Friday, August 01, 2008

Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don't make. . .

This is a statement that will probably be thrown in my face and proven wrong before the end of the season. I think the trade for Pudge was a mistake.

Here's my evidence: One, take into consideration just how good the bull pen has been dealing, don't mess with that success. Two, Molina is probably one of the best defensive catchers in the game. Pitchers trust him and their success, is directly correlated to the increase in playing time for Jose. Third, the difference in a .295 hitter and a .225 hitter is rather minimal. According to Crash Davis in the iconic Bull Durham, it's one extra hit a week. My conclusion: Bring back Farney and keep Molina as the everyday catcher!!

How about some dap calling Manny to the Dodgers? If there is one manager that can make it work, it's Joe Torre. The move really puts them in position to take the lead in that division. I am stunned that the BoSox agreed to pay his salary. Basically, LA is a getting a 60 day free trial for one of the best hitters in the game. Good for them.

Have a good weekend - and let's pray for split against these dastardly Angels . . .


The Scooter said...

No way does Pudge give you only one more hit per week than Molina. With Jose and Melky in the lineup it was like having two pitchers at the bottom of your lineup. If they were getting any offense whatsoever out of the center field position then they could afford to live with a .225 hitter behind the plate. I already showed you how Pudge extends the lineup.

Molina has already worked the second highest total of games in his career. I have no doubt that if he continued to get such a heavy workload that he was going to break down.

Farnsworth was way overdue to go into one of his funks. I think we saw the start of it last week, when they had to bring in Mariano in the eighth to replace him.

I hate Mike Scossia and I hate the Angels.

Crash said...

The Angels can't be this good!?!?! I look at that line-up and just can't see how it's possible they can hang 12 runs on anyone, and the Yankees line-up can't score more than 2 runs a game against the Orioles???

I think the pitchers will take some time to get use to Pudge. I think trading for a catcher mid-season has to be the toughest move to make. It will probably take a start or 2 from everyone to get use to each other. On a good note Mussina will still be throwing to Molina. Gives Pudge a day off and keeps at least 1 pitcher comfortable.

Mid this trade makes the line-up instantly deeper. They needed something to bolster the line-up, pitching was fine. The trades they made were about the best they could do without giving up the entire farm system. Kudos to Cashman and the management team for doing that. If they Yankees didn't make that post-All Star surge, there could have been a much different outcome in this trade deadline. Yankees could have been sellers and not looking to bolster for the stretch run.

I don't normally plug other blogs on this site but came across this one. I believe it is the first of it's kind. Some of you (well all, except for Old Prof) are probably familiar with Paul DePodesta. He was an assistant under Oakland GM Billy Bean, then became the youngest GM in baseball when he was hired by the Dodgers. He is now the AGM under Kevin Towers in San Diego. He has a blog that looks candidly at the inner workings of the team, often seeking fans input on deals, etc. It's pretty interesting. If you're interested here's the link:

The Scooter said...

Jeff Karstens...6 innings no runs and the win in his first appearance as a Pirate....just thought you would like to know, Mid.

Thanks for the link, Crash...that's a cool blog.

Crash said...

If Rasner gets lit up tomorrow look for Ian Kennedy to get a call up. I don't think he made it into the game but I know Brian Bruney was called up, Chris Britton gets sent down. I guess that happens when you get into the game and promptly give up a 3-R HR.

I missed the game tonight but I know Mo gave it up again. I know his #'s are still real good, and he hasn't blown a save yet, but Mo looks like he's been in a slump since the ASG. He's been giving up hits, HRs, runs, etc. Every year he seems to have a bad couple of weeks but this is not the time for that. The Yankees are playing themselves out of contention the last 5 or 6 games, just as fast as the got back into it after the break.

Middle Relief said...

Good blog, added it to my link list.
I think we are not up to losing 6 of last 7.

The Scooter said...

When you need a stopper...go to MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!!!!!!!

57 said...

Support the Troops