts a couple of weeks ago. He's been in Tampa throwing and he was very positive about his progress. It would seem an opportune time to get him back for a start or 2.

Buster Olney reported this morning that Mussina has in fact made his offspeed pitches slower (Buster called it the El Duque effect). By dropping his change and curve to the low 60s it makes his 84 mph fastball a lot quicker. I' still believe he is nothing more than a 5th starter and should never pitch again vs Red Sox, but I am certainly mildly optimistic (impressed would be too strong of a word here)about his performance of late.

If Damon and Jeter get hot at the same time, the offense will roll, even without Posada, A-Rod, and Giambi.

Wang has to be the early favorite for the Cy Young Award in the AL.

The DBacks are the best team in the majors right now and the Mets faced their top starters. Good series for the Mets.

Mid said...

I think Steven White deserves the shot over Igawa.

The Scooter said...

Mid, I think there are 46 million reasons why Igawa gets the start over White.

old professor said...

Mid, one other point to bring up regarding Igwa versus White other than the $$$'s. White is not on the forty man roster - so who gets released when he is brought up?

Speaking of Giambi, at what point do we stop hearing how good his at bats look and admit the guy appears to be washed up and needs to be put on the bench. He refuses to go to the opposite field and believes he can hit through or over the shift. In the meantime, he continues to leave men in scoring position and is batting .150. (Which by the way is the same average for Cano - what I can't understand is the constant statement by broadcasters that it is only a matter of time before Cano begins to hit because he has shown himself to be a .300 hitter. Two seasons does not make a .300 hitter and if I am not wrong, he was a career .200 hitter in the minor leagues so apparently he is more prone to his minor league average versus what he did for two years in the majors).

Kennedy's mental makeup showed this weekend when he indicated he would be glad to go to the minor leagues and straighten out because he would no longer be under the microscope. Whether you pitch in NY or Pittsburgh, fans and the media are going to boo you if you don't perform. The only thing he has going for him is his youth - at 24 he can still be useful for the Yankees and hopefully he doesn't turn into another Sean Henn.

The Scooter said...

Prof, is there ANYONE on this Yankee team that you like? Are you sure you are not a closet Red Sox fan?

Mid said...

actually White is on the 40 man.

But you're correct, the contract for Igawa gets him the start likely over the solid performance of White.

57 said...

I still think Willie Randolph should be fired!!

The Mets cannot support Santana with enough runs this year. He should be 7-0!

Welcome back Moises Alou. I am happy with this weekend, but very dissapointed with Carlos Beltran.. I will not be happy when he reveals that he has been playing hurt. He's done it before, and he'll do it again. Just go on the DL if you're hurt, and get better so you'll matter in the stretch run. Beltran is hitting .210.. and Delgado is not much better at .213( The Mets' 4 and 5 hitters). If not for Church and David Wright (albeit in a modest slump)... we'd be in BIG trouble.

Big series with the Dodgers starts tonight. Let's see if Perez can bounce back from last weeks debacle against Pittsburgh.


When does Oswalt become a Yankee? Answer: Not before he becomes a Met.


Go Rangers!! Sorry Scooter... where was Gomez during the series.. and Jagr for that matter! Can't blame Drury...


Clemens is a waste of skin.


How horrible was the Kentucky Derby ending where a horse had to be euthanized on the track?? How long before PETA sends a statement that horse rasing is cruel???


Oscar DeLaHoya is a poser and I hope Mayweather treats him like Drago treated Creed in Rocky IV.

"If he dies... he dies"

I am actually rooting for the Yanks to make the playoffs so a Subway series will be in play.

I am also rooting (AND I HATE THE NBA) for a Celtics/Lakers final. That I might watch.

crash said...

Old Prof Cano had a career minor league avg of .278, I think he'll come out of it.

Interesting to hear Girardi say Pavano is due back in August and could help the club. I thought, or hoped, that fiasco was all done.

57 said...

Carl Pavano is baseball's equivalent of Evander Holyfield... enough already.

The Scooter said...

