Saturday, February 07, 2009

Jose Was Right (again)

Remember back to the circus that was the Mitchell Report?

While everyone else was focused on Clemens, Fox Business did a little noticed interview with Jose Conseco at the Bulls & Bears bar in Manhattan. When asked about the report Jose said that no report on steroids in baseball is complete without Alex Rodriguez in it.

Yesterday, SI releasing a report that A-Rod tested positive in 2003. What a surprise.

Any thoughts?


Crash said...

This is not what the Yankees needed heading into spring training.

The only good thing is that he has not tested positive since (which just means he's taking HGH).

If A-Rod comes out and admits it, it blows over quicker if he does nothing. I think I heard Boras say A-Rod is on vacation out of the country. That's a quick vacation since he was interviewed by an SI reporter earlier that morning. That's probably the one thing he shouldn't have done is run away from this thing right now. Because now this will drag into training.

I think this signals the beginning of a bad year for A-Rod. Madonna's dumping him for a 16 year old. Torre's calling him A-Fraud. And now steroids...which he's emphatically denied publicly on 60 Minutes (I think Roger did that too...) how did that work out again?

57 said...

A-Roid, Ster-Rod, A-Fraud. He's no David Wright that's for sure. Everytime another players shoe drops, it just keeps proving how good these old timers were. Ruth, Mays, Mantle, Maris, Rose, Aaron.....and Keith Hernandez.

Crash said...

I can't even believe you just said Keith Hernandez.

Mid said...

A-Rod needs to pull a Pettitte on this one. . .

57 said...

He won't. He'll say that he unknowingly did it. I think the MLB union reps have a lot of explaining to do.

The Scooter said...

I'm not sure how I feel about this report.

Part of me is disappointed in A-Rod and part of me is like "who cares"?

More importantly is how this is going to effect the Yankee season...Does A-Rod "man up" and go out and show everybody just how great he is now that he is "supposedly" clean, or does he roll over like a little girl and turn into Rey Ordonez without the glove?

and Keith Hernandez couldn't find the steroid needle through the pile of cocaine that was always in front of him.

Crash said...

57 I agree with your point on the Union reps. It seems that Gene Orza was the reason the test results weren't destroyed because he was looking for false positives to reduce the % so future testing wouldn't be needed. But during that time is when the Feds came in and grabbed it all. Once they got there hands on it, it was just a matter of time before stuff leaked.

What I don't understand is how only A-Rod's name gets dropped?

If I had to guess most of the 104 names are nobodies, but I can guarantee A-Rod isn't the only big name on that list. Look at who led the league in HRs in 2003:
Jim Thome (47), A-Rod (47), Bonds (45), Sexson (43), Javy Lopez (43), Pujols (43), Frank Thomas (42), Delgado (42), Giambi (41), Sosa (40), Sheffield (39), Bagwell (39), Jim Edmonds (39), Rafael Palmario (38).

6 of those guys we already know did PEDs (A-Rod, Bonds, Giambi, Sosa, Sheffield, and Palmario). A couple others coincidentally had significant drop offs in production in 2004 when testing began (Sexson, Lopez, & Bagwell). Edmonds had his best year in 2004, but basically disappeared after that. Is it coincidence that Bagwell, who is worthy of HOF mention, decided to retire the season after testing began? Sexson never hit 40 HR's again. Lopez all of sudden quadrupled his HR production from the year before and never came close to that mark again. There was even a story several years ago that Pujols's trainer was involved with 'roids.

I wouldn't be shocked if any or all of them were listed in the 104.

old professor said...

Let's just hold the phone regarding the latest revelations. First, is there any concern that SI apparently has information from the list, but only releases A-Rod's name?? (Coincidently does this release have anything to do with the negative fallout over Torre's book which was co-authored by an SI writer??).

Secondly, the documents referred to are court ordered sealed documents whoever released the report violated a court order aws did SI for publishing one of the ALLEGED 104 names from the list. Until the list is made public, don't jump to conclusions.

A-Rod will not be able to take the pressure this year from playing under the microscope and the brutality of NY fans - which could also be an SI intent.

