Sunday, November 02, 2008

Set to Pre-Heat

Who's worth a shot?

Giambi, Pavano, Mussina, Pettitte, Abreu,

CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Francisco Rodriguez, Kerry Wood,

Kyle Farnsworth, Brad Penny, Ben Sheets, John Smoltz,

Mark Prior, Jason Isinghausen, Bartolo Colon

Everyone Else:
Manny Ramirez, Mark Teixeira, Ken Griffey Jr., Sean Casey, Rich Aurilla,

Milton Bradley, Adam Dunn, Rafael Furcal, Faul Ibanez, Frank Thomas, Kevin Millar,

Pat Burrell, Garet Anderson



The Scooter said...

Worth a shot for the Yankees. In no particular order:

Mussina, Pettitte, Abreu,CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Manny Ramirez, Mark Teixeira, Kevin Millar

Can we get a shout out for the
J...E... T...S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!!!

Crash said...

Scooter I can't keep up with you...I thought you were a Patriots fan, then you were kind of rooting for the Giants, now you post the Jets chant. Please explain yourself?

Mid just to add to your list I read that the Yanks will not pick up the $6M option on Marte making him a free agent. Not sure I would touch Sheets, Smoltz, Prior, or Izzy with a ten foot pole right now. Too many injury concerns. Burnett is suppose to inform Toronto today if he's going to opt out.

I think you will see the Yankees try to trade for a 1B and P, rather than sign a top FA, other than Sabathia.

Mid said...

Not sure why, but was completely surprised at the Jets win over the Bills. Western NY got its hopes up that the playoff drought would end with how they started the season - now, I think reality is setting in.

old professor said...

Kevin Millar would be a short-term solution to the first base question and give the Yankees time to bring Miranda along (not a bad idea Scooter). I would like to see Mussina back, but not for three years. (Remember he said "if I am in for one year, I am in for three".)

If the Yankees sign Sabathia and/or AJ Burnett, they will have to overpay them beyond Market Value.

Too bad about Marte, he could have been effective in the pen.

The Scooter said...

LOL @ Crash calling me out on my NFL loyalties.

Ok, here's the deal:

Grew up 10 minutes from the Meadowlands to the likes of LT, Harry Carson and Simms winning championships, so they are my number one team.

My love for the Jets stems more from actually loving anyone that beats the Bills.

And as for the Pats...well I DO live in New England, so they are sort of my adopted Home Town team.

I'll let you know if I like anyone else once the playoffs start.

I think the Yankees might try to resign Marte to a longer term deal. I mean they had been trying to get him for years...I can't see them just letting him go.

I'm getting the feeling Prof, that Carmen Miranda has a better shot to ever play first base for the Yankees than Juan does. I think they will use him as trade bait.

Crash said...

Just because I haven't rattled Old Prof lately on this topic (my apologies to Mid, Scooter, and 57...if you're out there), I found this on MSNBC...

"The Sporting News polled 16 former big league shortstops, spanning five decades, on Jeter vs. Alex Rodriguez. Eleven picked Jeter, three said it was too close to call and only two chose A-Rod outright."

old professor said...

Crash, A-Rod is no longer a shortstop so talking about comparing A-Rod and Jeter as such is an attempt to fill space on the blog. Let's be realistic, offensively, there is no comparison: Mr. Clutch as you fondly refer to him is a singles hitter. Offensiviely Jeter does not nor can he hold R-Rod's jock. Defensively, Jeter has limited range and an average arm and with age neither gets any better (I speak from experience).

By the way is 57 gone into hiding. He has not been a visitor to the site in awhile - apparently he couldn't take another collapse of the Mets (witness no change to his blog site) nor have we heard the rants of Bills going to the super bowl after a 3-0 start. Again having lived in Western New York where every year brings the expectation of a super bowl appearance only to have the expectations crushed through lack of performance I can understand why he has been silent. Hey maybe when they move to Toronto, they will win a championship.

Scooter, who is Carmen Miranda and can she play first base??

Crash said...

When can teams make offers to FA? I think teams have an exclusive right to make offers to their own free agents for a period, when does that end and when does the real fun start?

The Scooter said...

Crash, I think the day of reckoning is November 14th.

old professor said...

