Monday, June 01, 2009


A great month comes to a close.

Random Thoughts/Observations:

Wang is ready. A decision needs to be made on whether Joba or Hughes goes to the pen. While both have shown they can pitch as a starter, shown flashes of greatness, unfortunately neither has been able to show they can make it past the 5th on a consistent basis.

About the only area right now that I'd like to see improved is the bullpen (exception being Aceves). We did the right thing with Ramirez, now it's time to do something with Veras. Make some room, flip a coin on whether it will be Joba or Phil replacing him.

The Yanks were not the only ones that were treated well in the month of May. Carl Pavano who pitched pretty damn well Sunday, went 5-1 for the month.

Teixeira an MVP candidate?

Not too many times in my life I've said this before - but, the sooner we can get Melkey back in the lineup the better.

Will it be a rough start to the summer? The Bombers start June with Texas, Tampa, and the Sox.

I just saw on that Ichiro has a 24 game hit streak - if there's a player that can challenge Joe D's mark, it is he. It'll be interesting to see how far it goes.


old professor said...

The Yankees are in a spot they have not been in since the end of the 2006 campaign - first place. Let's enjoy the moment.

I have to agree with your assessment of Hughes and Chamberlain (in Joba's case it is something I have been saying for two months). Both throw too many pitches and both tax the bullpen because they can't get beyond the
5+ innings. Every team in baseball has a fundemental weakness in the bullpen for the 6and 7th innings.

I will say this in Hughes defense - he seems to have matured over the last three outings and no longer appears to be pitching scared.

Yankees may have found somewhat of an answer with Robertson who has a plus fastball a good breaking ball and throws strikes. Yankees cannot do anything with Veras - he is out of options and the team is reluctant to just release someone who can throw 95 mph. Coke continues to be a disappointment.

It would be nice if the team can go on another 9 to 10 game winning streak.

old professor said...

Probably lost in all of the issues from yesterday was the fact that Wang pitched three more scoreless innings. In the last three outings he has done will and lowered the ERA from 34.00 to 16.++

The Scooter said...

I'm still for keeping Joba in the rotation. I have just seen too much potential starting pitcher dominance to move him. Let's remember that he has been a starting pitcher in the big leagues for a matter of "months", not years....can we please give him until the All-Star Break before we expect him to turn into Don Drysdale?

If Tex keeps up this pace, he may not only win the MVP, but also the triple crown.

Gardner is filling in nicely for Melkey.

Nady begins a throwing program today. Swisher should enjoy his playing time while it lasts.

Prof, what's Jeter's batting average?


It seems to be chic nowadays to throw roses at Girardi, and let's face it, he has them playing loose and playing well, so he deserves some of the credit.....but once again he is proving that as far as "on-field", he couldn't manage himself out of a paper bag.

This one was not as bad as the one last week, but if you ask me it still DIRECTLY resulted in a loss:

top ninth...tie out...runners on the corners...speed at first with Gardner....Posada at the plate.....two balls, two strikes...

43,000 fans at the ballpark and about 5 million viewers on YES knew that Posada was about to hit a weak groundball that the Indians would turn into an inning ending double play. EVERYBODY knew this except apparently Joe Girardi. START THE FRIGGIN RUNNER, JOE. You have speed...use it. Stay out of the double play....and if Posada strikes out, well Kelly Shoppach couldn't THROW UP, never mind Throw out Gardner.

What is WRONG with this guy? He's really starting to get on my nerves.

Crash said...

If you ask me Joba is pitching for a spot in the rotation tonight. If doesn't give you 6 effective innings, I see him being skipped next time through for Wang, that's given Pettitte can make his next start.

As for the of now the Yankees bullpen has Aceves, Veras (6.97 ERA), Coke (ERA 4.79), Robertson, and Tomko. If we agree that Aces isn't going anywhere, Coke is at the moment the only lefty so I think he stays regardless. The only time I see him going down to SWB is if/when Marte comes back. Robertson has pitched well but Tomko is the veteran pitcher. I would send Coke down and DFA Veras. Joba goes to the pen until Bruney and Marte come back.

Let's keep in mind that MVPs are won in August and September, not May and June. Teixeira has turned it around, but let's not get crazy and start talking MVP now. We're not even at the All-Star game. Right now I think Youkilis and Morneau are ahead of him in the All-Star voting. How can you win the MVP and not even make the All-Star team? YANKEE FANS NEED TO GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

Crash said...

