Monday, September 14, 2009

All is good

More details to follow but we all know what the talking points are this Monday a.m.:

Jeter passes the Iron Horse on 9/11

The Boss' comments on Jeter

Sox are surging

A-Rod and Girardi tosses to re-ignite the spark?

NFL - Sanchez is the real deal. Gilbride still sucks in the Red Zone and the shocker we'll be talking about tomorrow: the Bills beating the Pats on Monday night!!! (sorry Scoots)


old professor said...

Yes Mid, the sox are hot, but explain to me how Baltimore takes two of three from the Yankees and once again AJ Burnett gets lit up in one inning?

The Yankees will not go far in the playoffs if the only reliable individual in the rotation is CC.

Giants did not look bad in the first half building a 17-0 lead. What may be of some concern is they seemed to go flat in the second half. NO WAY the Bills beat the Pats.

old professor said...

More Yankee problems with umpire Marty Foster - It still amazes me that Major League Baseball will fine and suspend players and/or managers for issues with an umpire, but the umpires when they are wrong, don't get penalized. This is the same knuclehead that called Jeter out at third base by saying "the throw beat you so the third baseman doesn't have to tag you". Foster disputed what Jeter said then and now disputes what A-Rod did or did not say. Maybe it is time for the umpire to go.

Sort of like the call by the line judge at the US Open calling a foot foul on S. Williams when the replays clearly show no foot foul. Okay so Serina went off on the judge and threatended to do something with the ball - she has been fined and probably will face stiffer sanctions. No one is talking about the bad call by the jusge and maybe she should find different employment.

And no Scooter, I did not watch the US Tennis Open - watched the highlights or lowlights of the call and Serina's blast off.

Whether it be baseball, tennis or football, bad officiating needs to be called what it is and the officials need to be held accountable.

old professor said...

Good game against the Angels. Any time they can beat a team at their own game (speed and stealing bases)it is a good night.

I can also assume all sharp instruments have been removed from 57's house due to the stunning loss by the Bills. It seems the team finds ways to lose when they play on Monday Night. Hope this does not develop into a trend for the team; don't think western NY can take the strain of another mediocre Bills' season.

old professor said...

Okay it is time to stop being loyal to Mitre. Once again he goes out and we hear - his sinker wasn't sinking, his pitches were flat. There can be better options than Mitre. Now we hear that Pettitte will miss his Wednesday start because of a barking left shoulder.

This is not what you want to here especially when a 9 game lead has now been trimmed to 6.5 with three left with the Sox and three left with the angels.

Crash said...

Joba sucks, he's not making the post season roster for the first round. All of sudden going into LA and then a visit to the stadium by Boston on the weekend, the division doesn't seem so locked up. Hope Andy Pettitte is better. With Joba pitching like Joba, and Mitre giving up more runs than most O/U on football games, suddenly Chad Gaudin is the #3 starter?!?!?! Not good. Saw a shot of Ian Kennedy on the bench with the team in Seattle. They're not toying with the thought of bringing him back this year right? That wouldn't be smart.

Big win for the Gmen last night in Big D. Romo sucks almost as much as Joba. Gilbride needs to be fired immediately. Eli looked real good, a couple misses but over really solid. He, Manningham, and Smith really stepped up in the absence of a running game. How does that defense give up 200+ yards in RUSHING!!! With the injuries to the secondary I would have thought 400 yards passing maybe, but the rush defense was non-existent. Overall can't complain about being 2-0 with 2 wins against divisional opponents, especially when one of them is on the road against a big rival.

old professor said...

Crash, I agree with your assessment of Joba. He has regressed. What is even worse in the post-game he indicated he felt his stuff except for two pitches was excellent. Was he at the same game??

Only positive piece is the Yankees magic number for the playoffs is 1. One win or one Ranger loss and the Yankees are in the playoffs. Not a good outlook when just a week ago it appeared they had the division locked up.

old professor said...

Crash, forgot to comment regarding your question on Ian Kennedy. He has been activated and Girardi indicated he hopes to begin the process of stretching him out so that would indicate they plan on using him sometime this season. Who knows if he can pitch five consistent innings, he may be a better option than Chamberlain.

Crash said...

I didn't know he was activated. But I did read that he was scheduled for the AZ Fall League. The Yankees were considering bypassing the AFL so he could be added to the post-season roster. If they're thinking about starting Kennedy in the post-season I think that tells you exactly what they think about Joba.

Why can't the Yankees beat LA??? Pettitte pitched well. When the Yankees didn't score in the first inning I knew they were not going to win that game. A-Rod was up in a big situation (only the first inning, but 2 runners in scoring position) and whiffs...badly. Who cares about that late HR. He gets a single in the first inning and the entire dynamic of the game changes.

old professor said...

Crash, before you completely rip A-Rod, check the statistics, he has had a number of crucial hits this year that have led to wins. Last year was a different story.

The Yankees may begin to rethink about not trading Joba to the Blue Jays for Doc. The last month Joba has shown me absolutely nothing. They have been talking about building innings for him to get him ready for post season. He can't get beyond the third inning. Here is something to consider - the last two post game interviews he has done, he is weariing glasses; does he where contacts during the game? If he needs his glasses post game maybe he should try wearing them during the game!! (Or is it he wants to get a closer look at Kim Jones).

Crash said...

Old Prof I know A-Rod has had big hits this year, I'm ripping him for last night. All he needed was a single and he looked foolish when he was thrown a couple off speed pitches.

I'm glad this is the last west coast series. I hate these late nights.

old professor said...

Yankees clinch a playoff spot, magic number now down to six with their win and Boston's loss.

Gardner steals second on a pitch-out starting to bring back memories of Henderson and Rivers - okay so some of you may have not been born when those two were stealing bases for the Yankees.

Rotation still a big question - time for Burnett to step up.

Crash said...

Good win for the Yankees last night. A-Rod comes through with a couple of big hits, including the sac fly to win it in the 9th.

This is the second time Gaudin pitched really well for 4 2/3 then can't get that final out in the fifth.

I think it's shaping up that both Joba and Bruney will be left off the post season roster for the first round.

Dave Roberts threw off the mound. So he's not far off from a return and possibly be "that guy" that could have an impact in October.

Also regards to post season awards Greinke is the Cy Young winner and because the Twins refused to fade Mauer is the MVP. CC will probably be in the top 3 and Jeter and Teixeira will be a distant 2nd & 3rd.

Crash said...

Good to see Ian Kennedy on the mound, regardless of the performance. Yankees get a big series win in LA, and now with at least a playoff spot locked up I would expect that takes a little pressure off of them in the Boston series. Maybe they will play a little looser. I still want to see a sweep. Good match up Friday, CC against Lester.

Crash said...

By the way if the Yankees sweep they clinch the AL East. They take 2 of 3 and magic # is down to 1. They get swept and it's suddenly a race. What's the rotation, CC, Joba, Pettitte? I think the Sox throw Lester, Dice-K, and Wakefield.

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