Wednesday, July 23, 2008

5 and Counting

Don't forget that it is a 1:05 start today.

The Yanks are benefiting from the post ASG schedule. First three series against teams they were (past tense) looking up at in the Wild Card standings.

Do we have the best pitching in the league?

Heading into Fenway on this roll with the Sox coming back from a West Coast trip could be the recipe for another part to our favorite movie series, get ready for: Boston Masacre IV


The Scooter said...

Mid, thanks for the heads up on the 1:05 start, although we might get a rain-out.

The Daily News reported that the Steinbrenner's have told Cashman that he is free to move prospects in order to "take a shot at it" this year. They say the only untouchable is Mark Melanchon, but I highly doubt they would trade Austin Jackson either unless it is in a deal for Matt Holliday or Jason Bay.

I think it's more likely they make a play for Xavier Nady, as he would be the least expensive quality bat out there, and Cashman seems to like that "lunchpail" mentality that Nady has.

It also looks as if they are trying to finalize a deal sending Igawa to Seattle for Washburn. He's a solid #4 starter and I think he could certainly help down the stretch. The hold up is that the Mariners seem to want to include Jose Vidro in the deal....ummmm no thanks.

The bullpen has been spectacular for a while I say leave it alone. I know they would like a lefty out there, but are we really going to give up a prospect because we are afraid of David Ortiz in a big spot?

crash said...

If we can pack up Igawa and get Washburn I'm all for it.

Melanchon is the next closer. He could be up in September.

I wouldn't give up on Hughes just yet, but anyone else is fair game if it means getting Matt Holliday. I would love to have this guy in pinstripes.

57 said...

Jerry Manuel made his worst move as a manager last night. Without Wagner in the pen available to close the game, Santana was CRUISING through the Phils lineup and was at 105 pitches through 8. In the 8th inning he threw 6 pitches... SIX! This 100 pitch 'benchmark' that teams have is ridiculous... Santana did not have a difficult 105 pitches to throw.. there was NO reason why he was lifted in the 9th. NONE! And the bullpen IMPLODED... IMPLODED.. it was awful to watch. AWFUL.

It will be very interesting to see how they rebound tonight.

old professor said...

Scooter, the universe must be aligned like never before, because I tend to agree with your assessments regarding the trade issues.

Nady would tend to be the better fit for the Yankees (didn't he play for the Muts at one time and didn't tend to like the city or was it the Muts needed to trade talent for someone mediocre???).

I would be all for the swap of Igwa for Washburn. Igwa may have an easier time in Seattle - more sushi and a catcher that he would be able to communicate with. I would hope the Yankees don't have to take Vidro.

I would also agree that Jackson and Meanchon would be untouchables as would Stephen White (had to say that for Mids sake). Maybe they package Karstens and Rasner to Colorado.

Crash as for Holliday he will be a free agent after the season let's see if the Yankees add him then.

In an interesting development, Yankee management was down at SWB watching Alfredo Aceves whom I mentioned a number of posts ago. He is 25 and was signed as a free agent from the Mexican League (which could cast doubt on his age). There is some thought that he could help the team. He started in In Tampa and went 4-1 was 2-0 in Trenton and currently has a 1.64 ERA at SWB.

The Yankees also have a 32 year old former major leaguer in Scranton Scott Strickland who has pitched well this year and could be a long shot option should the Yankees want a quick fix from within.

By the way, Igwa leads SWB in wins with 9.

Mid said...

Wow, Hawkins kind of sucks. Comes in for mop up duty and gives up three hits and an earned run before Mo has to come in.

Moose 8 innings no walks.

The Scooter said...


Prof, I think Holliday has one more year on his contract.

Mid, lol @ Hawkins kind of sucks....tell me you're not just figuring that out now.

Good game for Justin Christian: 2-4 with 2 RBI and a stolen base.

The word is that after every doctor in the world has recommended that Posada go under the knife for his shoulder so that he is ready for Spring Training, it appears as if he is opting for rest over surgery. I have to say, I love his toughness and his desire to play, but I think he hurts the team by not getting this thing fixed and coming back strong next year. I would love to hear Cashman's take on this subject.

old professor said...

Scooter, regarding Holiday, if a player has spent, I believe it is five years with a team, and is traded during a contract, he has the right to void the contract after the season and become a free agent. (I am not certain regarding the amount of service time with one club that allows this to happen).

Moose was outstanding and seems to be getting better with each outting. If (and it is a big if) he can stay healthy and continue to pitch this way, he should win the Cy Young Award.

Posada has two weeks to figure out what he wants to do. He is contemplating DH and/or first base. either way that creates a problem. He is not skilled at first yet, Giambi is actually better defensively and DHing would take time away from Sexton and Damon. He understands that having the surgery does not guarantee he will ever be healthy enough to catch again and be effective at that postion, which is why he is contemplating first base.

57 said...


crash said...

Holliday is signed through the 2009 season due to make $13.5M.

I read somewhere that Seattle is looking to dump Jose Vidro's contract, and any trade for Washburn would have to include him as well. There is no way any team would take Vidro right now.

Old Prof hate to burst your dream bubble, but Mussina will not win the CY this year. He could win out the rest of the season and he would be hard press to get that award. As of now the AL Cy Young is going to Cliff Lee. He has more wins, more K's, and a lower ERA by almost a full run. Roy Halladay would also get the nod before Mussina. I would even dare say Ervin Santana and Justin Duchscherer would be ahead of Mussina. Mussina would need to finish with about 25 wins and no one else be more than 20.