Scooter I couldn't agree more about Girardi.

Crash said...

I will rescind my agreeing with Scooter for the moment. The NY Post is writing that Girardi did in fact give the steal signal in the 9th to Brett Gardner and he received it but he did not go as instructed. Girardi simply stated "That's been addressed.".

So not only did Gardner give runs away when he misjudged a ball in the OF, but he doesn't steal a base when instructed in a key situation that results in an inning ending double play?!?!?

Send him down and bring up someone that wants to help this team win. I want to see A-Jax!!!

old professor said...

Scooter, if you read the NY Post Sports section, Gardner was given the steal sign by Girardi and decided to ignore the sign. He said he was worried about the third to first spin move and did not want to get picked off. Added to his gaffe in centerfield, he openly admits he cost the team the game.

I do have issues with the way he is handling the bullpen, but given who is out there, he doesn't have a lot of options. No timetable for Bruney to return and even if he does how effective can he be if after one outting he has to sit because of pain.

The Yankees will also have another option regarding the pen when Mitre finishes his 50 game suspension and rehab assignments. Mitre was very effective out of the Marlins pen for a couple of years and the Yankees signed him as a free agent.

The Scooter said... Gardner, the seasoned vet that he is, decided to blow off the steal call on his own? INCREDIBLE! Who does he think he plays for...The METS?

I don't have as much trouble with the liner over his head. That's a tough ball, and the wind was a little wacky. Physical mistakes are going to happen...but the mental mistake is what's unacceptable.

I suppose I have to begrudgingly apologize to Girardi.

Anonymous said...

Scooter, apology accepted.

Crash said...

There's a rumor going around that Joba has a shoulder injury, and that's the reason his velo is down this year.

The RAB blog disagrees with this rumor saying the Yankees are so cautious about his future they would not run him out there if there was any hint at a shoulder injury.

I think I agree with that. Especially now with Wang ready to come back into the rotation. If anything I think it's more mental on Joba's part. Not knowing if he can let it all go without causing harm again. If the Yankees need to shut him down for a couple of starts the timing is bad from a schedule perspective (Rays, Sox, and Mets soon) but with Hughes pitching better and Wang ready to come back it may be the smart move.

Mid said...

Any word if Melkey is going on the DL or is he good to come back yet?

old professor said...

Wow mid finally appears in his own blog with a one word question. Mid to answer your question, no he is not headed to the DL, he is expected to be in the lineup tonight.

57 said...

Mets.. 7-3 in the last 10 games without Delgado, Reyes, Church, K-Rod (for a game), Cora, Beltran (for 3 games)....and David Wright has been playing like garbage. All in all, the Mets rotation (that's right Scooter) have kept the Mets on top. But not ONLY that....

Sheffield = MVP candidate at this rate... no team in the majors has benefited from his production more than the Mets with Sheff. Without him, we would be 1-9 in the last 10. It is not MIS (most impressive stats) its MVP and he is the most valuable player to his team right now in the NL.

Was glad to see LeBron walk off the court pissed off. We need more of that in sports... too many players are 'friends' after games and it is BS. Now, more than ever, I want to see LeBron in a Knick uniform. Orlando may have locked it up for the Knicks on Saturday.

4 game stint in Pittsburgh followed by 3 in Washington. Could be a huge week for the Amazins.

If SNY ever leads with a Yankees story or highlights again, I will put my foot through the television.

Crash said...

Mets should go 5-2...that would be worst case scenario.

The Scooter said...

Leave it to an ex-Yankee to save the Mets bacon.

You guys were really impressive beating up on the Nationals, 57. Well done.

57 said...

Before he was an ex-Yankee, he was Doc Gooden's nephew! '86 forever!

Crash said...

I think I've been fairly consistent saying Joba should be the bridge to Mo, and that's exactly what we had last night. That is the best start of Joba's career. As of now, Wang remains the odd man out. Maybe he becomes the 8th inning guy???

I know the Yankees won, but they had about dozen walks and left a ton of guys on base. Both Tex and A-Rod were a little off at the plate all night. Don't look now but Swish is getting hot again.

