Monday, July 06, 2009

Quick Hit

With Wang headed to the DL - the pitcher most worthy of a starting rotation spot is . . . . Alfredo Aceves. That's why Girardi let him throw all 4 innings on Sunday. He'll get the nod next time Wang's start comes up.

That doesn't mean Hughes will not be making a return either in my view. Joba no longer goes after hitters - he's trying to out-trick hitters (curve ball on 3-2 counts?) vs. just challenging them. Hughes has found a killer instinct, Joba needs to re-find his.

So, if there's any justice in this world it shakes out like this: Wang to DL, Joba to Pen, ACE and Hughes to the starting rotation.


Minor League Peak: Shelly Dunan 21 HRs, Brackman 1-7 in AA, Igawa doing pretty fair. Austin Jackson still hitting above .300

That's it!


old professor said...

I would agree with your assessment regarding Aceves. In addition, Hughes has not been "stretched out" which precludes him from going deep or beyond five innings. There may also be something done roster wise to bring up someone from Triple A. Cashman had indicated just prior to the latest aquisition from Pittsburgh, they were looking for a way to bring Shelly Duncan back up.

While Igwa is still pitching well, don't look at him as an option. I believe the Yankees have given up on him ever contributing at the major league level. (Unfortunate because he is still relatively young.

Joba once again has issues with a start. At some point they are going to have to admit he is hurting the team being in the rotation.

The Scooter said...

Joba is the fifth starter. Let him learn...and let him pitch.

You guys are driving me crazy. ALl I heard for months is that Joba was more valuable in the pen....and now that we have found a "lights out" late inning reliever in Hughes, you want to "stretch him out" and put him in the rotation.

Call up Mitre for one or two starts and let's hope Wang comes back after the All Star Break and continues to take the strides that he looked like he was taking.

Joba stays in the rotation and Hughes stays in the eighth inning.

Middle Relief said...

Who's Mitre?

Scoots - is not infuriating Joba shaking off the signs and not challenging hitters when he has the goods that he has?

The Scooter said...

Sergio Mitre, is a guy who last pitched for I think the Marlins. He WAS a reliever, but the Yankees had been converting him to a starter down in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Last time I looked, he was 2-0 with a 2.88 E.R.A. in four starts. He also served a 50 game suspension earlier this year for PED's. so we know he is a gamer (LOL).

Mid, it is totally frustrating to watch Joba:

1.constantly shake off his catchers as slow as Steve Trachsel when he gets guys on base.

3.continue to show only brief flashes of brilliance before settling back into mediocrity.

But we all need to remember that the kid is 23 years old. Let him get a whole season under his belt as the #5 starter and let's see if he has learned anything once next season comes around.

Like you said, looks like he's got the goods. He is learning how to use them.

old professor said...

Scooter, I was not saying put Hughes in the rotation, my comment was he probably would not be considered to replace Wang because he had not been stretched out. Several weeks ago, both Cashman and Girardi indicated they would have to make a decision about keeping Hughes up or sending him down, because if he were used in short relief for more than two weeks, he would not be able to convert immediately back to starting because he (and the quote is their words)"would not have been stretched out".

If they chose to bring up Mitre (who apparently was a favorite of Girardi during his cup of coffee stay in Florida) someone has to be designated for assignment (unless they put Wang on the 60 day).

Don't be surprised to see Tomko get the nod to start (though Aceves would be a better choice, plus he has earned it).

Last comment - IT IS TIME MLB DISCIPLINE UMPIRES. The call against Jeter at third was a blantant miss and to say your out because the ball beat you is not the way it is written in the rule book. Then the missed call at second when the throw clearly beat the Jays runner was another thing of beauty. Apparently when you can't compete athletically, you become an umpire.

Crash said...

Old Professor said..."Apparently when you can't compete athletically, you become an umpire."
Or just comment on blogs about it. LOL.

All signs point to Mitre getting the call up for Thursday's start. The move that I think makes sense would be to transfer Nady to the 60 day DL to open up the roster spot, last I checked he was still listed as on the 15 day DL.

