Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big Trade Puts Big Hole in my Heart

Anybody have Dr. Melfi's number? I think I need to make an appointment to cure my reoccurring exploding head syndrome and ailing heart.

First tidbit that cause me to say WTF was Michael Kay's assertion that Kevin Youkilis is just like Paul O'Neil. Excuse me?! Um, no.

My second bout inside of 10 hours was to learn that my favorite long shot had been slipped in to the deal to bring us Nady and Marte - Jeff Karstens.

A ginormous disappointment to see him go.

What can you do.

On a more uplifting note. What a great game to start the series with. It had the feeling and pressure of a playoff game and the Yanks are rolling.

This win has planted Joba as the ace - no doubt about it.

Crash reports that Hughes is making his first rehab start on Monday, and (gulp) Carl Pavano makes his start on Tuesday.

Can they make it 8?


The Scooter said...

Wow, I wonder why the names in the deal changed. I have to say that I feel better about giving up Karstens then one of the younger prospects. We all know that Jeff was never going to be a big time pitcher in the Bronx, and who knows what Coke or Kontos may turn out to be.

Maybe Seattle wants one or both of them in a deal for Washburn.

Prof, tell us what you know about the other guy in the deal; Dan McCutchen.

Middle Relief said...

If there were to be a game where the streak ends I would say that risk is tonight.

Ponson has been good, but I don't trust him, and against Sox favorite Lester.

Cano on fire.

Woyvel said...

Here's a wish: Pavano has a couple good outings, then Cashman puts him in a deal with the M's. Then when Cashman signs on as GM in Seattle next season, he'll still have his boy Pavano. The Yankees will have eliminated their biggest waste of money in 30 years, and Cashman will be stuck with a big headache.

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