Old Prof I think Jeter is over .310 right now. It seems like last week you were complaining about his .275 average...oh wait that was last week.

old professor said...

Crash, it is about time Jeter carried his weight!! Chamberlain had what has to be considered the best start of his career (could it be he hears Wang's footsteps). He kept his composure and concentration on making good pitches and his velocity was consistently over 93.

This presents an interesting dilema for the Yankees and that is what to do with Wang. They put him on the DL to build leg and arm strength, which it appears he has. Sitting in the pen and only throwing a couple of innings now and then won't help him maintain his arm strength - unless they plan on trying him as the 8th inning guy.

Bad news out of Tampa - Nady experienced pain in his elbow when he started throwing and Molina felt a twinge in the quad and had to be taken out of the game - looks like Cervelli will stay with the club a little longer. Going into interleague play, the Yankees were hoping to get Nady back. They may need to bring someone up to get another bat on the bench and another set of legs to play the outfield since it is obvious Matsui can't play in the field the way his knees are barking.

Oh and Marte apparently stubbed his little toe in the dugout during rehab.

The Scooter said...

Yea Prof, 2600 hits later it IS about time Jeter started carrying his weight.

Looks like we might not have to wait until the All Star break for Joba to turn into Don Drysdale after all.

Throwing 96 mph in the 7th inning....that will work for your fifth starter.

Trade Wang to Colorado for Huston Street and Brad Hawpe.

57, one word......PUTZ

Crash said...

I personally do not want to trade any of our starters. There are always injuries to deal with or someone will give up 7 runs in the first and you need that inning eater to save the bullpen. 6 quality starters are better than 5. It's a nice problem to have.

old professor said...

I would not be in favor of trading Wang. The Yankees have made it clear that both Chamberlain and Hughes are on a strict innings count so somewhere down the line, they will be skipped in the rotation. And Crash makes a very valid point - there will be injuries before the season is out and Wang will find his way back into the rotation. However, I still am concerned about what happens to the arm strength the team wanted to build up if Wang does not increase his load.

Regarding Street, he is a free agent after the season sign him and bring him in then.

By the way speaking of pitchers, did anyone see the information coming out of the University of Texas about their closer. He was used to close a ballgame and the next day the coach used him as a starter. The kid threw 13 innings and 169 pitches. So much for being a first round pick.

Crash said...

Old Prof the coach didn't start him. That was a 25 inning game between Texas and BC, and the kid threw the last 12.3 innings...he didn't allow a hit, and he got the W.

I don't know all the particulars but I know the coach is getting ripped for putting that kid in a situation where he could have done serious damage to his arm. It is quite possibly the best pitching performance in college history, maybe even baseball period, but at what cost.

old professor said...

Crash, thanks for the clarification regarding the game. However last time I checked 12.3 innings equals 13 innings. The coach should be fired for having the kid throw 169 pitches. I all likelihood damage was done.

The Scooter said...

If I remember correctly, Dallas Green had Al Leiter throw something like 160 pitches one game years ago. I don't think Leiter was ever the same.

I was being a tad facetious when I suggested trading Wang for Street...JEESH, you guys.

old professor said...

Scooter, good point about Al Leiter, I do remember him commenting on that particular game when he was in the booth last year. He believed that game was the beginning of his arm troubles.

Yankees still hitting as they destroy Texas. Great slide by Tex seemed to light a big fire under the team. Haven't seen something like that in years - too bad metal spikes aren't used any more (ahh the good old days).

The Scooter said...

Just as importantly, Prof....Burnett answering with some nice chin music of his own was great. I think the umps handled it pretty well too (how often can you say that?) in waiting to warn the benches until the Yankees were able to extract their pound of flesh.

I was never one to believe that "team chemistry" was all that important, as I remember the late '70's team and the entire "Bronx Zoo Era". But I have to admit, these guys sure seem to play FOR each other. Maybe we are witnessing the start of something special with this group.

Burnett was gutsy last night, without his best stuff and the hits just keep on coming.

Jeter does not stop getting on base.

Is it possible that Posada is better offensively than he has ever been?

A-Rod hasn't found his groove yet.

The Scooter said...

Oh and does anyone want to give odds on seeing 57 today after a Santana loss?

Crash said...

Yankees now have the best record in the AL and lead all of baseball in runs scored (tied w/TB at 300).

