Monday, August 24, 2009

Any Drama Left?

With about a month left in the season and a 7 1/2 game lead in the division, I knowingly risk jinxing the team by asking: is it over?

A few questions in my mind that need to be resolved: Is the thing with Posada and pitchers a made up drama or something that is truly simmering and will be brought to a boil at the worst time? And, they need to stop this juggling the rotation days to give Joba an extra day of rest thing - it hurts the other pitchers and likely screws with his confidence. If you're good enough to be in there, then you're good enough to be out there once every 5 games - it's that simple.

Other items:

A triple play to cap a Mets loss. I got the text when it happened, saw the replay and shook my head.

Torre will get that club turned around next season.

If Jeter can get to 25 HRs - he'll be the league MVP.

Dodgers - sinking continues - division lead is down to 3 1/2.

1-12 6.21 ERA - those are the numbers being produced by top draft pick Andrew Brackmen.

What did we give away for Nady? - Ohlendorf 11-8 (considering how bad the Pirates are that actually is pretty good), Karstens not doing much, Tabata hitting .333 for the Pirates Triple A affiliate.

3-gamer with Texas on deck


Crash said...

I'm ready to sign off on the division now. You have to figure the Yankees, if they go .500 the rest of the season, will have 97 wins. That means the Red Sox have to win 27 of 39 to get 97 wins or play about .700 ball the rest of the way. Not going to happen.

The pitchers have seemed off with Jorge the whole year. I think it goes back to the time both he and Molina missed. The pitchers really got acclimated to Cervelli. That was a critical time of the year for both pitchers and catchers. It even seemed that Pettitte and Jorge struggled a little with each other. Those guys should know each other inside and out as far as what pitches to throw.

Only a couple of weeks until rosters can be expanded to 40. With the division essentially wrapped, that is the time to give your pitchers a breather. It wouldn't hurt to give all of them a skip in the rotation once or twice. I would rather have fresh arms come October, than the pitchers hitting a wall in October. Remember CC has failed miserably the last couple of Octobers because he was so overused in the regular season. AJ hasn't pitched in October in 6 years, Joba has an innings limit (I think he's already pitched more innings this year than he ever has) and Pettite's arm is, well old, and you don't know what you'll get.

Mid I don't think Jeter needs to hit 25...If he gets to 20 HR and continues to bat .333, scores 100 runs and has 20+SB he's MVP. Then everyone can stop talking about a catcher who hits .370 for a losing team. That's right anyone notice the Twins are actually sub .500 this year and unless something drastic happens, like somehow they reacquire Santana and trade for Doc Halladay too, they won't even come close to the playoffs.

old professor said...

Crash, review the statistics. Most of the pitchers have a higher ERA with Posada behind the plate than they do with Molina or they had with Cervelli. Maybe it is time for the bench to start calling some of the pitches versus Posada. If a pitcher doesn't trust a pitch to be thrown or begins to think too much on the mound because the pitch called for is not what he wants to throw, the pitcher will not trust his stuff.

Let's see, Molina catches Sabathia and he wins, Joba has been struggling lately and doesn't appear to be on the same page as Posada, Burnett is not on the same page as Posada, and Aceves is giving up bombs in relieve. Any coincidence there?? (hint - Posada).

While it will be tough for the Yankees to lose the Division, I am not about to crown them as the division champs because there is still a month to go in the season. A number of divisions have been lost in the last month of the season (1978 Red Sox, 2007 and 08 Mets come to mind).

Not to rub salt in anyones wounds, but and unassisted triple play against the Muts. Oh and Minya and Manuel get the support of the owner for next season.

Crash said...

I'm not arguing in favor of Posada behind the plate at all. But if he's not catching then he's DH, which means you lose Matsui's bat...newsflash Matsui can still hit and is scorching HOT!!! 4HRs and 9 in Boston.

Posada has never called a good game. Pitchers have never liked throwing to him. Going back to Cone, Clemens, Wells, Mussina, Randy Johnson, now CC, AJ, & Joba. I can see why the Yankees gave him that big extension a couple years ago...He doesn't call a good game, he has a below average arm, and refuses to block the plate on close plays and as a result costs the team runs. That sounds like $52.4 million catcher to me.

Love his bat, love his attitdue...hate his catching.

57 said...

does anyone have $5,000,000 i can borrow.... the Dimaggio family should buy this and move Joe there. The Kennedy's had her killed...

