Sunday, March 01, 2009

15 Questions

  1. Will Melkey or Gardner be the CF?
  2. Is Xavier Nady the odd man out?
  3. Will Wang be able to bounce back from his injury shortened season?
  4. Will Posada be able to bound back from his injury shortened season?
  5. How well will Bernie Williams do in the WBC?
  6. Will Robinson Cano put forth the effort for the entire season that we saw toward the end of last season?
  7. What will Jeter's season look like?
  8. Can we expect Tex to give us 30 HRs, .300, and 100 RBIs?
  9. How well will CC and AJ do with the burden of playing in NY and a prime time contract?
  10. Will Damon or Matsui surprise on the upside?
  11. How well and how many starts can we expect from Joba?
  12. How much will we see of Phil Hughes?
  13. Will the new stadium be a distraction or the ultimate in home field advantage?
  14. Will Mo continue to be Mo?
  15. Can A-Rod put this behind him and finally carry this team to the promise land?


Crash said...

That's a bunch of questions Mid. So far Gardner is winning the CF job over Melky. He has a couple of HR's, he's getting on base, he has a couple SB's already. Plus Girardi likes him. I think Tex does put up his usual.300-30-100 season, with Tex batting in front of A-Rod it could be a lot better if A-Rod can clear the distractions.

Did anyone see the Giants FA signings. They picked up a cover LB from Atlanta and they picked up a D-Line guy. No word on a WR, I heard TJ may sign with Seattle. If that's the case the Giants are in for a long year if Plax doesn't make it to the field. We saw how vulnerable they were at WR last year.

57 said...

Johan is A-OK! Thank GOD!

old professor said...

Mid, you raised more questions than anyone other that Jose Canseco.

My good will continues as I tend to agree with some of the analysis put forth by Crash. Gardner should win the position in CF. He gives the maximum effort both offensively and defensively. While he has been historically slow in starting a season in the minors, this spring seems to be different. There are only two items working against him - (a) his arm defensively is not as strong as Cabrera's and (b) Cabrera may be out of options and would have to clear waivers or be released if this turns out to be true. I do not believe the Yankees are willing to do this just yet.

Wang has been working hard at rehabbing the foot and coming back. He will be his usual self and put up good numbers.

Posada still has to be a question mark. His shoulder caused him to be scratched from the line-up on Saturday. If he cannot go behind the plate, and the Yankees have to go with Molina for the season, they had better hope Jorge can DH and contribute offensively. (Though that creates yet another log jam at DH because of Matsui sliding into that position).

Let the good will continue - Crash you are right on. The Giants have had one of the best free agent periods in the teams history. They lockup Jacobs at running back, sign Michael Boley at LB giving them youth, speed and athleticism; Chris Canty at DE was a huge signing. Not only because he is young and big (305 pounds), but because they took him away from Dallas. And last they sign a big DT in Rocky Bernard. On paper this team has to be one of the best defensive teams next year if not the best defensive team the Giants have put on the field in ten years.

These signings allow the Giants a great deal of flexiability during the draft. They can go after a WR or a young running back. The key being whoever they draft will not have the pressure of needing to play immediately next season.

Mid said...

Wang 2 innings - 2 hits - no runs

The Scooter said...

#1 Gardner

#2 Nady in RF, Swisher as the 4th outfielder

# 3 18-4 for Wang

# 4 Girardi will rest Posada A LOT. I say he catches about 120 games and DH's the rest. He hits .280 with 18 and 90 rbi

# 5 Bernie will do well enough in the WBC to get a 1 year deal from the Dodgers

# 6 Cano with a MONSTER year. .325 15 and 75. He will compete for the batting crown

# 7 Jeter; .296 11 and 70 .400 on base percentage

# 8 Tex; .310 36 and 120 with a gold glove

# 9 CC 19-8; AJ 15-7

# 10 Either Damon or Matsui will be traded to the Giants the one who stays will have an above average walk year

# 11 By July, Joba is your ace and one of the best pitchers in baseball. He goes 19-3 and wins a Cy Young

# 12 Hughes will have Pettitte's spot in the rotation by mid summer as Andy breaks down

# 13 They will play .656 baseball at home

# 14 Mo is Mo for one more year

# 15 2009 is an ODD year (as opposed to an even year) so A-Rod puts up MVP type numbers

Crash said...

There was a listing of the of the worst contracts in baseball and only 3 Yankees made the list. Kai Igawa (5 years $46M), Matsui (4 years $52M) and Posada (4 years $52M).

I think Igawa's is a no brainer, bad deal all the around. Posada's is definitely a bad contract. You don't sign an old catcher to a long term deal worth that much $.

I agree with Matsui only because he missed the better part of 2 seasons with injuries (broke his wrist in 2006, then the knee last year). At the time of the signing it was a good deal, he had no injury history, and was a lock for .300, 20+ HR and 100 RBI.

To answer Mid's question about who will have a better year Damon or Matsui. If healthy, both will put up great years. Neither will be traded, as both have no trade clauses, and no one wants a 35 year OF who can't play the OF.

old professor said...