The Yankees really should have swept Toronto. You manage to get a win when Halladay was on the mound and don't get a sweep, I would be disappointed.
Stops in Minnesota and then LA before the ASG. I can realistically see the Yankees sweeping the Twins and and taking the first game from LA before they face Weaver. They should at least get 4of 6 on this trip.

old professor said...

Crash, in all likelihood and at my advanced age, I can still get a fastball by you and worst case scenario I could put it in your ear! (I would not want to deal with your mother if I did that).

Managers get fined and suspended for arguing calls, ballplayers get fined and suspended for arguing. Umpires continue along their merry incompetent way with no accountability.

Interesting dilema coming for the Yankees - Molina is just about ready to start catching in his rehab and will be ready to come off the DL. Yankees will have to decide to carry three catchers or dump one. Cervelli has proven to be the more valuable commodity versus Molina. He should be the one to stay - he earned it.

The Hinske move was interesting because the Yankees were looking to bring Shelly Duncan back. Hinske be lefthanded fits better for the stadium. Unfortunately he is older than Duncan so the Yankees roster gets more age instead of youth.

Crash said...

I think we all fell in love with Cervelli when he was batting .300, but in case you haven't noticed his production has declined significantly. He's 1 for his last 11 and now batting .257, this is still higher than anything Molina could offer. And I'm not saying Cervelli doesn't bring exuberance to the team. I guess if I have to tolerate a .200 hitting catcher I would take Cervelli over Molina, but make no mistake about it Cervelli gets sent down when Molina is ready to comeback. And quite possibly Kevin Cash gets DFA (could also be as a result if Mitre gets the call up).

And as for your fastball, I'm not worried, I got $10 that says it won't even break the speed limit. Anytime you want to hit the batting cage and really feel your age, just let me know.

Crash said...

With Toronto "listening to offers" could/should the Yankees make an offer? If so, whom would they offer? If Wang and Kennedy weren't injured I would throw them in any deal that would have brought back Halladay. If I'm Brian Cashman, I'm calling JP Riccardi and saying I'm not giving up Hughes or Joba, other than that you may take the entire farm system. You have the chance to go into any series with Halladay, CC, and AJ?!?!?! What do you guys think, am I nuts?

old professor said...

Crash, first of all you should have learned over all of these years never and I mean never put money on the table and lay a bet down with me. I will begin to stretch out and be ready within a week. You may want to wear one of those special softball batting helmets with the glass shield.

Secondly, Toronto will ask for a very steep price for Holliday. And if the Yankees enter into the process expect three names to surface: Jackson, Hughes and Chamberlain. Too much for a 31 year old pitcher whose heart is in Toronto.

And last, but not least, Aceves gets the nod as Thursday's starter. Wish him well, move may have an impact on what has been a strong bullpen. Cerevelli's average has come down, which has to be expected when you sit on the bench four or five days. And if anyone has noticed, he seems to catch when CC is on the mound. Hmmm. The upside to Cervelli, he hits better than Molina, he can play situational ball, he can RUN and defensively he is equal to Molina. In addition, the pitchers seem to really respect his knowledge of the game and ability to analyze every situation.

The Scooter said...

Any offer for Halladay can and will be built around Hughes or Joba. I'm sure the way things have gone this year, you all will be clamoring to make it Joba...but I think Hughes makes more sense. If Halladay is in your rotation I will turn 180 degrees on my feelings about putting Joba in the pen.

A rotation of CC, Doc, AJ, Pettite and Wang (when healthy) may be the best starting rotation ever constructed. Aceves, Bruney, Joba and Mo is a superior bullpen.

Cashman better not let him got to Boston (who will dangle Bucholz for starters).

Looks like Aceves gets the start on Thursday....he has a 65 pitch limit.

Yankees just clobbered the Twinkies last night....without even having a homerun. Every starter had a hit. Nice play by the ex-met to rob A-Rod of a granny.

Looks like all the talk about firing Girardi has died down. I guess we were so quick to kill him for their bad play, we should give him some credit for this nice little run they are on.

I will be PISSED if Cervelli is sent down for Molina.

Crash said...