Crash said...

I can't hit ebay from this PC but if that's the Monroe tomb...DiMaggio did have it...when he and Marilyn divorced he sold it to the guy that's in there now. Now that guy's widow is selling it to pay off her mortgage.

I think Hugh Heffner owns the 2 on either side of her.

Mid said...

Wow - just heard Santana got scratched from start due to elbow - surgery likely.

And the hits just keep on coming for the Mets.

Sorry 57 (both Johan and the other 57)

The Scooter said...

Santana will never pitch again

Glad to hear Omar and Manuel will be back next year. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

old professor said...

According to Jerry Manuel, Santana is probably done for the rest of the season. If he needs to have elbow surgery, he will probably miss a good portion of next year as well. Maybe the Mets should blow up the new stadium and build something else. Since they moved in, the season has been a train wreck due to all of those injuries (though it is questionable whether they would have competed for the division with all of those players healthy - ahh what could have been!!!).

Mid, when the Yankees traded for Nady, they needed extra punch in the lineup. Olendorf was a questionable commodity as was Karstens. Tabata was the key to the trade and has always been tabbed as can't miss. Ask yourself this question - with all of the players that the Pirates traded away [including most of their outfielders], why would an individual hitting .333 still be in the minors when he is a five tool stud? Answers: (a) he is not as good as projected (b) his personal life issues [a wife twenty years older than he is]show a bit of bad judgement and immaturity or (c) all of the above. The answer is probably c.

The Scooter said...

Glad to see the Giambino land a job in Colorado. The Rockies also signed Russ Ortiz. I must have missed where the Yankees cut him.

Peavy may debut for the White Sox against the Yankee. I say, Bring Him On.

Let's go out and win another series.

The Scooter said...


Went to see Inglorious Basterds the other night. If any of you are fans of Tarrantino (Prof, my money is on you) then it's a "can't miss".

Crash said...

I'm guessing Old Prof doesn't even know what a "Tarrantino" is.

Old Prof in assessing the Pirates and Tabata you forgot choice D. The Pirates front office, talent evaluators, decision makers, etc. are inept. Trading LaRoche should have opened the door for some hitting .333 at AAA. The Pirates are probably just trying to avoid starting the clock on his $$ years.

If Peavy starts against the Yankees, he'll be wishing he never agreed to a trade to the AL. I would guess he doesn't make it out of the 3rd inning.

If this is TJ surgery for Johan, he's essentially out all next year too. 57 you throwing in the towel on next season yet?

If the Red Sox can't work out an agreement on Wagner does that mean the Yankees have a shot at him if they're next? I would think Wagner is still an improvement over Bruney and possibly Coke (at least as a set-up type) at this point. If you go Wagner, Hughes, Mo, with the ability to mix and match with Marte, Coke, and Bruney, that's real good. If they have that option I would jump on it. And if Wagner is saying don't pick up my option and don't offer arbitration I say no problem.

old professor said...

Crash, first I know who Tarrantino is. I have read the reviews on the movie and they are pretty good. Strange twist having Jewish people killing Germans.

Now regarding Wagner - the guy is 38 years old and will be 39 next year. He has already indicated he will not waive his no trade clause to go to the sox because he wants them to drop the arbitration piece. If he gets his wish, Boston would not receive compensation if and when Wagner becomes a free agent. In addition, Wagner has indicated his intentions are to resume closing next year so the Yankees would not fit his plans (though he is still younger than Mo).

Scooter, Ortiz was with the Yankees less than two weeks before being released, apparently he had nothing to offer and once the Yankees saw Gaudin pitch, Ortiz became more than expendable.

One last note, Mid, Andrew Brackman is a reclaimation project. He had Tommy John Surgery last year. It takes about 18 months to recover. He has to learn to pitch all over again. He was a gamble the Yankees were willing to take. They will give him about two more years to show something.

old professor said...

