Monday, January 26, 2009

The News of the Day

As has been reported, Pettitte returns to the Yanks for a lower guaranteed amount at $5.5 - incentives though can have making as much as $12mm.

This opens a few questions - Does this mean bullpen for Chamberlain? Any chance for a 6 man?


Torre's book causing a stir, I'll wait until it is out before I render a judgement on it. If it singes A-Rod as bad as the media is insinuating, from a cause and effect standpoint - perhaps this can finally gives us the meaner, edgier A-Rod the clubhouse needs.


The Scooter said...

The way Torre was treated on his way out the door, I have no problem with him writing a book. He was cast aside like yesterdays news, and his main advocate (Cashman) turned Judas on him at the final meeting (the last supper).

I will root for the Yankees as hard as ever....but Levine and Cashman will get theirs soon enough.

I like Pettitte MUCH better at $5.5mm guaranteed as opposed to $10mm. That being said, I have a real good feeeling about Andy this year...sort of what I had about Moose last year. Would any of us be completely shocked if he went 16-6 and had a big playoff win or two?

Crash said...

Scooter I for one would not be surprised if Pettitte goes above 15 wins this year.

I listened to the conference call Cashman is still saying Joba is #5 in the rotation. He has prepared all offseason to be a starter, he goes into spring training as a starter. They will keep his innings in check, which means you could see a variation of the six man rotation, using 6 players in 5 spots, rotating out Joba and inserting Hughes, Kennedy, Aceves as needed to give Joba appropriate rest.

This does mean Phil Coke is likely back in the pen, even though he was intended to contend for the rotation.

I have to say with the addition of Pettitte the Yankees have the best rotation (on paper) in baseball. I would line them up with anybody in the league. The top 4 guys in the rotation could have between 20-16 wins each, and on any given night 1-5 they can shut the other team down.

Crash said...

Here's a breakdown of Pettitte's incentive clauses:
* $4.5M in performance bonuses: $0.5M each for 150, 160, 170 IP; $0.75M each for 180, 190, 200, 210 IP
* $2M in roster bonuses: $0.1M for 120 days on active 25-man roster; $0.2M for 130 days; $0.25M each for 140, 150 days; $0.4M each for 160, 170, 180 days

If you look at his last 4 years he would have received the max $12MM every except last year where he would have made about $10MM. Last season he failed to make 210IP and he was on the DL for back spasms March 21 - April 6.

Also on yesterday's conference call Cashman said that he wouldn't expect any other significant moves. I guess Nady and Swisher aren't going anywhere...yet.

Crash said...

Seems to be a lot of banter amongst the NY talk shows and blog-o-spheres about the Pettitte signing and the impact to Joba. Specifically that he should be back to the pen, allowing Hughes, Kennedy, Aceves, et al to make up the 5th spot.

I've been pretty consistent with saying Joba should be in the pen, but I think their bullpen could already be the best in baseball. If Coke can repeat his performance, add in Ramierez, Veras, Bruney and Marte, and Mo is healthy, with the addition of one other youngster like Mark Melancon, Sanchez, or even Brackman. Given this, the need is clearly the #5 spot and Joba adds more value in that spot than the bullpen.

In other MLB Nes...Garland to the D'backs or Dodgers, Perez most likely to the Mets, Sheets to Texas or Mets, Veritek has until this weekend to accept Red Sox offer of $5MM. Veritek is another Boras client who lost millions when he turned down arbitration. He would have made $10MM at arbitration and he'll accept the offer of $5MM for this year.

old professor said...

The signing of Pettitte caused the Yankees to designate for assignment one of Mid Relief's popular lefthanded pitchers - Chase Wright has been designated for assigment. Hopefully he clears waivers. The guy is 26 and had a decent year at AAA last year. With the signing of Pettitte I too would like to see Chamberlain back in the pen. Doubt it will happen. Both Steinbrenners have indicated they want him in the rotation. Still believe he can have a bigger impact coming out of the pen every other day versus to the mound once every five days.

Crash said...

It's Thursday of "Super Week" and we have not even discussed the big game once.

Is that because most of us followed the Giants and we're disengaged due to the playoff loss, or is it that this Super Bowl just doesn't excite anyone?

I can see this game either as a blowout in favor of Pittsburgh or the Cardinals edging out the win.

I'm thinking it plays out very similar to the Cards/Eagles game were they jump out early and hang on to win it.

Cardinals Win 27-21.

57 said...

Crash, your predictions have been pretty good this year, but I have to disagree with you here. Dick LaBeau will be the difference in this game. he is a defensive genius and will find ways to confuse Warner. Warner will have 3 picks. Steelers: 24 Cards' 17

and i am willing to bet you that Ollie Perez has more wins that Andy 'I took Steroids and sold out my friend Roger' Petitte.

The Scooter said...

57, way to go out on a limb. Considering Perez is like 10 years younger than Pettitte, he SHOULD have more wins than him. Also, Pettitte was signed as the FIFTH starter, while if Perez Pitches for the Mets it will be as a #2 or #3.

Your lack of "feel" for the nuances and intricacies of baseball, and you continued lack of understanding of the game are quite frankly mind boggling to me.

The Scooter said...

One of the most entertaining Super Bowls that I can remember.

That makes 2 really good ones in a row.

Larry Fitzgerald is just incredible...shut out for most of the game, but literally puts his team on his shoulders in the fourth quarter.

