Monday, May 25, 2009

Fire Girardi?

Hey it's Memorial Day, if you're American, you think of those that have sacrificed and preserved our freedom. If you're a Mets fan, you prepare for the inevitable deterioration in your post season hopes and dreams.

With the exception of one game (game 1 vs. Phils) I'm not sure you could have asked for a much better home stand than the Bombers just put up. Looking at who we've got on the upcoming road trip (2 more with Texas, 3 with the struggling Tribe) I like our chances to finish May as strong as we started.

Now on to business - Despite the wining, and several positives I see (which will be covered later in the week) - I believe there is a spot where serious improvement could be made: The Manager.

Scooter made the comment on the last post regarding the decision making of Girardi (not starting Jeter and Damon with a 3-2 count on Tex in 10th). I"m with him. Questionable managing of the bull pen (I believe I called the Bruney injury the 2nd week of April), not starting runners, not bunting etc. - simply put, I think Girardi freezes sometimes.

I believe that about 10 percent, maybe more, of the games will be decided by the decisions made or not made by the manager. I can think of a half dozen or so occasions (including the finale with the Phils) this season when the game was at hand, we didn't press for the win when the opportunity presented itself, and we ended up with a losing result.

So, if we miss winning the division by a few games, or the playoffs by one to two games - do you fire Girardi? If the answer is yes, then why wait?

I like our winning - I'm sour on our manager as of now. What are your thoughts?



old professor said...

Running against the tide, I would not be for firing Girardi. He now has the team one game out of first. They are playing well and are loose. The clubhouse and team have an atmosphere never witnessed with the Yankees. (They are actually having fun playing the game again).

Toronto will continue to fall back as the season goes on. Their early season success came against the Central Division teams.

In previous postings, the question was raised where is Kennedy? Answer - he is on the DL with circulatory problem in his shoulder - done for the season.

Bruney appears to have no structural damage, but there may be a nerve issue - remove the nerve rest for fifteen days and come back. Or learn to pitch with pain.

Great offensive display in Texas - 11 runs none by home run. Hughes pitched well - too bad he wasn't given the opportunity to get a complete game shuthout.

57 said...

Phil Hughes did not shake Girardi's hand yesterday. Lack of respect, but maybe Girardi does not have the respect of his players... time to go.

In awful news, Beltran is having an MRI today on his knee. The Mets really cannot afford to lose him for an extended period of time. This may just be the recipe to bring up Martinez from Buffalo (who is the next Willie Mays). Church could return tonight and Reyes might hit the DL by Friday. Time for a trade....I fear we might lose a good player because we are in dire straights right now. The silver lining is that the Mets next 4 opponents are sub .500 including a 4 game stint in Pittsburgh.

I was hoping that Yuke would charge the mound after Santana hit him. Johan would have wiped 2nd base with Yuke's face... take your base and don't think a phenom like Santana is going to throw at you with 2 strikes and 2 outs. C'mon you freaking baby....

The Scooter said...

Prof makes some good points. While I still have some major issues with Girardi's "in-game" managing, he does have them playing loose and having fun. He seems to have made a Tom Coughlinlike transformation this year. It looks like he's even getting along with Damon.

Regardless, I think for better or for worse we are stuck with him for the remainder of the year. I could see the Yankees giving him the boot if they were ten games under .500 at the All-Star break, but that's not going to happen.

If they make the playoffs he stays (along with Cashman), if not they are both gone.

57, Phil Hughes is a consummate "competitor". Look up the word, you guys haven't had one since '86. He didn't and shouldn't have wanted to come out of that game yesterday. In shocking news....I agree with Girardi getting him out of there.

Kevin Youkilis is a punk, but that being said, he would have ended Santana's career if he had charged the mound.

The Mets farm system is a joke. Outside of "the next Willie Mays" (and it's funny, I heard the EXACT same thing about Lastings Milledge) there is no one any other organization would be interested in.