Once the World Series is over, Free Agents have a fifteen day period in which they can sign exclusively with their team. They are not allowed to sign with other team until after the fifteen day period expires. (Scooter is probably right with the November
14th deadline). Free agents are not prohibited from talking with other teams on parameters, but are not allowed to sign or finalize any deal.

It was intersting to see that Peavy has added the Yankees to his list of teams he would be willing to go to. San Diego has already indicated they expect a lot in return with whomever they work a deal (if they work a deal).

Yankees also added two minor league pitchers to their 40 man roster never heard of either one. Also signed a former Marlins pitcher Mitre. The guy is recovering from Tommy John surgery and won't be able to pitch competitively until mid season.

old professor said...

Crash and Scooter, here is one for you to digest. The Baseball Abstract has completed a study on fielding and has concluded: JETER IS THE WORST FIELDER in MLB.

Crash said...

Nothing new there Old Prof. Bill James and the rest of the Baseball Abstract crew have been preaching that for years. Along those same lines, I was reading something yesterday that said Bobby Abreu is the 2nd worse defensive RF in the game...ahead of only Pat Burell, both on the free agent market.

How are players like Brian Giles and Mike Cameron having team options picked up at $9 and $10MM, respectively. Giles was worth $9MM about 8 years ago, Cameron has never been worth $10MM. Cameron batted under .250, he hits about 22 HR (average over the last 5 years) hasn't driven in 100 runs in almost 10 years, and has never scored 100 runs. The Brewers are paying $10MM for that??? Ridiculous!!! Decline the option bring someone up from the farm and give that money to a FA pitcher. Pitching was the reason you dropped out of the playoffs. Do they not remember CC pitching 10 consecutive days without rest?!? It was because they had no other pitchers available to start.

This is exactly why I hate the argument of big market v. small market, payroll disparity, salary cap, revenue sharing, etc. Small market teams like the Padres and Brewers can be successful, but not when they make fiscally irresponsible moves like this.

The Scooter said...

Prof, as you well know, the oakland Athletics were built around Bill James' and the whole "moneyball" philosophy. Just how many World Championships have they won over the last ten years or so? This crap has absolutely no credibility.

Crash, your frustration with revenue sharing and the stupid way some small market teams spend their money is well stated. I agree 100%. I'm sure Prof will have a different take though...I look forward to reading it.

old professor said...

Interesting note coming prior to the GM meetings. Cashman has indicated the following:
(1) starting pitching is a priority for the team and not just one. (2) The team is interested in Jake Peavy and it would appear that a piece of that trade would be Robinson Cano. (3) The Yankees have had inquiries on Melky, Gardner and Austin Jackson. (I would not trade Jackson). (4) That he is NOT adverse to bringing Carl Pavano back to fill in a back of the rotation spot. If that happens, is Sydney Ponson just around the corner??

It may be an interesting piece but if the Yankees have let Marte go, Brian Fuentes is a free agent and they tried to get him from the Rockies last year without success. Fuentes would fill the lefthanded pitching spot vacated by Marte.

Crash said...

Old Prof dropping some hot stove info. I too thought the Yankees would go after Fuentes, but they won't do it if it's going to cost them $6-7MM/year. Could the Yankees sign both Marte and Fuentes? If they were able to do that they would have the best bullpen in the league.

If it means getting Peavy I will pack Cano's bags for him and drive him to the airport. I LOVE the thought of Peavy in pinstripes...but he has already indicated a preference for the NL, he's a southern Cal guy, could he handle NYC? His stats have been padded by the weak NL West, the AL East is a different animal. His ERA will jump by more than a run.

If the Yankees bring back Pavano, it better be a 1 year deal (with club option?) at a deep discount or at least an incentive based contract. No other way the Yanks bring him back.

If the Yankees had any offers involving Melky they should do it immediately. If they trade Gardner too, that means they are stuck with Damon in CF. YIKES!!!

I heard that the Rockies and Tampa were in discussions about Matt Holliday. Tampa would offer Andy Sonnastine and Edwin Jackson.

old professor said...

Interesting the Rays would offer two of their starting pitchers from this past year that were very productive for them and trade them for an outfielder. I would have thought with the outfield they have they would be set. Why add Holliday.