And for Madonna dumping A-Rod for a sixteen year old - where were women like that when I was growing up - forget it, that was the Victorian Era.

And 57, Keith Hernandez - are you kidding he was linked with Strawberry to the magic white powder. David Wright is not A-Rod. He will never come close to any of his seasonal stats, which by the way after formal random testing in MLB became common place, A-Rod still put up huge numbers.

One more quick announcement, I will be absent for awhile on this blog because I am going to Cancun for some much needed R & R. Eight days seven nights all-inclusive food and drink, beach and pool.

Sorry mid, you indicated no interest in going to Mexico.

The Scooter said...

No one asked ME to go to Mexico

Crash said...

Well at least he has owned up to it. A-Rod admits that he took steroids for 3 years while in Texas, 2001-2003.

He said that he has been "clean" since spring training of 2003.

Mid said...

Regardless of #s - is fate the same as Big Mac and Sammy in relation to HOF?

Crash said...

ESPN has a nice little graphic comparing A-Rods 'roid years to the rest of his career and you can see a spike in those three years:

Games Played 161.7
AVG .305
HR 52
Slugging .615

The other 10 years of his career:
Games played 148.4
Avg .309
HR 39
Slugging .574

57 said...

Hey, as long as Piazza is not on the list, then I am ok!

Prof brings up some interesting conspiracy theories. SI has been so quiet for so many years after being trumped by everything that is internet and on-demand but this vaults them back into the glory of the new age.

Scooter, not sure why the Ordonez bashing is trendy again...

Dollars to Donuts Pujols and Delgado are not on the list. I think Pujols is the Pedro Martinez of the steroid era.

Well, it is good that he admitted it, which just makes Clemens look even more foolish, not to mention Rafael Palmero.

If NY can forgive Petitte, why can't they forgive A-Rod.

As much as I would hate it and would root against it (for obvious reasons that need no mention)... the most dramatic World Series in our time could actually happen this year. In the wake of this mess would it not be incredible if, in 8 months, we are watching the Dodgers vs. the Yankees in the World Series. I think the earth would explode.

And Mike Piazza was not on steriods if anyone cares.

The Scooter said...

Juan Gonzalez
Kevin Brown
Dean Palmer

What do all these guys have in common?

The Texas Rangers, that's what. I know the Yankees took a hit in the Mitchell Report, but it looks like we ALL know where the Steroid Hotbed was.

I think Alex did as good as he possibly could have in speaking with Gammons. I watched the ESPN interview in its entirety, and he must have used the word "stupid" to describe himself five times.

"I took them, I was stupid, and I'm sorry"

I wonder if Clemens and Bonds was watching.

The true merit of a man is how he deals with adversity. I have a new-found respect for A-Rod now...and I have a feeling that getting this off his chest is going to help him have an absolutely MONSTER year.

And 57, Piazza might not have been taking roids, but we all know he was taking another type of "injection" in the butt.

(sorry, I know this is a family friendly blog, but I just couldn't resist)

old professor said...

Scooter, interesting that you make the Texas connection with all of those names and Hicks claims to feel betrayed by A-Rod?? Maybe as the owner he should have been more aware of what was going on in the clubhouse.

And Crash regarding the A-Rod statistics, in 2007 (a year he claims to be clean) he put up monster numbers. Regarding the Hall of Fame, unless there is clear evidence and a listing of everyone who took steroids, the entire period will remain cloudy. That said, he deserves to be in the Hall. Mcguire does not because of one or two atypical seasons. Same goes for Sosa - his overall numbers don't merit the hall.

Crash said...

I can't believe you said McGwire and Sosa don't have the #'s to get to the HOF.

Let's see for BigMac: rookie of the Year, 12 time All-Star, 583 HR. hit at least 40 HR 6 times, at least 50 HRs 4 times, 60 HRs twice, and 70 once. Had 7 100 RBI seasons. Won the Silver Slugger 3 times.

Sosa: Has 609 HR. 7 time all-star, 6 silver sluggers, 1 MVP. From 1995-2004 he averaged 48 HRs and 123 RBI.

