Monday, August 25, 2008

A few quick points:

Pavano is back, which is good I guess. His post game interview was hilarious (I'm just doing what I've gotten paid my whole life to do, which is every 5 days go out there and pitch). I can't believe I'm even willing to torture myself with this thought, but perhaps for the rest of the season, he is that stability, the quality start guy the rotation lacks after Moose and Pettitte. . . . Did I just say that?

The person that seemed to get the wake up call when Melkey got demoted was Robinson Cano - batting .333 his last 10 games.

Nady is the real deal.

Yanks catch a break in not having to face Beckett with this go around with the Sox and need to take advantage of it. We have six games left with these guys, and none bigger than the coming three. This is the season.


The Scooter said...

two out of three vs. the Sox at a minimum.

Mid, I love the new lay-out.

Mid said...

With Osi out, Strahan talking about coming back to big blue.

If we don't do 2 out 3, I think it will be game set match for '08.

I've got a chance to see Melkey play this Friday - SWB is coming to town.

Crash said...

I think if the Yankees don't sweep this upcoming series with the Sox it will be a great disappointment. It seems like every thing has lined up in the Yankees favor. Manny is in LA, JD Drew and Mike Lowell are both on the DL, and no Beckett. They have Wakefield and Byrd pitching the first 2 games, the Yankees traditionally hit those guys well. The Red Sox best shot at winning a game is probably with Lester on the mound, but the Yankees counter with Mussina. Ponson needs to step up big time, he's pitching game 2 and has struggled, that's putting it very kindly, against the Sox. He's 3-12 with an ERA around 7.00 in his career against Boston. I think after that game in Toronto though he has something to prove and will pitch with a chip on his shoulder and come up big.

old professor said...

I would like to see a Yankee sweep. The Sox have lost their ace for the series and hopefully for the year.

Giants losing Osi is big. They will not have the pass rush they had last year which makes the secondary suspect. Strahan coming back from retirement would help, but he is a year older and will need more time to get in shape. They could also move Mathias Kiwanuka back to defensive end which is where he started as a rookie.

The Scooter said...

I think asking for a sweep may be a little much. I would sign up for 2 out of 3 right now. It keeps us in this thing.

The Osi injury is DEVASTATING to the G-Men. He was no doubt their defensive MVP last year and I believe their only pro bowler. Yes, Strahan would help, but you can't expect much from him until at least week 4 (and thats if they sign him TODAY).

Prof, I think that they have already told Kiwanuka that they are switching him back to DE. I'm interested to see if this kid can become the star that some in the organization thinks he could be.

I'm not sure who my team is this many wonderful choices:

The World Champion Giants

The Hometown Patriots

The Favre led J...E...T...S Jets Jets Jets

and here's a sleeper...The FISH...who have been systematically rebuilt by the genius himself...The Tuna. The Tuna rebuilding the Dolphins...It's like a Hollywood script.

Well, I'll let you guys know who I'm rooting for by week 5 or 6.

crash said...

There's an article on about this upcoming series. In it they look at the Yanks disappointing offense.

Apparently some in the Yankee organization are saying that Cano has poor work ethic, and he has become lazy because of his big contract extension. I think most of us saw this in glaring examples on the field. I would not be surprised if the organization wants to move in a different direction if he keeps up this kind of performance. 2 years ago I wouldn't have thought about saying that.

old professor said...

It should not surprise anyone if the organization moves Cano because of a poor work ethic. They moved Soriano a few years ago for the same reason. (And Soriano has put up outstanding numbers every year since). It may be difficult to move him due to the contract and then try to do patchwork to fill the position. The Yankees tried that route three years ago and eventually called up Cano to solve the problem. There isn't much infield help in the system.

Giambi and A-Rod have another o'fer night and it definately affected the outcome of the game. The handwriting is on the wall - Yank's season is going to end with the regular season. Boston still has a good shot at catching the Rays. Muts seem to be reverting to September form again (they blow a 7-0 lead).

Got to admire the way Strahan stayed retired. No Farve dramatics. One night to consider the Giants offer and decide he likes not having to workout, likes lounging on a beach in Greece (who wouldn't) and he will enjoy being on TV everyweek with Fox. The man threw the off switch after the season and decided to keep it on the off cycle.

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