I knew after Kinsler stole in the first inning that Texas would test Jorge all night and he was going to throw one into CF.

Scooter I agree about Posada's bat. He just makes the line up that much better and deeper. I think we were all surprised about the #'s he put up during his contract year, and questioned if he would continue to produce at that level. It seems, now that he's healthy, he has picked right up from that spot and just continues to produce big time.

Matsui on the other hand, even with the HR last night, you can just see he isn't an everyday player anymore.

Crash said...

Old Prof in case you missed it last night Jeter scored his 1,500 run and is 4th all time on the Yankees list. He also has 2,603 hits. I'd say he's been carrying his wight for quite a while. And he only has 2 errors so far this season.

old professor said...

Scooter, I admit that Jeter seems to be enjoying a resurgents offensively in the lead-off spot. Defensively regarding the errors - you can't commit an error on balls you can't get to!!

Offensively, it is hard to argue with the team's production - one can only imagine what will happen once A-Rod finds his stride and if Swisher actually gets hot again. Sad about Matsui - he is the consumate professional, never complains and always seems to say the right thing (though the translator is paid by the Yankees)and you can see he is deeply concerned about his inability to hit consistently and to play the field.

The Scooter said...

In the last 5 games, Matsui is 10-24 with 3 HR's and 7 RBI. The last five games before that, he was horrible. The last five games before that, he was very good.

I think we just have to realize that at this point in his career he is a very streaky hitter; capable of looking horrible for a week and ten getting red hot and carrying them for a week.

I mean his overall numbers are .268, 8 HR's and 22 RBI. It's not like we are witnessing a complete Ortizlike collapse. He's till productive.

Prof, are you baiting me with Jeter? You know as well as I do that he has been getting to EVERYTHING this year.

oh where oh where is 57?

I hear the Mets just called up Buddy Harrelson to play short.

The Scooter said...

Francessa reporting that Wang to start tomorrow....Hughes to the bullpen

The Scooter said...

WOW....Nate McLouth to the Braves

old professor said...

Braves paid a steep price to get a Mclougth, Pirates begin their fire sale very early - fans have to be going crazy. Management seems to have a history of getting rid of their best and brightest stars. (Clemente would probably have been traded by now if he were a member of this franchise today).

Let's hope Wang can get through five innings and keep the Yankees in the ballgame. Anyone else think Pettitte was pitching hurt last night? If his back is still barking he should not have taken the mound - stepping aside would have been the best thing for the team.

Offensively it is clear what Teixiera's bat has meant to this team. Bases loaded one out and they can't get a runner in; runner on third one out and can't get a runner in.

Crash said...

The Pirates need to be banished from MLB.
This move makes no sense at all. This is exactly why they are in last place and are being outdrawn attendance wise by a hockey team.

McClouth is the only bright spot on that team offensively. He's in his prime, he is signed through the 2012 season at a very reasonable price, he's an All-Star last year probably this year too. Next season you have him, McCutchen, Tabata, and Alverez in that line up and they will pound the ball. If they're pitching continues to progress they could have actually made a run at a playoff spot in the next couple of years. This move sets the organization back 2 or 3 years easily.

Prof I disagree, the Braves didn't give up anything for McClouth. Charlie Morton looks decent this year at AAA and may help the Pirates this year, the other players are at least 2 or 3 years off and mid-range prospects at best (Hernandez and Locke are in the organization's top 10 but overall are not great prospects).

Too bad about Padilla being waived (yes that's said with sarcasm).

The Scooter said...

Would anyone be surprised if the Mets took a look at Padilla?

Crash said...

I think Padillia would fit right in with the Mets.

old professor said...

If the Rangers have decided to put Padilla on waivers, it would be another step in Nolan Ryan showing players and coaches he is indeed in firm control of the decision making process for the Rangers. There is a direct correlation between the Rangers improvement and Ryan's decision making. He is also a firm believer that pitchers become better by throwing not by concentrating on pitch count.

Speaking of the Muts, has anyone noticed they have slipped to three games back in the Eastern Division of the National League. Apparently, September comes earlier at Citi Field than it does for the rest of us.

And Crash, I agree the Pirates are a disgrace - in the last year they have traded: Nady, Bay, McLougth, and Marte. Why would any pitcher of quality want to stay there knowing that they will have a AAA cast surrounding them from May through September.