Even Murphy's stock has dropped from being totally dicked around my Manual all year. The only trade bait I see on that team (outside of Beltran, Wright and Reyes) is Pelfrey and Bobby Parnell....and can you really afford to trade pitching?

Maybe you can go get Nick Johnson, but he will spend as much time on the DL as Delgado. This is your team 57...Live with it.

57 said...

Scooter, would Mickey Mantle not shake Ralph Houk's hand if he extended it to him? Nope.

Crash said...

57 I couldn't agree more Youkillis is the biggest whiner in the sport today. The Mets should have drilled again the next game. Youk makes Paul O'Neil look like a calm quiet guy.

I think pulling Hughes after 8 innings was beyond ludicrous. And just another example of how Girardi over thinks and mismanages games.

I'm not calling to fire Girardi right they say winning cures everything. I don't want to mess with success, but I'm not liking his managerial style. He is completely different than what I thought we were getting.

On an unrelated note:
CONGRATULATIONS SYRACUSE ORANGE! NATIONAL CHAMPIONS AGAIN! The Orange won their 11th national title in lacrosse. That game was unbelievable, with possibly the best finish in college sports history. ESPN made it an "instant classic" and I couldn't agree more.

old professor said...

Uhmm 57, I need to make a couple of points. First, there was only one Willie Mays and NO ONE will ever play the game like he played it. And regarding Mickey Mantle and shaking hands - Mantle was one of the players instrumental in getting Yogi fired as manager after they lost to St. Louis in the World Series. The Yankees actually traded with St. Louis in the off season to obtain their manager, who lasted all of one year with the Yankees before he too was fired.

Hughes didn't shake hands because he did not want to come out of the game. He had the mindset of going out and finishing what he had started. You don't mess with a pitcher's mental side unless you really plan on taking him out.

Hey if Beltran goes on the DL, maybe the Muts would be interested in Matsui.

57 said...

I'd take Matsui for an old uppder deck seat at Shea Stadium and a bag of stale donuts. Other than that, you can keep him.

57 said...

Best song of all time!

The Scooter said...

Mid, I think once again 57 needs a "time-out".

57 said...

All Hail Doc Gooden's nephew!!!!!

The Scooter said...

You should be hailing Doc Gooden's coke dealer. He's the reason Doc went 24-4 in '85

old professor said...

Long bad night in Texas. Chamberlain has a bad outting and Cabrera hurt his shoulder.

At some point the Yankees have to figure out what gives with Chamberlain. He has difficulty in the first innings of many games and his velocity seems to be inconsistent. When his fastball is between 89-91, he is an ordinary pitcher.

The bullpen also choked the chicken again as well giving up four runs. Team misses the opportunity to move into first place.

The Scooter said...

Prof, it looked like Joba just didn't have his fastball last night. The talent is incredible though. Even without his good "stuff" he appeared dominant at times (that is when he wasn't walking everybody in the ballpark). I'm going to preach patience here. He is still learning to become a pitcher and specifically a starting pitcher. We could do a lot worse with a number 4 or 5 starter...I mean, we could have Oliver Perez.

Let's hope that Dave Eilland is the right guy to be working with this staff.

Texas is a good team and a VERY good hitting team. We are not going to win every game.

Let's bounce back tonight. I'd like to see Burnett put up seven innings of one run ball.

Crash said...

Was it Girardi's dumb move to pull Hughes in the 8th on Monday that cost the bombers the game yesterday? Aceves certainly wasn't sharp giving up 4 hits in 2 IP and taking the loss. Anyone else worried about Coke giving up HR's to left-handed batters? It seems that whenever the Yankees tie the game or take the lead, the very next inning they just give it back. Last night top of the 6th the battle back tie the game, bottom of the 6th Aceves gives it right back to Texas.

I can't believe I'm saying this but the injury to Melky could be very detrimental to the Yankees. He has come up with big hits many times this year and was playing well.

Posada should be back with the Yankees for the weekend series. Wang was to get a start this week, but Girardi will keep him in the pen. Has he pitched at all since that first outing?

Hopefully Burnett can pitch well tonight and get in the W column.