I think giving Aces the start is ridiculous. He's on a strict low pitch count. He could last 5+ or not make it out of the second. Which means you will have to piece together the late innings using Tomko & Robertson. Which means your bullpen is short for the LA series.

I want to make my opinion clear here...First, Old Prof you will need more than a week to "stretch out". You'd probably break, tear, sprain, strain, or tweak something during your stretch out period. I'd give you a full year and you still wouldn't hit 70 on the gun.

Second, I am not in favor of trading Joba or Hughes for ANYONE (well...maybe Pujols). If the Yankees could get Halladay I would make Melky or Gardner(I can't believe I'm admitting this but I would rather part with Gardner), Tomko and Robertson available, from the minors: A-Jax, Brackman, either of the other 2 top catching prospects (not named Cervelli), Igawa, and any other pitcher on the farm.

The Scooter said...

The more I think about Halliday, the more that I can't really see Ricciardi trading him within the AL East unless a Sox or Yankees offer is about DOUBLE what he could get from anyone else.

I think it's the Angels or Phillies.

The Angels could put a package together around Jered Weaver, Top prospect Brandon Wood and a good ML player like Eric Aybar or Howie Kendrick.

The Phillies would no doubt make their number one pitching prospect, Kyle Drabek (Doug's kid) available. Drabek and Victorino or Werth and another stud prospect could probably get it done.

old professor said...

Toronto will want a large number of top prospects and a proven commodity for Holliday. The teams with the deepest farm systems would seem to be Florida (who might be willing to part with Hanley Ramerez)Atlanta and the Angels. I do not see the Jays trading him to an Eastern Division team. Why would they want to face him at least four times over nineteen games?

Scooter I agree with you that Cervelli needs to stay. The kid is 23 years old, has been more than adequate offensively (and at his age he will only get better)and has the TRUST of his staff (dare I say he seems to call a better game than Posada).

Speaking of Joba, he actually indicated he felt he threw the ball well in his last start and said the Jays are good hitters who hit good pitching - sounds like Ian Kennedy and Igwa all over again.

The Scooter said...

Florida will not PAY Halladay. Plus, I doubt he would approve a trade to the Marlins. Plus, they would be absolutely NUTS to trade Hanley Ramirez.

Prof, I fear that Cashman and Girardi will over-rule us on Cervelli. I think we will see Molina very shortly.

And I saw where Joba said that...maybe he's hitting the bottle again. I guess it's good to see that his confidence is still in tact. I really think he will be fine.

Crash said...

Let's not forget Halladay doesn't have to resign with the team he's traded to, in fact we could see him traded twice. If he's sent to a contender this year with a lower payroll, I'm thinking the Brewers, then they have him for a push this year, but would most certainly trade him either during the offseason or before next years deadline because they wouldn't want to pay him. Same thing for the Marlins.

If Halladay doesn't end up in Pinstripes, I would like to see him as a Cardinal. He would be otherworldly in that Duncan/LaRussa system.

If not the Cards then the Cubs I guess. Don't know if the Cubs have the prospects though. They couldn't pry Peavy away from the Padres why would they have enough for Halladay.

The Scooter said...

I'd be surprised if Halladay doesn't demand a long term extension in exchange for waiving his no-trade. Not with the $$$ that he saw CC get over the winter. It doesn't make sense for him to play out his contract.

Middle Relief said...

If the Yanks keep winning - what the hell am I going to complain about????!!!

old professor said...

Cervelli sent down to make room for Molina - Yep that makes a lot of sense. A 23 year old who hits more than his weight, calls and catches a great game gets is sent out to make room for an individual not hitting 220, who can't ran and will catch once every five or six games and who is in his mid 30s.

Great move Cash and Joe that's the way to build a younger more energetic team.

The Scooter said...

Prof, I would hope that Molina is up so he can get some major league at bats so they can try to move him before the deadline. I would think that a solid back-up catcher who is very good defensively and who works very well with a pitching staff would have some value.

Gritty game by AJ. If this was earlier in the year and he came out without his best stuff like he did last night, he would have folded and the third inning would have turned into a 4 or 5 run inning.

Big RBI by A-Rod and I do not think that it's too early to at least start to mention Jeter's name in the MVP conversation.

