Friday, November 13, 2009

Setting the Hot Stove to Simmer

The champagne has been poured, the celebration has quieted, and the parade has passed through the Canyon of Heroes.

Jeter and Teixeira are polishing their Gold Gloves and Silver Slugger Awards. Next week MLB will announce Rookie of the Year and Cy Young Award winners. I would expected CC to come up in the CY Young talk, but would be shocked if it's anyone other than Zack Greinke. MVP will be announced the following week. That should be a little closer vote between Mauer, Jeter, and Teixeira.

Now is the time when the team, and we as fans, turn our attention to next season and how the team may be improved. The GM meetings have concluded earlier this week and the Winter Meetings are just around the corner (December 7-10).

The Yankees have some needs to address. They need help in the OF, maybe a DH, and perhaps a starting pitcher or two. Damon, Matsui, and Pettitte are all key free agents that Brian Cashman will have tough decisions to make. December 1 is a key date as that is the last date for a team to offer arbitration to a player. Being that Damon, Matsui, and Pettitte are each considered Type A players I would think the Yankees would offer each arbitration, but that's not a guarantee (recall Bobby Abreu last year). Do they want Damon and/or Matsui back at about $15MM??? I think Pettitte is a lock to return, Cashman has already stated that he sees both Hughes and Joba as starters next season. Wang most likely will not be in pinstripes next season. Early speculation is that the Yankees are not interested in any big time free agents but may address needs through trades. Let that lead to the talk of landing Roy Halladay. Though the back pages of the NY papers are filled with...Curtis Granderson???

Put on your GM hats and let's get the talks, rumors, and speculation flowing.


Crash said...

Just looking over a list of starting pitchers who are trade possibilities and there are a lot of bad contracts out there.

The Tigers have $34 million tied up in disastrous pitching contracts: Dontrell Willis $12MM, Nate Robertson $10MM, and Jeremy Bonderman at $12.5MM.

Zito is still owed $83MM, Bronson Arroyo gets $13MM, Aaron Harrang $14.5MM, Jeff Suppan $14.5MM, Oliver Perez $24MM over the next 2 years, Carlos Silva $25MM the next 2 years...

If you're looking why teams, especially small market teams are struggling financially, it's because that make dumb signings like these.

The Barry Zito and Vernon Wells contracts have to be the worse in baseball.

This came up on Yankees Hot Stove last night. If the Blue Jays were to include Vernon Wells in any potential Halladay deal would you still take it, even if the Jays ate half of the $$ owed to Wells. The opinion was emphatically "no". I have to disagree. If the Jays agree to pay half the money, I would take Wells. He's still very solid defensively, and his offense while declining the last couple of seasons, isn't terrible and could actually improve in NY because he wouldn't have to live up to that huge contract. He would be a bottom of the order hitter and at $10MM a season is he worth the risk? I think so.

old professor said...

For the most part, I believe some of the Yankee needs can be handled internally. Duncan should be given a shot to become a regular in the outfield. He would be signed at the Major League Minimum.

Damon will probably be offered arbitration - though I believe he and the Yankees will get a contract extension done and don't expect it to be for the amount or number of years that Boras is asking for. If Damon comes back, Duncan can be a fourth outfielder and rotate to various positions. In addition, he can play first base and give them the flexibility that Hinske did.

For the life of me, I cannot see the infatuation with Granderson - He strikes out a lot (141 times this past year), nor can he hit left handed pitching.

There is a lot of speculation going around that Joba will be traded (on Yankee Hot Stove last night, one of the commentators indicated it was a 50-50 chance the Joba would be back with the team next year).

Word is also out there the Yankees will keep Sergio Mitre - WHY???????
Kei Igwa apparently has nixed a trade back to Japan and will play out the last two years of his contract probably at SWB. Though you never know what happens during the course of the season.

I also wonder whether the Yankees will listen to inquiries about Cano. Kevin Russo is younger at 25 was AAA all-star and has shown good range.

