Monday, October 27, 2008

Turned on ESPN this morning and it's like - oh yeah, the World Series is on .. . anyone watching this?

Looks like the Rays may have been happy just to have made it.

Caught a sound clip of the post game press conference with San Fran coach Mike Singletary - love him.

In college football land, every year it seems the death of the BCS has been greatly exaggerated. However this year may be different. After 8 weeks in, we still have 7 undefeated teams (Texas, Alabama, Penn State, Texas Tech, Boise St., and Ball St.). With a bit of luck, 6 of them can stay that way, and the ensuring outrage to follow could put the sport on a trajectory toward what America wants - playoffs


Crash said...

You mention 7 undefeated teams, but only listed 6. Think you left out Tulsa.

Game 3 was crushing to the Rays. To comeback late just to lose it really killed their series. I was really surprised at how well Moyer and Blanton pitched, couple that with Langoria and Pena going into their worst slumps of the season.

The Giants pull out a big win. As a Giants fan I think you're saying boy we should have destroyed the Steelers. 6 trips to the red zone and only 1 TD, the Giants should have scored at least 35 points in that game. The Steeler fan has to be saying I can't believe we lost that game on a long snap.
Giants can effectively end the Cowboys season by beating them next week. I hope they don't take anything for granted in that game next week. The Giants need to play as if it is the Dallas of week 1 or 2, not the train wreck of the last couple of weeks.

old professor said...

Crash, Giants pulled out the game because the long snapper for Pittsburgh blew out his knee leading to a new snapper and a safety. For the third week in a row, Eli Manning looked confused and had nervous feet. The Giants also looke suspect on deep routs, which could be an issue in trying to cover Roy Williams and T.O., The game will be close, but I sense the Giants will come out on top.

Regarding the Rays (and no Scooter I have not been watching the games), their bubble may have finally burst. All season we were wondering when the Rays would return to their roots - we may now have the answer.

old professor said...

The news has not been good coming out of Arizona Fall League on top Yankee Prospect Phil Hughes. After two good starts, he has been inconsistent over the last two. Apparently he has shown good velocity, but the fastball has been flat and the breaking stuff breaking too early to be affective.

Interesting to see if the team can tinker with the mechanics to improve his pitches.

Middle Relief said...

Miranda been doing good though. . .

I think with Hughes this is a test of mental side. Up until this past season he's exp. nothing but success. I think once he gets his head right, he'll be back to showing why mgmt wanted to keep him so bad.

Crash said...

I'm not worried yet on Hughes. It usually takes a young pitcher 3 years at the MLB level before he gets it. Pitchers that burst ontot the scene with amazing stuff and stats and carry that over a great career are so rare, it's unfair to saddle that on any young pitcher, but probably even more so for a NY pitcher. There's already high expectations and pressure but add on to that the expectation of being "the one".

Start Hughes in NY if he stays healthy and gets 8-12 wins with an ERA around 4.00-4.50 I think you have to be happy with that. Seriously the kid has pitched in 21 games at the MLB level, 106 innings, that's it. We may not see Hughes "breakout" until 2010. By that I mean 15+ wins ERA in the 3's with about 200 Ks. Hopefully he's still in pinstripes at that time.

old professor said...

It continues to appear the top two free agent pitchers on the market, (C.C. and A.J.) do not want any part of NY. Sabbathia continues to express the desire to play in California and in the NL so he can bat and some close to him have indicated he would be willing to leave some money on the table in order to meet those two criteria. (Correct me if I am wrong, but there is nothing in the rules that prohibit an American League team from batting the pitcher in a came in lieu of a DH??).

Burnett has indicated a desire not to pitch in NY. If both those pitchers are being upfront regarding those remarks, the Yankees would then be looking at Lowe. Apparently the Yankees lack of winning world series lately and revenue sharing have made it easier for top free agents to go elsewhere. I do not anticipate seeing the Yankees sign a big free agent for first base either.

I do not believe the Yankees want to go into another year counting on Hughes and Kennedy being the answer to their prayers.

Crash said...

I read somewhere that Prince Fielder was available for trade. It said the Yankees were not interested because their are plans to move Jeter to 1B eventually. If this is true, what's the difference if they trade for a good 1B or sign a FA 1B? This would make me think they will look internally for a 1B.

The Scooter said...

Congrats to the 2008 World Series Champions.....the Philadelphia Phillies!!!!

And yes, I watched every pitch of every inning. I think I am the only TRUE baseball fan on this entire blog.

Some thoughts on the Series (like you guys care)

~Cole Hammells is a stud, but I have no idea how the Phillies succeeded this year with the rest of their rotation. What Mussina did this year for the Yanks was amazing, but no more so then what Jaimie Moyer did for the Champs.

~Brad Lidge is perfect. How can this guy NOT be considered for MVP of the National League. He did not blow ONE save all year and the Phillies NEVER lost if they were leading after 8 innings.

~Pat Burrell will cash in. I think he is a free agent and largely because of one booming double off the wall in the 7th inning last night, someone will offer him a nice contract.

