Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don't

Tough outing by the Moose.

Not all that surprising though. It is hard not to have a let down and be up when you go from playing a tense, playoff implication type series with the Sox to the last place O's.


The Scooter said...

No Moose call today.

Let's just chalk it up to one of those days that he just didn't have his "stuff".

The good news is that the Sox and Rays both lost too.

Middle Relief said...

Here are my deadline predictions:

with Torre benching Jones, Man Ram goes to the Dodgers (perhaps for NoMar?).

Tampa gets Washburn and Bonds.

old professor said...

Mid, you really need to go to a detox center. Manny is not going to end up in LA. However, there has been some information out there that indicates the Muts and Sox have opened up discussions regarding a trade. (57 probably just crapped his pants).

It would also appear the Washburn trade to the Yankees is just about dead. Could Kennedy's return be just around the corner?

Crash said...

I can't see the Yankees trading for a starting pitcher right now. Kennedy is pitching well again. Hughes will probably comeback before September. Rasner had a good start his last time out. Ponson has been decent for a #5 guy. And even Karstens has been pitching well to get a call up...ooops, sorry Mid. I know they can't fit him anywhere right now, but good I would love Big Tex in pinstripes in 2 days. If he goes to the D'backs I don't mind that, because Boras won't let him sign a deal there before the offseason, which means the Yankees have a shot at him then too.

Middle Relief said...

Off Topic:

The media empire is apparently expanding.

In addition to here, the last 6 months I have doing a community blog for the D&C in Rochester. I just got a message that it is now a feature blog for the Binghamtom paper now as well. look out.


Middle Relief said...

looks like the site got caught off for some reason when I pasted it in there:

the rest of it is:



The Yanks should have won tonight's game and this series for that matter - disappointing.

old professor said...

If the Yankees finish out of the running this year for the post season, they can look back at their perforance against Baltimore and find the reason. They are now 4-7 against the last place team in the division.

They come off of a sweep of the A's and Twins, win two of three with Boston and now lose two straight to the LAST PLACE BIRDS.

Crash said...

I little disappointed in Teixeira being traded to LAA. I think the Yankees are through with moves.

Old Prof couldn't agree more. The Yankees have completely underperformed against Baltimore this year. They seem to do this every year. Wasn't it last year that they struggled against the last place Devil Rays (since it's a reference to last year I can call them the Devil Rays). They're still only 4 back in the division and 2 back of the Sox. Still plenty of baseball to play. Including late season series with both Tampa and Boston.

Crash said...

Injury updates:

Pavano started, struck out four and allowed one hit in two scoreless innings. He did not spike himself or pull a buttocks.

Hughes allowed two hits and no runs in three innings.

Both could return mid-August.

old professor said...

Imagine here it is July 31st 2008 and we are finally getting a Pavano sighting. This would be consistent with previous sightings - he showed up the first month of his contract and now may actually show up the last month of the four year deal. How ironic it would be if he actually plays an important part in the Yankees making the playoffs. And Crash, Kennedy is ready now, unless the Yankees are planning on trading him so they don't have to wait for the fragile Hughes and Pavano - both of who were restricted to 28 pitches. He has to be a better option than Ponson.

Mid said...

Did you guys know that we have Victor Zambrano in the system?

I just read he did a rehab start as well. When did that happen?

Mid said...

More stat collecting by A-Rod - blasts a HR when we're already up 10-2.

Mid said...

Not sure I like the deal for Pudge.

crash said...

Holy crap....didn't see this. Kyle Farnsworth traded to Detroit for Pudge Rodriguez.

57 said...

A&P-Rod... its a Jersey thing.

The Scooter said...

I have to sort of digest this trade before I know if I like it or not.

Let's face it, two months ago we would have taken a Fungo and a bag of practice balls for Farnsworth and now we are getting a .300 hitter in return....so i guess it's a good deal. Especially with the acquisition of Marte who will probably take over the eighth inning along with Veras.

It's just that...ok, I admit it...I kind of fell in love with Molina's defense since (hip hip) Jorge went down. I wonder how Girardi is going to use them.

Bye Bye Chad Moeller, we hardly knew ya.

Good win today. Call it stat padding if you want, but when A-Rod starts to go the opposite way with power, he is about to go on a tear.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the best player in the World carry the Yankees to a sweep of the Angels.

crash said...

