Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week 1 Review

Record for week ending 4/12: 3-3

Week 1 Grade: B-

Random Player Evals:

Cody Ransom - batting .050 after 20 ABs. Girardi says he's the third baseman. I say, give him one more game then maybe consider giving Pena a shot.

Jose Veras - mgmt continues to give this guy ample opportunity to shine and earn his way to be the the reliable set up man for Mo. However, Veras continues to give them ample evidence that he just doesn't have the goods.

Brian Bruney - looks good, worried he might get over worked.

Hideki Matsui - Knees not fully recovered, and doesn't appear to be ready for the regular season as just a DH. Perhaps they should consider resting him.

Joba - "quality" start against the Royals. Top shelf for two innings, then becomes fairly mediocre from that point on. I still believe he's better use coming out of the pen.

Tex - wondering if the wrist thing is a one off situation, or if fragility will be the mark of the season.

Cano - better ABs, still perfunctory on the defensive side of things.

Nick Swisher - taking advantage of every opportunity.

Burnett & Pettitte - look solid.

Girardi - missed several opportunities during the week for "small ball" type calls, instead he sat idle while Damon and Gardner flied out, and Cabrera bounced in double plays. Still has to figure out an equation to get to Mo. I think it could be Bruney followed by Marte for a full inning. Hopefully Joe will figure it out this week.

Stadium opener this Thursday. Set the DVR's coverage starts at noon on YES.

Schedule for the week: Mon-Wed a three game set At TB, followed by a four gamer at the stadium vs. the tribe.

Number of the week: 81.00 - Carl Pavano's ERA.


Crash said...

Mid your week's review is pretty spot on.

Scooter it only took 1 start by Joba to see why he belongs in the pen. A decent starting effort is lost by the pen because there's no quality guy to get to Mo. If another starter can give you that quality start, Joba comes in for the 8th then to Mo end of story. Instead you have one 7th inning guy and three 8th inning guys that couldn't get the job done and the Yankees take the loss.

I think Girardi micromanaged his way to a loss yesterday in the 8th inning, trying to play match up games.

Can't wait for the Stadium opener.

The Scooter said...

Crash, that's ridiculous. If Girardi doesn't completely mismanage the bullpen then Joba gets the W with a quality start. One earned run in six innings for his first time out. I would say that is a tad better than "mediocre", Mid. I think we would take that from every starter, every time out there.

If Bruney is the eighth inning guy THEN LET HIM PITCH THE EIGHTH INNING!

Coke is the one who needs to pick it up. I'm not worried about Veras. So he walked a guy...Coke needs to pick him up in that situation.

I think Ransom probably gets another week to get his batting average north of the interstate.

I'm not ready to through the "fragile" tag on Teixiera just yet...JEESH!

I think Matsui might be done.

Give Cano some props, Mid...he's raking the ball and I don't remember seeing any misplays at 2nd base before yesterday (Swisher got in front of him and blocked him out).

1 week in and I already have some serious questions about Girardi's in-game management skills. We gave him a whole year grace it's time to start pushing the right buttons.

Bobby Valentine will be behind the bench by the All Star game if this team falters.

Mid said...

". . 1 week in and I already have some serious questions about Girardi's in-game management skills. We gave him a whole year grace it's time to start pushing the right buttons."

Agree 100%

Crash said...

Anyone see 57 today...You mean all it took for him to disappear was Santana getting 13K's, 3 H, 0 ER in 7IP...and a loss.

57 said...

Hey I am bullish on the Mets... the ran into a buzzsaw in Johnson yesterday. Guy was on FIRE..throwing cheese in the 9th.. tough to beat. Even if Murphy did not make that error, i dont see them winning that game...much better life in this team than last year, however. Offense is in August form... starting pitching is the struggle... Thank God for Livan Hernandez... unreal control!!

It will take me a WHILE to warm up to Citi-field. Even though I bought bricks for my uncle and parents that are currently part of the entry way... yeah that's right... i dont see the Yankees doing that stuff...

can't wait to catch a tee shirt during the 7th inning stretch at some point this year.

Exciting game in Queens right now.... Citi Field = THE HOUSE OF DAVID! Coin it....

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