The Scooter said...

Hopefully Melky will not be out long (I can't believe I'm saying that either). X-rays were negative. Let's see what the MRI will show.

I can't believe how bad Nick Swisher looks after he just tore the cover off the ball in April.

I mentioned my concern with Coke giving up HRs to left handed hitters a couple of weeks ago. He needs to trust his fastball and stop throwing that flat slider to lefties.

I think we need another arm in the pen if we are really going to make any noise this year. Huston Street, George Sherril, Kyle Farnsworth? No, scratch that last one.

old professor said...

If and let me repeat that IF Melky goes on the DL that will open the door for the Yankees to see what Austin Jackson really has. Regarding Coke and his pitch selection, the last time I checked, the pitch selection is being called from the bench. I don't think the Yankees need to go out and get another arm (at least not yet). Marte is supposed to begin throwing this week and could be back soon. When right, he can be dominant. It also depends what Dr. Andrews finds out about Bruney. If he is going to be a long-term DL then the team will need more help in the pen.

And regarding Swisher, apparently, this is a replay of last season. The team cannot continue to run an outfielder out there when he kills rallies and is hitting .215. Nady won't be the answer, because he will not be allowed to throw when he returns.

The Scooter said...

I was all for re-signing Marte. But let's face it, he hasn't been "dominant" since he became a Yankee. Plus, you can never have too many bullpen arms. If the Yankees are really "going for it" this year, they should go out and get Street from the Rockies.

I wouldn't be surprised to see A-Jax up here either, Prof...if Melky goes on the DL. GIrardi MUST be losing patience with Swisher. Every time you turn around, he is behind 0-2 in the count.

Is Matsui almost ready to play some outfield? With Nady coming back as a DH, and Posada obviously not able to catch every game, it seems we have a terrible glut at that position.

Crash said...

Jackson is doing real well at SWB, hitting .358 and has 8 steals. The only bad thing is no power.

If Swisher continues to slump, and if Melky has to go on the DL Jackson may get an early call. The other possibility is trading for someone. Not sure who they would look for...I assume Jermaine Dye of the White Sox is out of the question because Chicago certainly wouldn't take Swisher back. Matt holliday is awful this season and the A's would ask too much right now...What about a player like Rick Ankiel? He's 30, athletic, has power, great defensively has a canon for an arm. Downside, free agent at the end of the season and is represented by Boras.

Crash said...

Did anyone see Andrew Brackman's line from last night (he must be hanging out with Joba):

3.1 IP, 1 H, 10 BB, 3 ER. Yikes 10 walks in 3+ innings. That's pretty impressive...and not in a good way.

old professor said...

Crash, I will take Austin Jackson hitting for average and no power over someone who isn't hitting and is a liability when it comes to hitting into double plays. Matsui is not targeted for outfield duty until mid-June. And with his knees and weak arm why bother putting him out there if only to free an opening at DH.

Apparently, Posada will not play in any rehab games at the minor league level and is expected back when the team heads to Cleveland. How major league ready can he be hitting wish having been out as long as he has. In addition, Molina and Ransom are now beginning to do some rehabilitation in Tampa and will both be scheduled for minor league action soon. Do we really want to see Ransom over Pena or Molina over Cervelli?? I think NOT.

Hey 57 the Mets' DL list is beginning to expand: Delgado, Reyes, their backup shortstop, Church and possibly even Reyes. Looks like the September swoon will hit early this year.

The Scooter said...

I am all for Rick Ankiel, Crash. I really like his game.

I think the Yankees will (or at least should) make Molina available when he is healthy. I would think a solid back-up catcher with plus defensive ability would have some value on the trade market. I really want Cervelli to stay.

Maybe we can interest the Mets in Cody Ransom. I think he has played his last game as a Yankee.

When Posada returns (and gets in a groove), the Yankee lineup once again becomes one of the strongest in MLB

Melky (hopefully...I can't believe I'm saying that)

57 said...

Prof, Reyes is so good, you've put him on the DL twice. Im not worried.. better now than then...

