Sunday, February 22, 2009


Anyone else notice that Kei Igawa was not on the active 40-man roster? Another year in SWB for him - another few million down the drain for the club. Memo To GM: stay away from pitchers in Japan!

Our bullpen has potential: Bruney, Coke, Marte, Sanchez, Ramirez, Robertson and Veras.

There's a handful of names on the roster that I've never heard of before: Claggett, De La Rosa, and Hacker.

Anybody have an idea what these guys can offer?

Yankee Fact:

- The oldest Yankee with 200 hits in a season was Lou Gehrig at the age of 34.

With just over 2,500 hits to his credit, and at age 34, I sometimes wonder if Jeter has a shot at the all-time hits record. He averages 207 per season (last season he had 179). Which means to get there, he'd have to continue that level of output for the next 8 1/2 seasons and at which time he'd be 42 . - Not likely . . . (but still possible I guess)


Crash said...

Jeter will not even come close to the hits record. Mid you can say he averages 207 a season but his career is in a steady decline right now, that's what usaully happens in your mid-30's without PEDs. You also have to remember his contract is up after next season. The Yankees will not sign him to a long term deal (and certainly not at $21M per).

Jeter should become the Yankees all time hits leader this season. He needs 187 hits to pass Gehrig. He's still 3 seasons away from 3,000.

Claggett is a reliever, has a good K rate but needs to watch the walks.

Hacker is a starter, decent record, ERA under 3, good K/BB ratio.

Both Claggett and Hacker started last season in Tampa then moved to AA Trenton. Both will probably start the season back at AA and move up to S/WB if they perform.

De La Rosa just started pitching this past year. He was signed as an OF but couldn't hit.

Bottom line I wouldn't expect any of these 3 guys to reach the big club this year unless it's a September call up after performing well.

Crash said...

The YES Network will broadcast 2 games this week.

Thursday Phil Hughes will be starting against the Rays.

Saturday Joba starts against the Twins.

I'm sure each of these guys will only throw a couple innings.

old professor said...

Clagett I believe was part of the Sheffield trade. Crash, once more we agree on an issue. Jeter will become the all-time Yankee hits leader; if not this year, then next year. I do not see the team signing him to a long-term deal and definately not for the amount he is currently making.

When the negotiations begin, we will probably see his true colors.

The Yankees have one of their young guns in camp Melachon (spelling is off) and apparently he is impressing people. He is the individual that has currently been annointed to replace Mo in a couple of years.

The Scooter said...

Jeter will sign a three year deal for $10-12mm per at the end of his current contract, and retire as one of the all time great Yankees.

Prof, if you want to see Jeter's "true colors", read Torre's book. I think even you might begin to understand his worth and appreciate how important he was to bringing FOUR World Championships to the Bronx.

old professor said...

Mid, Kei Igwa was moved off of the 40 man roster last August. I don't see him in the Yankees plans now or in the future. He represents the third Japanese pitcher signed by the Yankees that has not been successful for the team. Irabu eventually washed out with Montreal and Texas. Kats Madea never made it beyond AAA and now there is Igwa. While there are good arms in Japan, there has to be the realization by someone that the there is a difference in the baseball used in Japan and the US and a pitchers grip will be modified because of the difference. Dice-K could and I emphasize could be the exception to the rule.

Completely off track, Mid/Crash, your mother does not want to go back to Cancun in April. She would prefer holding off until next February. (Though a family Christmas in Cancun would be nice -Christmas lights hanging from palm trees, yes that would be different, what do you think??).

Crash said...

I think Jeter will retire gracefully. He saw how it happened for Mattingly, Bernie, and O'Neil. Each providing an education for Jeter. Old Prof whether you like it or not Jeter just does everything right, and his inevitable ending/retirement won't be any different.

Old Prof if you go back on this blog about a year to last spring training you will find a couple of us already talking about Melancon.

Do the Yankees have anyone in the WBC? I don't think so, which is probably a good thing.

I'm about 6 chapters into the Torre book...not that impressed with anything in it. So far David Cone should have been listed as a co-author and not Torre. My impression, this is totally a Verducci book with a bunch of Torre quotes.

