Monday, August 17, 2009

40 Yrs Ago . . .

Back from a wedding downstate. On my way there going 87 Southbound I went by the exit for Saugerities and that got me thinking that when I got back, it would be appropriate to take a moment to recognize something great in the world of art that happened 40 years ago this past weekend. . . .No, I'm not talking about the mudfest concert at Bethel that was later named after a town 40 miles away. I'm talking about a guy named Mario Puzo and his book that he got published and subsequently panned by the critics. . . It went on to sell millions, gave us movies and TV series that most men in the U.S. still love. The Book? - The Godfather.

Perhaps the 60s counter-culture greatest achievement?


On to baseball - I think the distraction of whether Joba was pitching or not pitching took away from his focus on Sunday, leading to the shaky outing. Regardless, taking 3 out of 4 from a Wild Card contender ain't a bad thing.

Right now, things are almost going to good. After this set with Oakland, we've got Boston on deck again, followed by Texas. Good tests to close the month out.

I don't really have too much to say on the Bombers play right now - (that's what makes me nervous).

Other MLB thoughts:

Once the earth beaters of the NL, the Dodgers are losing ground and fading fast - will Torre be able to steady the sinking ship?

WSJ had an article pointing out that while Ichiro's numbers are impressive, he is perhaps the least valuable player for contending teams as few of his hits have led to wins, and that more than 80% of his hits are singles.

David Wright might be out for the rest of the season. Johan Santana should be out the rest of the season for his weak attempt at gaining street cred a few innings later.

Finally, Prince Fielder is a punk.



old professor said...

Mid, first Woodstock had more of an impact on the culture than the book the Godfather. You should have gotten off of the Truway and toured the area. It may seem odd, but a lot of those that attended Woodstock remained there and settled in to the community. For some entering the community and visiting some of the stores is like going through a time warp.

Now to baseball - Joba is back to being Joba. Don't even think the issue of him pitching or not pitching is a distraction. His last two games returned him to the form we saw earlier this year. He was over 90 pitches by the fifth inning. It is a sad commentary when one has to admit that Mitre pitched better this weekend then Joba. Joba had plenty of time to prepare mentally for the game. I believe the decision to pitch him was made Thursday night.

Crash said...

I think Joba is hitting a wall and needs the extra rest. When a slider flattens out, it's a sign that you're tired. His has been flat for 2 or 3 starts now.

Mitre has gotten better with each start and looked impressive the other day. He made Ichiro look very bad a couple times, that's very hard to do.

Interesting to see Brett Tomko get the start tonight against the Yankees.

Matsui has his knee drained, I'm guessing he'll be out a little while then come back pain free for a little while. Too bad he'll miss the time, he was hitting real well at the moment.

What's going on with Marte? I thought I read he's been moved off the 60 day DL and that his rehab stint was over, but then he either went or was sent home for personal reasons? Is he coming back or is he done? I think the bullpen is beginning to get tired, they have been beaten around a little lately. They could use the extra arm down there.

The WSJ should stick to reporting finance because they are apparently idiots when it comes to baseball. Ichiro bats leadoff and his job is to get on base, with a .360 BA he's doing his job, and by stealing 40+ bases he's putting himself into scoring position. It's not his fault the rest of the team sucks and can't drive him in (that's how the wins happen). Ichiro would hit .400 if he played in Fenway, and he would give Billy Hamilton a run for his Runs scored record of 196 if he was batting leadoff for the Yankees.

Ichiro is slam-dunk first ballot HOF. This is his 9th season, all he's done is win the MVP and ROY in the same year, been an all-star every year, win a gold glove every year, collect 200 hits every year (including leading the league in hits 5, probably 6 times if you count this year).

Crash said...

The Yankees have signed their #1 draft pick this year. In fact the Yankees have signed most of their top picks. They have signed 9 out of their top 10 and 14 of top 15. The only one in the top 15 that hasn't signed is Tyler Lyons a LHP from Oklahoma St, who was the 10th round pick. I think the Yankees would be happy with the # of their top draft picks that have signed.

If the Nats don't sign Strausbaurg, MLB needs to destroy and rebuild the entire draft process. I like the format of the NFL, but with the "slot" system for guaranteed $ like the NBA.

old professor said...

Crash, Marte was moved to the sixty day DL to make room for Gaudin on the forty man roster. His rehab stint by rule can only be thirty days. He finished maximum amount of time on rehab assignment, but was pitching terribly. He was allowed to leave SWB for personal reasons. Which probably means he wants to go home a contemplate retirement. According to sources watching his rehab assignment, his fastball lacked velocity, his curve was flat and he could not locate his pitches.

If he were pitching better, he would have been activated a brought up, which would have forced the release of someone else. I don't think the Yankees wanted to do that and are trying to give him the rest of the year off.

Good to hear the Yankees signed all of their top picks. One of their top picks last year - Bittle, was supposed to be signed again, but failed his physical.

Mid said...

"It may seem odd, but a lot of those that attended Woodstock remained there and settled in to the community"

Really - I didn't know Bethel had a populatio of 400,000.