Regarding Damon, there seems to be a difference of opinion. Cashman has stated he sees him as the leftfielder, Damon states he has a preference for center. Offensively he had a pretty good year, but did tail off at the end.

while I would hate to give up a young player like Melky (he still is only 23), if they can get value for him then trade him. If the same Yankee philosophy prevailed in 1952, the Yankees would have traded Mickey Mantle. But they sent him down after an awful performance and then brought him back, the rest as they tend to say is HISTORY.

I believe Cano is salavagable.

old professor said...

Giambi and Pavano are now officially free agents (though Cashman has not ruled out bringing both back). Pettitte has announced he wants to pitch one more year and the doctors have given his arm a clean bill of health. I would look for the Yankees to bring him back, but not at $16 million. Burnett has informed the Blue Jays he is opting out.

Oh and Boras has indicated the bidding should start at six years for Manny.

Crash said...

Did Old Prof just compare Melky to Mantle???

The Rays farm system is stocked with young pitchers that make those two guys very expandable. That doesn't even include David Price who they needed to make room for anyway. RF is the one spot that needed an upgrade. They used Hinske for some/most of the season platooning with Badelli in September. Adding Holliday would be amazing for that club. If you can start with Crawford, Upton, Holliday, and Pena that's a pretty formidable line-up.

In addition to that they will need a closer. Losing Percival in September and through October really hurt that bullpen. It wouldn't surprise me if they made an offer to Fuentes.

Everything I have come across says the Brewers offered $100MM, don't know if that is over 4 years or 5 years. If it truly isn't about money for CC, and he loved playing in Milwaukee so much he should sign now. If he hits the market, I can see the Yankees just blowing up everything and offering 6 years at $140MM.

Crash said...

Some new "rumors" that may or may not be true...possible discussions involving Dodgers and Yankees...Cano for Matt Kemp and/or Russell Martin.

Good write-up in the NY Post about free agents and possible trades for the Yankees.

There was a quick comment in there about trading Matsui to Seattle to free up the DH spot in order to bring in Manny Rameriez. that kind of came out of left field (pun intended I guess). Not sure what Seattle has to offer.

Yanks are also in talks with the Rangers about one of their catchers, Laird or Salty, in case Posada can't throw.

The more I read, the less comfortable I am about the Yankees acquiring a big name pitcher. I think Peavy will be dealt to the Braves or Cubs, I think Sabathia will sign elsewhere, and Burnett is just using free agency/opting out to drive up the price on the Blue Jays but I think he will go back there.

old professor said...

Crash the Yankees have announced they are interested in Orlando Hudson. If they land him as a free agent, they have indicated he will play second base or get this -centerfield.

If they sign Hudson, then Cano is gone. If they do something with the Rangers for a Catcher that would be a strong indication they do not believe either (a) Posada is not going to be ready or (b) Molina will be let go.

The Scooter said...

C.C. will sign where the money is, and the money will be in the Bronx. I would be SHOCKED if he went elsewhere.

I love jettisoning Matsui and bringing in Manny.


Peavy has added the Yankees as a team he would accept a trade to.

Once again Cashman has stated that Joba is a starter.

Pettitte OR Mussina...NOT BOTH!

Bring SALTY to the Bronx!!!

Sorry I'm a little short today, I am looking for tax shelters.

old professor said...

Interesting that Peavy has added the Yankees to his list of teams he would approve for a trade, BUT has created a controversy by saying no to Boston being put on the list.

Crash, NO I did not compare Melky to Mantle, what I was trying to point out is he is very young and could still explode as an offensive and defensive threat. Even Bernie Williams struggled his first two years and was booed continually by fans. He eventually matured learned to play and hit and became a fixture on the team for many years.

It may not be the money for Sabbathia, it may be the number of years. The Yankees have been burned with long term pitching contracts. Six or seven years is really too long to count on a pitcher not developing arm issues. Be prepared for the Yankees to offer really big bucks to Burnett.

Crash said...

Occasionally we throw out some MMA stuff...last night there was a great fight in the WEC. Urijah Faber v. Mike Brown. Faber is widely considered one of the best pound-for-pound fighters out there. He got cracked last night and was TKO'd in the 1st round by Brown. The punch that essentially ended it landed on Fabers jaw and literally sent him flying off his feet and to the mat. It was almost video game like. I'm sure they will be replaying this fight, if you get a chance to catch it check it out. WEC is on the Vs. network. It may even be on youtube by now.