One last note - Brett Tomko seems to be for real though he has not pitched that much yet. But a 94mph fastball and good breaking pitches along with the experience factor make him an excellent addition to the pen.

Crash said...


You've got to be kidding me. He didn't even hit anyone, he wasn't thrown out of the game, and he got 6 games. What a load of crap!!! Nothing happens to the Rangers and they actually hit multiple batters, intentionally. MLB has their head up their a$$. If AJ appeals I'm guessing it's reduced to 2 or 3 maybe even a single game. If not at least Hughes gets an extra start.

The Scooter said...

"Buffalo Bills receiver Terrell Owens posted a message on his Twitter site Tuesday that his search for a home to rent hit a snag because residents "(don't) want any drama n their neighborhood!! LOL!!! Wow!!."

Doesn't 57 have a pull out couch?

Crash said...

Yup...Wang still sucks!!!

Huston Street looking better and better.

Maybe that's why 57 hasn't been around, he needs to tidy up the place for TO.

old professor said...

Burnett has appealed the decision. Bob Watson must still hold a grudge against the Yankees. A Boston starter was also suspended for throwing at a batter this season. In that instance, the six game suspension was reduced to five.

Wang did not look bad through the first two innings. (Remember the issue of arm strength being built up only to come back and sit in the bullpen - not a real smart move. Now they have to rebuild the arm strength again). He also lowered his ERA a full 2 points.

On a different note, could we have all been wrong about Melky being nothing better than a fourth outfielder??

Sabbathia goes for number six today.

And how about those Muts swept by the PIRATES. Now four games back and falling like a rock.

The Scooter said...

Burnett will have his suspension reduced to five games, just like Beckett did. No more, no less. MLB can not afford to show any inkling of treating the Yankees and Sox any differently. I still think it's bullshit.

I have to admit, that I'm not incredibly comfortable throwing Wang out there against the Red Sox. It goes either one of two ways....he pitches seven innings of shutout ball, or he gets absolutely SHELLACKED. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on the shellacking.

Prof, I SO want to believe in Melky...honestly, I do. I just am not willing to anoint him as a starting outfielder yet....but he has certainly opened our eyes, hasn't he?

Could you imagine being a Mets fan? I'm even beginning to feel sorry for 57.

Not only do they get swept by the woeful Pirates...

The Braves get McClouth
Reyes is done until July
Putz might need elbow surgery
The Phillies have more ammo to make a trade to get better

Dare I say it....Could the Mets be "sellers" by the time the trade deadline rolls around?

Crash said...

There are a couple of things with Melky. He's never hit more than .280 (he's at .311), he's never had more than 8 HRs (he's at 6 now). MELKY IS STILL ONLY 24!!! I think we forget that he came up at 20.

I'm cautiously optimistic right now on Melky. He's having a big first half with numerous clutch hits. This may turn out to be his best year thus far, but it is a long season and we're only about 1/3 of the way through. Let's see if he can keep this going. I know he will have a slump or two this year, but if he can hit .280 with 10-15 HRs and have about 15 SB I think we all would be REAL happy. If he can do that there is no reason why he shouldn't be in the starting Pinstripes or somewhere else.

Gardner is the surprising to me. I know he won't hit HR's but we need for him to hit .280-.300 and have an OBP closer to .400. If he's not on base then he can't use his speed. He has an OBP around .400 w/400+ AB's, that's about 50-60 SB and puts him in scoring position. Right now he's at .265 avg and .346 OBP.

If Wang pitches against Boston I will have to find something else to do that night because the game will be over after the first inning. Even when Wang was right, Boston lit him up. He has 6-5 record with an ERA of 4.82 against Boston, the ERA goes up over 5 when at Fenway.

Tonight's game should be filled with K's...we get David Price vs. CC. My unofficial O/U on Yankee Hitter's K's: 8.5

old professor said...

If Melky turns out to be the real deal his best weapon is still his defense (as is Gardner's range)which became apparent when he threw out a Ranger trying to advance to third, and Gardner can continue to put up good numbers the team could be set for many years to come. Melky in right, Gardner in center and Jackson in left (which is why they are having him play corner outfield positions in the minors).

Wang won't get lit up against Boston. Price vs CC there will be a lot of strikeouts in this game for both teams (provided it doesn't get rained out).

