Sunday, June 22, 2008

Melkey Sucks

I'm watching the first two innings of game on Saturday, and I thought I stepped into a time machine and was taken back to 1998. Every single batter was working the count with 6 to 9 pitch at-bats and wearing down a rookie pitcher. Everything was going according to plan and had worked the bases loaded with no outs and the kid pitching for the Reds was about ready to have a heart attack. No worries for him though, as Cano gets up and swings at the first pitch to pop out. Followed by his buddy Melkey to swing at the first 3 pitches he sees, 2 of them were out of the strike zone. Good job guys, way to get the other team out of jam.

Melkey has talent, but no brains. No recognition for what a situation calls for. The team would be better off with out him. Please trade this topped out player while we can still get some value.

On a much more positive note, Dan Giese is here to stay I hope - he has earned it in my view. And Pettitte is very much looking like he has regained top form his last three starts.

While disappointed the Yanks dropped the series with the Reds I am not that broken up by it. The Reds have a lot of young talent and good pitchers - they, like the Rays, are a serious playoff team inside of two seasons.

I think a sweeping of the Pirates is called for .


old professor said...

Mid, you mentioned the bases were loaded with no outs and that Cano and Melky made the first two outs of the inning, last time I checked, there were three outs in an inning so somewone else FAILED to drive a run in and if I am not wrong, the next inning, the Yankees had two on and no outs and couldn't get a run in - I don't think that Cano or Melky had anything to do with killing that rally. Maybe, just maybe good pitching had something to do with the Yankees not scoring.

Try to remember that most major leaguers fail seven out of ten at bats. At 22 Cabrera has a good deal of his career in front of him. He also tends to save runs with his defense.

Crash you are right, I did not vote for jeter for the All-Star team. By the way, based on a poll of 465 mlb players by ESPN, Jeter is the most over-rated ballplayer in the bigs. Seems I am not alone with my assessment.

Geise may be the real deal, only time will tell or as the booth likes to say, he may be this year's Aaron Small.

57 said...

Break up the Mets!! They are only 3 1/2 games behind the Phillies and have won 3 straight series!! Give Manuel credit for giving rest to some everyday players during this rode trip... it clearly helped the Mets refresh, and win 4 of 6. They are now home to Seattle, and the Phillies go to Oakland. Mets could be 1 or 1/2 game out of first by Wednesday. The Randolph thing looking better and better and I CANNOT WAIT until Friday!!! Mets Yankees double header..morning tee off in the Bronx and night-cap at Shea... then I will be there to watch the Mets blow them out Saturday!!

Mid said...

Um, yes 3 outs, would you not recognize the difference between a quality out (like a SAC fly) vs. K'ing on 3 pitches, and popping out on the first pitch. A lot more possibilities when you have RISP and no outs vs. two outs.
If we were up and running on this thing when the Yanks were thinking about trading Roberto Kelley you'd be making the same argument.

Cabrera at 22 - topped out and not a championship type player.

The Scooter said...

Prof, I think A-Rod came in second or third in that poll you there goes the credibility. What it really means is that based on a poll of 465 mlb players by ESPN, Jeter is the player they are most jealous of..4 rings, plays in the Media Capital of the World, ummm banged Jessica Biel and Mariah Carey (that was for you 57)....That pole is silly and means nothing and you know it Prof.

I still believe Melky will be moved before the trading deadline. I tend to agree with Mid. In crunch time, he just doesn't seem to have many good at bats.

Cano is a keeper though. I still think he will win a batting title some day, and he is pretty smooth in the field. Losing Larry Bowa really hurt him.

57 said...

Thanks Scooter. I'd pay good money for 5 mintues... ok... 3 mintues with Mariah!!!!

crash said...

Polls are a trciky thing Old Prof. There was a similar poll done recently that asked MLB players who would they want on their team, and the #1 guy was Jeter. They were also asked which player defines "winning" and you guessed Jeter was #1 there too. I guess MLB players are fickler.

Cano and Melky are the most undisciplined hitters on this team in recent memory. It seemed every time they came up with runners in scoring position they had the most unproductive ABs I have ever witnessed. Girardi better recognize this fact and bench these idiots. They obviously do not listen to instruction, and if they are following the instruction of the hitting coach then he should be fired immediately (I can't remember his name right it still Kevin Long??).