Okay since last night was an off-night, I thought I would fill some space with minor league updates. Jason Hirsh, who the Yankees signed the sametime they signed Ortiz is doing well at SWB he is 3-0 with an ERA of 1.71 (he has pitched for the Rockies in the past). At 27, he is younger than Ortiz and will be in the mix next season for the roster. Josh Towers - he of one day back in the minors just to be designated for assignment- elected to return to SWB where he is still pitching well (2.98 ERA). Mid's boy, Edwar Ramirez is now 1-5, but has a respectable 3.25 ERA. Michael Dunn has an ERA of 2.65 with 18 strikeouts in 17 innings. He is in his fifth year with the Yankees so can elect to become a free agent for rule five after the season. Albaladejo is 3-0 with a 1.65 ERA and should be called back to the big club after September 1. And finally another Mid favorite, Humberto Sanchez, is still with the Yankee system as he tries to recover from a number of injuries. Pitching at Double A Trenton he is 1-0 with a 3.71 ERA having appeared in only 20 games. And oh yes, Kei Igwa has come back to earth where he is 9-7 with and era of 4.65 and probably will not earn a call up in September.

Crash said...

Just read a couple of interesting notes...Billy Wagner will agree to go to the Red Sox, I think that deal should have been done at 1:30...I saw a report at 12:25 that said very likely the deal is agreed to.

The Yankees would more than likely bring Johnny Damon back if he takes a pay cut...not sure how much of a pay cut, but I would guess a deal similar to Pettitte's, something like $5MM guaranteed with a ton of incentives to bring him around $10-12MM isn't out of the question.

Someone claim Brad Penny off waivers but the Red Sox pulled him back. I guess they didn't like the concept of a 3 man rotation.

Crash said...

OFFICIAL: Wagner to Sox

The Scooter said...

Official: Santana to have surgery

Looks like the Mets finally caught a break though. No Tommy John surgery, just bone chips.


Crash said...

Ok enough is enough...time to tell it like it is...Joba and the Joba rules SUCK!!!

We're approximately 75% through the season and Joba has had 4 good starts. Forget his winning record, forget that he was "leading" the staff in ERA around the All Star break. The kid had 4 good starts the entire season, 3 of those came in the span of 2 weeks after the AllStar break. And these rules with longer rest periods and no one knowing, including Joba, what his innings limit is, has destroyed what started out to be a very promising second half.

As far as I'm concerned Mitre and Gaudin should start in his spot the rest of the year, just have throw side sessions down in Tampa for the rest of the season.

57 said...

It's football season.

old professor said...

Crash, I have to agree with you regarding the Joba Rules - he needs to pitch every fifth day to establish a rhythm. Not only will it give him the opportunity to develop a comfortable pattern, it will give the team the opportunity to see what they really have and has the past number of outtings have shown, they don't have much. The kid was more suited for the bullpen and has not proven his worth as a starter.

Don't be surprised to see Hughes and Kennedy in the rotation next year with Joba either in the pen or SWB.

Right now it would appear the pitching plan is pitch Sabathia and pray for four days of rain.

The Scooter said...

Joba will pitch three or four absolute GEMS in the playoffs, including the WS clincher vs the Dodgers, where he will pitch eight innings of shutout ball and record 14 strikeouts.

old professor said...

Scooter, either you are using what Joba's mother was selling or he may have to contact her prior to the post season to obtain the substances to pitch as well as you are pontificating.

Joba is starting to show the characteristics of what he may actually be - a one year cult figure with the inability to do what it takes to succeed at the big league level. And before he pitches like you indicate in the WS, he needs to pitch better to insure the Yankees win the division and get to the playoffs. The team will not get there with one pitcher that can be counted on to perform up to expectations.

On the medical front, Major League Baseball needs to investigate the medical staff of the Mets. You have a very valuable commodity in Santana experiencing pain in his elbow since the all-star game and there is no apparent concern. The guy is now headed for elbow surgery.

And 57 while football season is starting, there has been a noticeable absence in pre-season bills games - TO. Apparently his stubbed toe is too painful to allow him to play in the pre-season. True to his form, he will have a miracle occur the night before the season begins allowing him to step on the field.

Crash said...

If Joba can come up with one huge, clutch performance in the post season...I'm thinking along the lines Clemens vs. Seattle 2000 ALCS, Complete Game, shutout, 1H, 15K's...then I can tolerate his season.

I'm not ready to say the guy can't seems Old Prof is banishing him altogether, let's keep in mind he's only 23...he has shown flashes of brilliance. Next year is his true test. No more Joba rules, the training wheels are off. If he can come in and be a very good #3 starter getting 15+ Wins with an ERA in the mid 3's, close to 200K's...sign me up.

old professor said...

Crash, as for Joba Chamberlain and he being only twenty-three, his walks, pitch counts, and lack of consistency should remind you of a pitcher the Yankees almost brought in this year. A lefty who has always been tagged as an individual with a great arm, the possiblility of a breakout year, etc, etc. That would be Oliver Perez who the Mets signed as a Free Agent.

