Monday, July 13, 2009

Hell's Angels

No matter how hot the Bombers are, it seems we can always count on one team more than any other the last decade to throw a wet blanket on us to cool us down - The Angels.

I'm starting to dislike this team more than the Sox at this point.

- All in all, not in a bad position heading into the break.


The Scooter said...

Mid, I'm with you on the Angels...I HATE them and I HATE Sciossia..and I HATE Figgins...and I HATE that stupid friggin Rally Monkey

I posted this on the last thread, but figured I would copy and paste it since you started a new one:

Finally at the Break....and it couldn't have come at a better time.

Although we have seen some good things in the first half, all you really need to know is that the Yankees are 0-9 in Anaheim and Boston. The two teams they are almost sure to see in the playoffs if they happen to get in.

A couple things are clear:

They need a starter

Hinske should get more time

CC needs to pitch like an ace every 2 out of 3 times out....and I mean 8 innings of one or two run ball

Girardi has no faith in Posada behindd the plate

They need to figure out Joba

anything else?

Crash said...

Finally the first half is done. Here's my report card:
Starting Rotation: B I'm not going to argue with the production of CC or AJ (7 and 8 wins respectively). But the Wang situation, the inconsistency from Joba, and the deterioration of Pettitte is too much to overlook. I said it last week, GET ROY HALLADAY!!!

Bullpen: B Hughes in the pen makes a world of difference. If Bruney can get back his effectiveness I think the bullpen will be fine. Mo has been great, his demise has been over exaggerated.

Offense: A- This would have been an A except there were a couple of streaks this year already where the offense completely disappeared. You can't argue with the individual #'s for anyone right now, but there is no reason the entire line up should just stop hitting for 7 straight games.

Bench: B Cody Ransom needs to go, he's only hitting .180 and has had several bad errors at bad times. The addition of Hinske is a step in the right direction. But now they have 6 #4 OF's (Damon, Gardner, Melky, Swisher, Matsui, and Hinske. Unfortunately 3 of them have to start, sometimes Girardi actually finds a place for 5 of them all at once.

Manager: C+ Girardi has lost several games with his decision making. He doesn't seem to have the pulse of the team this year at all. He's either pulling pitchers too soon or leaving them in too long. Some players seem to like him, Teixeira saying "He's the best manager I've ever had". I'm not ready to call for the firing of Girardi yet...(ok I did a couple of times this year)...but he's on thin ice and the Yankees need to do more than make the playoffs this year.

Overall: B You can't argue with the second best record in the AL, especially with the early injuries to Posada, Wang, A-Rod, Nady, and the bullpen mess early on. You have to like the way the kids stepped up when called upon. Both Pena and Cervelli were good. They have a 3.5 game lead on the wild card right now. But they're 0 for the season against the Sox. If they lose the division it's only going to be by a couple of games and they can look back at the games against the Sox. They need to make a couple of moves before the trade deadline, a starter, maybe a bullpen guy, maybe added bench.

The Scooter said...

Not a bad report card, Crash...I can't really argue with any except the overall grade.

I just can not bring myself to give them a B after losing EIGHT straight times to the Red Sox and getting swept in Anaheim right before the break.

You know as well as I do that the Yankees are measured by how they match up to the other elite teams in baseball...and to this point, they have matched up poorly.

They get an overall "C" at best from me.

old professor said...

Can someone explain to me how the team can have the bases loaded twice with no outs and can't get a run home. TWICE!!!

Crash, I agree with you regarding an earlier post that said Joba quit on the team. Girardi even went to the mound to get Joba's mind back in the game with the usual - shake it off let's get this guy. First pitch homerun. At this point in the season and with the number of starts he has had, he should be better. They need to send him down.

Crash said...

Scooter I can't argue with your grade. What kills me about Boston is that if they just split the season series so far, they'd be in first by a game.

I can live with losing to LA for now because they only see them twice. It was just frustrating because LA's best hitters (Hunter and Vlad) were just put on the DL, the Angels were coming off a rough series against Texas, the Yanks were on a nice role, the offense was going well, pitching was decent, bullpen looked sharp.

The Yankees could end up losing the division by a game or 2 and as a result perhaps miss the playoffs altogether and they just have to look at the season series against Boston to see why.