Scooter - Never, Never feel sorry for 57. He continues to support historic losers (Muts and Bills).

The Scooter said...

Prof, you're right...I'm already over feeling sorry for 57.

Here is the best article that I have seen on why Joba should remain in the starting rotation:

old professor said...

Scooter, read the article that you cited. Until the Yankees get reliable (and the word reliable is key) for the 7th and 8th innings, the question regarding Joba will continue to be brought up. Aceves did a very credible job on Sunday, but I don't hear anyone ready to annoint him as the 8th inning bridge to Mo. (Regarding Mo, since early last year and into this season he tends to have difficulty when being brought into tied games - wonder why).

Bruney may be coming back, but his health will continue to be a problem. The issue regarding Joba is now moot because it would appear he is permanently in the rotation. Hughes will continue to be held hostage to the numbers game even though he was becoming more effective.

Great come from behind win. This team seems to believe they are in every ball game until the last out is produced.

57 said...

All i have to say is... See you this weekend!!! Can't wait... All questions will be answered about who the best team in NY really is. We'll win two out of three WITHOUT PUTZ, REYES, DELGADO and an 80% Beltran....

Crash said...

I really love this Joba debate. Even when it's a non-story, it's still discussed heavily especially on the Michael Kay show. Everyday someone is chiming in with an opinion.

Nice find on the Joba article Scooter. Unfortunately it's all crap. The entire premise is starters make more money so they must be more valueable to the team and are more important. Obviously I'm not arguing that a starter isn't important...what I will say is that the outcome of more games are determined in the 6th-8th innings than in the first 5.

I heard Rick Sutcliff say this last week...if Mariano River goes down with an injury tonight, who is the Yankee closer tomorrow? JOBA. End of story.

Now I have some additional questions for all the "Joba is a starter" faithful out there...the Yankees have said numerous times that he is on a strict inning count for the season and that limit is 150 IP. If he goes every 5th day and averages 6 innings per start (which seems like a stretch for him because he's only done it twice I think) he is going to hit 150 innings toward mid-late August. So what are the Yankees going to do then? Is he done for the year? Do they now have a hole in the rotation they have to fill and with whom? Do they not use him for the stretch run (which it looks like could be critical to making the playoffs) and is he not an option for the playoffs?

I just don't get the he's in the rotation but we're limiting him stuff. If he's a starter then let him start every 5th day. If he wasn't ready to pitch 200+ innings like real big leaguers then he shouldn't be up here.

old professor said...

crash, regarding the innings limitation issue, the team has indicated on occassion he may skip a start and they will insert someone else into the rotation. Doesn't really make sense because that will mean he could have ten days off between starts which is counter productive to being sharp and consistent.

Look for the Yankees to go to a six man rotation sometime in late July. Oddly, Hughes is also on an innings limit, however, unless they figure out how to use him soon, that won't be a concern.

And I agree with Sutcliff, if Mo goes down due to injury end of debate - Joba becomes the closer.

It still boils down to affecting the outcome of games. As a starter you can affect maybe 30 games as a reliever 65. How many games have the Yankees lost this year because of the inability to get the ball to Mo?

It will be interesting to see who the Yankees draft in the ucoming draft. I know that will get a compensatory pick for Abreu. I am not sure what they lost by signing the free agents they did nor am I aware of what they gained by having some of their free agents sign elsewhere.

The Scooter said...

Whether or not Joba would immediately become the closer if Mo went down is irrelevant to the argument. We're talking about him either starting or being an eighth inning guy....NOT a closer, and I still believe that a dominant starter is more valuable than a shutdown eighth inning guy.

Based on the salary differential between starters and relievers, apparently 30 MLB general managers agree with me.

You guys fail to understand a couple of things...

1. If you don't have reliable starting pitching, then the eighth inning set-up guy becomes moot. If you can't get to the eighth with a lead (or at least tied), that guy DOES NOT PITCH.

2. It is MUCH easier to find an eighth guy than it is a dominant starter. Case in point....if healthy, I think we all believe Bruney could handle the eighth. Do you think he could be a dominant starter?

