Sunday, September 27, 2009

See You In October (again)

As if it wasn't apparent by my lack of posting - three words describe how I'm feeling as we wind down the regular season: Boared to death.

Let's get it on and start the playoffs already.
Similar to the 1996 - Girardi has a formula working for him. The bottomline, if we make it out of the 7th with the lead we're going to win that game with Hughes and Rivera at the back end.
Best Ever? While this team might not be in the conversation as one of the best the franchise has seen - according to Bob Mathews (sports columnist for the Rochester paper) at least one aspect of this team is: the infield.

Other than the '76 Reds (Bench, Perez, Morgan, Concepcion, and Rose) no one comes close post WWII. Here are the #s (avg, HRs, RBIs):

Tex: .294, 38 , 120
Cano: .321, 24 , 80
Jeter: .333, 17 , 65
A-Rod: .285, 28 , 93
Jorge: .286, 22, 81

(Not for nothing, but where's Cano's due in the MVP talk?)
So, just to wrap up the baseball stuff - I'm glad we've got the division crown back and home field advantage - now I just want 11 more wins.

Let's see what happens in October.


Sanchez is the toast of NY. Trent Edwards of the Bills completely sucks. The NFC will be between the Saints and the G-Men. AFC, while no one appears to be fearful of the Pats anymore they're still in the mix along with the usual suspects: Steelers and Colts.

See you around!



old professor said...

Red Sox looked totally uninspired for this three game series. They even made Chamberlain look decent (not great, but decent).

Pettitte once again showed he is the bulldog of the staff. Monday Yankees go with Gaudin and probably play some of the players brought up from the minors. Would like to see Juan Miranda, Shane Spencer, and Cervelli play along with getting some time for Hinske.

Bills may finish under .500 this season. They were able to beat the lowly Bucs last week, but could not contain the Saints. A 1-2 start is not what some people had in mind for the team and it looks like the honeymoon with T.O. has come to an end.

Mid said...

The Sox admitted they didn't care if they won the division - I guess a by-product of the Wild Card.


Old Prof - Shane Spencer?


old professor said...

Sorry mid, I didn't mean to write Spencer, but Shelly Duncan - just checking to see if you really read the posts.

Crash said...

Cano is definitely one of the reasons the Yankees are successful this year but I'm not sure he even makes the Top 10 on his own team. Could you seriously put Cano ahead of Teixeira, Jeter, CC, MO, Hughes, Damon, Posada, Matsui, or even A-Rod?

Giants had a laugher in TB. The Giants finally score a TD from the redzone. They were 0 for 8 and the only team in the NFL not to score, unreal. Gildbride has to go.

Eli had a real nice game, Smith and Manningham are really stepping up into their new roles nicely. They may not be the big play Buress-type WR, but they get the job done. Jacobs, though he had 92 yards & TD he didn't look all that impressive. He hasn't looked great all year. Not sure what's going on.

While the Giants had a laugher, the Bills are laughable. How do you not get TO the ball in a game? I know he had 5 balls thrown his way, I know he may be in the decline of his career, I know he may drop some passes, I know he acts like a child most of the time, but he is your team's best player. You put the ball in your best players hand to make plays to win the game.

I know the Bills fired their Offensive Coordinator before the season, but this new guy (I'm sorry I don't know who he is) is terrible. For the head coach to allow that to happen is ridiculous. Dick Jerron should be fired immediately. If they can't score against the Saints defense (which is below average at best) it may be a long season for the Bills.

Crash said...

Last night was the first game of the season that I didn't watch or listen to at least some part live.

I wonder if Girardi will do the "honorary" manager of the day like Torre did. I remember Oneil and Posada served as acting manager. I think I also recall Clemens making a mound visit to Boomer Wells as "pitching coach". I think Jeter gets the call this year.

It's going to be a long week, if this is all I can come up with.

old professor said...

Crash, Girardi did the honorary manager thing last year. Yankees keep rolling against KC with reserves in. Pena hits first career homerun, Cano with a grand slam and Shelly Duncan chipped in with a single. Cervelli caught a nice game. Gaudin pitched well. Interesting decisions regarding the post-season roster.