Actually Jagr played well, although I am not a big fan of his. The Rangers had to not only beat the Pens, but they had to beat the NHL (and by extension the refs). The NHL badly wants Sidney Crosby in the finals which resulted in ludicrous officiating through the entire series. But the bottom line is that they were just not good enough to advance. They have a nice core group of youth, and I'm sure they will spend to bring in a top flight scorer since it looks like Jagr's contract will be off the books. I think you will probably see Vincent Lecavelier or Jerome Iginla in a Ranger uni next year.

Randolph is not the Mets problem....Minaya is the problem. He has put together a flawed and underachieving roster of "soft" latin players and absolutely no pitching depth. And now the minor league cupboard is bare, so this is the team you must go to war with 57. Yea, maybe you can get the Pirates to dump Nagy's salary, but he isn't a difference maker. The Mets have NO SHOT at Oswald.

Torre sweeps the Mets this week.

Already hearing PETA bitching about the Derby. They want the jockey suspended, which is ludicrous if you watched the race.

The real issue and the one PETA should be focusing on is the track surface. The composite surface that they are using in select tracks across the country have proven to greatly reduce catastrophic injury. The Horse Racing industry has fought standardizing to this surface simply because it makes handicapping the races so much more difficult. Once again, follow the money.

I refuse to direct any further comment to Prof until names one current Yankee that he actually likes.

old professor said...

Okay Scooter, here is a list of the Yankees that I like: Pettitte (because he gives maximum effort every time out); Mo (because he is and probably will go down in history as the best reliever in the history of the game -still at his age, a four year deal may be a stretch) he is also the best athlete on the team; A-Rod because he was willing to switch from shortstop to third base for the good of the team, (It did take three years to adjust to the limelight of NYC good bye Scott Boras); Chamberlain, because he is a team man and does whatever is asked of him if it will help the team. Matsui, because he is a perfectionist and cannot or will not accept prolonged slumps; Wang, because he has proven himself to be the stopper, when the team has needed him to step up, he has done so. Oh and yes I like Melky - youthful exhuberance is something this team has lacked for a long time.

Having said that, here is the list of the Yankees that I do not care for: Jeter, overrated, lacks range and has been given a free pass from criticism because he is the chosen one for the media the Obama affect before Obama was a household name); Giambi, used chemical enhancement to get to where he is and now is a shadow of the player the Yankees were hoping for and he is not a team person he is more of an "I" person; the jury for me is out on Posada, when asked about playing first base to aleviate the issue with his arm he commented: "I am a catcher not a first baseman". Okay so how much are you helping the team now that you are on the DL and can't catch, throw or hit? He should be able to play through the shoulder issue if he was at first base.

As for the Red Sox, never have nor will ever be a supporter for the team from New England. Having said that, their front office has done what was necessary to overtake and surpass the Yankees as the team to beat. Position by position between the two teams: First base goes to the Red Sox, Second Base goes to the Sox, shortstop - split. third base, when A-Rod is on his game Lowell can't hold his jock; DH are you kidding, where would the Yankees be if they had signed Ortiz versus Giambi (answer - working on World Title #30); Left field, Yankees get the nod as well as right and centerfield. Starting Rotation - Depth and being able to pitch deep has to go to the Sox and that goes for starters 1-5. Wang has proven he can beat them. Bullpen [setup men] goes to the Yankees as does the position of closer.

Scooter, I have followed the Yankees since 1956 and this team reminds me a lot of the teams from the early 70's and the late 1980's that had a lot of hype and promise, but could not produce.

The Scooter said...

OK Prof, fair enough.

I can't argue with your critique of Giambi, I think we are all quite disappointed with his Yankee career.

I'm surprised with your take on Posada. All accounts have him as the number one "team" guy on the roster. Perhaps you have to take into account his unwillingness to declare himself a first baseman could be based on the fact that he doesn't want to take a teammate's job. That's how I read it. And I think they would have kept him on the roster jut to DH if their medical people would have approved it. Not to mention the fact that all he does is produce. Coming off the best year of his career, I would think that Jorge would have some equity built up with you.