Based on #'s alone both of these guys deserve to get in. Neither will.

The one thing I really hated about the A-Rod interview was his reference to GNC. Though he didn't say it directly, he was certainly implying that he must have taken a tainted supplement. Hey A-Rod even back in 2001 you couldn't by T or Primo in GNC. You need injections for T and most likely Primo. Though it can be taken orally, it is not the preferred method because the toxicity to the liver increases and you need to take much more of it than if you inject.

old professor said...

Crash, regarding GNC, two major leaguers - one being a free agent signed by the Yankees (a relief pitcher who pitched for Girardi in Miami)-tested positive for a banned substance. Both apparently purchased an over the counter supplement from GNC that allegedly had trace amounts of the banned substance which was not listed on the ingredients label.

And regarding McGuire's three big years and Sosa's two big years, it would appear both were aided by performance enhancing substances. Either the Hall of Fame ignores the issue of drug use or they make it clear no one who tests positve can be considered, which is problematic. Simply put - anyone given the chance to make the money these ballplayers are making would take a perfromance enhancing substance.

When McGuire and Sosa come clean along with Pudge and a few others, then lets put them into consideration for the Hall. Bonds is a lying sob who will do time in prison before he will admit anything same with Clemens.

It is also time for the MLB to seriously consider lifting the ban on Pete Rose and yes Shoeless Joe Jackson (one of the best all around outfielders in the early years!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Oh and Crash, I don't believe you will ever find Jim Thome's name on any list of users. Let's not forget the flash in the pan - Brady Anderson who hit 51 homeruns for Baltimore and then signed with Cleveland and failed to hit his weight afterwards.

Crash said...

Well the steroid merry-go-round just keeps on moving. Miguel Tejada is being charged with perjury and will plead guilty.

Apparently he lied to Congress about knowledge of a teammate doing steroids in Oakland, and then purchased HGH from this same player.

It's still funny to me how they go after Clemens, Bonds, and now Tejada for perjury...but Palmeiro actually failed a drug test and they can't go after him.

Another side point, how does Congress have all this time for these trials. Someone from Congress last night said maybe they need bring A-Rod to DC for a talk. Shouldn't they be talking about some financial plan or something.

Last night I was floored when a reporter actually asked Obama what he thought of A-Rod??? the middle of financial rescue packages, rising unemployment rates, foreign affairs, adding troops to Afghanistan, pulling troops from Iraq, and what's Iran up to, that guy really wants to know about A-Rod??? What an idiot, I would ban him from the White House.

Crash said...

Some notable MLB News (other than A-Rod):

Pitchers and Catchers report in 2 days.

Bobby Abreu has reached an agreement with the Angels. It's a 1 year deal with a base of $5MM plus some incentives. I don't know what the value is of the incentives but I would guess it would push the value up to at least $10MM.

Andruw Jones declined a minor league and invite to spring training with the Yankees, but now signs a minor league deal with the Rangers.

Eric Milton signed with the Dodgers (minor league deal). Jeff Weaver also signed with the Dodgers.

Mariners are looking for an OF. Garret Anderson or Ken Griffey appear to be the lead candidates.

Roberto Alomar has AIDS?

Darryl Strawberry has a new tell all book, from his Met days, not Yankee days.

Non-MLB News
And file this under the category "I'll believe when I see it..."
Brett Favre retires...again...for now...(to be continued).

old professor said...

Crash, regarding the question to Obama on A-Rod during the press conference on economics - why not? It is obvious the press has to find something that Obama may know something about.

Crash said...

Adam Dunn signs a 2 year deal with DC Nats.

Crash said...

I was reading a couple blogs this morning that say the Dunn and Abreu signings help the Yankees. If they were still interested in trading either Nady or Swisher those signings increase their leverage. The Braves have been long speculated as a possible landing spot for Swisher or Nady, but the LoHud blog (Peter Abraham) stated the Braves couldn't fit $5MM for Abreu into their salary structure. This means both Nady ($6.5) and Swisher ($5.3) won't fit unless the Yankees kick in some cash which should increase the return.

