Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yanks Continue Winning Ways

Time of death: Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 - 9:40 p.m.

The debate is over. In my mind no more questions on the pen/starter thing for Joba. He's a starter, and he's turning out to be a pretty damn good one at that.

*(Editor's note: essentially Scooter was right)

Yanks tied for best record in baseball right now. I'm trying not to overlook the next two series, however, my eyes are set squarely for next week with the 4 gamer vs. the Sox.
The stats might not be there this season, however, from an MVP standpoint, how can you not say A-Rod is the most valuable player? Since his return, the Yanks are close to .700.
Starting to feel bad for Bruney - hope he figures it out.
I'm with Crash, I have this feeling we're going to pull Halladay out of hat. (and promptly setting off the good for baseball debate amongst the haves and have nots)

How in the world can you be an Indians or Pirates fan knowing team management is going to clear out the inventory every season?



The Scooter said...

Not that I need a constant pat on the back, but as the ONLY Pinstripe Poster to consistently say Joba should be in the starting rotation, I think once this blog makes that it's official position that I should AT LEAST get a shout out or something.

old professor said...

Scooter, you indeed did continue to support Joba for the rotation. Something mentally happened to the guy over the all-star break. And I don't believe it was something so simple as "I wanted to have fun again." Last night he was the most agressive he has been all season. Got the ball and wanted to throw it and no shaking off Posada. Maybe just maybe he has learned not to over think and just throw the ball.

His most recent performances may also answer the question as to whether he would be included in a trade package - the answer being NO.

The only serious issue regarding his resurgance as a dominant starter is the issue of innings. If the Yankees hold true to the 150 innings issue, he has 7 to 8 starts left. Then what?? If the race continues to be close, you can't just sit him down for a month and then start him up again.

This could be an interesting dilema for the team especially if he continues to be as dominant as he has been.

Oh and Yankees make a deal for a pitcher - from the Rockies they get Hirsh - over 6 ERA at Triple A this year. Has some major league experience. What gives with this trade? Lee has been traded as has Ian Snell - both were on the Yankees radar screen.

57 said...

If you get Halliday, you won't have Joba to worry about.

Crash, Hernandez = Two rings , clutch and intangibles... I have no further time to spend on the topic... a true verbal and action leader. I don't know if Mattingly ever opened up his mouth in the clubhouse during his tenure. And Mex smoked Winstons in the dugout.. or were they menthols, Scooter.

Double dip today at Citi field. Mets could be 6 in a row after today....

What a day for a ball game.. LETS PLAY TWO!

Crash said...

I'm not with you yet Scooter. Yes Joba has had 3 good starts in a row. But let's wait for him to get 200+ innings under his belt and show that he can consistently pitch at this level for an entire season, not just 3 starts.

I'm worried that the Yankees are not going to be able to use him down the stretch or in the playoffs because of their limits. Looking ahead at the schedule they have 3 off days each in August & September. I'm betting they will try to skip him a couple times and maybe use Aceves for a spot start once or twice this month. And then maybe someone else once the rosters expand to 40.

If not the yankees will need to acquire 2 starters before 4pm tomorrow because Mitre isn't the answer and Pettitte is quickly becoming a #5 starter at best.

The Scooter said...

Crash, I'm not saying it is a forgone conclusion yet that Joba will be a long term dominant starter....I'm just saying that if Mid has decided to make that the official position of this blog, that I deserve to be credited with being the first (and ONLY) one on that wagon.

57, I actually have nothing bad to say about Mex. Yea, I think they were Winstons. PLUS he banged Elaine Benes. Sorry to say it, but that alone gives him the nod over Mattingly.

Mid said...

On Joba - Look for a correction to give you props to be issued later tonight.

The odds are looking good for a Yanks Dodgers fall classic!

old professor said...

Okay Scooter I will show the generational gap here - who is Elaine Benes??

Crash, you may be right that the Yankees will need two starters - Mitre has not shown he can pull his weight and his last outting was poor. Pettitte may be starting to show his age. Last year he was lights out in the first half and collapsed during the second half. Could be the same set of circumstances now.

