Monday, August 03, 2009

The Week Ahead

The sloppy series in Chicago is just what the Doctor ordered.

My theory - Yanks were too hot, bound to cool off, they do it now, warm up against the Jays, and then be ready for the 4-gamer with the Sox (which by the way, we've got Sabathia, Burnett, and Joba tee'd up for the first three games with them) - The BoSox, who are surging now, will be petered out by Thursday - simply put - we've got them right where we want them. My prediction - we'll take 3 out of 4.

On the #5 starter thing - willing to give Mitre another go. Igawa has earned a shot should Sergio crap the bed - however, Igawa is not a 40-man roster player which decreases the chances he'll get called up. Michael Dunn, (not the boxer that beat the hell out of Tommy Morison) is though, and he may get the nod over Crash's boy Kei. . . .

. . Where is Jeff Karstens when you need him???


old professor said...

Mid to answer your question on Karstens, he is still with the Pirates (Whose team website states Pride Passion Pirates - this from a team that is playing a triple A roster). Karstens is 3-4 with an ERA over 4. On the flipside, Steven Jackson - yes former Yankee - is 2-1 for the Pirates and has and ERA arout 3.40.

Getting off of the Pirates, I cannot agree with your assessment on Mitre or the series with the Sox. Mitre has not proven he is back to major league ready and there is a reason (besides surgery) that the Marlins let him go. Igwa cannot do any worse than what Mitre has shown. Release him and bring up Igwa. The Ynakees will regret not making a move for another starter.

The Yankees need to win big against the Red Sox and I don't know if they believe they can win. Hope for a series split at best.

Cody Ransom is redundent and needs to go. His playing time will be greatly reduced with the addition of Harison. Bring back Duncan which strengthens your bench and your outfield defense.

old professor said...

Yankee super prospect Jesus Montero is done for the season. At 19 years old, the kid has been hitting wherever he has played. There is a strong belief that he will be too big to catch (at 19, he is 225 and 6'4"). He broke a finger on his lefthand and will not play any more this season.

The Scooter said...

Props to Melky for his Cycle. I'm happy about it if for no other reason than I don't have to hear Michale Kay tell us about Tony Fernandez being the last one to do it, anymore.

CC had one bad inning but hung in there and settled down. These are the types of games that you have to win.

I couldn't agree more about Ransom. Why in the world is he still on this team? He's not all that good defensively and he couldn't hit off of a tee. Please release him so the Mets can sign him. He fits perfectly with their team.

As mid pointed out, the Yankees made a subtle change to their rotation so that Mitre would not have to open up the series against the Sox. I like the move, although I think it forces Joba to pitch on 7 days rest. It will be interesting to see how he handles that.

I like what I see from Hairston so far. He has a live bat and has already made a couple sparkling plays in the field. Nice addition by Cashman....Now get on the waiver wire and find a pitcher.

Crash said...

Yankees open the Toronto series tomorrow with Pettitte on the mound against Halladay. Nice reminder for Cashman what he should have done at the deadline.

I think you'll see the Yankees tinker with their rotation over the next month or so in order to give Joba 6 or 7 days rest rather than pitching him every 5th day. The schedule allows for that with days off. Unfortunately I think they will need to do that with CC and AJ at some point. They are both pitching well but are racking up the innings. I don't want them hitting the wall in late September or October.

Ransom should have been DFA about a month ago. Every game he plays he has an error, regardless of the position he plays, and he is only hitting .190.

And for the record I'm not a fan of Kei Igawa, but he has pitched well enough at AAA to get a call up. If he fails whenever his next call up is, then he will never see the big leagues (at least as a Yankee) again.

old professor said...

Yankees come out with a statement that one can only choke on - "Yanks hope pitching holds up during stretch run." And - "we are watching the waiver wire to see if there is anything out there that can help us." If ownership wouldn't or couldn't allow for more payroll during the non-waiver trading period, what makes people think they will be able to spend money during the waiver period.

The team will greatly regret sticking with Mitre as the #5. As for the choices to replace Mitre - Igwa is 9-4 at SWB. Mid, Michael Dunn has not entered into the teams discussions he is currently 5-4 but has a respectable ERA. The pitcher mentioned after Igwa as the next in line is Ivan Nova. Kid is 22 was lost in the Rule 5 draft, but returned to the Yankees when he did not make the major league roster of the team that selected him. Seems to have a power arm, but has had some issues the last couple of outtings (that would be location, location, location).

The Scooter said...

Prof, I think you are taking a major leap thinking that the reason that the Yankees didn't get a pitcher at the deadline had to do with "payroll" considerations. Perhaps it had more to do with protecting their prospects and not wanting to mortgage the farm on a mediocre starter (Washburn) or a three month rental.