I do not believe the Yankees are going to empty the farm system to get Doc Holliday. In addition to what the asking price will be for him, the long-term costs of a new contract would really begin to squeeze the Yankees ability to make other necessary moves in the future (read into this another contract for Jeter and Mo).

old professor said...

The contracts that you mentioned are as you put it some of the worst in baseball. However, when Zito originally hit the market, the Yankees were in the game for awhile and he was one of the top pitchers in the AL. He went to the national league and lost his great curve (which apparently came back near the end of the year).

Willis was a great young pitcher with a lot of promise. What happened that caused him to lose his control is anyone's guess.

Another pitcher who is on the free agent market that at one time the Yankees were interested in is Erik Bedard. He was one of Baltimores best pitchers and was traded to Seattle, where he ended up on the DL more than in the rotation. Don't be surprised if the Yankees take a shot at him.

Don't even talk about Vernon Wells. He would not be that much better of a defensive upgrade and his offensive skills have eroded tremendously since the contract was signed - though Atlanta might have some interest in him.

Crash said...

I agree Granderson is a terrible fit for the Yankees. And it seems to get him they would need to give up Austin Jackson and probably Joba. That's a similar asking price for Halladay, you know where I would go with that.

Mitre is a real affordable option and this would give him the full recovery from TJ surgery. He can be a #5 starter or long relief, or maybe they can even use him in a late inning role.

I thought about Bedard. If healthy why wouldn't you go after him. He was the big prize just a couple seasons ago. He's AL East tested, he did well against Boston, and he's a lefty. He would be a low risk high reward type of guy because of the injury history. You could say the same about Ben Sheets, Rich Harden, and even Mark Prior. All available, all injury risks but when healthy all of them can be the best pitcher in the league. I wouldn't be upset if the Yankees took a run at any of those guys.

Crash said...

Funny you mention Cano, the Daily News floated a Carl Crawford for Cano trade...

Crash said...

I have read several reports that teams will not be offering John Lackey "AJ Burnett" money. I think this opens the door for the Yankees a little bit more. I would think that if they could land Lackey for less than or equal to AJ's money they would do it.

old professor said...


If it was a straignt up deal Crawford for Cano, I would take it. However, the Rays already have a very good second baseman that allowed them to trade Akimoura away. I don't seem them making that trade unless it is to cut/dump salary.

Some of the ballplayers thinking they are going to get big time money still haven't realized the economy has yet to recover and the money isn't there. They may want to consider what Bobby Abreu just did.

Crash said...

I think a lot of these big ticket free agents are in for a rude awakening. If the Yankees hold true to their word and are not entering into the discussions, these players will not be making anywhere near what their agents are promising.

Just so everyone is clear, there is no merit behind the Cano for Crawford mention, it was a complete hypothetical. That being said, I think if I'm the Yankees I would do that deal in a second. Crawford is a good guy, he would fit well into the team and he fills a glaring hole for the Yankees. Plus you could get a very adequate 2B to fill in until someone on the farm is ready. Someone like Mark DeRosa would be a great fit, or even trading for Brandon Phillips.

One name that is beginning to creep up again for the Yankees is Mike Cameron. He is a FA and may consider signing a 1 year deal, this would Austin Jackson to continue to develop in the minors.

The talk on MLB XM over the weekend continued to be Curtis Granderson. He defintiely has the personality make up to fit well with this team. Everything I hear about the guy is that he is a great person. He's young. He's affordable. He's a big upgrade defensively. He has speed. He will hit for power, but he has problems with lefties. If it means giving about Austin Jackson and either Hughes or Joba I wouldn't do the deal. If it's Jackson and anyone else...maybe.

old professor said...

Regarding Granderson, there is some conversation now between the Tigers and the Angels for such a trade. This would allow the Angels to dump Gary Matthews Jr. and fill the void left by Figgins leaving. (Yes I know that Figgins played mostly at 3rd base - but he also played everyone of the outfield positions as well). It would also allow the Angels and adequate platoon situation.