I agree with Abraham that the Yankees should not trade a spare OF just decrease the log jam, a trade should only be made if the Yankees get exactly what they are looking for. I think kepping Nady and Swisher adds depth to the bench and with Damon and Matsui losing significant playing time because of injuries the last couple of years, you never when that extra bat could be used.

Any thoughts here on trading Nady and/or Swisher?

old professor said...

Crash, maybe I am feeling warm and fuzzy because I am going to Cancun or maybe it is because I am about to FINALLY move into my new office structure (unbelieveable what it looks like - No Scooter we did not use Bailout Funds), but I have to agree with you. The Yankees should keep both Swisher and Nady. To be honest a Nady, Swisher, Damon outfield is a lot better option than plugging Cabrera in anywhere.

The Yankees have invited three more pitchers to the major league camp, one of which is JB Cox (finally healthy) another is the 21 year old pitcher they got with Swisher.

The Scooter said...

Angels got an absolute steal in Abreau at $5mm

Dunn did well for himself to get 2 and $20.

The value of Nady and/or Swisher will do nothing but increase the closer we get to Opening Day. The Yankees have no reason to make a deal until they can maximize their return.

As for Alomar...for years, its been a pretty well known fact that he bats from both sides of the plate, so while this news is sad, it's certainly not shocking. 57, Piazza better go get tested....just sayin.

Prof, enjoy your new digs. I am calling for a Congressional hearing to determine exactly where the funds came from.

old professor said...

Bud Selig is now contemplating whether to suspend A-Rod for his admission to using steroids. Hey Bud, the league (which means your office) had the results for six years and chose not to address the issue of who was on the mystery list. Now that someone has outted A-Rod to sports illustrated, there is contemplation of a suspension. Not unless the other 103 individuals are suspened as well. And what about Tejada who pleaded guilty to not telling the truth during a Congressional investigation? Contemplating a suspension there?? Maybe the person who needs to go is the commissioner.

Crash said...

Pitchers and Catchers are in camp!!! Less than 2 weeks before the first Spring game is played.

Sheets had his elbow surgery, it wasn't TJ surgery so the 2009 season is not lost. Teams are already showing interest in signing him for the second half. If they wait until after opening day the signing team won't lose a draft pick on the signing.

Ken Griffey is almost back in Seattle. Closing in on a 1 year deal.

I would guess Manny signs with the Dodgers this weekend.

I can't believe Orlando Hudson is still available. Nats won't pursue him, there was talk the Dodgers were interested, but it was actually Hudson that was interested in the Dodgers. This guy is too good to not be playing somewhere.

Another good guy available is Mark Grudzielanek. I know the guy is 38, but he is a "pro". He would be a great fit for the pinstripes. Add a lot of versatility in both the IF and OF, decent at the plate (close to .300 career avg), good clubhouse guy.

57 said...

Maybe i have missed something but I am shocked that there is not a Manny Sweepstakes happening througout MLB.

They should gather all owners at Sotheby's in NYC and hold an auction for Manny. Who would be the highest bidder?

Kind of dissapointed he will be in LA.

old professor said...

Just a quick weather report from Cancun: today the high was 86 no snow in the forecast. Mid to upper 80s the rest of the week with night time temperatures in the 70s. Bright sun off the pool water is causing some eye strain.

By the way, what recession, I have never seen so many Americans gathered in one place taking in so much sun. Got to go my steak is almost done.

The Scooter said...

If I was a bitter person Prof, I would wish Montezuma's revenge on you.

Crash said...

Griffey has agreed to terms with the Braves.

Dodgers still the team of choice for Many and Orlando Hudson.

Let's see what camp is like today with the A-Rod media event scheduled. I can't see him giving any new info. I would tink his teammates would grow tired of this circus real quick.

The Scooter said...

This wonderful little tidbit just in from Mark Kriegel on

"Why is everyone so down on Marshawn Lynch? OK, the guy got busted with a loaded gun. But it's not like he shot himself in the leg or anything."

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