Monday, August 10, 2009


Huge Series!

Time Warner Sucks - my internet was out most of the weekend and this a.m. so no time to give a meaningful update. Will have to wait until tonight.


old professor said...

Mid, too bad your cable was out. Series finale was great. Great pitchers battle between Lester and Pettitte (Pettitte again doesn't get to put up a win because of the bullpen - Coke goes inside and hangs a curve, which V-Mart put deep into the bleachers in left. Yankees put up a fourspot in the bottom of the 8th to wrap it up.

Watching the Sox-Yankees series I came away believing the sox offense seemed mediocre to weak. And except for Beckett and Lester their pitching (especially the pen) looks to be in trouble.

Six and a half game lead over the sox and an eight game lead over the rays. Things are looking good. Can they go for eight in a row by beating the Jays tonight??

And 57 the Bills opened pre-season last night losing to the Titans. (At one point they were down 20-3). Edwards was average at best. Oh on a positive note for you the Muts actually won a game.

Crash said...

What a great weekend series for the Yankees. Their starting pitching was great, bullpen was great for the most part, the offense came up with some clutch hits, they used both small ball and the long ball.

A-Rod with 2 huge HRs this series. Teixeira also had some big hits. He's earning his stripes pretty quick.

My only gripe about yesterday games was that I didn't understand why Girardi would leave in Coke to face back to back right handed hitters. Girardi should have pulled Coke after he got Ellsbury. I think I would have brought in Hughes in that situation. Maybe he was trying to give Hughes extra time off.

I think it's pretty clear that the pecking order in the bullpen is Mo, Hughes, Coke, and then everyone else. Robertson is decent if he can hit his spots. Bruney needs to put together a couple more outings like Friday nights game before he can be "trusted" again.

Marte was placed on the 60 day DL...not sure if that was just to clear a roster spot temporarily or if he's done for the year. Everything I was hearing was positive with no setbacks and was on the verge of rejoining the team...too bad if he's done.

Yankees are hosting Toronto for a 3 game set(they don't get Halladay). I hope they don't have a let down after the Boston Massacre 2009.

The Scooter said...

WOW....what a weekend. Not even the staunchest Yankee fan could have foreseen a SWEEP.

It's starting to feel like this team actually might have the goods. Over the last 8 days, the Yankees have found a way to beat Buhrle, Halliday, Beckett and Lester. Inspiring Baseball!

Props to the old man (not you Prof, I'm talking about Pettitte). If he stays healthy he is going to have a HUGE second half.

Teixiera has overtaken the Captain in the MVP race.

I have a feeling we will get our first glimpse of Chad Gauidin tonight....that is unless Mitre gives us seven shutout innings (could you imagine?)

The Bills might not get more than four wins this year. For 57's sake, I hope the Sabres have a good year.

old professor said...

Has anyone noticed the Yankees seem to be stocking up on veteran arms in the minors? They recently signed Russ Ortiz to a minor league contract after he was released by the Astros. He has one start and one win at SWB. The Yankees have also signed Josh Hirsh to a minor league deal. Hirsh is also a former Astro, is significantly younger than Ortiz - he is 27. Hirsh has two wins with SWB and is pitching to an ERA of

Crash regarding Marte, it is a manuever to allow Gaudin to be added to the active roster. Marte can still rehab in the minors, build arm strength. The sixty day time period will go back to May 1 when he was put on the DL. Don't expect him back until sometime in late August or after September 1. Based on what happened this year, I cannot envision the Yankees resigning him.

It also appears the White Sox have put a claim in for Alex Rios of the Rays - 10 days now to either work a trade, release him, or pull him back. The guy has $60 million and six years left on his contract. What were the Jays thinking with that signing??

57 said...

Has anyone heard of T.0.? Wherever he goes, he makes the playoffs.... 2009 Bills 11-5...

Sanana has 13 wins... CC only 12.

I believe Big Papi.

The Scooter said...

The only way T.O. gets the Bills to the playoffs is if he buys the entire team tickets.

Santana hasn't had a BIG win since he played with the Twins.