Anyone watching HR Derby tonight? I'll probably flip into a couple of times. I can't even tell you who's participating, except Pujols.

57 said...

The first half has come to and end, and the Yankees were swept and the Mets won their last two going into the break. Santana looks back to form, Delgado is ahead of schedule and Reyes performed near 100% in Florida and did not have any post-workout pain. Things are looking up... I said weeks ago that if they can stay within 5 games of first before everone comes back, they are going to win the division. I am sticking by that statement.

In other news, every time I watch 'The Bronx is Burning', the more I hate Reggie Jackson and the more I like Thurman Munson and Mickey Rivers... Willie Randolph is still portrayed as a joke just as he was as a manager. MSG will show another episode tonight...not sure why I like this series 3 years after the fact...

In other news... maybe if A-Rod was not in Beverly Hills with K-Hud, you would have scored some runs this weekend Prof. Can't this guy concentrate on baseball, like, ever?!?!

The Scooter said...

57, leave your analysis to the (will be golfing in October) Mets. A-Rod is NOT the Yankees problem.

Back off of a Muts fan, you don't get to critique anyone who has multiple rings.

old professor said...

Scooter, you have to understand the rationale that 57 is coming from - a diehard Muts fan that has to take up the call of the Brooklyn Dodgers (whom the Mets really replaced)- wait til nest year. (Sadly next year never arrives) and he is also a diehard Bills fan who had to endure the FIVE straight super bowl loses. Sometime in August as the Muts fade forever out of sight in the chanse for relevance, 57 will hoist the Bills flag on the front yard, make the five mile trip to Fisher to watch the pre-season camp and proclaim that Owens is the savior and will lead them to the promised land! Predictable.

Crash said...

NY Post is kicking around the possibility of the Yankees trading for Halladay. Saying no one is off limits. Blue Jays want 4 prospects, but they seem to think A-Jax and either Hughes or Joba would get the deal done.

Again I say get Halladay on the team at just about any cost except for offering Joba or Hughes.

Goose Gossage also chimes in and says put Joba in the pen (just thought I'd throw that in for you Scooter).

The Scooter said...

At this pint, Crash...I'd be happy if they put Joba on a BUS, never mind in the pen.

If Joba and A-Jax brings them Halliday they better make that trade.

I just got a text from 57 saying that there is a rumor on the FAN about the Yankees making a play for Grady this just more 57 drivel or can anyone confirm this?

Crash said...

I don't have the radio on right now...I checked a couple of "insider" sites and I don't see any mention of Grady Sizemore to anyone, the Indians may however make Kerry Wood available and they are worried about Carl Pavano breaking down (really, they didn't see that coming)...I did see that the Mets may be calling Barry Bonds (talk about desperate), Joba is going back to the pen, and the Angles are "in the lead" for Halladay with the Yankees a close 2nd. Apparently the Jays would want Phil Hughes (not Joba) in any deal for Halladay. The Angels wood send Brandon Wood and 1 or 2 pitching prospects.

The Scooter said...

Tough to give up Hughes, but if it's only him and Jackson, i say do it.

old professor said...

Regarding the potential of a trade for Holliday. Hughes should be a non-starter in talks. He has proven to be a very valuable commodity to the team. While the reverse can be said of Chamberlain. The Jays will ask more from the Yankees than anyother team because every team likes to holdup the Yankees.

Now to non-yankee stuff. Read recently that, but Selig has had Pete Rose's reinstatement request on his desk for 12 years and has yet to make a decision about the request. Selig is an idiot and there is a lot of hypocracy at the top.

If you go to the Hall of Fame, there is (or was) large display honoring the Big Red Machine. The display includes a team piture - with Rose- Rose's bat, spikes, shirt and some other items. So the Hall and MLB can honor his team use his stuff, identify it as such, but ban the guy. RIGHT. He is the all time hit leader and left everything on the field for the team he was playing for. There is NO evidence he ever did something to impact the outcome of a game. It is time to let him in. And it is time to let Shoeless Joe Jackson in as well. The guy couldn't read or write, but was asked to put his X on a statement that he was told would clear the record and his name instead the document was an admission of guilt. The guy hit .340 in the series that he was accused of throwing and drove in a lot of runs and played flawlessly in the field. Time to let both in the Hall. (Oh and once again Scooter, no I did not see Jackson play).