3. Prof, as for a starter effecting 30 games as opposed to a reliever effecting 65....that's just ridiculous. First of all, a dominant starter STOPS losing streaks and continues winning streaks. Momentum plays a major part in a successful run to the pennant....and secondly I go back to my earlier point. It is MUCH easier to find a guy who can get three outs in the eighth than a guy who can get 21 outs every fifth day. Sure Joba might not be there yet, but the Yankees are not only thinking about this year...they are trying to win now, while continuing to try to build another dynasty.

As for the innings count....THAT I have no answer for. I have no idea how they plan to keep him under the 150 mark (if indeed they are going to stick to that limit). I seriously doubt they would go to a six man rotation.

old professor said...

Scooter, I agree with the assessment about a dominant starter, however, Joba has not proven to be a dominant starter yet. He pitched one outstanding game. Most of his starts have not gone past the sixth inning.

Except for Sabbathia, that has been a problem with most of the Yankee starters. Wang got blown out of his first three starts did not last six in his last start. Pettitte has had three consecutive starts where he has struggled and has not gone beyond six (he is starting to look old). Last night, he kept the team in the game, but coughed up a three run lead in the fourth inning and finally ran out of gas after six.

If past seasons have indicated anything to the Yankees (read Torre years), too much reliance on the bullpen to go 3 to 4 innings a night will wear them out by the end of August.

There really is not a quick solution because the Yankees can no longer count on what they are going to get from Wang, Pettitte is in a funk right now, Burnett is headed to suspension and has not necessarily pitched as most imagined he would and Joba has only gotten through six innings once or twice. And Honestly Hughes is still a question mark because he has not had that many starts - he did look dominant in the seventh last night.

The Scooter said...

Prof, I agree completely that Joba is not yet a dominant starter...although he certainly has shown stretches of dominance in that role this year. That is my point exactly....dominant starters are "developed" not born (Gooden notwithstanding 57, so be quiet). The Yankees have decided to develop Joba and for that I think you have to solute them.

How about Hughes last night? 96 mph with a CUT. Talk about dominant. How about Hughes and Bruney as the Bridge to Mo?

If Pettitte can continue to "struggle" to the tune of winning 6 out of every 8 decisions, then I think we can live with that.

Burnett vs Beckett 2 should be great tonight, if the game doesn't get rained out.

Wang vs. Wakefield has the makings of one of those 15-14 four and a half hour games.

Crash said...

Joba hasn't proven he's a dominent starter. At most he has shown inconsistency. Which he did not show as a reliever. As a #5 starter you don't have to be dominant, you have to be effective. I would argue Aceves could be a #5 guy (our current late inning guy). Tomko (also a reliever now) could be a #5 guy. Looking for a true 8th inning guy, let's recall Mike Stanton actually making spot starts for Joe Torre and was quite effective. The Yankees obviously do not view Joba as a #1 type starter...if they did was there a need to sign CC for 7 years and AJ for 5???

Anyways...great win for the Yankees last night, Pettitte seems to be grinding it the last couple of starts. Not really having his best stuff but getting through 6 innings. Last night was alittle better than in Cleveland but still the Andy we are use to seeing. They finally win a series from the Rays. Let's see if they can keep that momentum going against the Sox. They need to take at least 2 of 3 from them. If the Yankees do that, the Sox will be in the rearview mirror the rest of the season.

Crash said...

By the way, the Yankees have #29, #76, and #135. They have lost their "natural" first, second and thrid round picks to LA, Milwaukee, and Toronto, respectively. I didn't see any compenstory pick for Abreu. Indications are the Yankees will take an athletic OF or SS at #29.

57 said...

Everything is just different the day Santana starts. the sun is shiniing, the air smells different and everyone is just in a good mood.....

57 said...

I just had to leave this comment to make sure im the 57th comment.

Crash said...

Nicely done on the 57th comment let's see if the Mets can score a run tonight so Santana can get a W.

Crash said...

I just saw this and had to laugh. The #1 headline on the Red Sox web site is "Youkilis Trails Teixeira in All-Star Voting".

I love it!!!

Crash said...

Yankees pick an athletic OF Zachary Heathcott, a high school kid from Texas. He's a left handed hitter and is 5 tool player. + speed, + arm, + power, hits for average. No question about talent but had some "character issues". Not sure what that entails. He's fresh from HS so he's raw and a ways off from the big leagues.

And by the way Burnett sucked tonight.

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