Big Papi is a coward. At least A-Rod manned up.

Crash said...

Old Prof. the Yankees won't have to resign Marte this year because they did it last year. He signed a 3 year deal.

Also the Rios deal, at the time, was a very good deal. He was a star in waiting. He hit for average (.300) power (20 HRs) and had speed (20 SB), and he is above average defensively with a great arm. This was all happening before his "prime". Toronto wanted to lock up their young homegrown player before he hit the open market. His average is down this year but his power and speed #s are still on mark.

It's his low average, the lack of production from Vernon Wells (with a HUGE contract), and the fact that in the offseason guys like Abreu were forced to sign for $5MM, that makes it look a lot worse than it really is. He's making less than Damon and Matsui...and he should...but it's not that bad.

old professor said...

Hey 57, regarding T.O. he played and talked his way out of San Francisco, he played and talked his way out of Philly and he played and talked his way out of Dallas. He is on the downside of his career and the only people other than TO who believe the hype are frustrated Bills fans. In those other three cities, he had very good quarterbacks, decent running backs and complimentary receivers - the only thing the bills have is the running back and Lynch will be gone for the first three games. Bills will finish at or slightly above 8-8.

As for Santana good team man and a better pitcher, but he is playing on a mediocre team. He was not the guarantee to the promised land that he was preached to be. I hear they are going to actually name a hospital wing after the Mets because of all of the injuries they have had.

And here is the difference between the Mets and Yankees. The Mets have used the injuries as an excuse for their demise, the Yankees didn't look for excuses when Bruney, Marte, A-Rod, Ransom, Posada, and Molina went down with injuries, they played hard stayed in most games and played themselves into contention not out of it.

Now about last nights game - offense and Aceves kept the team in the game. Mitre needs to go (maybe to the Mets as a number 2)he squanders leads and seems to pitch afraid of what the next batter is going to do. Twice he coughed up the lead. Gaudin or a someone in the minors not named Igwa could do better.

Crash said...

Mitre isn't pitching that poorly. Yes I know he gave up the lead twice. But 3 runs over 5 innings, doesn't that seem about right or a true #5 guy? When his stuff is on it is good, real good...he made a couple of Jays real bad. He throws strikes but is catching too much of the plate and as a result is giving up a lot of hits (38 of them in 23 innings). If he pulls it together for 2 games then his ERA drops into the 4's and that's not bad for a let's just see him give them that decent start or 2. But until then...

Unfortunately Girardi is saying Mitre is in the rotation. I think what can't be overlooked is that Aceves is being stretched out. He pitched 3 innings against Boston in that 15 inning game, he went 4 innings last night. I wouldn't be surprised if they give him 2 or 3 days off and bring him for another 4 inings. Then if Mitre falters again or if they want to give Joba an extra day, they could start Aceves.

57 said...

Wow.. prof, why piling on the Bills and Mets?

I can look at SEVERAL posts by members of this blog that were complaining how bad you were playing when you were injured. If we had a healthy team this summer, we would be in a VERY healthy race for the East crown.

The Scooter said...


And IF Norwood doesn't miss wide right......

old professor said...

Crash, you mentioned the positives regarding Mitre, here are some of the numbers to consider - when you factor in the walks with hits his WHIP is 1.90 not good and teams are hitting .375 against him. It translates to near disaster every five days. Yes, he can have some pitches that are very good and make some batters look very foolish, but he can't do it consistently, nor can he give you more than five innings.

57, my dislike for the bills stems from 5 years of living in Bills Country and every year listening to how great they were going to be only to hear about the number of people who were seeking psychological care after another super bowl blow out - this included my neighbor who had set up fireworks to celebrate their coming victory of the Giants. And after the game decided to reposition the fireworks to go off over my house - nice display at his expense! It may also have something to do with drawing a charge from Cornelius Bennett during a fund raising basketball game. Though I must admit the volleyball game against the Jills was great.

