Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Corner Has Been Turned

The Yanks have found that scrappy edge which was absent the first month plus of the season.

8-2 since A-Rod's return

Tex clearly getting better pitches to hit with A-Rod in the lineup

Swisher needs a rest

Is Ramiro Pena the 1996 version of Derek Jeter?

With Wang and Bruney apparently ready to go, decisions need to be made - I like what I see out of Tomko, Aceves, Coke, and Albaladejo. I say cut Veras and Edwar Ramirez, and send Hughes to the pen to keep him up with the club and allow him to continue to gain MLB experience.

Next up - a 3 gamer with the struggling birds.


The Scooter said...

I like the idea of sending Hughes to the pen.

I can't see Pena ever really consistently hitting enough to be this year's young Jeter, but the kid can sure pick it.

Does anyone else love this Cervelli kid as much as I do? I think he makes Molina expendable.

Swisher need a HIT.

Coke grew up last night.

old professor said...

Scooter, can't argue with your assessments (no I am not on drugs, though after my board meeting last night probably should be).

Hughes might be a good fit in the pen, though the team will not commit to bringing Wang back just yet. They are not confident he is ready. Bruney coming back will be important. I agree with Mid - Veras needs to go. While I am not thrilled with Ramirez, he gives the team a vastly different look from the pen.

Cervelli has made Molina expendable. He is close defensively, can definately run better plays hard and to this point, has provided the team with a better than expected bat. (Hmmm Posada to DH, Cervelli as the starter?????).

Swisher seems to be reverting to last year's form. He seems to be undercutting the ball too much in an attempt to get lift versus trying to make solid contact.

Mid said...

Cervelli makes Posada expendable.

Crash said...

Cervelli means that Molina will not be rushed back. I'm hopefully Cervelli can keep hitting, but let's remember he was hitting just .190 at AA.

Bruney is back today. They may not use him immediately in the 8th inning but he will certainly see work today. I too like Hughes in the pen.

I didn't see the end of the game but was disappointed to see 2 late inning runs let int. Looking at the box score, I hate to see walks by your late inning relievers. Good to see Coke go more than inning and get the save. But it looks like he worked a lot harder than he should have had to. If he can learn from that experience great.

Damon is hitting unbelievably, Tex is hot, A-Rod is getting there. Even Jeter is creeping his average closer to .300

And after all the money the Yankees spent to bolster their rotation with 2 stud aces to compliment the under-rated, highly dependable Wang...it's Andy Pettitte who has the best record on the team at 4-1 and has an ERA almost a full point lower than Burnett.

Bottom line is Yanks have won 6 in a row and 8 of their last 10.

The Scooter said...

Hey 57, tough news on Delgado.

I hear Richie Sexon is available.

Crash said...

I just saw the highlights (if that's what you want to call them) for the Mets game last night. No wonder 57 has coincidentally left the board for today. I guarantee you if the Mets won he would be on here raving about the perseverance of the Mets to soldier on without Delgado and Reyes.

The Scooter said...

Off Topic:

My boy is looking more and more like Namath. Super Bowl or bust, baby!


old professor said...

Crash, David Cone had an interesting take on the difference between Cervelli in Single A and what appears to be an offensive surge in the show - Cone indicated Major League pitchers are more consistently around the plate and strike zone which allows a hitter to zone and anticipate. Minor league pitchers tend to be all over the place and hitters can pick up bad habits.

While I don't believe he will continue to hit at the .375 clip he is at, he has shown the ability to hit in the show. Crash, Jeter is hitting .265 please equate how that is closing in on .300.

Coke made it interesting in the ninth inning last night. Gave up a run, put two more on and finally got the last out on a ground out. You could see that once he got to two outs, adrenaline took over and he was overthrowing. Girardi had a look on his face that he was just praying to find a way to get the final out.

Interesting to wonder with all of the individuals that have gone to the DL if youth is actually playing a part in how the team is playing. Pena, Aceves, Coke, Abaldejo, Hughes, Cervelli, and Chamberlain are all very young (there is a question as to if Aceves is really 25). Hey maybe we are starting to see a changing of the guard.

Oddly, one has to wonder that if George was still calling the shots how many of those players would be up and would Girardi still be managing. By showing patience with some of the players they may (and I stress may, because I still have concerns about the pitching and consistency) be building for a stronger future.

57 said...

Scooter, there is something standing in your way of an AFC East title.... GET YOUR POPCORN READY!

The Scooter said...

Just another typical day of NY Baseball

CC dominates; A-Rod and Tex homer; Yankees win again.

A Mets pitcher not named Santana falters; David Wright makes a base-running mistake; Daniel Murphy butchers a routine line drive; and the Mets fall to Torre's Dodgers.

All is right in the World.

old professor said...