Santonio Holmes' game winning catch was JUST as good as Tyree's catch last year.

Roethlesberger and Springsteen are both over-rated.

Brenda Warner looks about 3,000 times better with blonde hair.

The Doritos commercials stole the show.

old professor said...

Interesting tidbit on free agent signings. There was some speculation, the Yankees could not sign anymore free agents because of the rules of the collective bargaining agreement governing free agent signings. The rule has either expired or been waived because of the number of free agents on the market. Apparently, the Yankees could if they wish sign eight free agents this off-season. Don't expect that to happen because it would appear their roster is now set with the signing of Bruney to a one year $1.25 million contract.

For all of the whinning that has been going on about the Yankees and what they are spending, they are still about $15 million under last year's payroll.

Crash said...

I thought the Super Bowl was a great game. I had no interest in either team and it was still exciting. The Cardinals had their chances. That 100 yd INT TD at the end of the half was unacceptable. If the Cards score there, they got momentum in there favor, then they get the ball to start the second half. It's a completely different game. Then the AZ defense couldn't cover Holmes on that last drive. They had defenders falling down on routes, 3 guys in the area of that last pass and no one can knock it down? None of them thought to get in front of Holmes? Everyone watching knew what was coming and they couldn't stop it.

I thought the refs were absolutely terrible in the game. Obviously they got the memo from Goodell to make sure the Steelers won that game. How can they not have reviewed that last "fumble"?

Crash said...

Interesting to see that the Yankees have no more minor league options left on Melky. This means the Yankees are forced to have him on the opening day roster, release him, or trade him. I'm interested to see if he makes the team or ends up part of a trade package with Nady and/or Swisher.

Talks are that Manny would be lucky to get $15M now. If that's the case Yankees need to be on him. Also they're saying Abreu would be willing to take 1 year at $7M. Again the Yankees need to be on him at that price.

10 days left till pitchers and catchers.

The Scooter said...

Manny to the Yanks

Abreau to the Mets

Oh and it seems like the Mets just gave Ollie Perez 3 and $36

Seems like a lot for a slightly above average pitcher, who wouldn't break the Yankees starting rotation.

Crash said...

Manny turned down a 1 year offer of $25M. Not sure the Yankees will be in at that price.

Unrelated, looks like Clemens DNA has been found on syringes supplied by McNamee. Hope he enjoys federal prison. Maybe he and Bonds can share a cell.

old professor said...

Scooter, how about Abreu and Manny to the Mets they will need to have a lot of reserve outfielders. With the pitching staff they will assemble, outfielders will be chasing a lot of long fly balls and running into a lot of fences.

Apparently, the Yankees are set with their rotation. Sabathia, Burnett, Wang, Pettitte, and Chamberlain. My guess would be that Aceves makes the pen as a long reliever and assumes the role of stepping in to give one of the starters a longer time off.

Here is a question to consider - Was Pettitte's lack of success in the second half tied to his facing most teams number one starter and if so, as the number 4 or 5 could be see a better performance?

The Scooter said...

Now THIS is some funny stuff"

Crash said...

Good link Scooter. I read yesterday Citi was still proceeding with the naming rights. I think the government should step in and tell them no. I didn't realize the stadium was having challenges with rusting already. $850MM doesn't buy what it use to these days.

I guess we can stop speculating if the Yankees will swoop in at the last second and grab Manny. Here's a quote from Brian Cashman:

"People expect us to get in on Manny, but it’s not going to happen. We’re in the nonroster invitee mode. He’s a great player, but when you look at our payroll, we’re tapped."

old professor said...

Yankees sent Chase Wright to the Brewers for a 23 year old catching prospect from their single A roster. The kid hit well over .300 and had an on base percentage of

Going to the Brewers will give Wright the chance at pitching in the Big Leagues - he was immediately added to their 40 roster. The catcher the Yankees was the 10th pick in 2007. (He converted from the outfield at mid-season last year to concentrate on catching.

Crash you forgot one important quote from Cashman: "...we are done spending for now". The for now part opens the door for something to be done in the future. It would seem Boras is up to his old tricks about other teams talking to him about Manny.

No one is talking to him about Manny. First no team is going to spend $25 million per year for four to five years. Secondly, Manny signed his own death warrant when he forced the Boston trade. No team wants a guy who is going to dog it when he is not happy. Manny is not a team player he is only for Manny.

Crash said...

ESPN and Baseball Prospectus had an interesting take on Old Prof's favorite player, Derek Jeter. Their thought, the Yankees should sign Orlando Cabrera to play SS and move Jeter to CF. I think we kicked the tires on Jeter in the OF a little while ago. Prospectus provides a bunch of sabermetric stats and how Yankees wins would increase even if Jeter played at the same level defensively in CF. He has some speed to run down fly balls, he seems to track pop-ups well, and he has a good arm. Robin Yount did it...

Ben Sheets agent confirmed that Sheets will have elbow surgery and recovery time is 9-10 months. This is all very odd. Every thing I read said teams were worried about his shoulder and not the elbow. Then Sheets releases new medical info saying he's healthy, now he's having elbow surgery. Whatever it was, teams were smart staying away from him, and he was foolish turning down the Brewers arbitration offer.

Boras said Manny will be signed before spring training (Feb 25th). Right now I only see the Dodgers and maybe the Giants as possible landing places. After the Yankees, Mets, and Nationals said not interested, the Angels also confirmed no interest yesterday as well.

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