Crash said...

Couple of different leads on Peavy. Cubs are more interested now though yesterday there slim chances of a deal getting done. Yankees are moving up the ladder because Padres are having a difficult time getting the players they want from the NL teams.
Padres are looking for 2 pitchers and OF. Deal could involve one or more of Hughes, Jackson, and Kennedy. Padres do not have an interest in Cano.

Could the Yankees trade for Peavy and still throw mega bucks at Sabathia and Burnett? Rotation of (in no particular order) Peavy, Sabathia, Burnett, Wang, and Joba??? WOW!!!! Hey, I can dream can't I?

Crash said...

I actually had to read this twice to make sure I wasn't seeing things...Yankees want to trade Ian Kennedy and/or Melky Cabrera to the Brewers for Mike Cameron. OK...I have been very critical of both Kennedy and Cabrera, but Mike Cameron may be the only player in baseball I would not trade for either of these guys, let alone possibly both.

The Scooter said...

Don't be so quick to discount Cameron, Crash. He's an intriguing player. He can flat put go get it in CF, and he has a good arm. On a good year he will hit .270 and last year he DID have 25 HR's. Yes he strikes out too much and typically has a low on base percentage, but his power and his stolen base potential (averages about 22 per year) make him a significant upgrade over Melky.

If the Yankees consider Austin Jackson as their CF of the future, then Cameron on a one year $10 mil deal would not be the worst thing in the World.

I only see this happening though, if the Yankees add one big bat (Tex or Manny).

old professor said...

Scooter, so Cameron can go get it defensively, strikes out a lot and has a low on base percentage, oh and in a good year will hit .270. If that is all we are going to get for a trade then keep Cabrera - he can go get it in the outfield, can strikeout a lot, has a low on base percentage and in a good year may hit .269. Oh and he is about seven years younger and a little bit more durable. Gardner would be a better choice of either one of those two.

It is also being reported the Yankees are now out of the Jake Peavy sweepstakes.

Crash said...

I actually agree Old Prof. Gardener could hit close to .300 steal well over 20 bases and can play a better CF. He just won't hit 25 HRs anytime soon.

I haven't read anything new on Peavy other than it's down to 3 teams and one of the 3 isn't one of the NL teams previously listed.

I did see Jeter called CC to warm him up on NY.

It looks like the Cardinals may land Matt Holliday. Don't know why the Yankees didn't make a real attempt to land this guy.

I can't wait for the 14th to get here, this way a lot of this speculation can be put to rest. I wonder if the Yankees will start conservatively with Sabathia or just start out with barn buster offer?

The Scooter said...

Crash, we don't know if Gardner will hit .230 never mind .300. And Prof, Cameron is ten times the fielder that Melky is. To me, Melky's only strength is his arm. He misplays a lot of balls.

Many scouts are afraid of Matt Holliday's offensive numbers away from Coors Field, Crash...Plus, it will take a LOT of good young prospects to get him as what may wind up being a one year rental (he becomes a free agent after the '09 season). I would rather hold on to those prospects or try to pry McClouth away from the Pirates.

On Sabathia...I say the Yankees START at Santana money and wind up giving a little more. He will be a Yankee by December 1st.

Crash said...

I think Gardner was just coming around at the end of the year when he was seeing the majority of playing time in CF. He was a career .290 hitter in 4 minor league seasons, so a .300 hitter at the MLB level isn't out the question, but I agree it certainly isn't a guarantee either. Just look at Ellsbury from 2007 to 2008. He wasn't even starting at the end of the season they gave the spot back to CoCo Crisp.

Old Prof I'm sure you will appreciate the fact that they have tried to infuse some of the old stadium with the new one. Home plate and the pitching mound along with some dirt from those areas have been brought over.

old professor said...

Crash, hopefully some of the old dirt brought over will be put in centerfield. Had hoped my ashes could be scattered in centerfield in THE Yankee STadium, but that won't happen.

Scooter, Gardner is a consistent slow starter in his career. If given the same length of time to succeed as they gave Cabrera, he will be a fixture in centerfield for a long-time. If they sign Teixeira at first and Posada is healthy (that remains to be seen), and God forbid they sign Manny, they can get along without 25 homeruns from centerfield.