Crash said...

The Red Sox turned down an offer from Cleveland, that was V-Mart for Clay Bucholz straight up. I am shocked by this. The Red Sox are in pursuit of Adrian Gonzalez which would include the Sox sending more prospects to the Padres. I think Gonzalez is locked up to a longer more affordable deal. But I would take V-Mart in a second.

A lot of people looking at relievers...Chad Qualls on the market, George Sherrill, Heath Bell...and the Yankees are tied to none of them.

This is the second year in a row that the Yankees have kind of sat out quietly at the trade deadline. Last year it could be argued it cost them the post-season.

Newsday has said Blue Jays have increased their scouting of the Yankee farms. Could this be Halladay related??? Probably not, they report it's most likely to add relief help. Which makes total sense because the Yankees have only had the best bullpen in the game, and they are rumored to be moving to the very successful 2 man rotation.

Crash said...

HOLY COW...we wondered why Ortiz has no power this year...On ESPN's front page: Both Manny and Ortiz tested positive for PEDs back in 2003!!!

The Scooter said...

That Red Sox Roid report comes as absolutely no surprise.

Yankees are looking at Heath Bell, but the reports are that the Padres want about as much as the Jays want for Halliday....Ummm EXCUSE ME? Paul Depodesta better get his head out of his ass. He and his buddy Ricciardi are singlehandedly setting back General Managing about 30 years.

Crash said...

DePodesta is actually the assistant GM in SD...the GM is still Kevin Towers. DePodesta is a smart guy but not a baseball guy. He pretty much single handedly put the Dodgers out of contention in the NL West while he was in charge.

This trade market is so weird this year, every team wants huge asking prices for middle of the road type players and no one wants to give up any prospects.

Conflicting reports about Washburn...Jon Heyman says Seattle asked for Joba or Hughes...Buster Olney refutes that. But says the Yankees are the likely landing spot for Washburn.
The Dodgers acquire George Sherrill from Baltimore.

As for Halladay, the Angels seem to be out of those discussions, but the Dodgers are still in.

Blue Jays also may ship out Scott Rolen, to the Reds maybe...

Have not seen or heard anything about the Red Sox acquiring anyone today...the worries me a little. Quiet before the storm kind of thing.

The Scooter said...

Thanks for the props, Mid. I feel vindicated.

Yankees wasted a nice effort by Pettitte, last night. That sucks especially when you have Mitre going tonight. The only real complaint I have with Girardi and Cashman right now is the continued confusion regarding the pitching staff....Once again, why do I seem to know something that Girardi does not? Phil Hughes' loses effectiveness after about 30 pitches. Can someone tell me why he has to throw multiple innings and 40 or so pitches every time he comes into a game? Is he your eighth inning guy? Is he your long reliever? Are you stretching him back out to put him in the rotation?

What about Joba's "innings limit"? 140? 150? 160? Is he going to be in the rotation come September? Is he switching places with Hughes? At least tell us you have a plan.

With the trading deadline set for 4:00 this afternoon, I totally agree with Crash that the Sox have a blockbuster (Adrian Gonzales, V-Mart or Halliday) up their sleeve and I totally get the feeling that the Yankees will do nothing.

old professor said...

While the Yankees lost to the White Sox last night, something did transpire which may be the sign of something to come. Phil Hughes had not pitched in four days last night he pitched into his third inning and threw 35 pitches (the most he has thrown in relief). Are the Yankees starting the process to stretch Hughes out by using him longer out of the pen as a move within the next five to ten days to move him back into the rotation?

Here is another questtion to consider - earlier in the day, Girardi indicated the team had not sent a pitcher out to bring in a back because Phil Coke was not better from what has been described as a sinus infection. So if he is not well and there is a question regarding his use, why bring him into the game in the bottom of the tenth inning with two on? He gave up a solid single to a .185 hitter which brought in the winning run. For an guy who graduated from Northwestern and has major league catching experience, Girardi sometimes boggles the mind with his pitching decisions.