Crash said...

By the way did anyone notice that the Yankees sign Brett Tomko (minor league deal)???

He was with the Padres last season. I don't expect him to break camp with the Yankees but he could be serviceable if/when they try to limit innings on Joba and the other kids don't cut it.

The Scooter said...

Yankees in the WBC:

E Ramirez...DR
Zhenwang Zhang...China
Kai Liu...China
Jorge Vazquez...Mex
Francisco Cervelli..Italy

Crash said...

Many people thought that Manny on the open market this year was bad timing for the Yankees as too many of their aging stars are coming off injuries and will probably clog up the DH spot (Posada, Matsui, etc).

The current offer from the Dodgers plays right into Scott Boras's hand. Manny can collect $25M, show everyone he can play an entire year, everyone forgets he quit on Boston, and then next offseason he can bring the Yankees into the discussion and drive the price up for his client, most likely getting the multi-year deal he desires.

With Damon ($13M), Matsui ($13M), Nady ($6M) and others coming off the books next year, if Manny is out there, don't be surprised if the Yankees are in those discussions.

Crash said...

Good to see the Giants sign Brandon Jacobs to a long term deal (I think it was 4 years). And with free agency to start at midnight, it seems they are targeting WRs, specifically TJ Houshmandzadeh. After TJ the talent drops quick. A lot of players still saying they want Buress back. If they do bring Buress back and sign TJ that is a pretty talented WR group. I would dare say that the Giants would be the best offense in the league.

Great O line, with Jacobs, Eli, Boss, Buress and TJ.

old professor said...

Crash, the signing of Jacobs was a no brainer. The Giants' running game is definately not the same without him.

Regarding Burress - He will be doing jail time when the season opens and if not, the league will have him on suspension. The giants ae saying all of the right things, but probably would be better off without him.

WHAT was A-Rod thinking when he got into a vehicle driven by his cousing who according to all accounts is the individual that gave him steroids and also injected him. The guy would appear to have some serious character flaws. The Yankees need to take him to the woodshed and have a come to Jesus meeting with him.

While it is early and only two pre-season games into the season, I am impressed with the performance of the Yankee pitchers this spring. They seem to be throwing strikes and have shown a willingness to come inside. Yes the hitters are normally behind pitchers at this point, but it would appear the Yankees have a good stockpile of arms.

Crash said...

Let's keep in mind that Hughes is still only 22. He still should be "a year away". He got rushed into service in '07 because of injuries and then I think all the hype got to the Yankees (and fans...including myself) and rushed him last year. He'll get some starts this year with the big club but I don't see him as being a regular until next season with the most likely departure of Pettitte.

Cano appears to be leaner this year, maybe he's training with A-Rod and Yuri. Melky seems more round...maybe he's training with Molina (I still don't know which Molina plays for the Yankees).

I think Bruney, Coke, Marte, and Melancon leading to Mo is lghts out and probably the best bullpen in the league.

The Scooter said...

I'm all for A-Rod being loyal to his cousin (ummm we all have cousins that are sort of on the fringe, just sayin), but has there ever been a sports star with less of a feel for PR than our boy Alex?

I'm taking a poll...All things being equal, who would you like to see on the mound for the first game in the new Yankee Stadium?

My vote goes to Pettitte.

old professor said...

Scooter, maybe it was the relaxation in Cancun or the new wonderful surroundings of my NEW office, whatever the reason, I agree that Pettitte should get the opening day nod for the new stadium. Having said that, if you project out what appears to be the rotation and when they appear to be pitching when the season opens, it would almost appear that Chamberlain will be on the mound.

It would also appear that Girardi will have a rotation order of Sabbathia, Wang, Burnett, Pettitte and Chamberlain. In that order, you have Burnett pitching against some marginal pitchers and Pettitte going against whoever teams can tab for #4. You have to like the rotation IF it stays healthy.

The Scooter said...

Santana has been having some "arm issues"...I smell Tommy John Surgery.

If he is down for any length of time, we will have to keep a close eye on 57 and keep all sharp objects away from him.



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