Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Look at the New House


old professor said...

While the new stadium appears to be the new gem of baseball, there is still something to be said about the tradition the old stadium brought. (e.g. the mystic of October, the ghost of the Babe). The mystic and ghost will soon be a pile of rubble where the old stadium once stood.

Better seats, alot more electronics and definately a better food court (all make sense in a business sense), but not the tradition. And until the latest rendition of the Yankees begin to win there will not be a tradition.

Thanks for sharing the pictures Crash.

Mid said...

I never had the emotional attachment to the Stadium this one replaced.

to me, the prior stadium was just another bland structure consistent with the 70s.

The "tradtion" while still impressive from the 70s and on, is kind of made up as the players that many site never played there.

It is the equivelent of saying the Hyatt in Weehawken NJ has significant historical value because Alexander Hamilton was shot there. . . was he shot at the Hyatt or was he shot on the same ground an ugly building from the 70s was built on?

So, I'm glad a new stadium is here, now I just want them to start winning.

Crash said...

Just a couple notes about the pics that made it here for this post...The first one is just a shot of the field from the upper deck. The upper deck is higher and steeper than the old stadium, and it was quite windy up there. We only went up there to walk around and see what it was like.

Monument Park looks similar to the one in the old place. I didn't get there in time to go through it. This photo was taken from the Main Level deck that overlooks the bleachers.

The next 2 photos are from the Yankee Museum. The Museum was actually a pretty neat feature of the stadium. The first photo is of Thurman Munson's locker. This was a big attraction, a ton of fans were gathered around his locker.

The second photo is a tribute to Larson's Perfect Game. When you walk in the Museum at one end you have a statue of Larson throwing a pitch at the other end (about 60'6" away) is a statue of Yogi behind this home plate. Between them is the "ball wall". On one side are signatures of Yankee greats, the other has a ton of baseballs autographed by a bunch of Yankees, great and not so great.

The Stadium was very windy, I think this is a result of it being very open. The large cathedral windows you see in pictures aren't windows, they are completely open and cause one heck of a wind tunnel.

Seating is more comfortable, wider, and provide more leg room. The big screen in CF is really amazing. It is a true HD screen. The line for the Mohegan Sun bar was very long and I didn't wait to get in. The resturants looked nice, I just stuck with the normal stadium food though. The food selection and quality is much improved. Though the prices are ridiculous. 1 Hot Dog, 1 Sausage, and 1 Soda (in a souvenir cup) came to just over $20. 2 coffee's (1 souvenir cup) $15.

All in all a great experience. The Stadium is new and very nice. I just have a hard time calling it "The Stadium". It just felt different...maybe soulless. I think that will change by the end of this year wen the Yankees win #27.

The food was really good. It is a huge upgrade over the previous stadium.

57 said...

I would feel it appropriate that when I visit Citi field this year that pictures will also show up on this blog.

Mets took a breather today.. Delgado is in August form and Beltran is also starting hot.

I'm worried about Perez... really worried.

Driving home today I just wanted to listen to baseball and the ONLY game I could find was The Yankees Game. I almost fell asleep about 10 times listening to Sterling's banter with Susan Woldman... what a JOKE. I almost wanted her to start screaming "AND BERNIE WILLIAMS IS IN CASHMAN'S BOX...."

57 said...

and Sheff went down looking in the 9th in his debut with the Metropolitans.

The Scooter said...

First of all, Mid....I got some leg from a girl named Susan Satriano after my Senior Prom at the Weehawken Hyatt back in 1984, so it DOES in fact hold some serious historical value, Alexander Hamilton or no Alexander Hamilton.

Crash, thanks for the pics. The place looks stunning.

Burnett manned up today and gave the Yankees what they needed...namely a well pitched ballgame.

I want Swisher in the line-up regularly.

RIP Nick Adenhart

Crash said...

57 I couldn't agree more about the Yankees radio broadcast team. I actually chose to listen to the Baltimore broadcast over Sterling and Waldman yesterday.

Swisher should definitely be in the line-up everyday.

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