Thursday, August 07, 2008


The acquisition of Xavier Nady has been a successful one no doubt about it.

As good as he has been, I wonder if there is any regret going through the minds of our GM as the day we learn Joba is headed to the DL with rotator cuff tendinitis, Jeff Karstens is now 2-0, with 15 scoreless innings for the Bucs including a near perfect game that was broken up in the 8th inning (BTW both of these starts were against the best that the NL has to offer in the Cubs and the D-Backs).

What do you think - glad we have Nady, or wish we had Karstens still?

How tired is the Brett Favre story?


crash said...

Mid everyone knows you have some serious man love for Karstens, but even you can't argue over the production that has come out of Nady. Not only is he hitting, but he's hitting for power and coming through in the clutch.

I think Karstens will like pitching in Pittsburgh more than NY, and wouldn't be totally surprised if he has 10-15 W's next season for them.

old professor said...

Mid, Karstens wore out his welcome in NY. When you have the chance to get a Nady and Marte, you make the move.

Joba is headed to the DL with rotator cuff tendinitis. They plan on resting him a week before he starts to throw again. Of issue is this is the same diagnosis that Posada had and they tried the same rehab program result, Posada is home with his arm in a sling recovering from surgery. If he can't resume throwing in a week or two, expect him to have micro surgery to clean up what is causing the inflamation.

Kennedy has been tabbed to start on Friday. This could be his last chance with the team - Girardi put it very simply - "we expect him to throw like he did last September".

How about the block of the plate by Pudge in Wednesday's game? I don't believe we would have seen that kind of block from any Yankee catcher this year.

Yankees are now pretty much out of the race for the East, but still have a shot at the wildcard. I still believe Tampa will have a significant slump and the Red Sox will take the East.

The Scooter said...


over/under on how many TD's he throws against the Bills this year? Six?

Looks like the Yankees avoided a MAJOR catastrophe with Joba. No structural damage. If we can get through August and stay just a handful of games out of the wildcard, we can make a run in September.

Ballsy block of the plate by Pudge. Prof, you're right.....Molina would have went for the swipe tag and Posada would never have even come up with the ball.

Mid, come on! The Best that the NL has to offer. The D-Backs are 4 games over .500 with a team batting average of .256.

Karstens' success is an indictment of the entire National League.

Mid said...

Or perhaps at age 25, he may be maturing into the pitcher that I claimed him to be.

He'll finish with more wins than Greg Maddux.

Ok, maybe not, but he's dealing and making the most of his chance - good for him.
I gain respect for Pudge after the play at the plate.

Does Melkey make it to the starting lineup or has Joe G. realized what we've been saying all allong?

crash said...

I don't think Melky makes the line-up tonight either. Hopefully Girardi has come to his senses about that. I think he sees he can get better offensive production with Christian, with the bonus of more speed on the base path, and not lose too much in the way of defense.

Unless he has a dramatic September, Melky will find himself as nothing more than the 4th OF,possibly traded, or even released at the end of the season. The Yankees have a lot of young talent in the OF, even after they traded Tabata.

old professor said...

Crash, regarding Christian,Girardi called him the ideal type of fourth outfielder. While he may have speed, I don't believe his arm or range can rank close defensively to what Melky has proven he can do. Offensively, Melky appears to be one very confused hitter and is completely overmatched by pitchers. I don't believe he fully recovered (mentally) from the inital rumors of being traded to Minnesota for Santana.

I will say again the kid is only 22 years old give him more time. Mid claims that Karstens at 25 has finally matured into the type of pitcher he claimed Karstens was. (has nothing to do with the pathetic state of the National League, Christ the Muts are still in contention).

57 said...

Scooter, Brett Favre will be carted off the field against the Bills.

old professor said...

57, while I am not a Jets fan and never have been, regarding your statement on Farve let me remind you of one glaring statistic Buffalo is 0-5 in Super Bowls. I believe Farve has at least one ring and could have had a second if not for the GIANTS!!!!!

crash said...

I was impressed at how Ponson and Mussina over the last 2 nights handled that Rangers line-up.

Hopefully a couple months off the big league roster will spark Kennedy tonight and he can keep that momentum rolling in LA. Late game tonight, 10:05 start.

Mid said...

shuts out the best offensive team in the league - great job by Moose.

The Scooter said...

I'm a little late this morning, but I see you guys have been kind enough not to rain on my here it is:


It's time to start seriously talking about a Cy Young.....and if he wins 20 and gets the Cy Young, dare I say that gets him into the Hall of Fame?

Prof, if you are going to destroy Jeter when he leaves a guy or two on base, how about a little props when he drives in 4 runs in the last two games? Just Sayin.

Middle said...

A-Rod is in a major slump.

K's with a man on third,

Bounces into DP in inning 4.

I think he ended up 0-17 for the series.

When will the Melk man return to the starting lineup?

old professor said...

The handwriting may be on the wall for Melky. He has been a pitch runner and late inning defensive replacement. He probably will return to the lineup when Damon goes back to DHing. Melky has one of the lowest on-base percentages of any regular in MLB.

Moose is riding the high wave right now and may end up having the best year of his career. If he wins 20, he should be given strong consideration for the Cy Young. Major competition for the award could come from Cliff Lee who is having a lights out year. (His ERA is under 3.00).

Mid said...

cliff lee is contention, but that's all he is - Indians are out of it, and think that may be held against him as will be when considering Holliday and Burnett

If not Moose, then either of the two guys from the Angels are likely favorites.

Crash said...

Holy crap that was an ugly series. So long Ian Kennedy back to AAA for that pathetic showing.

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