Regarding Cabrera's defense, his arm is his greatest stregth and he has stopped a lot of runners from advancing an extra base with that weapon. Damon's arm has always been one of the weakest at the position (if you don't count Bernie his last two years) and Cameron's arm is not an asset.

The Scooter said...

Prof, I couldn't agree with you more (It's snowing in Hades)...IF they sign Tex AND Manny, I have no problem putting Gardner or Melky in Center Field. In fact, if they sign Tex and Manny, they could put Andy Pettitte in center field for all I care.

What a great week of Giants, my Pats and my Jets all won....and we continue to witness the greatest freefall this side of the housing market...of course I'm talking about the Buffalo Bills. How's that Trent Edwards thing working out for them right about now?

Crash said...

I actually had to do a double take, Old Prof entertaining the possibility of Manny in pinstripes. Friday will be the big day for the initial offers to all FA.

Great win for the Giants last night. They gave the Eagles plenty of chances to stay in that game. The final score was a lot closer than it should have been.

The Giants are in control of the division and NFC right now, but there is still a lot of tough games on their schedule. Baltimore next week, at AZ, at Washington, Phili, and at Dallas. Then they close with the second best NFC team Carolina and at Minnesota. All of those teams are in the playoff hunt. If the Giants take care of business with their divisional games they should be fine and get a home playoff game or two.

Scooter glad to see your teams did well.

Crash said...

Forgot ROY was announced for both leagues today.

Longoria and Soto shouldn't be surprise to anyone and they certainly are worthy candidates, but in my opinion Ramierez and Votto deserved it.

Tomorrow is NL CY Young
Wednesday Manager of the Year
Thursday AL CY Young
Monday NL MVP
Tuesday AL MVP

I'm pretty indifferent as to who wins these awards this year. The one exception is the AL manager of the year. It will most likely be Joe Maddon, but I think Ron Gardenhire in Minnesota did a better job with the talent he had.

Crash said...

Matt Holliday traded to the A's. All speculation is that Billy Beane will either let him walk away at the end of the year as a FA for the draft picks or dump him at the trade deadline this year when they can maximize a return value.

The Scooter said...

Well Done, broke the Holliday trade story for me.

I wouldn't be surprised if Huston Street is in the deal, with the Rockies losing Fuentes.

I would find it very unlikely that the A's sign Holliday long term, and it doesn't appear that they can contend this year, even with him in the lineup. Strange move if you ask me. Is he worth more now or at the deadline?

I wonder if this takes the A's off the list as a possible Giambi destination?

Crash said...

Tim Lincecum is the NL CY Young Winner

I don't think this is a surprise. Some may say Brandon Webb, but he struggled down the stretch and wasn't close to Lincecum in ERA or K's. Lincecum may have only had 18 wins, but he was with the pathetic Giants. This kid could have easily won 25 games this year if the bullpen could hold a lead and his offense gave him any support.

I'm going to predict the AL Cy Young is Roy Holliday and not Cliff Lee. We'll find out Thursday.

Tomorrow is Manager of the Year for both AL and NL.

old professor said...

Crash, Cliff Lee should win two awards: Cy Young and Comeback Player of the Year.

Hal Steinbrenner stated the obvious - "the Yankees are getting ready to spend a lot of cash".

Crash said...

I found it interesting that Hal made the comment and not Hank. Usually Hank is the one running his mouth. We haven't heard much from Hal.

Crash said...

Marte signed to 3 year deal, worth $12MM

I'm also hearing rumors that the Yankees may inquire to the Marlins about Dan Uggla. We've already heard about the possibility of signing Orlando Hudson...does this mean Cano is done in NY?

The Scooter said...

I figured they would sign Marte to a longer term deal. Like I have said before, they had tried for a couple of years to get him so it didn't make sense that they would just let him walk.

As for the second base situation. Uggla really slowed down after the All Star Break, but he will probably bring you .260; 30 hr; and 90 rbi. Which is pretty good run production from 2B.

Orlando Hudson would give you a higher average but no where near the HR and RBI total.

They are both slightly above averages fielders.

Cano definitely has a higher upside than either of them if someone is able to actually get him to play hard. In what we considered a horrible 2008, he STILL hit .271

That being said, if he is the Yankees best trade asset (as it appears he just may be), then I am willing to see what he would bring back. Are the Padres interested in him in a possible Peavy deal?