~David Price is the real deal. We will be cussing this guy out for years to come in the AL East

~BJ Upton may turn out to be the greatest ballplayer since Mickey Mantle. Is there ANYTHING this guy doesn't do well? If he does not completely self destruct (that's a big IF), he will win the triple crown at some point.

And in closing, this must be a very difficult day for a certain Mets fan that we all know and love. J-Ro and the boys lifting the trophy last night..I could have swore I saw Rollins snicker and say under his breath... "Take that Jose Reyes"

old professor said...

Crash, the issue regarding your boy Jeter moving to first base has been one of two rumors circulating about his future with the team - there has been some thought that he could move to the outfield. However, that would create a hole at shortstop. And no I do not believe A-Rod can play short anymore because he has bulked up to play the corner.

Regarding the Phillies, Hamel will be around a long time. Price is scheduled for the rotation in Tampa, but who knows they may need a closer next year.

Lidge was an absolute steal for the Phillies and he self destructed in Houston. Burrell will be an interesting free agent - he can hit, is a mediocre outfielder and he can't run very well.

Now that the World Series is over let the Hot Stove period begin.

Crash said...

I will admit that I watched most of the series.

Nice points there Scooter. I too think Lidge should get some consideration for MVP. I hope Howard doesn't get it, I have real problem awarding it to someone who bats .250 and has 200 strike outs.

Price is the real deal. The Upton/Mantle comparison is a stretch (a big stretch) but he does have a ton of potential and it very well could be the beginning of ery good career.

Scary thought the Yankees have tried trading for Burrell in the past. He has power but do you really want a .250 hitter who strikes out at such a high rate?

Now that the series is over, it's just a couple of days before the Hot Stove begins to heat up.

old professor said...

Latest rumors beginning to circulate are the Yankees may make a serious run at Manny. They apparently didn't learn anything from the Boston experience last season. Let's see they want to get younger so sign a 36 year old ballplayer to a long-term deal at around 23 million per year. Right!!!!!!!!!

The Scooter said...

Manny on the Yankees may just guarantee TWO World Championships. Think how motivated he would be to stick it to the Red Sox. I would live with 4 years $80 Mil. As long as they address the pitching too.

Like I said in a previous post. We could live with Gardner and/or Melky in Center Field IF and only IF Manny is signed to play right (or left depending on where they want Nady).

Crash said...

Buster O. says the Yankees will not be players, I've seen a couple reports that say they Yankees will be players...I think you would be nuts not to want his production on your team. Now that means you have to take every thing else that comes with it though. If the Yankees are willing to go 4 years they may get him at $80M. If they go less than that they'll need to give him more than $20M per season. I think the addition to the line-up is invaluable. He would immediately improve that offense. Let's see...


I guess that means DH-1B-RF would rotate between Damon, Posada, Matsui, and Nady (obviously Posada isn't playing any OF). I think the 5-8 spots could also be used in any order based on match-ups. The one thing that sticks out now is that you don't have a big power lefty in the line-up.

Crash said...

Just saw, as we all knew it would, this World Series set a new record for an all-time low in viewers. Down 17% from the previously record low (2006 Cards/Tigers). I don't think Fox can be surprised though. It was a worse case scenario, well maybe if Milwaukee made it, it would have been even lower.

old professor said...

It should not be a surprise to anyone the TV ratings for the World Series was down. One midmarket team and one team with no market playing for the championship. In addition, the Fox Network needs to dump Tim McCarver. He is arrogant and totally in love with himself. He is constantly stating - " I do not agree with the decision to...."

Don't be surprised if the Yankees offer Abreu arbitration. If he accepts they have him locked up under contract for one more year. If he declines and signs with another team, they get an additional draft pick (though the way the Yankees have drafted lately that may not be such a bargain).

As for Manny, LA is intent on signing him and the contract being specified is four years at 80m. I would not see the Yankees exceeding that level of contract for a guy that is a liability in the outfield and club house.

Additional questions for the Yankees center around their bullpen. They have to decide whether to pick up the option on Marte (or do they put all of their cards in Coke), and I may be wrong, but I don't believe Bruney is under contract though he may be arbitration eligible (???).

Farnsworth is also going to hit the free agent market and one has to wonder if the Yankees bring him back.

old professor said...

Has anyone noticed that 57's blog on the Muts hasn't been changed for several months - lead story still instant replay. Uhmmm the magic number was never reached.

Crash said...

Farnsworth comes back only if Girardi can convince Cashman. Bruney is probably eligible for arbitration, he certainly not a free agent. I think he crossed the 3 year threshold, unless his stint on the 60 day DL and minor league rehab hinder that.

When Cashman traded for Marte and Nady he was very clear that both players are under control for 2 years. But Marte is set to make $6M (club option), which is a ton of cash for a middle reliever/set-up guy. With a buy out of $250,000 I would let him go and see if you can sign him to a 3 year deal at $4M per. No other team would come close to that and the Yankees could save a couple million. The bullpen though was fairly consistent all year long and one of the better ones in baseball. Plus they have guys on the farm that will be serviceable.

The primary need is the rotation and to resolve the OF/1B/DH debacle.

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