Which brings us to The Captain. He is a career .317 hitter who has averaged well over 100 runs scored over his career. He regularly plays through pain and has never said one word against a teammate or the organization. He even seems to have taken A-Rod back into the fold this year.

He hits to all fields. Can lay down a bunt. Is very good at situational hitting and is known around baseball as "Mr. Clutch".

He absolutely leaves it all out on the field every single inning, never dogs it, is willing to give up the body to make a play.

He can steal a base and goes 1st to 3rd as well as anyone in the league.

His teammates, managers and coaches love him. He is never on the police blotter, he doesn't have 12 illegitimate kids and last but not least, he helped his team win 4 World Series Titles.

I'm sorry Prof, using the term "overrated" for him is a cop out and this "lack of range" thing is completely media created. I watch close to every inning of every game and truth be told, the balls that he might not get to going to his left, he more than makes up for by going into the hole (with that jump throw) so well.

And while I respect the fact that you have been watching the Yankees since 1956, it certainly doesn't mean that your scouting reports are beyond reproach.

Who knows, maybe this is the year that the Yankees don't make the post season, but I really don't think they have been over-hyped. In fact most of the so called "baseball tonight" experts thought they would finish out of the money this year....Let's hope they can tread water while the big bats are on the DL and maybe catch a little lightning in a bottle from Rassner ans Igawa (sort of like Aaron Small and Shawn Chacon a couple years ago). I still think this team could be dangerous down the line.

57 said...

the only yankee, in my time, that I ever liked was Bernie. I think, though, if I grew upon the 50s in jersey instead of the 70s I'd be a Yankee fan.

Scooter, that stays between you and I family wise!!!!!

Crash said...

I think it's funny how Old Prof loves Andy Pettitte, but can't stand Giambi bcz he used PEDs. Hmmmm....something not right there. Old Prof is a typical fan, he doesn't care if Giambi used or not, but he will certainly throw it in his face when things are bad. He's upset bcz he's hitting .150 right now. If Giambi was hitting .300 with 10HRs, Giambi would be on the other side of that list.

And I can't believe you said Wang is a stopper, obviously you're not talking about his playoff history.

The Scooter said...

Talk about coincidence....there's a great little article by George King in today's NY Post which gives some rather amazing Jeter stats.....Damn, I'm beginning to think that he is actually underrated.

57 said...

does anyone wonder why Marvin Harrison owns a bar, garage and car wash in NORTH PHILLY???? I understand that is where he is from, but NORTH PHILLY????? Have you ever been to NORTH PHILLY??? probably the worst urban area ANYWHERE!!! Something is just not right about where this story is headed.

Crash said...

Nice find Scooter. Jeter is a class act and will be mentioned as one of the all-time great Yankees. Old Prof don't get all sanctimonious here, I'm not saying I think he's better than Ruth Gehrig, DiMaggio, or Mantle, I'm saying he belongs in that crowd of greats.

57 said...

Prof, does the movie *61 truly depict the relationship between Mantle and Maris and how the fans treated both during that year?

I'd like to think that both of those guys were as close as the movie showed. It was just a game back then and I'd like to think it was portreyed properly.

57 said...

And Scooter, Giuseppe Franco is a guy that I would love to beat the snot out of and I am APPALLED that SNY would carry his commercial REGULARLY. "HEY, IM GIUSEPPE FRANCO.. IM NOT GOING TO PUT MY NAME TO A PRODUCT THAT DOES NOT WORK.." Someone should walk into his 'salon' grab him by the neck and remind him that he is ITALIAN and then kick him in the.. whatever he has down there.

The Scooter said...

"I don't own the company....I don't own anything about it"

old professor said...

