Friday, September 05, 2008

On Vacation - Crash and Melkey Called Up

Leaving the perfect weather of early September in Central NY and heading down to hurricane central for 7 days (Dominican Republic). - because that makes sense.

Melkey gets called back with Abreu being dinged up. I think they should have opted for Christian or Duncan instead.

Scooter I think you won on your over/under bet as to how long 57 maintains his Mets Blog.

Anyway, Crash gets the pen while I'm out. Hopefully I can come back to see that some ground has been gained in the Wild Card standings. Anyway, that's it, I'm out.

Asta la Vista



old professor said...

Enjoy the trip, it would appear that Hurricanes Ike and Jennifer will miss the Dominican Republic. The Yankees wanted a little bit more offense and Melky gives them that over Christian.

Giants played an excellent first half. Offense seemed to lose its focus in the second half. Defense looked tough (though that could be because the Washington Offense was inept at best).

old professor said...

Well the Yankees lose another and are now in FOURTH PLACE behind Toronto. They apparently are now in the experimental mode trying to determine if there is any worth for any of the young players. Phil Coke is pitching well, Aceves has been elevated to the rotation ahead of Rasner (this could also signal the end of Rasner's career with the Yankees). By the way Mid must be in mourning - Karstens can't pitch for Pittsburgh either he is now 2-5.

This roadtrip is starting to have the looks of a pack it in trip. Losing 2 of 3 to Seattle!

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