Crash said...

Old Prof I'm not sure how many spots are open for the post-season roster, but there are a couple of interesting questions. I think Hinske doesn't make it, but Pena and Guzman may be added. How many catchers are you bringing? Do you need, I don't think so. But if they go with 2 I think Cervelli offers more flexibility and a better bat to the line up than Molina.

Pitching wise it will be interesting to see if they bring Joba, Guadin and even Ian Kennedy.

So it's: Jeter, Damon, Teixeira, A-Rod, Matsui, Posada, Cano, Swisher, & Melky. Probably Gardner, Harriston, Freddy Guzman, and Pena. Do you bring Hinske or do you bring another catcher?. And if it is a catcher is it Cervelli or Molina? I think Cervelli offers more flexibility and that's what you need in the post season.

Pitching is CC, AJ, Pettitte, Aceves, Coke, Marte, Robertson, Hughes, & Mo. I think Bruney, Joba, Gaudin, and even Kennedy are battling for the last couple of spots.

old professor said...

Crash, I agree with some of your assumptions. I do not see Guzman making the post-season roster simply because he doesn't hit. He has speed, but you can get the same speed with Hariston and Pena. I don't think Joe goes with Cervelli simply because he is a guy that is extremely loyal to his players and Molina has been around longer than Cervelli - NOT the reason to keep a guy on the post season but loyalty is big with Girardi.

I would say no to Kennedy simply because he has not been with the team except for the last two weeks. In addition he is still recovering and you don't know what you get with him. Gaudin yes, Mitre - No. Interesting don't be surprised to see Josh Towers make the bullpen over Mitre. The team will also have to decide whether the bring two lefties - Marte and/or Coke. If only one lefty then it is Coke. Bruney or Abaldejo?? Robertson only if he shows no ill affects of the arm problems and correct me if I am wrong, he has yet to pitch after coming back to the team?

The picture is bright for the playoffs because it would appear any of the role or bench players can fit in nicely and do the job.

Crash said...

I think Girardi has already said he wants both lefties Marte and Coke. Because of the extra off day you can use the bullpen throughout the series in consecutive games without worry of over using them and not having them available the next game, so allows for better match ups.

They were toying with the idea of Kennedy in October because that was his time to begin the AFL. Robertson is on the roster unless he's still hurt. He will throw in tonight's game, then Friday and Sunday. He won't be used on consecutive days yet. I think after last nights game Gaudin makes it. Mitre don't think so.

Girardi likes Guzman a lot. And Harriston has been slowed by a wrist injury. Guzman is the one "surprise" that gets added to the roster. BOOK IT!

old professor said...

Girardi may want to rethink using Coke. He had to major brain freezes last night that cost the Yankees two runs and could have cost them the game if not for the Heroics of Juan Miranda and Eric Hinkse. You know it has to be a magical year when one role player and one career minor leaguer in the teams last at bats bring on the win.

Maybe the ghosts from teams past liked the new stadium and moved with the team.

Crash said...

If it's the ghosts...I don't want them wasting their mojo on the it for October (& November).

Let's also keep in mind that this is Coke's true "rookie" season. He only pitched in 14 innings last year. He's bound to have a couple mistakes here and there. And if it happens in meaningless games so be it. Again better now than October.

Mid said...

I wonder what we're going to do with Miranda?

I like Coke - I think all thing considered he's done pretty well, and come next year he'll be a lock for a quality relief/hold.

Where's Scooter?

Crash said...

Looks like Joba was right back to form last night. This guy is not making the roster for the ALDS, and he is at best your #4 starter in the ALCS, if they make it.

I have it on good authority that Harriston is making the post season roster if healthy, Pena will be added only if Harriston can't go. Freddy Guzman is on. Robertson is on. Marte may have pitched himself off after getting the L last night.

old professor said...

Mid, the Yankees have two more years to decide about Miranda. This is only his third year under contract with the Yankees. He is a good glove and has shown promis in the minors. In the long run, he will either replace Swisher as a backup for Tex or be traded.

As for Marte, he did not pitch that poorly. A misplay in right field by Swisher is what led to the final run of the game.

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