Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Looking Forward

The A-Rod story is what it is. We'll a hear a little bit more about it after Jeter does his annual meet and greet with the press today, then things will calm down for a while. I think pressure will build on MLB to release the other names and then make a decision on what to do with the stats generated during the doping era of a player's career.

I"m putting this aside for now and wanting to look forward to different issues.

I took a look at the depth chart for the starting pitchers - assuming no health issues, 4 spots are guaranteed in my view:

Sabathia, Burnett, Wang, and Pettitte.

We then have: Chamberlain, Hughes, Aceves, Ian Kennedy, and Old Prof's long time fave, J.B. Cox.

At this stage, I liked it better with Joba coming out of the pen and his ability to affect more games. I'm curious to see if Hughes can bounce back from his disappointing season last year. I liked what I saw out of Aceves limited action last season. I have no idea what to expect from Kennedy or Cox other than planning on seeing them in SWB.

Who would you guys rather see in the 5th slot? And what are you expecting for the others?


old professor said...

Mid, it does not matter who we would prefer in the fifth spot. The Yankees have already decided it is going to be Joba. Aceves with his unselfish act of not pitching for Mexico in the World Games and saying it is his job to get to camp win a spot and help the team, probably guarantees he will be in the pen as a long reliever and spot starter to give Joba extra rest. We better hope the injury bug does not strike this rotation. Hughes will probably start the season in AAA, while Kennedy will be in exile somewhere.

Scooter, weather is still amazing down here windchill today may be 81.

The Scooter said...

While I do believe that Joba is the eventual heir apparent to Mariano, I really have to see if he is able to be "Josh Beckett" in the starting rotation.

If you have any doubts that a great starting pitcher is of more value to an MLB team than a great reliever, just look at the salaries handed out this year in free agency.

If Joba is "as advertised", a number one starter...think of how great the rotation will be this year. One of the all time bests if you ask me.

If Hughes pitches well, he will be used at the trading deadline in a deal for Magglio Ordonez.

Prof, watch out for earthquakes.

57 said...

Reyes at #3??? Really? Does Castillo have pictures of Fred Wilpon in precarious positions or something? I mean, MY GOD, Reyes at number 3 is LAUGHABLE.

Jose Reyes said...

I'm on the A-Rod nutrition plan - I'll do just fine.

The Scooter said...

Hey Reyes...Make sure you don't "CHOKE" on it. We know how you Met's are.

Cole Hammels RULES

Crash said...

Is anyone else just sick and tired of all the A-Rod crap???

He admitted he used some stuff 6 years ago. Isn't that what's important here? Doesn't that separate him from the likes of Palmeiro, Clemens, McGwire, and Bonds? Those guys have either totally denied their usage or refused to "talk about the past". I'm not trying to stick up for A-Rod I think he's an idiot. But this is totally media driven. There is just this tremendous anti-A-Rod media and they will not stop until they destroy this guy.

I don't care if he got it from a cousin, an aunt, Jose, or a dealer on the corner in Arlington, Miami, the Dominican, or anywhere else.

I think the testing for MLB is decent, they need to find a test for HGH, and they should increase the suspension for first time offenders to 1 year. Until he fails in the existing policy I don't really care.

Crash said...

I just read the related Giambi article and one thing he said just sent me over the edge...

"I used to hit the ball the other way," he said. "I want to be a more complete hitter, get my average up. Hopefully we can take the pressure off the pitchers and give them a cushion every night so they don't feel like they need to throw a shutout every time."

Isn't that what everyone in NY was screaming for him to do for the last 7 seasons...WTF!!!

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