Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The last time Burnett and Beckett got together for pitchers duel it turned out to be a 16-11 bash-fest. This time at least one pitcher decided to show up, unfortunately for the Yankees he plays for the Red Sox. Going into last night's game, the way the Yankee's offense has been producing and their history of hitting Beckett there was no way you were convincing me they would have only 2 hits last night and be shutout for the first time this season. Couple this with the, well lets just call it what it was, CRAP performance of AJ Burnett, only lasting 2 2/3 innings, 5 hits, 5 walks, and 5 runs while throwing 84 pitches, and you have the recipe for a good ol' fashioned butt kickin'. Listening to Michael Kay on the broadcast you would have thought AJ had no hit stuff. More than once I heard him say "He has some great movement tonight" and "He has some hair on that fastball". Hey Kay, he was missing his location by FEET!!! I also keep hearing about the demise of David Ortiz, you couldn't tell that against AJ last night.

Veras should be sent down or released. Not only did he give up a late HR to the hitting machine that is Nick Green, then he uncorks a 50-foot 95mph fastball that bounces up and catches our recently fragile catcher in the jugular. If you can't throw strikes when you're team is on the losing end of a 7-0 game, you don't deseve to be in the big leagues. Robertson was the only decent pitching performance last night. You know it was rough night when all you can really say is "at least they weren't no hit."

Tonight we get to see if Wang can put together a decent outing in his second start since rejoining the Yankee rotation. If Wang can get through 5 innings and give up 2 or fewer I will be impressed. I would think Phil Hughes is on stand-by in case he's needed early.

On to some good news...Brian Bruney had a decent bullpen session and it sounds promising that he could rejoin the Yankees sooner rather than later, all depending I guess on how he feels today. I haven't heard any real updates on Marte or Nady, this would lead to believe both are still a ways off from returning.

The MLB draft began late yesterday afternoon and it was no surprise that the Nat'nals selected Strasburg. The real surprise will be if they can actually sign him. I hope the kid has his head on straight. If the Nationals actually make a legit offer I hope he takes his millions and plays, even if it is significantly less than the $50MM Boras has floated out there. The Yankees with their first pick (#29) drafted 18 year old high schooler Zachary "Slade" Heathcott. An "athletic" 5-tool OF with some personal troubles. With their second pick (#76) the Yankees seleted another 18 year old, John Murphy. Murphy is a former OF turned Catcher. He appratnly has major offensive skills and has shown promise behind the plate though still developing. Both of these guys in my opinion seem to be higher risks than you should be taking in the first round. I would think you would want players that could have a positive impact on your club sooner rather than later, both of these guys are major projects and appear to be years away still.


old professor said...

Different month, different team attitude, different third baseman, same result. Yankees fall to Boston coming up with only two hits.

In an earlier post I raised the issue if A.J. Burnett was the pitcher the Yankees were hoping for. The answer seems to be NO. He pitched will in Toronto - no stress no media hype. In NY everything is under the microscope and he may not be able to live up to the hype. Girardi is taking the blame saying he should not have given Burnett seven days of rest - hey Joe, hindsight is 20-20.

The draft will not yield any help in the near future for this team. Both individuals will have to be given time to develop. First round pick is still recovering from ACL surgery in November and has some character issues. He has also committed to attend LSU so he is not a sure thing to sign. In addition a five tool player in high school does not necessarily project to 5 tool in MLB. (Juan Rivera, Ricky Ledee and Jose Tabata come to mind - though Tabata still has a lot of time to prove himself).

The lack of a "quality" draft

Crash said...

Last I checked Juan Rivera was having a pretty decent career out in LA. I think it was 2006 he batted over .300 with 20+ HR. Then he had injuries in '07 & '08. He's back to being real productive again this year and will put up similar #'s to 2006.

I think you meant Ruben Rivera. That was the guy who stole Jeter's glove and tried hocking it on ebay in 2002. He played a couple years for the Yanks, SD, Cincy, & Texas.

old professor said...

Crash, I stand corrected - it was Ruben Rivera. Regarding Juan Rivera he was the fourth outfielder for the Angels for a large part of his career. His playing time has greatly increased and thus his productivity with the injuries to VLAD.

57 said...

At least the Mets' bats showed up!!

Kim Jones tried to ask tough questions last night to show she 'belonged' but you can tell she was pushing Girardi to the brink and i thought he was going to punch her. I think Jeter hates her too, and he snapped at her a couple of times. She needs to go... but I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

Cole Hammels better beware tonight.. he'll see what kind of "chokers" the Mets are tonight... I hope he gets some comebackers and catches them with his knees.

Go Pens!

