Sunday, June 29, 2008

Scooter I was thinking the same thing you were while I was watching these last two games with the Mets - Shea stadium is one pile of crap facility. When that eye sore is gone, the league will be better for it.

What's the deal with Jose Reyes?

I think the only thing I complain about more than Melkey sucking is the state of the Yankees pitching. After a quick look at the numbers though, I think my frustrations may have been wrongfully placed. So far this season you've got got Moose pacing to win 20. Pettitte pacing to win 18. Wang was 8-2 when he went on the shelf. Joba seems to be primed up and pitching well. And heck, I was fairly impressed with Sidney Ponson (5-1 for the season) Now, as an indicator on the bull pen situation - I heard this on the air during Sunday's game: Yanks are 36-1 when leading after 6 completed innings. That doesn't happen with a shitty bull pen.

So maybe things aren't so bad in the world of Yankee pitching. Agree?


The Scooter said...

Mid, hope you don't mind me re-posting my account from Shea. I want everyone to see it.


Had a great time with 57 and Uncle Paul in Queens, yesterday. Yes he made good on the five bucks he owed me by buying me an $8 Budweiser and a $10 soft serve ice cream (in all fairness it DID come in one of those mini batting helmets)...looks like I made out on the deal.

General thoughts....

While I am saddened by the fact that Yankee Stadium is coming down....they can't knock down the shithole that is Shea soon enough. Was this stadium EVER nice?

Everything you ever wanted to know about the difference between the Yankees and Mets franchises can be summed up in this way.....During the 7th inning stretch in the Bronx we all rise and join Kate Smith in singing "GOD BLESS AMERICA"....During the 7th inning stretch in Queens they shoot freaking Budweiser t-shirts out of mini cannons into the crowd...pure class!

A-Rod is HUGE in person.

Giambi's stache is even worse in person.

Thoughts on the game...

When it comes right down to it, Pettitte out-pitched Santana. End of Story.

Jose Reyes getting picked off at 2nd base with 2 outs and Wright at the plate was certainly the Dodge/Michelob Light turning point of the game. The kid has some talent, but he is clueless as to what it takes to win a baseball game. The Mets will NEVER win with him as their centerpiece.

Melky can't hit worth a lick but he is turning out to be an upper echelon defensive center fielder.

Cano gets the big hit. I predict he hits .340 over the second half of the year.

Yes I was terrified when Farnsworth came trotting out of the pen to pitch the eighth.

I'm glad 57 got to see the true Sandman in action.

All in all....good game, GREAT SEATS (thanks Paul), and another one in the "w" column for the good guys.

crash said...

Scooter glad you had a good time at the game. I'm sure 57 was crying in his beer by the end of the game.

Why do the Yankees struggle against mediocre pitchers. Really, Oliver Perez???

Mid you actually make some good points about the Yankees pitching staff. The one thing that I don't like is that the team has only comeback late in games a couple of times. That to me indicates that somewhere along the line they "give up". It seems that if they're down in a game and it's close, the bullpen will put the game out of reach by giving up a couple more runs. Or the offense disappears late in the games and can't push that last run across. Just look at yesterday's game. Jeter (yes Old Prof, overrated Jeter) tries to start a 9th inning rally gets on base and then the rest of the offense promptly makes 3 outs. If this was '98 they would have drove him in and found a way to tack on a couple more.

By the way saw the 1998 Yankeeography the other day...FANTASTIC!!! Mid you have to DVR this one.

At the half-way point in the season, I'm thrilled that Mussina has 10 wins and Pettitte has 9. I think Joba will really take off in the second half and be very dominant. I didn't think Mussina would have 10 wins all year. Both Pettitte and Mussina have a shot at 20 W's this year, and Wang would as well. That would have been awesome to have 3 20 game winners in the rotation at the same time. Hopefully Mussina and Pettitte can keep up this performance. Offense is so hit or miss (no pun intended). Damon's been solid, Jeter jas been fairly consistent, A-rod has put up A-Rod like #'s when healthy. Giambi has been great despite the slow start. I seem to recall Old Prof screaming for his benching, now that he's batting .266 & 17 HR...not so much.

Cano stinks, but given that he's hitting .400 over the last week or so hopefully he turns it on for a great second half. Hopefully Matsui won't be out long and he can pick up his hot hitting again. If Matsui is out for a prolonged time it gives a shot to some more kids. I say bring 'em up.

Looking forward to the big weekend series against the Sox. I believe, unless Girardi comes to his senses, Mussina will be starting Saturday's game. If Moose does pitch against the Red Sox, he better not even pitch to Rameriez. Just roll the ball to the plate, don't even risk throwing it.

57 said...

My favorite part of the game was knowing that Giambi heard me every time I yelled "SHAVE" as he walked to the dugout since we were so close.