57, If you are contemplating the Bills will win the East because of TO, you really need to rethink. Are you sure you actually are from Suburban Buffalo and not the Love Canal area of Niagra Falls??

Scooter good analysis of the Muts, they apparently can't get out of their own way. Two games in a row with baserunning mistakes. Is it possible we are seeing the September version just a little bit early??

Crash said...

I think this is just proof that Willie was made a scape goat and the real person that should go is Omar.

If this is how the Yankees are capable of playing on an everyday basis, the rest of the league should be real worried.

Hughes pitches tonight and needs to come out strong and not give up anything early, let that confident offense give him a lead.

old professor said...

Crash, everyone knew going into the season the Yankees could stay with teams offensively. The issue would be the health of their starting rotation and the reliability of the bullpen. Rotation has held up except for Wang who should be back soon. Hughes is allowing the pressure of trying to be too perfect get to him. He needs to just let his abilities take over and just pitch.

The bullpen is still a minefield with some in the pen being inconsistent. Bruney being back should strengthen the pen and Aceves, Tomko and Coke are more reliable. It is unfortunate that Marte is still on the DL and probably will be for a long time to come (look for the Yankees to eat the final two years of the contract).

Crash said...

Has anyone noticed that A-Jax is hitting .344 in S/WB?

old professor said...

Crash, don't get to hyped on the minor league stats for Jackson. After all Igawa is 3-1 with SWB. Speaking of SWB, has anyone noticed the veteran major league players that seem to have made their way to the Yankee's Triple A roster? Casey Fossum, Josh Towers, Jason Johnson (Tomko already got the call), and of course Igawa.

Also speaking of SWB, keep an eye on the 5th round pick from 2005. Zach Kroenke is a lefthanded pitcher and is currently 3-0 at SWB and has and ERA of 1.02.

57 said...

I will be a Yankee fan this weekend.

Crash said...

Old Prof make up your mind. You tell me not to get excited over minor league #'s for A-Jax, the Yankees top prospect, but then you get all excited about a 3-0 pitcher with a good ERA?

old professor said...

Crash, more and more you are showing the DNA of your mother (your diet may also be starting to affect your thought process though I think my first assessment may be more correct). I was not excited about the 3-0 lefty just trying to make an analogy of sometimes triple A success doesn't translate to success in the majors - thus the Igawa analogy. The 3-0 lefty was a high draft pick that the Yankees have been waiting to arrive. He played college ball in Nebraska before being drafted. While not on the 40 man roster, he may be opening some eyes else where. Speaking of else where - Stephen Jackson has ended up with the Pirates.

old professor said...

Interesting dilema - Wang will probably be back today and pitch tomorrow. Who goes - Veras or Hughes? Hughes has a much bigger upside than Veras and may prove to be more valuable out of the pen. Of course the Yankees could do what they had tossed around in Spring Training (to protect Joba) and that is a six man roatation.

Crash said...

I personally would send Veras down. He has had ample time at the MLB level and has shown that he cannot be consistent. He just gives up too many walks and is prone to the long ball.

I don't care if Hughes sticks in the rotation or is used out of the pen. I think if he gets his head in the right place he could be the current version of '96 Mo.

Then with Aceves, Coke, and Bruney that is a lights out game plan.

I'm guessing Wang will start Saturday for the Yankees.

Crash said...

Apparently the deal for Peavy is in place...just waiting on Peavy's approval.

White Sox would send 4 pitching prospects to the Padres including Aaron Poreda and Clayton Richard (top rated pitchers on their farm). Poreda is rated #63 in the Baseball America top 100.

Just as an fyi on Yankee prospects: A-Jax is rated as the 36th best prospect, Jesus Monterao is #38 and Andrew Brackman is currently #92.

old professor said...

Wang, if reactivated would pitch Friday according to Girardi. This would then push everyone back a day and give them an extra days rest.

Peavy deal may be agreed to there is serious question whether he will approve the trade. He does like the idea of playing for Ozzie Guillen.

By the way with the Muts on a four game losing streak and now out of first place seems 57 has gone into hiding and it definately is too early to start thinking football.

Crash said...

You can't start talking football until just before pre-season camps start up, about mid-July or so.

You know what's disappointing, even though the Yankees are the hottest team in baseball right now, having won 8 straight, and 9 of 10 games, they're still a game behind the Sox in the AL East and 2.5 behind the Jays. They have made up 3 games on the Jays and 4 on the Sox. And now we have Interleague coming up. We need to play the Sox and Jays again now, not in a month.

57 said...

Alright, let's face it... you are ALL Mets fans beginning with the pitcher you SHOULD have had last year on the bump tonight. Please tune in to watch greatness at Fenway. Cashman, where is Ian Kennedy?