Regarding Cameron, the Yankees wanted him last year. He gives you a good bat (most of the time) gives you speed and defense in the outfield (which the Yankees already have) and gives you a good base stealer as well (something the Yankees have as well). If the Yankees go after Cameron, then Melky gets moved to left and Gardner becomes the fill in again. It also means the Yankees are not ready to promote Jackson and would like to see him have one more season at AAA.

As for the what ifs should Cano be traded: Brandon Phillips is a no go with the Reds. They have already indicated he is what they consider untouchable. DeRosa had two good seasons. Don't be surprised to hear the kid from the farms name mentioned prominently in comiing up (that would be Kevin Russo).

Crash said...

Brandon Phillips is not untouchable the Reds are in fact shopping him as we speak. Toronto, the Angels, and Cardinals are looking at him to play 3B, while the Red Sox want him to play SS.

The Reds need to dump money because of Arroyo, Harrang, and Cordero. A lot of money tied up in mediocre pitching (Cordero was real good, but the other 2...not so much).

The ALROY: Andrew Bailey, NLROY: Chris Coghlan. I know a lot of people will be saying Porcello in the AL and JA Haap in NL should have won. In my opinion both Baily and Coghlan are very deserving. Those selections do not get any argument from me. I probably would have put Tommy Hanson above Haap anyway. If you don't know who Tommy Hanson is, watch out he is VERY GOOD!!! He's what Joba and Hughes should have been for Yankees.

Crash said...

I saw this and had to laugh...the Mets are interested in Joel Piniero. I don't get this at all. They already have a bunch of guys that that are #4 or 5 starters. Piniero is at best a #3 guy. The Mets clearly have a need for pitching, they need to be making a huge push for John Lackey. Take some pressure off of Santana. Until they sign a viable #2 starter (which Piniero is not) the Mets will not field a competitive team. Now if they sign both Piniero and Lackey then you have a rotation, and I think that would all but lock up a playoff spot, probably competing for the NL East title.

They have a handful of arbitration eligible players (Maine, Church, Feliciano, Pagan, Reed, and Sanchez). They have some big money coming off the books too...Delgado, Putz, Schneider, etc. that's about $28MM. No reason they couldn't go out and make a serious run at both Lackey and Piniero.

57 you agree or what?

old professor said...

Crash, you mention JJ Putz. As the one time closer for the Mariners, he did an adequate job. I know he had surgery, but don't be surprised if the Mets bring him back. While Santana is the odds on #1 starter for the Mets, he is also coming off of surgery and there is not guarantee he will be the pitcher he was.

When you look at the free agent market specifically in the pitching area, the only name that stands out is Lackey. And to be blunt, he is not a number one. Yes he eats innings, and has shown that on occassion he can be dominate a team, but he is no where near what his agent is talking about. The Yankees have a solid #1 in CC, they have a person as their #2 who while erratic will give you innings and 14-16 wins per year. If Pettitte comes back, they will have a great #3 (better than most teams #3) that leaves the fourth and fifth spot in the rotation. They have Joba, Hughes, Gaudin, Kennedy, Mitre, Igwa (okay this is a stretch) and Dunn to look at in order to fill one or both of those slots. And they may get a surprise from Wang if he can come back from the surgery. They really can take their time and look to find a serviceable #4 or 5 and surprise Pinero would fill that need. They are also seriously looking at Ben Sheets. Sheets had the same surgery that Andy Pettitte had and we know how well he came back. I believe Sheeets is only 31 and should be given a serious look. (Dr. Andrews has also given Sheets a clean bill of health and indicated the guy could be ready for Spring Training.

And why in God's name are you wasting time talking about the Muts. There biggest problem is their front office and until they get a competent GM they will never compete against the Phillies.

Crash said...

No surprise with Greinke getting the CY Young Award. I'm a little surprised that CC finished 4th, behind Hernandez and Verlander but still ahead of Halladay. To me, CC and Halladay are much better than all of the guys that finished above them. Greinke, Hernandez and Verlander don't play in the AL East. The West and Central are jokes. The West has 1 good team and in the Central you can win the division by playing .500. In the AL East you need to bring it every night or you get hammered. It doesn't matter who you're playing NY, Boston, Tampa, Baltimore, or Toronto...every lineup just rakes. Baltimore finished about 30 games under .500, if they played in the Central they would be in the mix for the division.

old professor said...