57 said...

Predictions on the Mets/Yankees 4 game series this weekend which could change the season for either team.

57 said...

scooter, looks like we'll see Santana vs... well.. it really does not matter does it... on Saturday.

The Scooter said...

Santana vs. Pettitte on Saturday.

Are you wearing your Tony Bernazard jersey?

crash said...

Mid I read your opening post, but just saw the title. That's perfect!!!

I think the Yankees usually play Santana tough. In 9 games I think he's 4-0? And it's at Shea where he's been giving up the long ball. I say the Yankees beat the Mets on Saturday (A-Rod takes him deep) and take a minimum of 3 of 4 this weekend.

old professor said...

57, last I checked, Santana gave up a grand slam to the opposing pitcher, which according to ESPN, was the first grand slam for an AL pitcher in over 30 years. The way these two teams have NOT been hitting, the games could be close and low scoring.

Mid, you are about as closed minded as your mother. And like her sometimes sound like a broken record saying the same thing over and over and over again. Cano, will win more games with his glove than his bat and if Cabrera continues to play defense in center like he has been I will take his hitting ( he is hitting 254).

Teams normally like to have strong defense up the middle - Posada, Cano and Cabrera give them that and this one is for you Scooter, their shortstop doesn't. And Crash, since you are a stats person, refer to your stats manual and see where Jeter ranks defensively among active shortstops.

Scooter regarding the four rings Jeter has, do you think the talent that surrounded him on those teams had anything to do with the championships? Those teams were loaded at every position except second base.

old professor said...

Here is one for the ages - Cashman has been quoted as saying Pavano may be ready by August. Apparently he is now able to throw curveballs from the mound. The article puts him ahead of Hughes in being able to pitch in August because Hughes has yet to begin throwing at all.

The Scooter said...

Prof, of course the talent that surrounded Jeter was the main reason for all the championships...Plus they had the perfect manager at the perfect time..but Jetes was the glue that held it all quote old number 44, he was the straw that stirred the drink. If you are willing to give credit to guys like Bernie and O'Neil and Posada, then you should be more than happy to heap praise on the Captain. Don't make me list his post season stats again..I think I've done it three times here and it's really the only thing that gets you to back off him.

In the "who would have thunk it" category...When Pettitte beats Santana on Saturday his record will be 9-5 while Johan's will be 7-7.

crash said...

I read that Hughes would be ready by late August.

Old Prof much like you'll take mediocrity at the plate bcz of defense, I'll take an all out winner and someone that comes through in the clutch time and time again and give up the extra 2 or 3 errors a season. And that's all there is between Jeter's defense and the rest of the league. He has a couple of games a year over the pack that he messes up in the field. Melky and Cano had that many chances on Saturday at the plate and really lost it for the team.

You can say Melky and Cano save some # of runs a game and maybe even save a game with defense. But they can't win a game on defense. You only win when you score runs, and they have continuously proven this year they can't do it.

For the record, I'm not liking the Pirates series. The Pirates are throwing 3 lefties at the Yanks. So we can expect Abreau, Matsui, Giambi, Melky and Cano to suck. (Well, we already realize Melky & Cano suck regardless of who is pitching.) That means Jeter, A-Rod, and Posada need to carry the team for this series.

57 said...

Reggie Jackson was the 1970s version of Barry Bonds... lockeroom cancer.

crash said...

I'm stuck working all night...someone give me the scoop on Justin Christian. How did he do tonight?

Old Prof's biggest worry is probably he wasn't on the 40-man so how did he get the call up.

Mid said...

Not a good sign for Shelley Duncan's future that the club opted to pull up a right handed bat and it was not him.

In a sign that the bats truly are struggling - a lot of walks the first few innings, and they couldn't push more than 1 run over. . . not good.

The Scooter said...

Crash, Christian had a decent debut. A couple of hits and a couple of RBI. He misplayed a ball that went through his legs in left, but it looked like it might have taken a funky hop.