I'm curious to see who they go to today after Aceves comes out. You gotta figure that "best case" he gives you five innings. I'm pretty sure Bruney will get an inning today and Coke didn't throw that many pitches last night. Looks like Jessica Albaladejo will have to at least give them one good inning.

Let's Sweep these Twinkies

The Scooter said...

Kriegel has good article about The Captain on

Crash said...

Scooter good find on the Jeter article.

I think Aceves goes maybe 4 innings tonight, then they bring in Tomko. If the game is close I can't see Bruney seeing action. He has too much to work out still. But if they are up by a couple runs he could see an inning or 2. What has been impressive to me is the Yankees have won the last couple games, scoring 14 runs without the long ball. At the Stadium you always feel they're in it because anyone can hit one out. Good to see them hitting when it counts.

Mid said...

Um, - time point out my knack for calling like it is going to be -

who exactly said Ace gets the start again??


old professor said...

Mid, if you monitored your own blog sight, you would have read that Aceves got the nod to start today's game.

Scooter, I hope you are right about trading Molina. What worries me is the comment by Girardi when he said Cervelli has proven he can be a number #1 catcher either here or SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Crash said...

Hughes looks so good. He just get's the ball and is ready to throw it. His fastball is well into the mid-90's, his curveball is sick, and he's working on a cutter.

Aces goes 3.1 and gives up 3R. Not a great outing and rather short, I don't think anyone is surprised by it.

Albaladejo pitched well.

Robertson has good stuff but i can't understand why he walks so many people. 3 BB in 1 inning of work. If he can learn some command and throw strikes he will be real good, real fast.

The Scooter said...

Girardi seems to have lost all faith in Bruney. I think it is very important that they get him going.

Prof, Jeter is now hitting .314. MVP...MVP...MVP

How SWEEP it is.

Off to the left coast. Angels have been the Bombers nemesis...let's see if we can get 2 of 3 going into the break.

The Scooter said...

As much as it pains me to say this....I have to admit when I'm wrong.

Joba makes a PATHETIC starting pitcher.

OK, I said it. I have been looking...really hard....believe me, for ANY semblance of effectiveness from this guy, but it just isn't happening.

Now they have backed themselves into a corner with how well Hughes is doing in the pen.

If the Jays would take Joba, A-Jax and the stud catching prospect (I think his name is Jesus Montero), then I would pull the trigger.

Hate to say it, but Joba belongs in the pen

old professor said...

Scooter, two months ago I would agree with you statement that Joba belongs in the pen. I now believe he belongs in the minors. He has not shown growth at all, his velocity is 89-91 and the fastball is flat. All season we have been hearing he is a four pitch pitcher and can get the job done. None of his pitches seem spectacular and he has fallen in love with his slideer. Opposing hitters know when they have two strikes he is coming at them with the slider and they hold up. His fastball is flat and very hitable.

It almost seems comical that last year they had very little patience with Hughes or Kennedy. Joba is showing even less than they did and the team seems okay with sending him out every five days. Christ Igwa good give them 4.1 innings of crap.

Bruney gives up another blast - though the error by Jeter gave the halos an extra out.

Regarding Montero, while he is a catcher now, he is growing and they now feel he will be a third baseman in the long-run.

Crash said...

You know what was disappointing about last night's game, Joba essentially quit on the team after A-Rod made the error. He essentially threw the equivalent of a tantrum on the mound. He began to just throw the ball and not pitch and he gave up the lead and essentially lost the game for the Yankees. He needs an attitude adjustment. If it wasn't for the lack of available starters I would say send him down.

But we can't do that because Hughes is the go to go in the pen right now and the team needs him there right now.

The Scooter said...

Finally at the Break....and it couldn't have come at a better time.

Although we have seen some good things in the first half, all you really need to know is that the Yankees are 0-9 in Anaheim and Boston. The two teams they are almost sure to see in the playoffs if they happen to get in.

A couple things are clear:

They need a starter

Hinske should get more time

CC needs to pitch like an ace every 2 out of 3 times out....and I mean 8 innings of one or two run ball

Girardi has no faith in Posada behindd the plate

They need to figure out Joba

anything else?

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