Let's also remember that although Mitre has been horrible, the Yankees have won 2 out of the 3 games he has pitched.

Let's also remember that other than Beckett and Lester, the Red Sox starting pitching has been pedestrian at best. It is looking like Smoltz is just about done, Penny has been totally hittable and he is bound to break down, and while Buchholz will one day be a decent #2 starter, he's not there yet.

In other words, if the Yankees falter down the stretch and don't make the playoffs, it won't be because of the 5th spot in the rotation.

57 said...

Mets suck. Meet the MESS Meet the MESS, step right up and greet the MESS.

Crash said...

Nice to see 57 chime in with his most accurate and insightful comments of the year.

I think it's funny how teams try to hold up the Yankees for every valuable prospect they have but then turn around and make a deal for what I would consider lesser talent. Washburn and Lee are perfect examples. It was reported by multiple outlets all discussions began and ended with the inclusion of Joba or Hughes and at least 1 other top prospect. But yet the deals those teams ended up making were no where near that asking price. And that's the frustrating part of's like the other teams refuse to deal with the Yankees if they're only getting mid-level prospects.

The Phillies get Lee, but they could have gone out and still traded for Halladay because none of the guys the traded were being asked for in the Halladay deal. But whether it was Halladay or Lee the asking price for the Yankees was almost identical.

If this truly is the case I'm glad the Yankees didn't make a deal. But if they could have traded lesser guys and gotten a Cliff Lee then I'm ticked off...I guess we won't know until Cashman or Girardi right there tell-all book, when one or both get fired after this season if things go down hill.

I like the way things are lining up for the Boston series. Wouldn't be surprised if the Yanks take a loss tonight or pull out a close game. But they should still win the series.

Crash said...

Just realized the Yankees/Blue Jays series is only 2 games.

The Scooter said...

Pettitte out-pitches Halliday. The bats rough him up late, and the bullpen closes it out. Just how you write it up. Mo struggled a little bit. Glad we got that out of the way without him blowing a save.

And speaking of blown saves, anyone catch the end of the Mets game? K-Rod can't protect a two run lead, and that ball that Pujols hit off of Green landed on runway 4a at Laguardia.

old professor said...

It was a good night all arond - Yankes win, Red Sox lose, Muts play like, well the muts.

Scooter, all of the reports coming from the Yankees indicated the lack of action or trades center around finances. It should also be noted, they have only signed one of their draft picks and that was their #12 pick. None of the first three picks have signed and if they remain unsigned it would be the second year in a row the Yankees have failed to signe their first three picks - That will have a long term affect on the system.

Crash said...

I was chatting with Mid last night about Halladay...I think not making a deal for him will turn out to be the right move. He doesn't look right, he has been hit hard the last couple of outings, the Blue Jays have overworked him and I can see a DL stint coming again soon. Seriously what was Halladay doing in the game in the 8th and 9th inning when he didn't have the lead. I know at the time it was only a 2-1 game but he should have been pulled in the 5th or 6th.

Pettitte is pitching well. He seems to be fine through 5 or 6 then hits a wall though.

Matsui's HR was a bomb.

If Hughes isn't being "stretched out" then he should be limited to 1 inning of work unless it was a quick inning or something. After about 30-40 pitches he seems to go down hill quickly too.

Rivera comes in with a significant lead and almost blows it. What is with him and non-save situations or large leads. Give him 3 or more runs and he coughs it up...1 run and it's lights out...I don't get it.

Mitre goes tonight. Should be interesting. If you beat Halladay you expect a sweep.

old professor said...

Crash, I don't believe there is anything physically wrong with Holladay. There are indications the is he going is he staying concept that dragged on for more than a month has taken its toll. In addition, there now appears to be a problem between him and the GM because of the trade issues (maybe he believes the team was asking for too much).

As for him being in the game in the 8th and 9th innings, he had thrown only 84 pitches entering the 8th the game is close and the Jays Closer is now on the DL. It was a gamble by Gaston that Halladay could hold the lead - He hung two breaking pitches that Damon and Tex hit out. The bomb by Matsui was just that he hit a low pitch and it was a bomb. Maybe he is showing the Yankees that he is not done and can assume the full-time DH role.

Both Hughes and Rivera seemed to struggle somewhat last night. Hughes was overpowering with his fastball, but was hitable with the breaking pitch (though the one hit was on a fastball down which also becomes hitable).

The Scooter said...

You know guys, every once in a while Hughes and Mariano are going to give up a couple of hits.

The Scooter said...

Our prayers have been answered.....Cody Ransom DFA'd

Claggett up to protect against a short outing from Mitre, but the word is that he goes back down tomorrow and we should see Pena.

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