If Cano can be part of a package that gets you a top of the rotation starter or a stud center fielder, then I'm all for it, although I still think Cano will win a batting title some day.

How about we look to send Cano to Torre and Bowa along with Phil Hughes for Chad Billingsly and Andre Ethier?

old professor said...

If the rumors about the signing of Marte are correct, he signed for more years, but less money. His original contract called for him to make $6million next year. The agreement he apparently has signed is three years for $12m. More years less money not a bad bargin for the team (Manny are you listening??).

Scooter, Uggla hit a lot of those homeruns in the Marlins home park which is a small bandbox. I don't see those numbers translating to the Bronx. In addition, if there is so much upside to him, what caused him to wear out his welcome in Florida??

I am also hoping the Yankees get their signings done early. Speculations on who they will sign and for how much can go on for only so long.

Has there been a 57 sighting??

The Scooter said...

Actually Prof, If you check Uggla's home and away splits, he hit more home runs (17) and had more RBI (48) on the road then he did in Fla. This guy is a run producer, plain and simple.

Crash said...

Joel Sherman is reporting that the Yankees will make an aggressive offer to CC tomorrow. Speculation is $150MM over 6 years...and they may increase it if necessary.

They then hope to add Lowe or Burnett next week.

old professor said...

The Yankees will concentrate on CC Sabbathia. They are still waiting on a decision from Mussina who has now indicated he will announce something early next week. If he chooses to retire, the Yankees will go after either Lowe or Burnett and sign Andy P. I would hope they concentrate on Burnett versus Lowe. Six years and $150 million for Sabbathia seems like a lot of years. I would hope they take out an insurance policy.

I am not convinced A.P. will come back for a cut in pay.

Crash said...

Personally I think Moose is off the radar. Mussina will have a response next week, but by then it could be too late. Yankees could already have big money offers out there to multiple pitchers.

And Old Prof just getting back to your comment regarding Uggla, Scooter was quick to point out his home/road splits, but your statement of him playing in that "small bandbox" and his stats won't translate to the Bronx...hate to break it to you but Dolphin Stadium is more pitcher friendly than the Bronx. The Stadium is rated as the 12th most hitter friendly park while Dolphin Stadium is 20th.

Crash said...

Cliff Lee Wins AL CY Young

I was wrong, predicting Roy Holliday would get it. It wasn't even close either. What was interesting is that Mariano Rivera actually finished ahead of Mike Mussina in the voting, finishing in 5th and 6th respectively.

Crash said...

Yankees land Texeira!!!

No, not that one. Yankees trade Wilson Betemit, Jeff Marquez, and Jhonny Nunez to the Chicago White Sox for Nick Swisher and Kaneoka Texeira.

The good: Swisher is a natural 1B, decent defense, good power #'s, and decent on-base because he walks a lot. Swisher can play CF or RF or 1B. He's also signed to a very reasonable contract through at least 2011 with team option in 2012. He'll make $5.3MM in 2009, $6.75MM in 2010, and $9MM in 2011. Option year is $10.25MM or $1MM buyout.

The Bad: I guess this means the Yankees were not seriously interested in Mark Teixeira. It also means the Yankees actually add to the clutter that is their OF/1B/DH situation. He only hit .219 last year, he's usually been around .250.

Think of Swisher as "Giambi-lite" offensively with a better glove.

The Scooter said...

I absolutely LOVE the deal for Swisher. I have always liked him as a player.

No way he hits .219 again next year, and with the short porch, he realistically could hit 30 HR. Good glove at 1B; supposedly a great clubhouse guy. He is one of those gritty "gamers" that we all have said the Yankees need more of. Think Scott Brosius with more power.

CC Sabathia is about to become a very wealthy man.

old professor said...

Cashman has made it very clear he plans on using Swisher at first base most of the time. The .219 batting average should be a concern. That was a very steep fall of from what most like to characterize as the back of the baseball card statistics. The Yankees did give up two very good pitchers as part of the deal. With Bettemit going to Chicago, that would pretty much mean Cody Ransom has locked up the utility position due to his performance last year.

The Scooter said...



Crash said...

I was wondering if Scooter would do the Jets chant or be crying about a Pats loss.

The Scooter said...

Come on, know me by now.

Glass is always half full baby!!

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