The Scooter said...

Prof, you are DEAD ON about Charlie Hustle and the HOF.

In fact, I have been through or around Cooperstown about five times over the years on business and I WILL NOT visit the Hall until Pete is allowed in. It's pathetic that the man with the most hits in the history of the game has been kept out by this obvious vendetta by the "old man network" that is running the game.

I can't speak much of Shoeless Joe, all I know about him is from "Field of Dreams" and what I've read...but apparently he could rake with the best of them. Let him in too.

I'm not going to call Hughes a "non starter" in Halliday talks off of about 20 good innings in the pen, Prof. Halliday is the best pitcher in the what it takes to bet him.

Well it's good to see that the '09 World Series will start at the New Yankee Stadium.

Jete's scored a couple of runs and of course the Sandman entered and it was lights out.

Crash said...

Jeter goes for 0-2 at the plate but finds a way to help his team win by scoring 2 runs. Love to see Mo close the door on the best the NL has to offer. Actually all the AL pitchers, except Halladay, looked real impressive. Buehrle, Greinke, Jackson, Hernandez, Papelbon, Nathan and MO. Did Wakefield make it into the game? It would be shame if he didn't. It was his first time in his 17 year career right? Maybe they were planning on using him in case it went to extra innings?

old professor said...

Scooter, can't argue with what Halliday has done. However, he is going to be or is 32 and has spent a portion of the last three years on the disabled list with: a broken leg, pulled hamstrings and strained groin. In addition, the guy has thrown a lot and I mean a lot of innings and it is only a matter of time before he breaksdown. Also, the Jays have indicated they will not allow any conversations with Halliday about extensions until after the trade is made. Why trade the top prospects in the system if you can't guarantee a long-term deal (which regarding what I said above could be risky anyway - reference: Pavano, Marte, Don Gullett (okay before you were born).

Crash, Wakefield did not get into the game. He spent a good portion of the game in the pen sitting next to and talking with Mo. Really too bad the guy is 42 gets to his first and probably only all star game and doesn't make an appearance.

57 said...

The All-Star game is a joke... Im not watching it ever again.

As for Pete Rose, I agree... By the way, is Mark McGwire's bat that he hit his *62nd HR in the hall? How about Bond's bat? I think so... Bunch of hypoc...

If I were commissioner, I would do THREE things the first day in office:

1) Induct Pete Rose
2) Induct Shoeless
3) Reinstate Roger Maris as the SOLE owner of the HR record.

oh, and one more....

4) Recognize the '86 Mets as one of the greatest teams of all time.

Can't wait till thursday!! Braves/Mets.. 2nd half begins... We had the rest we needed and Delgado is right around the corner.

Scooter, watch '8 Men Out'. GREAT movie about the Sox during the scandal.. I really like this movie. Good cast too...

The Scooter said...

If I were commissioner I would do three things immediately also:

1. Induct Rose into the HOF

2. Institute the Designated Hitter in the National League

3. Strip the '86 Mets of their World Series Title because they single-handedly kept the Medellin Cartel in Colombia in business

Crash said...

The Yankees are said to be interested in the Cuban defector...21 year old (yeah right like we believe that)left hander that can hit 100 mph on the gun. Apparently he is not MLB ready and will need grooming in the minors.

The Yankees had 2 successful ventures into the foreign markets El Duque and Matsui. I think I would stay away from this one. We don't need another Irabu or Igawa or Contreras.

old professor said...

Crash, just a brief comment about the Cuban defector. His record would contradict most of the hype. He is 23-21 with an ERA just above 3.00 in Cuban competition. Cuban competition may be good, but it can't compare to show. I have to disagree with you regarding Contreras. He pitched well in his first season and not too bad his second. Problem he had difficulty adjusting to NYC without his family. He also did very well when the White Sox won it all. I believe he is still with the White Sox but is beginning to show his age and wear and tear.

Yankees should take a gamble on the kid and hope he can develop. If and it is a big if he really is 21 or 25 or 26, he could still be a bonus for whoever signs him. (If he talks with Orlando Hernandez or Contreras, they may advise him to avoid the Yankees).

Oh and 57 yes the bats used by both McGuire and Bonds are in the HOF and I think they paid a rather hefty price to get at least one of the balls back.