Regarding the trade issue. Washburn has approximately $3.5 million left on this year's contract, and he becomes a free agent after the season. Word out of Yankee camp is they don't want to pick up the $3.5 million. If that amount is causing the ownership to shy away from a trade, who do they actually believe they are going to get. I am also surprised they could not work a deal with the Pirates for one of the three pitchers sent out yesterday.

old professor said...

So much for the Yankees getting Washburn, he was traded to Detroit for a rookie pitcher and one prospect. You can't tell me the Yankees couldn't have put a better package together. Anyone beginning to think that there is a concerted effort by teams around the league not to deal with the Yankees??

The Scooter said...

Prof, I don't think the Yankees were going to overpay for Washburn. There is no "collusion" against the Yankees. There is no way a GM would reject a better bid from the Yanks and trade a player for a lesser package.

Washburn would have been fine to add to the rotation if he could have been had cheaply, but he is not an upgrade over Pettite. I'm glad they didn't trade any good young arms for a three month rental of a number 5 starter. I would rather they take some of those young arms and trade for Heath Bell so they can out Aceves and/or Hughes in the rotation.

tick tock tick tock

Crash said...

Just read that Boston has acquired Victor Martinez. Apparently Clay Bucholz and prized pitching prospect Daniel Bard are NOT part of the deal. No word on who is in the deal...I did hear the Sox were heavily engaged on A-Gon and the Pads were asking for Bucolz, Bard, Masterson, and Lowrie...I would have gone to V-Mart too, if that was the price on A-Gon.

This is just ridiculous...Red Sox get a major impact player and did not give up there 2 best pitching prospects??? And the Yankees can't even land a #5 starter without people asking for Hughes and/or Joba? WTF!?!?!?!

The Scooter said...

Victor Martinez is NOT an impact player, all the media hype about him notwithstanding. He's a .265 hitter with less home runs than Swisher. Does he make the Sox better? Yes. But it's a lot better than if they had gotten Adrian Gonzalez or Halliday.

Looks like the deal is centered around Masterson and a hard throwing A-ball pitcher.

Crash said...


They just acquired Jerry Harriston Jr. from the Reds. Not quite the splash I was looking for.

The Scooter said...

I don't mind the Hairston move. He can play a little outfield until Gardner gets back and he is a better utility man than Ransom. He has a little speed and a little pop.

Solid role player.

I wouldn't have minded a pitcher though.

Crash said...

Just past 4pm EST and I didn't see an update on Halladay since about 7am. It doesn't bother me that the Yankees didn't get him as long as the Sox didn't either.

Mid will be happy as Shelly Duncan is set to rejoin the Yankees tonight. Melancon or Albaledejo will be the odd man out to make room for Harriston. I haven't seen who the Yanks gave up for Harriston yet, perhaps the infamous PTBNL.

Scooter I'm with you, the Yankees still needed to add starting pitching.

Crash said...

Looks like Halladay has not been traded...sometimes they sneak one in just after 4pm...but Jake Peavy has been traded. Peavy has been traded to the White Sox for some minor league players. He's still recovering from his ankle injury. I don't know if Peavy waived his no trade. Remember he was traded to the White Sox earlier this year and decided to invoke his no-trade clause.

57 said...

Halliday remains up North. Mid-props, please... I called this about a week ago on this site. JP is going to make the RIGHT trade next year... If Halliday was a free agent after THIS season, they would unload him now...but he has a year to be methodical about this. Good move by the Jays.

In other GM news, Minaya apparently passed on bringing Victor Martinez over for Fernando Martinez, a pitching prospect and some cheese. Once again, if true, Minaya BLOWS it. V-Mart could have been our 1st baseman next year.. WTF?!?! Awful...

The Scooter said...

57, Ricciardi has been saying FOR WEEKS that he didn't think Halliday would be traded when push came to shove. You want props for THAT? I think not.