Greinke deserved the award. He was the only pitcher in the AL (I believe) that had an ERA under 3.00
When you mention the teams in the Central the Royals have to be the worst so winning as many as he did, was a special accomplishment. Also look at the number of games he lost because (a) the team scored less than two runs or (b) the bullpen choked up a small lead. In addition the kid overcame a lot to get back to the big leagues.

Bills finally fire their head coach - one year too late.

Crash said...

Greinke would be a sub .500 pitcher if he played in the AL East. People are saying that would have won 25 games if he played in NY...don't think so. He doesn't have the make up to play in NY. He had anxiety disorder playing KC, what would have happened in NY. Not trying to make light of his situation, just making an obvious point.

I then heard someone say he had a great record against AL Playoff teams. He was 2-1 with an ERA of 1.54, that's really good, on the surface. But a closer look shows he only made 4 starts against these playoff teams, none of them against the Yankees and only one against Boston at the end of the season when they were on cruise control. If you're the manager of the Royals wouldn't you want you're #1 guy to go against these tough teams? He only had 2 starts against the Twins. That's a divisional opponent, how do you have only 2 starts against a divisional opponent??? And the Twins beat him when counted the most. For comparison look at CC, he had 4 starts against the Red Sox, 4 starts against the Rays, and 5 against the Orioles.

Essentially Greinke had a good season for team in the worst division in baseball, in a non-existent market, for a team that was out of contention sometime back in February.

Grienke was the feel good story, he did have a good season from a stats perspective, but he was not worthy of the CY Young. Put up a good season when and where it matters. At least Felix Hernandez had the Mariners in the AL West hunt for most of the season.

Crash said...

Jon Heyman of is saying both the Red Sox and Yankees have legit shots at landing Roy Halladay.

So let's talk possible trades here...I'm thinking Joba Chamberlain, Austin Jackson, and Jesus Montero for Halladay and 1 mid-level prospect. The other player to consider here is Juan Miranda. I would put him in and take any one of those other guys out. You have to figure Miranda will be traded sooner or later with Tex signed long term.

The general thought out there is if the Yankees want in on Granderson, they would have to give up Jackson...I'm only trading Jackson if it brings back a stud pitcher. Halladay qualifies as that.

That gives you a rotation of CC, Halladay, Burnett, Pettitte, and Hughes (or Gaudin, Mitre, Kennedy, et al).

Old Prof, Mid what are your thoughts here???

old professor said...


The players you mention is too steep a price to pay for Hallady. Jesus Montero is a stud of a player who will be a big time addition. He is the future for the Yankee catching corp. He will probably start next year at SWB. I am ambivalent to Chamberlain. He has shown flashes on occassion, but appears unwilling to listen to advice nor does he listen to his catcher.

Jackson has the possiblility to be a fixture in the Yankee outfield for years to come (starting in 2011). Christ if you were the GM back in the fifties or sixties and playing by today's rules, you would have traded Mickey Mantle (after his horrendous start when he first came up - he made Melky's audition look like all-star play) and Whitey Ford and thrown Luis Arroyo in for good measure.

The Ynakees do not need Doc. And there is no reason to empty the best players on the farm for a 33 year old - in addition the price tag of what it will take to keep him will prevent the Yankees from filling holes in the future.

On another front there are "rumors" coming from NY that by Thanksgiving the Yankees will have made a three-year sixty million extension offer to Jeter.

Crash said...

A pitcher of Halladay's caliber doesn't come along all that often. Prospects are always a gamble and never a sure thing. Halladay IS one of the best pitchers in the game. You can't say that about any of the players they would give up. Joba is not a rotation guy, Montero is 19, Jackson seems to be the best OF prospect since...Juan Rivera. We all know how that turned out.

Other than Manager of year being announced (Jim Tracy and Mike Scioscia) there isn't anything really brewing right now. I was a little surprised to see Girardi finish 3rd, I would have thought Don Wakamatsu and/or Ron Washington would be given a little more credit. Wakamatsu took the worst team in the majors in 2008 and had them in contention well into September.

