Monday, June 15, 2009

Delayed Update

A post is coming on the Mets series as well as the do or die start for Wang on Wednesday -

- Scooter and 57 were live to witness the Santana beat down on Sunday. (any photos?)



The Scooter said...

I emailed pics to 57 so he could forward them to you, Mid.

I don't have your email address.

Crash said...

Scooter I'm guessing sometime during the 4th inning, 57 was drowning his sorrows in numerous $10 beers.

Hope you enjoyed the game, did you like the new house? Where were your seats?

old professor said...

Crash, you referred to the new house, as I indicated in my last post under the old posting - the new house regardless of the new amenities and luxury will not hold the same mystic as the old stadium. When you think of Rightfield in the old stadium you think of Ruth; center is where Mantle, DiMaggio and Bernie roamed. Now, swisher in right and cabrera in center doesn't seem to rise to the same caliber nor does first - Iron Horse versus Tex.

Crash said...

Stop living in the past, I know your old but you don't need to act like an antique for god sake.

I'm not making any comparisons between old and new. And you shouldn't talk about the new place until you've been there. In fact I'm invoking a banning of you discussing anything related to the new stadium unless you have valid questions to those of us who have. We will all even be subjected to 57's comments before listening to any further defaming comments out of you. I can't believe you have let our resident Met fan beat you to the new's deplorable behavior from you and you should be ashamed.

The new house is building it's mystique. They already have several come from behind victories. We need a couple big wins over the Red Sox in this building, then give it a nice baptism into October playoff baseball.

And Bernie, while certainly a very good CF in Yankee history, does not belong in the same conversation as DiMaggio and Mantle. He is certainly still way way above Melky and Gardner though.

old professor said...

Crash, regarding visiting the new stadium, YOU were going to make some reservations so the four of us would take in a game. You may remember my response to the question regarding when was available to go and I quote - "anytime in August because I am in Washington and Virginia most of the month of July". Still waiting to pencil the date in. Please hurry, because your mother's honey do list is starting to get rather large and my summer could disappear rather rapidly.

And in case you haven't noticed, I am starting to get old - you wouldn't remember, but I attended the World's Fair in NY which coincided with Shea Stadium being opened (It was a dump then to!!!). And to further my point, I listened to baseball on the radio before it became fashionable for the games to be broadcast on TV (which until my sophmore year in HS was Black and White. I believe that was the same year the Yankees shocked the baseball world by bringing up an African-American Pitcher named Al Downing. (He was not the first such player on the Yankees but the first pitcher - Elston Howard was the first and yes Scooter at one point in my life I had his rookie card in mint condition as well as two dozen Mantle Cards from 1956-1959.

Crash said...

Please not the story on the Mantle cards again...ugh!

Crash said...

On a side note I don't recall the "pick one in August" conversation. I will look at the schedule and pick one this week.

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