Omar was not allowed to make any deals because he won't be there once the Muts finish up the season.

Crash said...

57 your perspective on Ricciardi keeping Halladay fits you perfectrly given the team you choose to support. Ricciardi blew it. No way around it. First he overplayed his hand, asking for not just a team's best prospect, but there 2 or 3 or 4 best prospects. No one was willing to pay that price so he miscalculated the market "for the best pitcher in the game". Second, Halladay's trade value will never be higher than it is right now. He won't get this much in the offseason, he won't get this much at next year's trade deadline, and he certainly will not get it in the draft if they hold on to him until his contract expires and he walks as a free agent.

The only way this works out for the Jays, because JP will and should be fired by the end of this season, is if they keep him and extend his deal.

Now they only reason they should do that is...if Ricciardi thinks that with Halladay next year, and all the young kids that were promising last season that ended up out for the season (remember they did lose 4/5 of their starting rotation this year to injury) can come back and be effective and Vernon Wells and Alex Rios play up to their abilities and Adam Lind and Aaron Hill continue to perform at this level...then maybe, just maybe, they can contend for a wild card spot.

JP is an idiot, he ran that team into the ground. The only other GMs worse than JP...Omar and the guy in Pittsburgh.

old professor said...

The Yankees give up a 20-year old single A catcher to land Hariston. He was the teams third round pick in 2007. Apparently with the growth of Cervelli and with Montero and Romaine in the system, Weems became expendable.

I am very surprised that the team did not strength the rotation. Apparently they are satisfied with Mitre.

Ransom's minutes with the team are over. It would appear he will be designated for assignment to make room for Hairston on the 40 man. Good to see Shelly Duncan back. He has worked hard to get back and no one can argue with his enthusiasm. God Swisher and Duncan high fiving and belly bumping the Yankees are beginning to look like the 04 Red Sox.

Red Sox gave up a real stud pitcher in Masterson for VM. There will be a crowd at first base catching and dh.

Crash said...

Masterson fell out of favor with the Red Sox for whatever reason.

Mitre is showing just why the Yankees really F*d up this trade deadline. So far 3 innings 5 runs 7 hits and a couple walks.

The Scooter said...

Well Mitre did what a number 5 pitcher does...SUCKED. One more clunker like that and dare I say, Hello Igawa.

I'm sure the Yankees will be scouring the waiver wire for a pitcher. Why do I STILL think that Bronson Arroyo will be on this team before all is said and done?

Word is the Mets will pick up Cody Ransom and make him their starting shortstop HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

old professor said...

Having some computer problems with the connection so if this shows up twice sorry - Saturday and Sunday were a joke. The team could not hit with runners in scoring position, couldn't field, couldn't throw and definately couldn't pitch. Posada tries to get away with the phantom tag - tagging the runner with the glove while the ball is in his throwing hand and then shows the umpire the ball -what a boneheaded play.

Time to start looking at the individual that put this team together. No significant signing at the trade deadline to help the team down the stretch, signs Harison and keeps Ransom (who is overmatched at the big league level), sends down Duncan after having him on the bench for one day. Bringing Tomko up for two months and watching him self-destruct. Bringing Mitre up to be the number 5, when his major league career era is around 5, sendinig Cervelli down and keeping Molina, which guarantees Posada everyday - anyone bother checking the pitchers' eras when Posada catches?? When you sign people like CC and AJ who both succeed wherever they have been and watch them pitch lnconsistently, one may want to look at the other end of the battery.

57 said...

A shout out to Thurman Munson 30 years later on this day. I wish he would have punched Reggie in the face before he died.

old professor said...

Slight correction from my previous post - I meant to say Friday and Saturday not Saturday and Sunday. Today's game marked by the first Yankee cycle since 1995 and only the sixth in Yankee History (Fernandez, Murcer, Mantle, DiMaggio and Gordon being the others).

CC still struggling with location. What gives?? CC and AJ both having trouble with location.

Still can't figure why Ransom is still with the team except for Girardi's loyalty.

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