Today NL Cy Young announced...Lincecum, Carpenter, & Wainwright are the top contenders. Lincecum was the best pitcher, Carpenter will probably win it.

Tomorrow real free agency begins. I don't think you'll see any major signings immediately, but we should begin to hear legitimate dollar figures instead of hypothetical amounts. The top guys always seem to go around mid/late December.

old professor said...

Crash, regarding your slight on Juan Rivera, I would ask that you check his statistics over the last couple of years. This past season he hit .287 with 25 homeruns and 88 RBI. In 2008 he spent a good deal of time on the DL, but still played in 88 games while hitting 12 home runs. He is a career .285 hitter.

I beleive the Yankees would take that kind of production from Jackson (Christ they could only dream of getting that much from Cabrera.).

I understand your argument regarding Doc. But you also have to consider the long-term financial ramifications. Between A-Rod, Tex, CC and Burnett the Yankees are on the hook for $450 million over the next 7-8 years. Jeter is coming up for renewal and will get $20 million for at least three years and whatever outfilder they bring back or sign will be up there so you could be looking at $500 billion or more over the long haul. Add Doc to that mix and you really can't afford the guy. Not when you have the ability to sign a back of the rotation guy who will give you wins and at a lot less cost.

Crash said...

Crap I got mixed up...I meant Ruben Rivera...not Juan...I think you did the same thing a couple months ago.

I don't care how much the Yankees are on the hook for...If they want to sell $1500 seats, I expect them to spend the money. I think the stadium will be around in 10 years, prices of the seats are only going to go up...they can afford it. The YES Network is worth billions. I'm not worried about $450 million over 10 years or so.

Tim Lincecum gets the CY Young in the NL. The BBWAA finally get one right.

Crash said...

Just saw that Nick Swisher is being shopped around in potential trade talks...also something creeping up about Roy Halladay to the Dodgers??? The Dodgers would certainly have to give up one of their good young arms (Kershaw or Billingsley).

Jason Bay turns down 4 years $60MM from the Red Sox. I think that is a strong offer from the Sox. If he really liked Boston I would think that would have been good enough to kept him. He won't do much better than that on the market especially if the Yankees are not involved.

old professor said...


Yankees have denied shopping Swisher. Indications are he is a big favorite of Cashman and Girardi and there is no interest in trading him. Regarding Halladay to the Dodgers - Let him go. I have indicated several times the Yankees need a back of the rotation guy to fill things out - Marquis, Sheets, Pinero could all fill that role as could Kennedy. Having said that, I would trade Joba and a lesser minor leaguer. But if they demand a package of Joba, Hughes and Jackson - take a hike.

Crash said...

Big difference between shopping Swisher and making him available.

I don't think they are actively trying to trade him (i.e shopping him) but if an offer is made and the other team is asking for him...ok.

I certainly would not give up BOTH Joba and Hughes. And as of now I wouldn't give up Hughes...Joba I'll drive to the airport.

I'd like to take a flier on Sheets. He would be great in NY. We differ on Pineiro though. The only way you take Pineiro is if you want Hughes and Joba in the pen. Pineiro is at best your #4 starter if not 5. Which is fine, but he'll be asking for a #2 type contract/money-wise. I think the Yankees will wait and see about Lackey. I don't think there is an immediate interest in him, but if they can get him for $15-16/per they may jump all over it. If it goes to $20-22 no way. Listening to MLB radio and some said he expects a deal better than Zito's. No way he even comes close to that $.

Crash said...

Couple of useless observations...a bunch of people are making noise about 2 voters putting Javier Vazquez and Dan Haren on their ballots. Where I don't agree with them being on there, both of these writers have legit reasons for voting the way the did. Plus despite the close voting, it would not have impacted the outcome of the winner.

Also seeing rumors that Wang may be headed to LA if the Yankees cut him loose. Saw somewhere that Halladay would waive his clause for NY, but may not do it for Boston??? If there is any truth to that he is tying the hands of his GM...but I love it.

old professor said...