Now panning the music or the festival, I'm just saying the last year of the 60s had more true achievments going on than a concert that was, by concert standards (no show bands, equipment malfunctions, sanitation, etc.) kind of a bust (The Who said it was the worst set they ever did).

Without The Godfather, we would not have had The Godfather the movie (obviously we have to live with the mistakes of the sequels), Goodfellas, The Sopranos - etc.

Mid said...

"Ichiro is slam-dunk first ballot HOF."

No doubt about it - even if the voters agreed with the WSJ's position - do you know anyone in the press that can help themselves with the inevitable " . .first ever (fill in demographic) to get elected . . " chatter?

Ichiro is a great player, he wears 51 in honor of Bernie - was just passing along what I read.

Crash said...

How can the Yankees be shut down by a guy with an ERA around a touchdown??? They had some scoring opportunities early and couldn't cash in. Very disappointing. I would rather have them go into a little funk now for 2 or 3 games if it means they get it out of their system so when they go into Boston they pound them into oblivion and essentially eliminate them from the division and most likely the playoff picture.

Crash said...

CC picks up a great win yesterday. Good to see Matsui back in the line up quickly. The Captain came through in big scoring situation last night. Let's see if Gaudin can put in a respectable performance with his first start. With a day off tomorrow I would think everyone in the bullpen could be used if necessary. If the Yankees can get a W tonight they go 5-2 on a west coast trip, I think they take that anytime.

The next week or so is a tough schedule for the Yankees. Not only do they face Boston coming off a West coast trip, but then they have the Rangers & White Sox come to the stadium. 3 playoff contending teams in a row.

The Scooter said...

Miss Me?

Spent some time down at the Jersey Shore (LBI). Weather was spectacular, thanks for asking.

I hate when the Yankees play out west. I'm dragging all day today after staying up to watch the game last night.

Will be interesting to see what Gaudin gives them tonight.

Jeter is hitting .330
Just thought I would throw that out there.

The Scooter said...

....and just my two cents

The Godfather was JUST as important as Woodstock in regards to Pop Culture History in our country.

The Scooter said...

Great article (and I mean GREAT) on Jeter by Posnanski on

Crash said...

Nice find on the Jeter article Scooter. He obviously doesn't stop by this blog, I think we've been ranting Jeter as MVP since pre-All-Star break.

Old Prof was probably the ghost writer for that article...If you didn't write it you need to read it Old Prof.

The Scooter said...

Gaudin did what a spot starter is supposed to do....Gave his team a chance to win. Bullpen seemed a little rusty (all except Mo) but once again did the job.

Co-MVP's Jeter and Teixiera carried the offense.

Another series win.

Let's go bury the SAWX once and for all.

57 said...

Just back from vacation... and the Mets are still a joke.

Giants are going to the Super Bowl. Who needs Burress and Toomer.

Scooter, sorry about the missed call.. would have been fun to do.

Mid, thanks for putting my trash can in my garage like you indicated you would do...(for those of you who don't get it, im being sarcastic)

Yankees are overacheivers whose world will come crashing down in a short series...

I flew over Yankee Stadium and noticed that the old stadium is much better.

I still get very angry when I fly over the NY skyline.. it truly hits me in the GUT every single time.

The Bills look good in practice!

Miami is a sh*t hole; stuck in the 80s.

Britney Spears is still hot.

Why does Brett Favre continue to do this, and WHY does the MEDIA slobber all over him and swing from his nuts.... why is it STILL a story?

Crash said...

Plax's career is over. 2 years is a long time. We just heard Vick said he was crying himself to sleep every night. Plax will actually do more time than Vick. 20 months with good behavior.

Crash said...

I really would like to see the Yankees stomp on the neck of the Red Sox in this series. Girardi has been preaching how this team doesn't quit and can grind it out. I want to see some killer instinct from them. Everyone in the media is saying how the race for the division is over, last I checked it's still August and they have 2 series to play against each other. The lead is 6.5 and there are 6 games left head to head. It's not over yet, not by a long shot. 2 of 3 or a sweep in this series would certainly make me feel a lot better though.

The Scooter said...

Well Crash, looks like the "stompin" has begun.

Who doesn't like a good beatdown? The Yankees treated the Sox as if they were the Mets or something.


57 said...

gotta kick a man while he's down?

Crash said...

That's was ugly. I will say Girardi did a good thing by letting AJ work 5 innings. He saved the bullpen. Tonight should be a good match up. Hopefully the Yanks can come out on top.

old professor said...

Okay back from Mass. and Rhode Island. Anyone tired of the constant moving of the rotation to allow for Joba to get to his innings allotment. Here is a strange question - if the innings count is so damn important why have the Yankees already indicated if they make the playoffs, the innings limitation goes bye-bye. They need to let the guy pitch and stop the babying. Burnett and Sabathis as well as Pettite need to have a consistent rotation process. All this Joba crap screws with them as well.

Yankee pen has not looked very good against the red sox. Mitre -awful, Robertson - mediocre, Aceves- hittable, Marte - good.

Just a side note - if anyone is looking for a B&B/Inn that is close to Providence and Newport, have I got a place for you guys - Jacob Hill Inn(Seekonk, Mass) - pool (ten feet deep), game room and unbelievable breakfasts.

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