Hey.. show some respect for Shea and game 6, Scooter. You should thank Shea for saving the game for you on Saturday, and Melky would have watched David Wright's hit go over the wall in any other NL ballpark as he hit it 409 feet. And possibly saving the 2000 World Series when Piazza hit a ball about 408 feet to center field off of Rivera in the bottom of the 9th.

I have to say, and I will give respect, to Mariano Rivera... It is amazing seeing his velocity in person. Being as close as we were, Delgado, Tatis and Trott had ZERO chance to do anything.

I will also give MUCH respect to Jeter. Early in the game, a foul ball was sharply hit about 3 rows behind the Yankees bench and apparently startled a small girl who was hit. After is was determined she was ok, Jeter came up to the top step and tossed the little girl a baseball. Class Act. Reyes probably would have thrown his glove at her...

All in all, great Saturday at Shea... except for the BS loss...but give Perez props Crash.. he was told that this was his game to stay in the rotation or not. No one could touch him and the battle between him and ARod in the 4th was great drama.

I think both the Mets and Yankees find what they are truly made of this week with the Yanks taking on the Sox and the Mets taking on Philly.

Scooter, great seeing you as always.

57 said...

oh and we sat a few rows behind Seinfeld's seats but he did not show up.... 'not that there's anything wrong with that.'

Crash said...

57 I give props to Perez for showing up on Sunday. He looked dominating. Unfortunately, and you know this as a fan, he can't do that for 2 games in a row. If he could, he would be a CY Young candidate instead of a guy fighting to stay in the rotation. If I had to bet I say he blew his load in that game, and he's going to get lit up like a pinball machine when he starts against the Phills.

The Scooter said...

WTF is THIS????

crash said...

Scooter you and I are on the same page. I just heard VanPelt talk about this on ESPN Radio. You would have thought he would have learned from the stripper incident last season. This is of course fueled by the rumor that Madonna and her husband have split. If I recall last year when this happened he went on huge tear and carried the club, for essentially the rest of the season. Hopefully he channel this, and do that again.

Jeter made a rare media appearance on Mike and Mike this morning.

Middle Relief said...

Where is JoBu when you need him - the bats are asleep.

crash said...

Nice reference Mid...

The Scooter said...

My first REAL problem with a decision by Girardi:

9th inning, no outs, man on first...down one run.

Tell me how in the hell you don't bunt Melky.

I can not believe he let this clown hit. Double Play...inning essentially over.

Girardi takes the hit for this one.

Mid said...

My problem with Girardi is his decision to continue to play Melkey.

Cut him, trade him, send him down, or bench him - don't let him take a bat up to the plate in a clutch situation.

I think he ended up leaving 6 runners on base yesterday.

Mid said...

My problem with Girardi is his decision to continue to play Melkey.

Cut him, trade him, send him down, or bench him - don't let him take a bat up to the plate in a clutch situation.

I think he ended up leaving 6 runners on base yesterday.

crash said...

I think we all agree that Melky is an offensively challenged player, but he didn't lose it for the Yanks last night...Girardi did. Girardi has 1 job to do and that is to put his team in the best position to win the game. He didn't do that last night. Forget about to bunt or not to bunt for moment...the fact that he let Melky bat in that situation was the biggest mistake. He shouldn't even let him into the on-deck circle. Anyone else on the active roster would be better than Melky in this situation.

Now we get into the decision not to bunt. To me this was a no brainer. I can't believe Girardi let him swing away. When Melky took the first pitch I thought for sure Melky missed a sign.

In the off-season we kept hearing that he's a "genius" and student of the game...well Girardi didn't show it last night.

57 said...

Delgado is back.

The Scooter said...

Back where?

On the waiver wire?

The Scooter said...

Looks like A-Rod isn't the only one straying. I suppose there is something to be said about the goose and the gander here.

Mid said...

how about the freakin Rays

crash said...

A-Rod is an idiot. He just signed a $275 million contract. The soon to be ex will already get 50% of what he made when they were together. Now he has child support for 2 kids, plus the wife will get lifestyle expenses. He's going to be lucky to see 10% of that contract he just signed.

Now to on the field...Giambi came through big last night hitting a 2-out grand slam to give the Yanks a short lived lead. But they end up putting up 9 runs in the seventh inning and take the last game 18-7. Hope they can carry that momentum into this series with the Red Sox.

57 said...

Happy 4th to all and here's to the Mets rebounding tonight and taking 2 of 3 in Philly.

Crash said...

I'm officially on the Moose band-wagon.

57 said...

The pitch before ball 2 against LUGO was also a ball... it should have been 3-1 and not 2-2... Unreal

The Scooter said...


He should start the All Star Game

Mid said...

$10 there's a brawl in tonight's game.

Is it possible to have 7 hits batsmen in a game and not have someone rush the mound??

57 said...

I'll take that bet.



tiger said...


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