Here's one for Scooter (you might want to sit down before you proceed any further) - I am truly amazed at how well Jeter is playing this season - he is hitting in the clutch, is actually fielding his position and showing improved range and has shown some pop for power while hitting for average (gives hope to all senior citizens that there can be productivity after a certain age regardless of what Obama Care says). In addition, he refuses to get carried away with the hype about how the Yankees have just dispatched the Red Sox as he keeps things in proper perspetive. Okay enough of the platitudes.

Crash said...

Old Prof I readily admit Mitre is very hittable, but he only has 6 walks in his 5 games. Let's not forget he's coming back from surgery and should only be getting better/stronger/more confident with each start.

If the Yankees can go .500 in his starts (they are currently 3-2 in his starts)we can live with that from a #5 guy. You can't expect your #5 starter to pitch like an ace. If he gives you 5 or 6 innings and gives up a couple of runs, keeping the team in the game, you take it in a heartbeat.

Old Prof must be hitting the sauce early to praise Jeter. I may be changing my MVP vote from Jeter to Big Tex. He is awesome. He has had more big hits this year than A-Rod has in his entire Yankee tenure. This not meant to be a direct knock on A-Rod, he had huge clutch hits in this last Boston series (obviously with the walk off), but Tex is great.

Middle Relief said...

wow - busting out with the Norwood reference

- that's just cold Scoots . . .

(but obviously, as a Big Blue fan - love it!)

57 said...

Mid.. please BAN any comments about Super Bowl 25.

The Scooter said...

I have to admit I'm a little taken aback by Prof's 180 on Jeter. Welcome to the fan club Prof. Glad to see that you have come around.

Right back on to their winning ways last night. Joba was frustratingly Jobalike once again, bouncing from dominating to mediocre seemingly from pitch to pitch....but the bats showed up once again when the chips were down and the bullpen looked stellar yet again.

Mid, it's nice always knowing I have the Norwood kick AND the 2000 World Series to hold against my dear cousin.

Bench clearing brawl for the Sox and the Tigers. Porcello (Jersey Boy) threw Yuke around like a rag doll, but Lowell hits two homeruns to win it for the Sox. I hope Yuke gets 5 games for charging the mound.

old professor said...

Yes, the old Joba showed up for the second straight game. Going deep in the count, struggling to put people away and once again consistently shaking Posada off. Someone needs to take the kid to the woodshed for a come to Jesus meeting. Message should be - for every shake off of your catcher, $1,000 fine. The Yankees also appear to be set going to a six man alternating rotation to give Chamberlain extra rest - maybe they should send him to a sports shrink.

Crash said...

Yuke is such a punk a$$ baby. He should have taken his own pitcher behind the woodshed not Porcello. If Cabrera didn't get plunked for the second night in a row Yuke wouldn't have been hit for the second time in 2 nights. Pretty simple formula to figure out for the big idiot, you hit their best player, they have to hit the fattest guy on your team.

In all honesty I would have loved a brawl last weekend if Joba threw inside on him.

Ups and down with Joba again but I think I'm getting use to this roller coaster ride. The only bad thing is with Mitre in the rotation you essentially now have #5 starters and Pettitte who is a true #4 now has to step up into the #3 spot. I still think the Yankees have the best pitching from front to end in baseball right now, but I would feel a lot better if they had made a move other than Chad Gaudin, who has even appeared in a game yet, right??? If the Yankees have a lead or are way behind tonight I think he finally sees some action.

Crash said...

My ignorance...just saw Gaudin to start Sunday.

old professor said...

Whether Gaudin starts Saturday or Sunday the issue facing the Yankees is they will still have a number five starter that can't go more than five innings and is averaging more than six runs per game and Joba who will now be on an innings count through the end of the season. This would seem to be a recipe for killing a bullpen. With Gaudin going to the rotation, Aceves becomes the long man to continually follow Mitre, who becomes the long man to fill in starting with the sixth inning for Joba after he throws his 105 pitch to finish the fifth inning.

The team needs to shit or get off the pot - Dump Mitre or dump the innings count for Chamberlain.

Great replay of Youkliss charging the mound only to be thrown down onto his back by the rookie. The rookie should have pounded him into the ground. The Red Sox should realize when they hit someone, one of theirs is going to go down. Cabrera got hit Monday night and then again on Tuesday. You had to figure a sox player was going to get it and the league has figured out who the biggest baby on the Red Sox is.