I just watched the 4-point play with larry johnson and the knicks this past weekend... That Knicks team was the best team ever to not win a title. If Starks did not go cold in Game 7 against Houston... game over Knicks would be Champs. That team unfortunately ran into the Bulls and Jordan during their stretch. All Hail Charles Oakley.

old professor said...

57, I can see you are back on recreational stimulants again. Regarding the Yankees bats not showing up - they scored five runs, outhit the red sox. Posada, Damon and Tex all went deep Tex also when 4 for 5). Jeter went 0-5 in the leadoff spot and left five on base (there is your power outage).

I don't believe the Yankees think they can beat the red sox. If Sabbathia loses tonight, they may want to start thinking Wild Card.

The bigger mystery is what to do with Wang. They cannot continue to send someone out who has no confidence in his stuff and is at best going to give you three innings. Maybe they need to send him to a sports psychologist.

Crash said...

I was out with some friends last night watching the game...I know Wang looked bad last night, but what did the broadcast say about Swisher missing that ball down the right field line??? That was embarrassing, and regardless of bad Wang looked that play to me cost the Yanks the game.

We need CC to step up big tonight and shut the Red Sox down and stop this insanity.

old professor said...


Swisher indicated he thought he was closer to the wall than he actually was, looked for the wall and took his eye off the ball. That play didn't cost the Yankees. The final determination was Hughes fat pitch that ended as a triple followed by another fat pitch to Yuke who took it deep. Hughes pitched will except for those two pitches, which led to runs 5 and 6. And before you look at Swisher's miss, don't forget the diving catch in the gap that prevented a double or triple.

Mid said...

Swisher should have caught that ball.

If Wang never regains prior form, I will forever hate interleague play.

Is it me or did Hughes look Mean on the mound???

Bring him back as a starter?

Crash said...

The more I see Swisher play the less I think of him as a player. He's a good personality to have in the clubhouse I guess. But it seems that he constantly needs encouragement or he flounders.

I think the Yankees give Wang one more start. I know Hughes wants to start and he was showing progress as a starter, but he has the right attitude and stuff for that 7th-8th inning role. He just wants to help the team win and if that means the bullpen he'll do it. You got to love that. Wang acts like a little baby whining about not starting. News Flash: If you didn't have the highest ERA in the history of the game after 5 starts you would still have a spot in the rotation.

old professor said...

let's slow down just a little bit. Regarding Swisher - he missed a fly ball and made one great catch. There isn't an individual in that outfield that hasn't misjudged a flyball. Swisher is hitting over .250 and has 12 homeruns. His bunt last night down the first baseline was gutsy. it set the stage for what could have been a big inning except the next two batters did absolutely NOTHING.

Regarding Hughes, he has grown up a lot since last year. He knows he is the guy on the bubble if and when Bruney comes back and the Yankees have been watching Sergio Mitre who has finished his suspension and is pitching in the effectively in the minors. Knowing that he is going to say all the right team things. However - he should be in the rotation (he can't do any worse than Wang).

And Mid if you hate interleague play, take a look at the Yankees schedule - they will play nine to twelve games in National League parks during interleague action. They may be the only American League team with that kind of burden (apparently everyone wants the Yankees in their park to draw- anyone find that odd? So many Yankee haters out there and owners who cry foul when the Yankees spend the money, but those same people and owners want the Yankees to come to town).

Crash said...

Well Old about Swisher getting doubled off...again. Unacceptable.

Wang will make his next start. Unbelievable.

How do we make David Ortiz look like an All-Star when he bats .180 against the rest of the league?

Bruney is making a minor league rehab appearance at AA this week. He could be up with the team next week.

Crash said...

I think I've said this more times this season (just a third of the way through) than the previous 13 years combined...THE MANAGER COST THIS TEAM A WIN LAST NIGHT!!!

There is no way CC should have gone back out there for the 8th inning. If you bring Aces to start the inning they win that game last night.

The Yankees are finding ways to lose to Boston and it is infuriating.

old professor said...

Couple of points - (a) Girardi's sticking with Sabathia is a clear indication he has no faith in the bullpen when the game is on the line in the 8th inning. Aceves gave up a base loaded single and sacrifice fly - two runs. There is no indication that if he came in to start the inning the Red Sox would not have had the same results. The fact Girardi had Mo warming up at the start of the 8th and then sat him down gave a clear indication of his feelings.

Girardi is using the pen differently than what he said while sitting in the booth when asked about how Torre was using the pen and I quote: "if there is a pitcher sitting in the pen you have to trust them and use them. If you don't trust their stuff, they shouldn't be in the pen".