Other than that, the Yankees looked pathetic. A-Rod was 0-5, Jeter hit into a double play in the first effectively killing what could have been a huge inning.

Rasner was brutal. I think his days are numbered. If he struggles in his next start and Ponson pitches fairly decent on Friday, I think they will give him the fifth (or is it fourth) spot for now.

The only saving grace for the entire night is that the Mets were about twice as horrible as the Yankees.

crash said...

Scooter you took the words right out of my mouth. The only solace I have in the Yankees losing 12-5 to the Pirates is that the Mets lost to the worst team in baseball 11-0.

I think I read that Christian was a "speedster". That means increased range in the OF and better speed at the bottom of the line up.

Good thing they got rid of Willie.

Davidsyr said...

So much for sweeping the Pirates. Losing 12-5 after a day off and after losing two of three at home to the Reds this weekend is not the way to start a road trip. They are winning 9-0 at the moment but they must win tomorrow and take 3 of 4 from the Mets this weekend if they aspire to be a serious contender in the American League.

old professor said...

57 has been very quite about the meltdown of the Mets versus the Mariners. Apparently Manuel has some of the same problems Willie has - the team is mediocre.

Christian's call up could finally give Mid what he has been calling for - Melky to be traded. (Some say to Seattle for Bedard). Christian is not a power hitter. Makes good contact and has speed to burn. He has played in the Frontier League and was signed by the Yankees as a non-roster player. He can play all three outfield positions (age may eventually become a factor, he is 28).

I agree this does not look good for Duncan (Christian is also wearing Duncan's number).

crash said...

Mid I'm glad we didn't end up going to that game last night. PPD in Pittsburgh.

Mid said...

Yeah , too bad for Moose. He was on his way to win number 11.

Pitt is a nice looking park though. Even if it is not the bombers we should find a reason to catch a game there.

Crash said...

I'd be up for that.

The Scooter said...


Looks like we found our fifth starter. Just keep him away from the hotel bar and it's all good.

OK, I'm out to meet 57 at Shea...and yes, I'm bringing an umbrella.

The Scooter said...

Oh and I almost forgot:


old professor said...

What a difference a few hours make. Embarassed at home by the Mets, the Yankees return the favor at Shea. This team continues to be inconsistent offensively and with its starting pitching. It would look as if teams have caught on to both Rasner and Geise (there may be a good reason he has not really caught on with anyone at age 31). If the Yankees believe Kei Igwa is going to be able to provide some relief for them, they might better go out and make a trade.

Well San Antonio here I come. Hot, humid and not a Yankee game in sight.

The Scooter said...


Had a great time with 57 and Uncle Paul in Queens, yesterday. Yes he made good on the five bucks he owed me by buying me an $8 Budweiser and a $10 soft serve ice cream (in all fairness it DID come in one of those mini batting helmets)...looks like I made out on the deal.

General thoughts....

While I am saddened by the fact that Yankee Stadium is coming down....they can't knock down the shithole that is Shea soon enough. Was this stadium EVER nice?

Everything you ever wanted to know about the difference between the Yankees and Mets franchises can be summed up in this way.....During the 7th inning stretch in the Bronx we all rise and join Kate Smith in singing "GOD BLESS AMERICA"....During the 7th inning stretch in Queens they shoot freaking Budweiser t-shirts out of mini cannons into the crowd...pure class!

A-Rod is HUGE in person.

Giambi's stache is even worse in person.

Thoughts on the game...

When it comes right down to it, Pettitte out-pitched Santana. End of Story.

Jose Reyes getting picked off at 2nd base with 2 outs and Wright at the plate was certainly the Dodge/Michelob Light turning point of the game. The kid has some talent, but he is clueless as to what it takes to win a baseball game. The Mets will NEVER win with him as their centerpiece.

Melky can't hit worth a lick but he is turning out to be an upper echelon defensive center fielder.

Cano gets the big hit. I predict he hits .340 over the second half of the year.

Yes I was terrified when Farnsworth came trotting out of the pen to pitch the eighth.

I'm glad 57 got to see the true Sandman in action.

All in all....good game, GREAT SEATS (thanks Paul), and another one in the "w" column for the good guys.

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