Crash, here is a major difference between Pettitte and Giambi. Giambi used on a regular basis to improve his statistical data and bring in the big contract. Now that he is off the juice, he can no longer perform. Pettitte (and I am not using excuses for his use of substance), used HGH to attempt to heal faster. His performance without the enhancement has continued and he is performing at a rate that helps his team. Every time out, he gives the team a chance to win. Giambi has not been able to produce with runners on base. As a matter of fact he has not produced when no one is on base. ESPN did an analysis and apparently Giambi and Travis Hafner have the lowest batting averages of any starter since last August. Both are hitting under 200. You may remember when the Yankees signed Giambi, I felt that Ortiz was the better signing _ maybe you can't remember because it was before this blog was created. You, however, were of the opinion his signing guaranteed the Yankees would win six more world titles. Mid was depressed because Giambi's signing meant that Tino was gone (by the way mid do you still have your Mattingly shirt it could be worth something, and why am I not surprised, Crash has a Jeter shirt.

Scooter, the movie is pretty accurate regarding their relationship. Mantle was actually relieved to have the fans boo someone other than him. For some reason the fans during the late 50's amd early 60's would boo Mantle the minute he came out of the dugout to get into the on deck circle. During the homerun chase, Mantle became the golden boy because he was from the farm system and had been a Yankee all of his career. Maris was viewed as an outsider who didn't pay his dues. What the fans refused to acknowledge that in all likelihood, Maris played above his potential. He also played centerfield for a time when Mantle couldn't and was the best defensive outfielder they had.

The media didn't help either with their playing up questions to the Commissioner and the Babe's wife about the record. Funny how the concept of the asterik raised its head again with Bonds approaching Maris' record.

And Crash, regarding Wang, how far back would the Yankees be without him. He is 6-0 and has prevented long losing streaks. And regarding last year's playoffs, what was Jeter's batting average during the playoffs last year versus Cleveland and the year before versus Detroit. Jeter, Damon, Posada and Giambi stunk up the playoffs. Don't put their exit on Wang.

The Scooter said...

Prof, while Jeter had a rough series vs Cleveland in last year's playoffs, he actually hit .500 in the '06 playoffs.

Crash said...

Of course I liked the Giambi signing. He was a recent MVP, a .300 hitter with 35-40 HR power, what was wrong with wanting that for the line-up. When he wasn't injured he still put up the power numbers. He had seasons of 41 HRs (2x), 32, and 37. He just fell in love with pulling the ball and dropped his avg. I blame that on Steinbrenner who told him you're not here to hit singles, don't worry about avg., I'm paying you to drive in runs.

I recall you wanting to sign Ortiz but only after he hit 31 HR for Boston. Your time line is messed up. Giambi signed in 2002, Ortiz signed with Boston in 2003. So I'm wondering how you preferred taking Ortiz over Giambi at the time when Giambi signed???

You're right, Wang's 0-2 record with an ERA over 19, had little to no impact on the Yankees early exit. Seeing that he basically handed 2 games to the Indians (and don't forget it's a best of 5 so they only needed to win 3). Going back to 2005 Wang has a post season record of 1-3 with a 7.58 ERA. Jeter is only batting .309, with 17 HRs in the post-season...I think that pretty much ends any discussion on that front.

For the record I do NOT own a Jeter shirt (not that there's anything wrong with that). I own exactly 3 Yankee related shirts:
1. An official road jersey with no number on the back
2. 1996 World Series Champions T-Shirt
3. a gray "property of NY Yankees" shirt

I previously had an official BP jersey with #7 on the back and I believe as a child I had a Reggie Jackson and a Ricky Henderson shirt.

Mid said...

Um - my people have Chamberlain making the start tomorrow.

old professor said...

Mid, your people don't seem to know what they are talking about. Cashman has made it clear, Joba is not going into the starting rotation this early in the season. Exactly how would you get him to stretch out his number of pitches to 85 to 90 with a start at the major league level tomorrow. Won't compute. And as Cashman indicated - Joba will be limited in the number of innings he can pitch this year, if he goes into the rotation now, you lose him in September and the post-season.

Crash you may wish to review your timeline, I believe Giambi and Ortiz were free agents at the same time because Minnesota released Ortiz. And regarding Giambi, your phrase "when healthy" says it all. He has not been healthy for three years and in those three years he has been an anchor around the neck of the Yankees.

Regarding the shirt your right it was a Henderson shirt (blue with the interlocking NY on the front - I believe you had a pair of matching sweatpants too).