The only solice to this debacle in Boston is they return home to play the Muts. If which - Hey 57 what happened to the projected Mets sweep? I believe they lost two of three!!

Mid said...

Can't believe, wait actually, I can believe we lost last night's game.

Girardi again showing he doesn't manage players well.

Kept CC in too long. 120 plus pitches.

old professor said...

CC has thrown 120+ pitches in at least five of his starts. This should raise red flags about what kind of condition he is going to be in when the season rolls into September. And please don't plead the case he is use to throwing this many pitches. Bottom line all those pitches will take its toll and you will destroy a very valuable commodity.

The Scooter said...

I have absolutely nothing to say after this debacle of a series.

Thank God the Mets are next up on the schedule.

Crash said...

Mets and Nationals...I'm guessing at least 5 wins. The Yankees will play with this chip on their shoulder, like they have something to prove.

57 said...

Scooter and I make our annual trek to the Subway Series. Problem is... i will be in Yankee Stadium before I go to Citi Field.. im DISGUSTED.

The Scooter said...

The way I see it, by the time 57 and I get to Yankee Stadium on Sunday, the Muts will be looking to Santana to avoid the BROOM

Crash said...

Scooter please tell me again how Joba projects as a #1 guy when he can't get to the 5th inning, giving up only 1 hit...100 pitches in 4 innings. And we question why the bullpen sucks...I'm just realizing they don't suck, they're just abused by the lack of consistency from the starters. Let's see this week we had AJ come out before 3 innings...ditto for Wang...and now Joba. Well at least he made it through 4. That's dominant for the Yankees staff any ways.

Crash said...

Ummmm....thank you Louis Castillo!!!

old professor said...


I have been saying for months now that Joba does not project as a #1 starter and the way he looked last night cements that few. 100 pitches in four innings - yep another quality start. Someone also needs to take him to the woodshed - Posada is a veteran catcher and the kid continually shakes him off because he wants to throw the slider in critical counts. Don't overthink - just take the sign and throw the pitch kniclehead.

Earlier in one of my posts, I asked the question about Mo's statistics coming into tie games - the question was answered in the post game. In eleven games that Mo has entered with the score tied, his ERA is 5.40. When he comes in with a lead, the ERA is about 1.40 that is a four run differential.

Girardi did not make sense last night when asked about bringing Mo in to get four outs. He said he would never bring him in to get five outs but would to get four. It is about pitch cont Joe - he could get five outs on fewer pitches than four outs. If he strikes five batters out on four pitches each, that's twenty pitches. If his first batter he faces for a four out concept has an 8 to nine pitch at bat, case closed. Time to shake up the bullpen and find people that the manager can trust to go to. It would also be nice to see a starter other than Sabathia go seven innings.

Oh and 57, so much for a Muts sweep. (Even you could have caught that pop up).

The Scooter said...

Crash, it's called "development". One game does not a dominant starter make.......The fact that Joba was unhittable when he wasn't walking the park or hitting batters exemplifies my point....when this guy becomes consistent, there is no on who will touch him. I'm glad the Yankees are showing patience with him.

Looks like the ghosts from across the street have finally made their presence felt at the new ballpark. That's the type of win that can catapult them to another HUGE stretch.

I spoke to 57 after the game and I have to say I have not heard him this distraught since "Wide Right".

old professor said...

I will start by reminding 57 that he predicted a sweep by the Mets when they played at THE Stadium - Something happened on the way to that sweep - Castillo misjudged a pop-up and the ace of the Muts staff gets lit up (that would be a 15-0 shutout).

Speaking of the new stadium - I realize it is a state of the art facility and it is wonderous to see, but it is not the cathedral of baseball - when one went to the old stadium, (and Mid don't talk to be about the 1975 renovations as making it different) you looked at rightfield and realized Babe Ruth played there, DiMaggio and Mantle in Center and the Iron Horse at first. Now rightfield at the new stadium - Swisher and Center Cabrera - doesn't have the same importance to baseball. It may sound like heresy, but the Red Sox may actually have the right idea.

old professor said...

Just a couple of issues to follow up on. Scooter you indicate that when Joba was not walking people or hitting them, he was unhittable. The same could be said about Veras - when he isn't walking people, he has dominant stuff. The biggest point being he continued to shake Posada off and thought he knew what to throw and HE WAS WRONG. Listen to what Burnett said about Cervelli - he said it was like Cervelli knew what he was thinking and called for the pitch. He looked in got the sign and threw the pitch. Result success. Maybe Joba should learn from that.

Speaking of Cervelli it would appear the Yankees have found a very serviceable catcher. His offense is better than they thought and he calls an excellent game.

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