Am I the only one who is tired of Posada and Matsui with their should I or shouldn't I do the surgery. I know they want to play and help the team. But aren't they really hurting the team more by delaying the decision? The Yankees need to open up those roster spots and try to work some trades. Especially in Posada's case, the Yankees don't need another DH/1B. Have the surgery and comeback next year.

57 said...

I actually watched YES Classics this morning and A-Rod's walk-off home-run against the Indians in April 2007 when the Yankees were down 6-2 with two outs and won 8-6.

I think Kim Jones pretty much wanted A-Rod in the post-game.

I know that is was a 're-run', but I was still rooting for them to lose.

old professor said...

Crash, regarding the Cy Young Award, Cliff Lee and Holiday are both pitching for teams performing rather poorly. If the Yankees make it into the playoffs or dare I say it win the division, it will be because of the effort Mussina has put out. (To quote Girardi, "where would we be without him"). Very seldom do they give the Cy Young to someone from a team buried in the basement or close to it. Ervin Santana could be considered because of the team he is on, but he has not been consistent. As for the kid from Oakland, last time I checked he was beaten by the Yankees. Let's wait and compare the statistics in September.

The talks for Washburn have stalled because of the issue of Vidro. If the Yankees don't take him, they are being asked to pay a portion of Igwa's salary even though it would be an even swap. The Yankees don't want to do that. They are also looking at Nady from Pittsburgh, but the cost may be too high.

I still think the results of this weekend series with Boston will determine whether they pull the trigger on any trades.

crash said...

NY Post reporting a brain trust meeting in Tampa occurs today to determine trade targets and who the team is willing to give up.

Old Prof you again are mistaken. Don't confuse MVP and CY Young. The Cy Young goes to the best pitcher, not the best pitcher on a winning team. In 2006 Brandon Webb won the NL Cy Young and the D'backs finished about 10 games under .500. In 2003 Roy Halladay & Eric Gagne won the award for their respective division, Blue Jays finished in 3rd place in the East 15 games back, missed the playoffs, Dodgers were second in the West but 15 games back and missed the playoffs.

Mark my words, Mussina doesn't win it. Don't be surprised if Rivera wins it this year. (Yes Old Prof over Mussina).

57 said...


Mets in 1st place.

old professor said...

57 regarding the Muts being in first place. Quick flashback, they were in first place most of last season before suffering a collapse that probably ranks as one of the worst in major league history.

Here is one for Mid - Ian Kennedy pitched a near no hitter and lowered his ERA to around 2.65. It looks like he would get the call before Karstens who is destined to become a career Triple A pitcher.

It also appears that Brian Bruney is almost ready to come back. If he is health and pitches like he did before the injury, the Yankees have another solid piece in the pen.

crash said...

Earlier this season I remember Billy Wagner going off because none of his Met teammates were sticking around after toss losses to answer media questions and those same guys only stick around for the glory after wins. I have to say despite the Mets being in 1st place nothing has changed. After that disastrous loss you didn't see Delgado or Beltran taking it. But gosh, who do you see when they pull out a couple wins and take over first. Delgado, Beltran, Reyes. The Mets are PATHETIC!!!

Now on to a real team...Yankees have a chance to really announce their arrival into the AL East race with this weekend series.

Joba vs. Beckett tonight should be great.

Anyone hearing any trade rumors??? I mean beside Mid's report of Ichiro coming to the Bronx. Looks like Matt Holliday is staying in Colorado, everyone seems to be saying Teixeira to the D'Backs. Nady and/or Bay staying in Pittsburgh because they want 4 prospects (2 high solid, 1 mid level, and 1 lower level with potential). Colorado would be asking something similar for both Holliday and Feuntes. I don't think the Yankees become players in those kind of trade talks. I could see giving up 1 or 2 prospects but not 4.

Mid said...

If I had to guess, I suspect that Tampa or the Dodgers are going to try to do something big and stir the pot to keep their hopes alive.

Mid said...

what's the over under for the number of hit batsmen for the series?

The Scooter said...

How about the over/under for number of batters hit in THIS GAME ALONE, Mid? With Joba and Beckett on the mound, things could get ugly early.

Should be a great series. I think either team would be thrilled to win 2 out of 3.

old professor said...

You all might want to go to and view the bench clearing brawl that occurred at Class A last night. Story lines is pathetic as is the behavior of the coaches and players. One player was arrested - he tried to throw a baseball into the opposing dugout missed and hit a fan in the head - did I mention this guy was a pitcher. They had to forgo all of the ejections in the game in order to allow the game to continue that was even more pathetic.

Yankees cannot be serious about signing Bonds! Didn't they learn anything from the fall off in performance by Giambi for two years? They are also looking into acquiring Benji Molina to compliment his brother behind the plate.

crash said...

High ranking Yankee source saying: "Highly, highly, highly unlikely" about signing Bonds.

If tonights games has batters hit, I hope Joba doesn't get tossed for retaliating in like the 2nd inning.

crash said...

Yankees acquire Xavier Nady and Dameso Marte from the Pirates for Ross Olhendorf, Jose Tabata, Phil Coke, and another minor league pitcher.

Other news, Hughes scheduled to make first rehab start Monday and Pavano makes his rehab start on Tuesday. Both scheduled to go 2 innings.

The Scooter said...

Great trade for the Yankees. I hate to give up Tabata, but you have to give quality to get quality.

Nady can be a right handed Paul O'Neil type and Marte is simply dominating.

Great Move Cashman.

The Scooter said...

So many things to say about last night's game....but to tell you the truth, Vaccaro did it pretty well in the NY POST:

I will say that you can add ten points to Melky's batting average because of the defense he plays. I still think they need a bigger bat in CF, but the kid does deserve some props for his glove.

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