Monday, August 18, 2008

It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over

I keep flip flopping on what I think the Yanks playoff chances are. Maybe there's still a chance.

It seems every year a team catches fire, comes out of no where in the final quarter of the season and steals a playoff spot. If the Yanks post season streak ends, then I'm thinking the Cito Gaston led Jays could be that team this year.

Moose is putting in just a great, great season.

Brett Gardner is a younger version of Johnny Damon - puts in good ABs.

The next call up should be Juan Miranda. First baseman, hitting .300 at SWB.

Just read on that Pavano may be getting the call over Hughes on Saturday - I'll believe it when I see it.

That's it.


old professor said...

Mid, it is over, the Yankees have to make up too many games. There schedule does not favor them either. By the way it probably will be Pavano getting the call - Hughes got lit up and complained of a tired arm. Pavano did well again.

It will also be interesting to see who gets sent down when Matsui is activated today. Mid, don't even think about comparing Gardner to Damon. Speed yes, power no. He has only played a few games in the show needs to be consistent and show longevity. (You probably would have compared Steve Balboni to Lou Gehrig).

crash said...

Mid I actually thought the same thing when I saw Gardner. He is very similar to Damon when Damon broke in with the Royals.

If they activate Matsui today, Chris Britton or Billy Traber gets sent down.

As for the Yankees season, I'm not giving up just yet. I look at last season and think if the Rockies can come back and make the playoffs and the Mets can blow a 7 game lead in the last week then there is still hope.

That said, I'm guessing the Yankees lose 2 of 3 in Toronto. Burnett and Halladay just own the Yankees. The offense needs to continue the hitting from Sunday's game if they want a chance to take this series.

Mid said...

Maddux to the Dodgers - looks like they are going for it this year.

Gardner's swing is pretty similar as well.
I can't remember, did Cito Gaston get canned from the Jays or did he retire after the 2nd World Series? The guy clearly knows how to manage to win games. Jays have been rolling since he's been back.
1st Qtr GMen - they looked pretty damn good.

old professor said...

Giants were impressive during the time their regulars and second team were in the game. To build a 30-3 lead and knock the other team's starting quarterback out of the game sends a clear message they are serious about repeating.

Regarding the analogy to last year's Rockies - Think about the division they played in. The NL West is one of the weakest divisions in baseball possibly even weaker than the NL East.

crash said...

Mid, Gaston hung around a while after the WS wins. I think he was there through the 1997 season. He was always with the Blue Jays though. Of course we remember the Jays winning the WS back to back years but also don't forget he managed the Jays to the AL East title 2 other times and lost in the playoffs and finished second in the division another time. So he took them to the playoffs 4 of his 9 or 10 years. I'm pretty sure the other 2 times they won the east they lost in the ALCS to the A's(1989) and Twins (1991).

57 said...

The mets are in first place.

Crash said...

57 I think the Mets days are numbered. Wagner looks to be done for the year, and that bullpen can't hold a 4 run lead in the 9th.

57 said...

Crash, watch tonight's highlights.

Mid said...

Another fine display of Yankee offense. Gaimbi and A-Rod combined for 7ks last night.

I think Damon can never again complain about when Girardi wants to sit him every now and then.

It was good to see Matsui back in the lineup.
Anyone catch the highlights of the China/US baseball game?? Hardball all the way around.

crash said...

I know Matsui was back and Girardi wants to have both his bat and Damon's in the line up. But unfortunately that means Damon has to play CF. Both of those fly balls hit him in the glove and he needs to make the catch. No excuses. Cost the Yankees the game.

Clutch A-Rod and Giambi make an impact by striking out about 10 times between the 2 of them. If A-Rod hustles out of the box on the 9th inning hit, he makes it to 2nd.

Rasner pitched great with the exception of one hanging breaking ball in the wheelhouse of Lind.

This team is just about all done.
To use a quote from Joe Torre "They're whistling in the graveyard." The ironic thing is Torre said that about the Blue Jays when they were in 3rd place trying to make a charge in 2000.

old professor said...