The Yankees are not going to cut Wang loss. The plan has been to not tender him an offer of arbitration and then work out an incentive laden contract. In addition he will not be ready at the earliest until the end of April first part of May. Not many teams can keep a roster spot open for an individual coming back from shoulder surgery. Wang has also been reluctant to discuss being with anyother team than the Yankees. My guess is he will be back but for a lot less than what they would have had to pay through arbitration.

Crash said...

This one is for Mid...The Pirates DFA'd Jeff Karstens.

Crash said...

The Yankees are said to be open to trading either Joba or Hughes to Toronto for Halladay, but would want to hang on to Austin Jackson.

My take on this rumor...It's no surprise that they would trade one of them, but not both. If they prefer to keep Jackson, that means they are not entertaining the thought of trading for Granderson.

Crash said...

Fox Sports is reporting that Boras will be using Abreu's contract as a guide for Damon. If he's asking for 2 years $19MM I think the Yankees will resign him.

The Washington Nationals want in on John Lackey "sweepstakes". Remember last year they made some serious offers out there to the big free agents and they had to settle for Adam Dunn (though not sure if you're "settling" with 40 HRs).

I think it's an intriguing situation. You have a young staff and Strausberg on the way up sometime this year most likely. If they could add Lackey, one or 2 adequate bullpen arms, and a bat or 2 for Zimmerman and Dunn they could make some noise and all of sudden the Mets are the worst team in the NL East...oh wait too late.

Crash said...

AL MVP is announced today. General consensus is Joe Mauer. I think Jeter and Tex finish a distant 2nd & 3rd (this one is even close).

The Mets all of sudden can't afford John Lackey (this seems odd with a bunch of payroll off the books and a brand new stadium that should drive revenue???) so they are looking at Ben Sheets.

Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Dodgers, Phillies have all been linked to Halladay rumors again.

I think the Red Sox are going to pull off some HUGE deals this offseason. I wouldn't be surprised if they get either Halladay or Lackey. Thus making Clay Bucholz and Mike Lowell available to trade for Adrian Gonzalez (the Sox are prepared to eat half of Lowell's contract). Additionally they will still sign Bay or Holliday for LF. That would be a fantastic offseason for Theo and the Sox.

I think the Yankees played all their cards last season and are not making significant moves. There is now talk that Grady Sizemore may be made available. He's coming off a bad year but as the result of injuries. He should be fine and will again be a top OF. Wonder what it would take for that deal to happen???

Crash said...

The potential list for Roy Halladay is getting shorter, the Dodgers a now a "long shot" to land Roy. Last week the Mets and Cubs were deemed by most to be out of it as well. It sounds more and more like this is going to be a 3 team race for Halladay(Boston, Phillie, and NY).

Cashman has said he will at least contact and talk to his own free agents before fully engaging the market. I think Pettitte is the only sure bet to return.

Mid said...

"The Yankees are said to be open to trading either Joba or Hughes to Toronto for Halladay, but would want to hang on to Austin Jackson."

Wait what??

Where did you hear that from?

Crash said...

Mid I saw that a couple days ago... I think it was either Buster Olney or from the Daily News.

Halladay talks continue...Angels are jumping back in. I would guess it would take Jered Weaver or Joe Saunders to get that deal done. It would also most likely mean the Angels don't make a run at resigning Lackey.

In my opinion that would be a huge mistake. I think the general consensus is that Arte Moreno has the cash but is pretty tight with opening the checkbook. If you can throw Halladay and then Lackey in the AL West, you can punch tickets for October the next 5 years.

old professor said...

Cashman announced they will deal with their free agents first before taling with anyone else. It looks as if both Damon and Matsui will be back but at lower amounts. Stange how Boras backs off a Jeter like contract. Two years $19 million would be good for Damon and give the Yankees the opportunity to allow Jackson to grow more.

Don't look at Hughes going anywhere. Joba yes, Hughes NO!!!!!

Crash said...