Any concern out there that A-Rod is going to see a specialist about a problem with his right hip (residual or beginning issues from steroid use??). There appears to be a cyst growing on the hip.

One has to wonder if the cyst has to be removed what the recovery time is for such surgery on a major body joint.

Crash said...

I have no concern over A-Rod and his hip. And no steroids didn't cause it.

Hughes and Coke continue to impress with good outings yesterday. Gardner is definitely winning the job for CF.

The Manny saga is finally closing. Jon Heyman is reporting 2 years, $45MM, with opt-out clause for second year. If Heyman is reporting it, it's a done deal. Heyman is an insider for the Boras camp, take a look back at his stories and you'll see he breaks all the big stories on Boras clients signings.

The Scooter said...

Good for Joe Torre. I'm glad he doesn't have to go into the season Mannyless. Manny instantly makes them the favorites in the NL West, and lets not forget they picked up Orlando Hudson.

I don't what to think about A-Rod's hip. All I know is that he better be healthy or all the money the Yankees spent this winter is going to go for naught. I think it's being evaluated by a specialist this morning. Boras would be wise to have ManRam hold off on signing the Dodger deal for a few hours, because if A-Rod is going to miss significant time then the Yankees will be back in play for him.

Crash said...

Manny is one of those rare players that changes the entire dynamic of a line up. A lot of people believe he instantly takes that team to the front of the division. I think they have questions on the pitching front.

San Fran is my dark horse pick to win the NL West.

old professor said...

All questions answered, Manny resigns with LA. Yanks drop a close one to Atlanta. Kennedy has a rough first inning, Giese three innings one run. Melancon continues to shine.

Crash said...

Any chance the Giants try to get T.O. on a one year deal???

You have to know anytime he plays the Eagles and Cowboys he will put up huge #'s.

The Scooter said...


old professor said...

Crash, the Giants already have Burress in the fold to create enough controversy, now you want TO as well? You need a little bit more carbohydrates and red meat in your diet because your training has affected your thought processes.

If a doctor is talking 10 weeks (and there has not been medical confirmation yet) that count A-Rod out until June 15th.

The Scooter said...

Prof, I know you're an educator and all and far be it from me to question your math...but on my calendar ten weeks from Monday is around mid-May.

Am I missing something here?

Crash said...

Now it's a torn labrum in the hip. This would keep him out a long time. To the point Cashman may have started to inquire on trading for 3B??? Buster Olny saying he would bet Cashman may already be shopping Swisher or Nady to teams to fill the spot if it's a prolonged period.

The Scooter said...

Chone Figgins
Garret Atkins
Scott Rolen
Mark Tehan

Anybody have a preference?

old professor said...


Recovery time from the surgery will be approximately 10 weeks. However, you would probably have to figure in rehabbing stint of around 15 to 21 days in the minors to get back in shape.

The extent of the injury is more extensive than orginally thought. He has a torn labrum in the hip. Surgery there will have four months of recovery time and probably blow out most of the season. If he can piece together a complete season and have surgery after the post-season (assuming the Yankees are in the post-season), he will not be ready for the opening of next season (four month recovery time would put him back to working out in March).

Chamberlain fails to get out of the first in his second start and gives up five runs. Control seems to be an issue - anyone concerned. Of minor significance is the performance of Igwa. Three innings and no runs. He has not given up a run yet. Could it be he has finally figured out how to pitche and has found the bullpen to his liking?

The Scooter said...

I'm not concerned with Joba. Apparently his problem was strictly location. That's what Spring Training is for. The last thing that "comes" for power pitchers is location. He'll be dominant once the season starts.

I'm much more concerned with A-Rod. Even if he is able to play through it this year, will we be getting the true A-Rod or just a shell of himself?

I really believe that Boras got Manny signed one day too early. Ther is no doubt in my mind the Yankees would have went after him if they had known about A-Rod's hip.

I'm not even responding to the Igawa comment.

old professor said...

Scooter, according to reports in the NY Times and NY Post, the Yankees knew about the irregularity in his hip last year. The tear was discovered when they did an MRI on his Quad. The injury can only be made worse with the movements he will be required to make as a third baseman. Don't be surprised that if he tries to go through the season, with the injury, to see him have additional time as the DH and resting one or two days in a row.

As for Igwa, he may actually improve his trade value if he continues to put 0's up on the board. This is the best he has looked in three years. Yankees still have a fourth year to go on his contract next year. Sometime in the near future, they are going to have to decide whether they keep and expensive option in the minors, bring him up or trade him (say to the Rangers along with Ian Kennedy for Hank Blalock).

The Scooter said...

Prof, there are so many conflicting stories out their re: A-Rod's hip that I am reserving judgement until something official comes out.

I find it hard to believe that the Yankees knew about the torn labrum last year, considering the HUGE investment that they have in him. If they would have known, he would have had the surgery after the '08 season....and as an aside, why am I SO not surprised that you get your news from the New York Times?

I would make that trade for Blalock today!!!

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