Last night's game was a joke. Damon drops two fly balls and allows the winning run to score. Wasted effort by Rasner.

Mid, while you are ready to go after A-Rod for striking out, you failed to mention the three run homerun in the first inning tying the game that Mussina eventually got the win in. Exactly how many hits did Jeter have and how many runs did he drive in? Burnett had 13 strikeouts there is plenty of blame to go around.

Crash said...

Old Prof don't be an idiot. In that Mussina game you referrence Jeter was 4-4 and scored 3 runs. As the #2 man in the line-up your job is to get on base and score runs not to drive them in. Jeter did his job.

As for yesterday, yeah 13 K's is terrible but when your #4 and #5 guys have just as many K's as the entire rest of the team, that's even worse. And that was after A-Rod was quoted as saying the #3-4-5 hitters need to step up and carry the team. A-Rod put that pressure on himself and still choked it away. Next thing you know he'll be yelling "HA" again as he rounds the bases on a infield pop-up.

old professor said...

Crash, I was referencing the game that Burnett pitched and struck out 13. Mid was bemoaning the fact that A-Rod and Giambi had struck out six times. He failed to mention what your poster child did during that game which was the same as what everyone but Abreu did which was nothing. To further clarify what you apparently cannot interpret, Mid did not mention anything about A-Rod's 3-run homerun the night before and chooses only to assail him when he fails to hit a homerun or drive-in a run. Apparently he has forgotten that someone who its .300 still fails seven times.

Learn to read.

The Scooter said...

When a team appears to be at it's lowest, a true leader puts that team on his back and says..."Follow Me".

Props to The Captain for turning things up in August (batting over .400).

....totally unrelated.....I want to party with Misty May and Kerri Walsh.

Mid said...

In three games with SWB - Melkey is hitting .444

Maybe the wake up call will work.


Scooter - you weren't invited??

57 said...

Twins: "Ok Brian, we'll give you Johan, but we want Melky, Ian, and Phillip. You give us them, and you have a deal"

Cash: "Are you out of your freaking mind?? These guys will lead us to a title in 2008!!! No chance.. you guys are crazy and probably should be fired. I am KING"

crash said...

Old Prof this one is for you...So far in this Blue Jays series:
Jeter 4 for 9, 2R, 2RBI, 1HR, 3K, 2LOB

A-Rod 1 for 8, 4K, 0R, 0RBI, 0HR, 6 LOB.

For the month of August:
Jeter is batting .400
A-Rod is batting .227 and has grounded into 6DP's (2x as many as Jeter).

Any questions....

The Scooter said...

Sadly Mid....My post Olympic Beach Volleyball party invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. I guess I'll have beg 57 to take me as his date.

57, I can't blame Cashman for not trading the next Tom Seaver (Hughes) for a pitcher who has lost 3-5mph on his fastball and is obviously on the downside of his career.

57 said...

I'll place good money on a bet the Johan will win a championship well before either Melky, Hughes or Kennedy.

The party is at my house...

57 said...

Mets magic number is 35

57 said...

please check out my post this morning and my web-poll. I'd be curious to know your opininons on the matter...

old professor said...

Mid, regarding the Yankees chances to make the playoffs, the math does not look very good. The Yankees have 40 games remaining and the Red Sox have 39. If the Red Sox go 19-20 the rest of the way, the Yankees have to go 25-15 not very likely since they haven't done that at all this year.

crash said...

Is anyone else cringing at the fact that Pavano is the probable for Saturday???

crash said...

Well it was the second inning, the score was 0-0 still. I go for a run, eat some dinner turn on the game to see what's happening and it was 13-0??? I was so annoyed I couldn't watch the rest of the game or the post game show for "highlites".

Can someone tell me WTF happened?

Was that the team throwing in the towel for the season?

Maybe I'm not cringing as much now over Pavano being the starter on Saturday.

Crash said...

Wow Hughes got lit up at AAAS/WB. 3.3 IP 10 H, 8 ER...positive side only walked 1 and K'd 6.

Mid I like the new layout.

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