News Flash from Pittsford - TO has stubbed a toe and is sitting out practice. Maybe he needs to get a pedicure.

Crash said...

Old Prof I couldn't agree more. What bothers me about the Joba-rules and the "plan", is that only Cashman and Girardi seem to know what it is. Joba doesn't even know, Posada doesn't know, the team doesn't know. Reading a quote from Posada in the Daily News today, he thinks not knowing is having a negative impact on Joba lately.

If there is really a plan, Girardi needs to share this with the Joba. This is a recipe for disaster.

Crash said...

Can anyone tell me why Pena was put in for Jeter after only a couple of innings? Was Jeter hurt on a play?

The Scooter said...

Jeter left after he was hit on foot/ankle by a pitch.

He was limping a bit. Probably just precautionary.

The Scooter said...

X-Rays negative on Jeter's right foot.

old professor said...

More than just Jeter's bruised foot should concern the Yankees. While catching, Posada took a pitch off of his right hand, A-Rod got hit in the elbow and will probably miss a few days and Mo's shoulder is stiff. Not the way to start a west coast roadtrip.

Yankees do what they had to do - WIN. Odd with all the late inning heroics, they are playing like last year's Rays.

If Mo can't go as closer for a couple of days, it will give the team the opportunity to test Hughes to see if he can close the deal as well as he has been setting up - 1996 all over again.

The Scooter said...

Tonight's lineup will be a little shaky. We will probably see Pena, Hairston and Molina in for Jetes, A-Rod and Jorge.

Girardi didn't seem too concerned with Mo. He said he would be SHOCKED if he were unavailable for tonight's game. I think they should give him another day off, regardless.

CC could be the equalizer.

Crash said...

Girardi was planning on giving A-Rod and Jeter days off this week anyways. I would rest them the entire week and bring them back for the Boston series. Knowing Jeter he'll try to play through the injury and actually be a detriment to the team. Girardi should know this by now and just bench him to give him time to heal.

A-Rod will be fine. Posada may have a problem batting from the left side if it was his right hand.

A larger concern is that the Red Sox just walked through the Tigers. It looks like they have been woken up and are in a piss poor mood. The Yankees caught the Sox at the right time last weekend, they may catch them at the wrong time next weekend.

old professor said...

Yankees win big, Boston loses and the lead moves to 6.5 games. Matsui apparently is getting hot. Great part about the Yankees position if they keep winning, there is nothing Boston can do to close the gap. It would be nice that by the time the Yankees Red Sox series comes around next weekend, the series becomes irrelevent to the division race.

The Scooter said...

CC is earning his fat contract. I have to admit that Cashman is looking pretty good right now. His moves for CC, AJ and Tex are all paying big dividends. Swisher has been an on base machine with some good pop (does anyone make a pitcher work more than him?).

Great to see Jeter back out on the field last night. He is a true leader and a true warrior (apologies to Paul O'Neil).

It's always good when you can pick up a game on the Sox, when A-Rod, Posada and Mo are all being rested. The win allows you to consider giving each of them another night off.

57, this just in....T.O. has a hangnail. He won't be practicing today.

Crash said...

You cannot argue with the production from CC and AJ. Both have double digit win totals both have ERA's in the mid 3's...Tex is arguably the MVP this year.

The Yankees picked up ground were able to give their injured players rest and still stomped a hole in the M's and pick up games in the standings.

CC really looked overpowering last night. And he only need 105 pitches. Bruney pitched an effective, albeit irrelevant, inning, only 8 pitches needed. I have to admit when I saw Jeter in the starting line up I was pretty steamed. I was thinking this was typical Jeter playing while he's hurt and he'll go into an 0-20 slide...I was wrong, 2 for 4 with the HR. I watched up until the 8th inning I didn't notice a limp on him.

I agree with Old Prof. All those guys should get another day off.
I would like to see Tex, Swisher and Damon get a day off tonight too. Give another start to Molina, Harriston, Hinske, and Pena.

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