57, Dela Hoya will go the distance against Mayweather and win by split decision. Pretty Boy Floyd proved the only person he can knockout is The Big Show. Now we are talking a real sport - professional wrestling. And Scooter don't even think about telling me it is all staged.

The Scooter said...

Matching sweatpants??? Homo

crash said...

We both had sweatpants, they weren't "matching", and I was like 12.

Unlike you Old Prof I check facts before making a post, not just about my wardrobe as a child, but about actual "baseball" stuff, Ortiz & Giambi were not in the same free agent class. Giambi signed 2002, Ortiz 2003,

old professor said...

Crash, regarding the wardrobe question, the sweatpants were matching to the t-shirt. They were purchased by your mother and you know how she was and still is about things being able to match perfectly with color. The sweatpants had the interlocking NY on the left hip. (By the way, I believe somewhere in the house, we still have your Cubs Uniform from your professional batboy days).

Too bad the Yankees had to send Gonzales down to activate Bettimit. I believe Gonzales gives the Yankees better options defensively and his offense was equivalent. The only difference is Bettimit apparently can hit homeruns (but only from the left side). With the team carrying so many relief pitchers, the team is has only two pitch-hitters that can come of the bench (Duncan and Ensberg or Bettimit when Ensberg plays). Too bad Joba choked up the win last night. He shook Molina off too many times. As a rookie, he should look at the sign, politely nod and throw the pitch. Hopefully Girardi took him to the woodshed after the game.

old professor said...

Amazing what a different level of baseball will do. Ian Kennedy goes seven innings and gives up one hit, no runs, strikes out eight and DOESN'T WALK a person at SW. Maybe he got the message about his ability versus performance. And by the way mid, Girardi has announced Rasner will get another start and Igwa will go on Saturday.

Crash said...

Yeah I saw Joba shake off Molina too.That led to the walk but wasn't the case on the HR. They hit their spot on that pitch, but Dellucci turned it around.

I love how the media is already blowing this way out of proportion. Already saying how everything is now falling apart for the Yankees. The only thing solid was Joba to Mo and now he can't do his job. Give me a break. He gave up a homer that lost the game. Last time I checked Mo was still the best closer in the game and I think he gave up a HR somewhere along the line. I believe the best pitchers in the game may have a loss or two. Must be a slow media day.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to trade Mo, and re-sign Jeff Weaver.

Crash said...

Is Weaver even in MLB??? He hit it right, signed a 1 year deal with St Louis, looked great in the playoffs, help them win the WS. Signs a deal with Seattle for big $, then goes back to being Jeff Weaver.

Doing a complete 180 from the Jeff Weaver topic to Chien-Ming Wang getting the start tonight. I thought with the extra days off (day off and rain out a little while ago) the Yankees were going to try and separate Wang and Pettitte.

They must have changed their thinking since both Hughes and Kennedy are not their right now and Mussina has seemed to have found the fountain of youth. I haven't seen Igawa on the transaction reports yet. They'll probably wait until the last minute for that so they can keep the extra pitcher for the bullpen depth.

old professor said...

Mo gets special recognition for his work in April. DHL has recognized him as the Delivery Man of the Month for the Month of April. This is a sanctioned MLB award.

Igwa will be called up just prior to being needed. Only question may be if they have to send someone out to bring him up. The demotion of Kennedy may have opened a spot, but I am not convinced of that.

Mid said...

I think Veras will get sent back down.

Anonymous said...

If I had to guess I would say Jonathan Albaladejo gets sent down. Chris Britton needs to be used a little bit more, don't be surprised to see him in tonights game. Veras & Ramirez are pitching well.

The Scooter said...

I love the way Veras is pitching. He looked lights out, the other night.

I think they like Jessica Albaladejo in the pseudo long man role, so I say it will probably be Britton that gets sent down for Igawa.

Too bad Gonzalez got sent down, but I think they want him to play every day and there is no was he does that in NY. I think we will see a straight platoon at 3rd until A-Rod is healthy, with Ensberg against lefties and Bettemit against righties.

And Crash I'll give you a pass on the matching sweatpants...only because you were 12. One question though....were they Garanimals?

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