Crash said...

I think I agree with the general sentiment here on the board regarding the HOF. It is a big hypocrisy. If a player isn't "worthy" of being inducted due to steroid suspicion, betting, etc. they shouldn't have anything on display from that person.

Pete Rose is banned from baseball, the HOF should not have anything of his on display. They don't won't McGwire or Bonds or Sosa in the HOF, then take out all of their bats, balls, etc. Last time I was there, they had a display from the "magical" '98 season of McGwire and Sosa.

In my opinion Pete Rose does not belong in the HOF at all and should never get in. I would take a proven steroid cheat before Pete.

About half the league gets back in action tonight, while the others including the Yankees will start their second half tomorrow. They have Detroit, Baltimore, then Oakland at the Stadium before heading down to Tampa. I can realistically see them taking 2 of 3 and 3 of 4 in these series. It would be a nice way to start the second half.

Crash said...

I was just reading the NY Post and when asked about Halladay, Cashman is quoted as saying..."But I can't say that we have an obvious need right now."

WTF?!?!? Andy Pettitte is declining at a very alarming rate, Joba can't make it out of the 4th inning on a good night, and Wang is back on the DL for a second time and has no time table to return (which may be a good thing given the 1-6 record with an ERA around 10.00!!!).

But there isn't an obvious need? I have been a hugge supporter of Cash, but I think he's lost it. If the Yankees do not get Halladay, because he can't see an obvious need, he should be fired August 1.

The Scooter said...

Crash, I think Cashman is in full negotiating mode. The first rule of negotiation is not to seem desperate. I wouldn't put too much stock into anything he might tell a reporter.

You need to explain yourself on Rose. You can't just throw something like:

"In my opinion Pete Rose does not belong in the HOF at all and should never get in."

And not explain yourself.

Crash said...

Rose has never told the truth about what happened. Every so often we learn a little bit more. For years it was I didn't gamble, then it was OK I bet but I never bet on baseball, then it was OK I bet on baseball but never on my own team, then most recently, unless I missed something (which I admit certainly could have happened bcz I stopped caring about 20 years ago) it was yes I bet on my own team BUT only to win. What a load of crap!!! This happened not only during his managerial career but also during his playing career...he was in fact a player/manager during the time in question, right? I believe there has been more than one person that has come forward and said Pete did bet for and AGAINST his own team. That to me crosses the line.

If your argument is strictly about stats and letting the best on field numbers in, I can live with that, and then would agree that Pete certainly belongs in the HOF, along with McGwire, Bonds, Sosa, Palmerio, and eventually A-Rod.

However, I think the HOF has a greater meaning than just the #'s. Betting against your team and having the ability to influence that game so they don't win is by far a worse act than taking PED's. That is fundamentally altering the integrity of sport.

At least with PED's the argument could be that the player was trying to be the best. Isn't that what is being said about Bonds and A-Rod...they weren't satisfied with being great, they wanted to be known as being the best ever. I would argue that "being the best ever" is inherently helping your team win, albeit I would also say these players were not considering that fact and their motives were strictly selfish.

So for summary...strictly from a #'s perspective, obviously Rose belongs in the HOF. But if the HOF is more than #'s then no he doesn't.

old professor said...

Crash, regarding Cashman's statement on Halladay, you only mentioned the first have of the statement. The rest of his statement was he could not comment on it because he had to avoid the issue of what MLB would call tampering.

The Scooter said...

Crash, to my knowledge there has been NO ONE who has come out and even insinuated that Rose bet AGAINST his own team. In fact, even the greatest Rose detractors state that this is not in his nature. He wanted to win (at all costs) every time he strapped on the uniform, whether it was as a coach or as a player.

Other than that, so what, he's a liar and a jerk...there are plenty of liars and jerks in the HOF whose numbers don't come close to Pete's.

Yes, he bet...he bet on baseball...he bet on his own team...and he lied about it....When is he forgiven? He never cheated the fans or the game, by using PED's...all he did was play every game and treat every at bat like it was his last. The man is a LEGEND and it's the Hall's loss that he isn't in there.

Crash said...

