Monday, August 04, 2008

Rasner Out, Giese In

I think we all had at least half of the equation right - Rasner is out.

Although I am a bit surprised Kennedy didn't get the call, I think all things considered, Giese has earned his shot and hope he does well.

The one thing you can say about Girardi this far into his tenure is that he is willing to open that door of opportunity to just about anybody - and if you can earn your keep, it's yours until you lose it. You can't argue with that.

And to that point, absolutely love it that Christian got the start over Melkey.


Mid said...

So, Girardi opts to stay with a rightie vs. leftie match up against the Halos, and the result? A grand slam.

And in lastnight's game he opts to keep a leftie in vs. a rightie, and the end result? A grand slam.

Note to self - match ups matter.

crash said...

Kennedy may get the call up now that Joba will miss at least one start. This is exactly the injury the Yankees didn't need.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have been fairly impressed with Nady's production. Not only does he have good numbers thus far but he has come through in the clutch 2 or 3 times already (more than A-Rod can say).

I'm glad Giese at least gets his chance in the rotation.

Hope that this is not serious for Joba.

The Scooter said...

I can't even entertain the idea that Joba's injury is serious. If he's down for the count, you can pack up the balls and bats and get ready for Spring Training.

Mid said...

I was wondering if Joba hurt his shoulder when he fell/ducked to avoid pudge's throw on a nullified DP - anyone else see that?

old professor said...

Mid, Girardi did not want to put a rookie into a situation with the bases loaded. He went with the veteran. Sometimes your the pigeon other times you are the statue. Last night was Girardi's time to be the statue.

The rationale for Giese as the manager puts it - he throws strikes. Apparently they are of the opinion that Kennedy tries to be too fine and tries to avoid bat contact (too tentative).

Joba indicated the dropping to the ground had nothing to do with the injury. He said he felt a pull and then a pop in the shoulder followed by stiffness. Does not sound good!!

And Crash regarding A-Rod not coming through, your boy Jeter failed a couple of times in the clutch last night with runners in scoring position.

The Scooter said...

Once again Old Prof seems to just make things up as he goes along. Joba said nothing about a "pop".

It may or may not be a serious injury, but here is his quote regarding it:

"My strength was fine. My velocity was fine," Chamberlain said. "We'll have tests just so we can rule out everything. It kind of grabbed and it was a little bit tighter in the fifth inning."

crash said...

Jeter has been slumping lately and has hit into a ton of DPs this year (17, ouch). But I'll take a decade of history saying he comes through in the clutch over a decade of history saying A-Rod does jack shit in the clutch. If you want to put an end to this once and for all, Jeter 17 post-season HRs including a walk off HR to win a World Series game, and has a career .309 BA for the post-season, .302 in WS. How many walk offs does A-Rod have in a WS (that would be 0), what's A-Rod's post season BA(.279..yes 30 points lower than the unclutch Jeter).

Here's a nice little rant from the Sporting News MoJoMike blog from July 27:

AROD stats-
Season: .324 BA, 21 HR

By Situation-
None on = .350 BA, 13 HR
Runners 1B only = .356 BA, 4 HR
Runners on 2B = .172 BA, 2 HR
Runners on 3B = .467 BA, 0 HR
Runners on 1B & 2B = .200 BA, 1 HR
Runners on 1B & 3B = .278 BA, 1 HR
Runners on 1B, 2B, and 3B = .166 BA, 0 HR
Close & Late = .220 BA, 1 HR
Scoring Position = .258 BA, 4 HR
Scoring Posn, 2 out = .238 BA, 3 HR

The Scooter said...

Hey when I am wrong..I am WAYYY wrong.

MAJOR apologies go out to Old Prof. I found this quote from Joba:

"That's just the way it is. Sometimes you've got to learn that maybe you should call somebody, but it's something that it grabbed and popped and got stiff."

Prof, I will never doubt you again...well I probably will, but I might doubt you just a tad less.

The Scooter said...

This is NOT good news:

Chamberlain had an MRI on his stiff right shoulder on Tuesday in New York, and though the Yankees would not reveal the results of the testing, they have made plans for Chamberlain to receive a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews in Alabama.

Whenever Andrews gets involved, surgery is almost a certainty.

I'm canceling YES

crash said...

The Yankees have looked real bad over the last 10 games or so. I know they still have 6 games against the Red Sox and I think 8 against the rays, but they're digging themselves a big hole to climb out of if they want to make the playoffs this year.

Jeter hit into another DP last night. He looks completely lost last at the plate right now.

And I don't know what the hell Girardi is thinking, pinch hitting Melky in the 7th with the bases loaded. The guy is 0-12 at that point and you're putting him up there at a point that could have changed the game. Terrible decision.

Mid said...

Yeah, I agree.

I'm thinking the Yanks will have finish with about 92 ish wins, which means winning 30 of the remaining games.

Jete's had a chance to come through twice, two runners on and bases loaded and it didn't happen. He's having an off year.

Great quote from John Kruk last when talking about the pitching possibilities with Joba out - Pavano's name came up and Kruk said listen, you have a better chance of Favre throwing for the Yanks than Pavano.

crash said...

NY Post reporting that Chris Britton has been recalled from S/WB...MLB rules state that a team needs to wait at least 10 days to recall a player that has been sent down (Britton sent down on 8/1)...unless it is to replace an injured player. So unless another pitcher just got injured, it looks like Joba is headed to the DL today.

crash said...

Holy crap Mid, Karstens took a no-no into the 8th against the D'backs today. 2 great outings so far for the Pirates.

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