Sunday, August 03, 2008

Yanks Catch a Break (4 of them to be exact) and Split with Hellish Angels

Series Comment: I saw and heard most of the games during this 4 gamer with the Halos and am left with the feeling that we were lucky to come out with any wins. The Angels lost the two games more than we won them. I never thought I'd see a Mike Scioscia team commit that many errors in a game let alone an inning.

Rasner: With a 5-8 record and an ERA approaching 6, I think we can all safely assume that Rasner's time has past and we'll be seeing Ian Kennedy in 5 days to take the hill at the start of the Angels rematch. A designation for assignment is highly likely for my one time Cy Young candidate.

A-Rod - is it me, or does it seem a little soon for a Yankeeography? I love this program series, just think it is better when they wait until the player is entirely retired. Two MVPs OK fine. What else are they going to cover - Strippers in Canada, tagging Madonna, failing in the post season, opting out during the World Series?? I mean, good idea, he'll earn it soon enough - just not yet! . . . Continuing on A-Rod for a moment, the guy just does not come through when we have RISP. I saw four instances this series with at least one runner on second, sometimes with others on base, he K'd three times, and bounced a double play ball to the third that was booted. We are back to the '06 version of A-Rod - and that's not a good.

Trade Deadline Report Card:
At first glance, other than the Tigers with Farney blowing a lead vs. the Rays, looks like everyone came out a winner during the trade deadline. X-Man's numbers aside for moment - CC Sabathia has been on fire for the Brewers. Rich Harden is dealing for the Cubs. Jeff Karstens throws a 6 innings shutout for the Pirates. Alberto Gonzalez is hitting .571 for The Nationals. Manny is hitting over .600 with a pair HRs after three games, and Jay Bay seems to be adjusting to life in Chowderville. There are two sides to every deal, so if someone is gaining there has to be a loser right? So who got the short end of the stick with all the deals that took place?

Next Series Prediction: Look, the Rangers have been an over performing team all season and are well overdue to be reminded that they are, well, The Rangers. I'm thinking Nady gets moved to cleanup, and Yanks take the series 3-1 averaging 12 runs per game.

Post Script: Glad to see Willie at the Stadium for Old Timer's.


old professor said...

Mid, regarding your belief that the Yankees were lucky to come away with a split because of errors - oh well that is part of the game. The Angels were lucky to win game two of series. They scratch a run off Mo and win 1-0. Is it me or are the statistics saying that Mo is a different pitcher when he is brought into a game that is tied? He has given up seven runs in non-save situations which is high for a guy that normally pitches one inning.

The Yankee bats came alive for the last two games of the series. Hopefully they can carry the momentum into the Texas series.

Rasner is done. He doesn't have the stuff to get by when is location is even slightly off.

Yanks sign Zambrano to a minor league contract. They seem to be collecting some veterans for a last stand in September.

Mid said...

We covered Zambrano last week.

All of Mo's losses have come from non save situations.

Many is on his way to surpassing David Beckham as LA's biggest star.

The Scooter said...

Are we even going to mention the career day the Xman had? Six RBI that should have been 7 if not for Abreu's ummm (as Girardi put it) "aggressive base-running".

You're right Prof, between Zabrano, Milton and I think they are still looking at Freddie Garcia, who knows what they have planned for the rotation down the stretch. And lets not forget Mid's guy Pavano.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm waiting at least a week to comment on 57's Muts blog. I want to make sure he is dedicated to keeping it current this time around.

Mid said...

I've voted on the poll.

It looks good, a lot better than this one, just a bad team though.

57 said...

I dont think the Mets are done in the trading possibilities. Now it is just more difficult getting a trade because of the waiver wire requirement, but here's to Omar making something happen.

crash said...

Scooter at last count there were 9 teams "watching" Freddy Garcia's progress. The only way the Yankees go after him is if Ponson falls apart, and Kennedy, Hughes, and Pavano look dreadful if/when they get the call back to the big club.

The Yankees were lucky to get out of that Angels series with a win let alone a split. The Angels are a team that seem to always field well. They won't be making 4 errors again. But I agree with Old Prof. the W's still count, regardless of the fashion you get them.

I agree Mid, Ian Kennedy should be getting the call up, though Michael Kay keeps mentioning Alfredo Aceves. Aceves basically ran through Tampa and Trenton but has had some control problems in S/WB and is getting hit a little bit and giving up the long ball.

On the rehab front Pavano went 3IP gave up 5 hits, 1 ER, with 2K.

Hughes went 3.2 IP, 1 H, 1 BB, 5 K, 0 ER.

I would think that as long as they stay injury free they both get one more appearance of 5 innings, then get 1 or 2 starts at Trenton, and 1 or 2 at S/WB before getting to the Bronx.

The Scooter said...


I really can't think of anything witty to say regarding that topic.

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