It will be interesting to see if the Yankees bring Cervelli up before September 1 due to Posada being day to day. He is obviously out of today's game and I can't see the Yankees keeping their fingers crossed that Molina can get through the game without being dinged up.

Crash said...

I was listening to NY radio on the way home last night, and was shocked the the majority of the talk wasn't about Joba and his putrid performance, but rather how Girardi blew the game by asking Swisher to bunt, then how Girardi showed up his player by throwing a tantrum and storming down the tunnel after Swisher blew it.

In all honesty, I turned the TV off after the 3rd inning. I did see the highlights of Swisher not executing the bunt, I didn't see Girardi's reaction but thought it was odd that Swisher who would most likely work a walk there or at least make a productive out was asked to bunt. We've pointed out a couple times so far this year how Girardi has been instrumental at several losses for the Yankees and this is just another example.

We kept hearing during the Torre era how "anyone could manage that team"...this Yankee team I would argue has even more talent than the Torre teams and we are truly seeing that "anyone" can manage a star team. This team wins despite Griardi's best efforts.

Crash said...

Old Prof you are officially out of your mind if you are comparing Oliver Perez to Joba. That just may be the most ridiculous thing I have seen on this blog...ever.

old professor said...

Crash, as usual you try and misconstrue what has been written - it is becoming more obvious every day who you actually take after. The yearbook collection may indeed be headed in a different direction if this keeps up. The comparison to be made is that Joba has had all of this hype about talent and what could be and the team keeps waiting for "it" to happen. It may never happen. The same adjectives have been used on a number of prospects or big league players. Perez being one. Brian Taylor was supposed to be the next coming of Ron Guidry -opps he got into a bar fight and wrecked his shoulder. Wade Taylor was supposed to bolster a Yankee rotation that would feature Johnson and Patterson for a long time to come. Taylor flashed out Johnson was traded for (ready for this) Dennis Rasmussen and the particular Patterson I am speaking about ripped up a chest muscle and tried to come back as a lefthanded pitcher - he failed. Eric Milton was a can't miss number one. While he was a serviceable major league pitcher, he was never dominant.

I don't believe Joba Chamberlain will ever be the dominant pitcher he is being projected to be.

His mentality and abilities may be more suited to the bullpen.

Crash said...

Has anyone taken a look at the remaining schedule for the Yankees. It's pretty tough. They have 35 games left and half are against potential playoff teams: Red Sox 3 games, Tampa 7 games, Angels 4, White Sox 3. They also have 3 games against the Mariners who are still above .500.

The "easy" games: Baltimore for 6, Toronto for 6, and Royals for 3. Baltimore and Toronto always seem to play the Yankees tough regardless of records or place in standings.

Suddenly I feel a little less confident that the division is a cake walk from this point, and that has nothing to do with the losing the series against the Rangers.

The Scooter said...

Crash, I really think they should be able to coast to the Division Title. Although we all like to bitch about their deficiencies, they really are a pretty good team. 1-9 the lineup can rake, and when you get right down to it, CC, AJ and Andy are a quality trio.

The other part of the equation is simply that the Red Sox are not that good. They have holes in their lineup and aren't half as good defensively as they have been in the past. Beckett has looked shaky and Lester has been totally hittable in the second half, and the rest of their rotation is worse than the Yankees' back end.]

Wakefield is breaking down, and I don't see them getting anything from Dice-K this year.

As long as they just keep winning series, the Yankees will be well set up for October.

Crash said...

Scooter thanks for the reality check.

Interesting to hear Brian Cashman on ESPN radio a couple of minutes ago, make a point about Joba. Saying he's only 23 and his limited pro experience, if he were in the minor leagues right now, he would still have the innings limit. They apparently do it for all of their younger minor league pitchers to get them acclimated to the professional workload.

I think they will have the same situation with Hughes next year if they look to make him a starter.

On a side note it was nice to see the Yankees front office stick it to two of their "rivals" with one move. When the Sox acquired Wagner from the Mets, the PTBNL was Red Sox minor league player Chris Carter. Carter was on the 40 man roster and had to clear waivers. The Yankees claimed him. The Red Sox have to pull him back, the Mets don't get the player they wanted, and the Red Sox are forced to have to deal with a possible roster spot snafu. NICE JOB CASHMAN!!!

57 said...


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