I think Cashman saw the Yankees bullpen has been awesome, just added Marte, and was tired of both catchers hitting .225. If either of them were hitting .260 this trade doesn't happen.

Hopefully the Yankees can keep the momentum from today and send LA out of town with at least a couple of losses. I think A-Rod does well against the Angels. Look for him to have a big series.

57 said...

The Mets are starting to dive. We need a bullpen ace.

old professor said...

Mid, not only do the Yankees have Zambrano going through some throwing, the team has Eric Milton throwing simulated games.

Say what you will about Farnsworth, he gave it everything he had everytime out. It is not easy coming out of the pen with people expecting you to be lights out every time. Even Rivera has failed.

Farnsworth was very emotional in the clubhouse when discussing the trade. Don't be surprised if he resurfaces next year in pinstripes again.

Landing Pudge gives the Yankees more offense, which is something that has been lacking for most of the season. Having said that, he is not better than Molina behind th plate. One of the biggest knocks against him is with runners on base he calls for too many fastballs to give him the edge in throwing a runner out.

Pudge has also indicated he would like to remain in NY in the future. He may be the option should the surgery on Posada discover more damage than originally thought.

It will be interesting to see who the Yankees call up to replace Farnsworth in the pen since Moeller will be designated for assignment before today's game. (Is Bruney ready to return or could we see Britton yet again??)

I would not be surprised to see the Yankees call up another starter before Friday's game because Ponson is due to start.

And finally, Scooter I agree that A-Rod could be getting hot which means HE will carry the team for awhile. In addition, Abreu appears to be going on another one of his streaks. Speaking of Abreu, if anyone was listening to the game on the radio, John Sterling announced Abreu's first homerun as a long fly to deep left. IT HIT OFF THE RIGHT FIELD POLE.

old professor said...

I just got the answer to one of the questions I ended the last piece with. Brian Bruney has been rehabbing at SWB and has thrown about 17 innings in relief. He could be on his way to the Bronx.

The Scooter said...

OK, after thinking about it, I think I really like the Pudge trade.

Here's why:

Damon (L)
Jeter (R)
Abreau (L)
A-Rod (R)
Giambi (L)
Nady (R)
Cano (L)
Pudge (R)
Melky (S)

This is the most well balanced lineup in the game. Girardi has the ability to switch Giambi and Cano, and/or Nady and Pudge, depending on who's hot.

As you can see, the addition of Pudge really extends the lineup.

I like the trade...no, I take that back...I LOVE the trade.

The Scooter said...

Griffey Jr. to the White Sox....yawn.

Crash said...

Griffey is a non-factor where ever he goes.

I don't mind the Farnsworth trade for 1 reason. No matter how good he was going this season, essentially he had 1 good month over the last 3 years, you never felt comfortable when he came in the game. If the Yankees were up by 6 he would find a way to make it close, if they were up by 1 you knew he was going to blow it. As a late inning/set-up guy you don't want someone with an ERA approaching 5.00, and with the exception of his recent scoreless streak that's exactly where he's been for the better part of 3 years.

Pudge can hit, maybe not for power now that he's off HGH, he's solid defensively and can still throw people out. And he can call a good game behind the plate. Remember he guided the Marlins young pitching staff (Becket, Burnett, Pavano, & Willis)to the Series and beat the Yankees in 2003. I would be interested in how he handles the more veteran pitchers of Mussina and Pettitte.

Will the Yankees keep 3 catchers? Will Rasner still pitch to Moeller, how much time will Molina get now? As much of a liability he was at the plate, he was fantastic behind the plate and the pitching staff loved throwing to him. All questions need to be answered in the next couple of days.

For some reason I don't think the Yankees are done just yet.

Mid said...

Wow, am I good, or am I good?

Look at the second comment on this thread.

Manny IS headed to the Dodgers.

The Scooter said...

The deal isn't done yet, Mid. Get confirmation before you post.

57 said...

ONCE AGAIN, I apologize for spreading information that was not confirmed by at least a second source (which is the known benchmark for media outlets) this afternoon.

That is twice in one week, however todays was TRULY not my fault and someone (and I wont name names, but it rhymes with Piddle Delief) should take 1/2 responsibility for the leak.

The Scooter said...

Manny to LA is confirmed. Good job, Mid.

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