I will stick forks in my eyes before I begin to applaud a hit by Yankee or an A-Rod homerun, but if the Yankees beat the Phillies and the Mets are back in first by Sunday night... I will say 'thank you' to pinstripe postings. If, by chance, the Phillies win the series, I will report this site to the FCC and have it shut down.

The Scooter said...

57, the good news is the Mets didn't lose last night.

The bad news is Santana can't pitch all three games at Fenway.

And the difference between a Yankee fan and a Met fan is that we will in fact applaud a Met hit or a homerun by Beltran if it results in a Red Sox loss.

I for one will be rooting hard for the Mets this weekend.

57 said...


The Scooter said...

GO IRISH!!!!!!

Crash said...

9 in a row. I think I was for Veras getting sent down when Wang comes back, but I have to tell you Albaledejo may be working his way back down to AAA real quick. I swear I haven't seen this guy not give up a run.

I think it's kind of funny how the Blue Jays were off to this great start, and because no one thought the Rays were legit last year until around September, all the pro analysts were jumping on the Jays wagon early this year saying they're for real. Well they played the Sox and Yankees and lost 5 of 6. They're only win when Halladay pitched against the Yankees. They now have a slim .5 lead on the Sox and only 1.5 on the Yankees. By the end of next week they'll be looking up at both of those teams. Welcome to the AL East Blue Jays!!!

57 I think Santana will keep the Mets in the game, but unfortunately I just think they will find a way to lose the game, and quite possibly get swept by the Sox. And don't take that as I'm hoping the Red Sox win. I will NEVER cheer for a Red Sox win (unless their winning can help the Yankees somehow).

57 not sure if you were being facetious or not, but Ian Kennedy had an aneurysm removed from his pitching arm earlier this month. He's most likely done for most, if not all, of the season. Leave it to a Mets fan to call out a player who had a potentially life threatening injury.

57 said...

hey.. im just saying that Cashman passed on Santana because of Kennedy and Hughes. What have their numbers equated to since the Santana trade. Instead you got a FAT lefty who looks like an unmade bed and makes David Wells look like Jack Lalane.

The Scooter said...

Coming from a guy whose team's GM

1. built a starting rotation of "Santana and four guys named Joe"

2.struck out on the utter failure that is JJ Putz

3. relied on a 71 year old first baseman to be part of the core

4. thought David Murphy was the answer in left field

5. vastly overpaid (while bidding against himself) for Castillo

6. Presides over a team that has given us two of the biggest September collapses in the history of MLB

your criticism has absolutely no credibility.

Crash said...

So Wang is in the bullpen starting tonight. I think that makes sense since Aceves pitched 4 innings yesterday and both Veras and Albaledejo worked as well.

I could be wrong on this but I think since coming back Bruney has only pitched 1 inning. He should be able to go 2 innings if needed, Coke got a day off yesterday. Mo is probably unavailable tonight.

57 said...

..but at least the Mets have never had an October collapse... Scooter, 2004 called; it wanted to ask if you remember it.

The Scooter said...

57, count these "rings":

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

End of Story

Crash said...

Bruney is hurt again, had another MRI on his elbow. Bullpen is in real trouble.

The Scooter said...

Hey, Happy Memorial Day everyone.

I just had to log on here and vent. If the Yankees miss the playoffs by one game it can be traced DIRECTLY back Girardi and an absolutely ridiculous mistake he made in yesterday's (Sunday) game.

Bottom of the tenth, runners on first and second, no outs, 3-2 count on Teixiera. What do you do?


There shouldn't even be a question about this. It's "Baseball 101". You absolutely HAVE to stay out of the double play. You had speed on the bases (Jeter and Damon) and a guy at the plate that you trust to put the ball in play.

The odds are MUCH greater that he hits the ball on the ground than he would hit a scorching liner that would be caught to double up one of the runners. And if he strikes out, you still have a good chance of Jetes and Johnny swiping the bases.

So play it through...Tex grounds out and advances the runners...they walk A-Rod and Pena hits a sac fly to win it.

This move should have been so obvious that to me, there isn't even a question about it.

Girardi managed "not to lose" the game and it cost them an important win. Pathetic!

Let's face it, Girardi has time and again proven that he is just overmatched. Whether it's his baffling handling of the bullpen or the fact that he finds it necessary to start Cash over Cervelli every 2 or 3 games (I'm sorry, but the kid should be able to play 5 or 6 games in a row behind the plate).

Get rid of this guy... bring in Bowa, or Valentine, or give Tony Pena a shot......57 could manage a game better than Girardi....and that's saying something.

Any Thoughts?

57 said...

Watched a story on Mickey Mantle on MLB Network this morning and wonder why more players today don't have his grit and determination.

That being said, I still think the 1986 Mets would have beat the 1961 Yankees... or Ray Knight would have punched Moose in the mouth. Gary Carter would have owned Whitey Ford.

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