I stand corrected, at least for the moment until a new truth comes out. I couldn't find anything stating Rose bet his team to lose. Rose claims that he bet on every game the Reds played to win, every night. John Dowd says not true, in 1987 he never bet the Reds when Mario Soto or Bill Gullickson pitched. Let's see why would that be...because Gullickson was a sub.500 pitcher that year with an ERA around 5, and Soto while he only starting 6 games had an ERA over 5. Now if you're not betting those games but you are betting tomorrow's game, I think I would make some in game decisions that could help the team more tomorrow than today. Maybe you give someone in the bullpen an extra day off, so you bring in your "mop up" guy. Maybe you don't pinch hit in a situation or you use a different PH than you normally would.

Because of the outside influence of gambling, his decision making, and influence over the game, were compromised.

By the way Jeter is averaging more hits per season than Charlie Hustler. If Jeter decides to play for another 10 years (God I hope not) he will be the hit king.

I'm going out on a limb to say Jeter wins the MVP this year. If he maintains his average and power #'s, to finish around .320 and 20 HR, and the Yankees make the playoffs, he wins the MVP.

The Scooter said...

Crash, he never bet on the Reds when Soto or Gullickson pitched because HE WASN'T FRIGGING INSANE!!!

No way am I buying that he ever did anything while managing the Reds that wasn't geared toward winning every single game.

I brought up the Jeter in the MVP conversation a week or so ago. I think it's totally legitimate. Let's hear from Prof on this.

57 said...

Ok.. chiming in, again, on the PR issue (Pete Rose)... fact is, this game misses players that have his grit, fortitude and desire.. now you gave guys sitting out of games because of hang nails, and sore vaginas (excuse my language Prof).. I think the Hall is all about what you did for the GAME.. not just numbers, but how you differentiated yourself (legally) to be a forever icon of the game...and you excelled beyond the means of excellence.

I am a purest. Every Hall of Famer has a blemish... EVERY ONE... but they left their mark on the game without performance enhancing drugs and did things that no other player WILL EVER DO without enahncing their performace. Pete Rose needs to be recognized for that.... I don't see ANYONE ever breaking his record.. ok, maybe, Ichiro.. but that is it. Giammatti made a calculated error on this one...

Look at DiMaggio's record (56)... no one, in our time, will touch that record...EVER. Which raises the question... Is #57 untouchable? And by that I mean Santana and DiMaggio's record? Well, really, just DiMaggio's record.. but it sounded good.

I still remember watching McGwire's 62nd home-run and kind of felt bad for Maris because you had to feel that something was not right....

Question: Who was the LAST pitcher to win the pitching Triple Crown with an ERA less than 2.00? ERA, Wins and Strikeouts... Answer: The venerable DOC GOODEN, baby!!!!! Chew on that Scooter.

57 said...

oh, and Scooter... Gooden held that Major League Pitching Triple Crown for 20 years until someone else came along to be the latest Major Leauge Triple Crown Winner... Johan Santana 2006.

The Scooter said...

How many no-hitters did Gooden pitch as a Met?

Too bad he never pitched as a Yankee, he would have gotten one....Oh Wait.....

and by the way, how many perfect games did David Cone pitch as a Met?

57 said...

Im glad we got rid of Cone.. he pulled his crank out in the bullpen and flashed some chick at Shea... we had no use for that.. he's a trader and he sounds like a woman during YES network games...

As for Gooden's no-hitter, dont get me started there. September of 1984 against the Cubs...Mets won 10-0 and Gooden techically had a NO HITTER! Ray Knight had a brain fart and botched a slow roller and Knight double clutched the throw and NEVER threw.. the f'ing idiot. The scorer was a was an error with plenty of time to throw the ball.

In my book. Gooden threw a no-hitter as a Met.

For the record, Cone threw 4 one hitters with the Mets. But I never liked him.

The Scooter said...

57, Yea like YOU never dropped trau and flashed some chick.

I sincerely hope your mom doesn't come to this site anymore

old professor said...

I know this is a Yankee site and as far as I know the Mut's site lasted what about a week, but since the Yankees didn't play last night and the Muts did - They started the second half pretty much like they played the first half - blew the game in the late innings to the Braves. That sound you hear from Queens is the Mets season flushing down the toliet.

And 57 a brief history lesson, when Santana had the pitching triple crown, he pitched for the Twins.

Crash, Scooter - News flash - Mauer is going to be the MVP.

old professor said...