Scooter/Crash, might as well get Rick Ankiel.. or, im sorry, ROID Ankiel. A-Roid will have a buddy...

As for the lineup, consider this post injury lineup:


I think Bobby Cox just resigned after reading this post.

Look at the power 3-6... aptly named, 'The Queens Quartet'

If LeBron James cannot bring back Cleveland in this series, he'll be a Knick in 2010.

old professor said...

57, your projections would indicated a serious use of recreational drugs. If any of Rochester's finest are reading your posts, they could be on the way to raiding your home.

The Mets are done, stick a fork in them. Delgado, Cora, Reyes, Church all on the DL. When he returns, Reyes will return to his lazy sluggish ways. Delgado may never return and Church has to learn to run the bases before coming off the DL. By the way has Pelfry read the rule book on what consistutes a balk (as in 3 in one game)?

The Scooter said...

Looks like the "next Willie Mays" has some growing up to do.

So typical.

I'm actually starting to feel a little bad for 57.....oh I'm not.

old professor said...

Gone unnoticed in all of this is the fact the Yankees are now tied for first and on their way to Cleveland. Toronto appears to have finally hit the skids and Boston has also lost games in some very unusual ways. Dice-K appears to be struggling since his return from the DL.

Posada is expected back from the DL on Friday. The Yankees are hinting they will carry three catchers until they are certain Posada can catch on a regular basis. Strange with the pending return of Posada, even Cash is starting to hit.

Scooter regarding Joba, how long can the Yankees continue to send him out knowing that we has problems early in games which puts the team behind and that because of those struggles, he doesn't go deep into games which then turns the game over to a bullpen that is inconsistent at best.

Prior to the season beginnning, I indicated he had the ability to affect the outcome of more games out of the pen then in the rotation. With his lack of depth into games he may now be affecting games he is not in because of the bullpen working more innings.

Crash said...

There's a bunch of things working against Joba staying in the rotation.
1. He's on a stict inning count for the season (I think 150IP has been thrown out there).
2. He hasn't shown the ability to consistently go deep into games, and by deep I mean 5 IP.
3. The Yankees bullpen is a train wreck, no Bruney, no Marte equals FUBAR for anything beyond the 7th inning. Coke, as much as like him, is no where near ready to inherit the 8th inning role.
4. Joba had great success in the role previously.
5. Hughes is showing more promise and confidence with every start. He is the real deal and will be a big contributor this season. He still could end up with 12-15 wins this year.

old professor said...

Crash, the way Chamberlain is pitching and not going deep into games, he will never reach the 150 innings even if he gets 25 starts.

The concept that has to be viewed is this, they have a veteran pitcher in the pen who came out and threw two scoreless innings against Texas and may be ready to get back into the rotation (that would be Wang). The bullpen is a train wreck (by the way where did you learn the military term FUBAR?) and Chamberlain would not have to pace himself which could mean a return to the 95-99 mph fastball.

And since today is an offday, I thought I would bore you all with some meaningless statistics. At SWB, only six of the twenty-eight players on the active roster are on the Yankees forty-man roster. The most successful pitchers at SWB are Igwa, Kontos and Fossum none of whom are on the 40-man. So technically speaking, there isn't a great deal of help for the pen in SWB. In Charleston, only one player is on the 40-man and that is Andrew Brackman. By the way he is 1-4 with a 3.83 ERA.

And here is one for you Mid - Humberto Sanchez is still in the Yankee system. Apparently no one approached the Yankees when they designated him for assignment and then released him. He is on the DL with Trenton.

Crash said...

Don't know how I missed Wang's impressive outing. And I don't know how I missed Veras getting jacked out of the park!!!

Even in a game like last night when the Yanks are up 8-0 the bullpen has to come in a slam the door shut.

Good news is Bruney doesn't need surgery and no nerve damage, he just needs rest. If I'm the Yankees I shut him down until the All-Star break. Try to give him a full month off to heal. Posada back tomorrow. That should give this offense an even bigger boost.

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