News Flash, the contract signed between the Yankees and a Dominican Republic Shortstop has been voided by Major League Baseball. MLB has new rules regarding signings of players from Latin American that requires and investigation be done on the individual prior to giving the okay for the signing and the paying of bonus money. The player in question was not who he said he was and was apparently older than the age of 16 which he claimed. The other two Dominican Players signed by the Yankees apparently have passed muster. The decision saves the team an $800,000 signing bonus.

old professor said...

Yankees to bring Mitre up to start against Baltimore - Nady to be moved to the 60 day dl to make room.

How impressive was Phil Hughes - two innings, no runs, six strikeouts. Only odd thing was they seemed to pick up his breaking ball and hit it. Wonder if he was tipping the pitch?

So much for the Muts resurgance and second half push. Two straight loses to the Braves and now Sheffield hurts his leg. Reyes still no where in sight and Delgado about 3-4 weeks away. Time to run the white flag up the pole and clean house.

The Scooter said...

Not a bad way to start off the second half.

Jeter continues to dog Mauer for that MVP, prof....and Tex's ball is STILL traveling.

AJ didn't have his best stuff, but once again he kept the Yanks in the game. This kid is a bulldog. I really like what I see out of him.

Hughes is a BEAST. Struck out 6 in 2 innings. Screw the curveball.

Mariano is a freak of nature.

The Mets will never win as long as Omar and Jerry are at the helm. They should break the bank for Bobby V and Maybe see if Torre wants to come home to be the GM

The Scooter said...

Good game today (Saturday). CC outduels Verlander (even if Verlander had better stuff) and A-Rod goes the other way on a 97 mph fastball to clear the SHORT porch.

Melky legs out an infield hit to plate the much needed insurance run...and Mariano is stellar yet again.

Another 2 hit day for the potential MVP and Prof, DID YOU SEE THE PLAY HE MADE IN THE NINTH? If not, watch Sportscenter because it will be a webgem. He is playing the position as if he was 26 years old.

57 said...

Scooter, Reyes makes that play in his sleep.

The Scooter said...

Yea 57, as he is DREAMING of some day coming off the disabled list.

Just like you write it up, today....

Joba, a strong 6 2/3
Coke for 1/3
Hughes for a dominant eighth
and of course, The Sandman

A-ROD and Tex do what they are paid to do, and the Yankees break out the Brooms.

I'm not even going to get to excited abput Joba's performance...he needs to put two or three of those together before I give him any props.

57 said...

As much as I hate to do it, and I have rarely ever done it in July, (and I hope they prove me wrong) but I am conceding this Mets season... it is over.

Future Prediction: Dodgers win WS, and Torre retires. Wilpon fires Minaya after asking Wilpon to bring Bonds and Clemens out of retirement. He also fires Manuel on the same day, and urges Torre to come out of retirement to become the GM of the Mets. Torre moves home and hires Donny Baseball to manage the Mets. Reyes, Castillo and Francour are traded to the Red Sox for Dustin Pedroia and minor leaguers. Beltran traded to Oakland for a bag of dirt. Kris Benson returns to the Mets in November of this year. Anna and Kris attend the Mets Christmas Party and subsequently Kris Benson is let go from the Mets 3 days later.

Bills' training camp starts this Friday... THANK GOD!

Get your popcorn ready, Prof!

I am not giving up on the Mets.. i will still watch and follow this year, but I am being a realist and not setting myself up for more dissapointment.

I surrender.

old professor said...

Scooter saw the play Jeter made -the runner must have been really really slow.

Yankees need to go on another roll. Boston seems to have stubbed its toe and has lost two in a row. Yankees need to really keep the pressure on.

Pettitte needs to have a strong start to the second half. Mitre big question may be just happy to get back to the show and could be serviceable. Really wish Wang could straighten the season out.

Crash said...

Scooter this is the type of start I would like to see out of Joba on a more consistent basis. I don't expect every time out, but more than one a month would be good a thing.

Phil Hughes is the most dominant pitcher the Yankees have in the bullpen right now...yes that includes Mo!!!

The Yankees start the second half on a very good note. Baltimore series could go either way with Pettitte and Mitre on the mound. I hope they both pitch well.

57 I shocked that you have tossed in the towel this early. You could have at least waited until August.

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