Getting mixed reports about what it will take to land Roy Halladay. Buster Olney says last year the Jays could have gotten 3 top prospects, this year they'll be lucky to get 1 top prospect and 1 potential major leaguer...if that's the case why do I keep hearing at least 3 top prospects. Both Fiensand and Madden (Daily News) keep bringing up Joba, Jackson and Montero. The Red Sox are talking about Bucholz and Casey Kelly (top prospect).

Personally I think the Yankees will not let him go to the Red Sox, who want the deal done by the winter meetings (Dec 7). The Yankees seem really high on Jackson and everyone agrees that Montero is going to be a great hitter. I have no worries about giving up Joba. I would do everything not to give up those other 2 guys, worst case I give up 1. Probably Jackson. Reason being a good hitting OF is always easier to find than a good hitting catcher.

Crash said...

You know what's a bit concerning is that the Yankees have not even held their internal meetings yet to look at a budget. These are taking place next week, concluding next Friday. That's just days before the winter meetings.

If the Red Sox are looking to have that Halladay deal done by the winter meetings doesn't it behoove the Yankees to have this looked at before then? I seem to recall the old Steinbrenner regime had meetings starting the day after the season concluded, regardless if the team won the championship or not.

This laissez-faire attitude about determining the budget and free agents can wait could impact next season if the Sox are quick to get Halladay and the Yankees are left out because they couldn't determine a budget.

Crash said...

Yankees outrighted Shelley Duncan to AAA Scranton. He in turn elects free agency. Looks like his time is done in pinstripes. Surely someone will sign him. He was after all the AAA MVP last season.

old professor said...

Crash, the Yankees know how much came of the books with the free agents that have declared. While they have not set their budget yet, they have apparently determined the team's needs and are ready to address them. That is why Cashman has said he will talk with Damon, Matsui and Pettitte before talking with anyone else. There are not a lot of glaring needs facing this team. They believe Cabrera will be okay in Center (or right field) and Gardner is growing into a better than average player.

As for what the Post is printing, they tend to throw a lot at the wall and hope something sticks. Then they can claim - we called it!

I truly don't believe the Yankees will give up anything close to what Toronto has been allegedly asking for. And for the red sox - if they land Doc, it doesn't mean much. If they have to give up Bucholz, they lose a good arm. They have more questions in their rotation than the Yankees. Dice-K has flashed out, Wakefield is approaching 45 and coming off of back surgery. Put Holladay in the Sox rotation and the Yankees rotation is still stronger (CC, AJ, Hughes, Pettitte).

All of this talk of a trade to the Yankees may force the Red Sox to give up more than they should and long-term it will weaken them.

old professor said...

Bob Sheppard at age 99 calls it a career. He will always be the voice of the Yankees. He carefully guarded his actual age, but can you imagine going to Yankee Stadium for every home game for 50 years and announcing the line-ups he did? What is more amazing is that into his 90's the guy was still sharp enough to perform at the high standards he represented and expected.

The man is an institution.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Crash said...

Jon Heyman seems to be confirming what I've been saying...Montero and Joba or Hughes for Halladay. This seems to be in line with what they've been asking from the Sox (Bucholz and Kelly). I think you see Halladay in a new uniform real soon. I think whichever team doesn't land Halladay probably goes after Lackey hard as a consolation prize.

Crash said...

Let me throw this one out there...instead of Roy Halladay...would the Yankees be more interested in Josh Johnson of the Marlins. He is one of the best young pitchers in baseball right now, he was just outside of the NL CY Young conversation. Girardi has managed the kid before. He's under control through 2011 season. It would cost the Yankees about the same in trade value as Halladay. Just for comparison: Josh Johnson pitched 30 innings less than Halladay, started more games, had more quality starts, and had a better strike out rate per 9IP than Halladay. His WHIP was almost identical (Johnson 1.16 vs. Halladay 1.13) and his ERA was about half a run higher. Not bad for a guy 7 years younger.

Crash said...

The preferred destinations of Roy Halladay: Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, or Phillies.

old professor said...

Crash, Johnson may be a good answer for the Yankees, only one drawback - the WHIP you refer to was based on pitching in the NL where you face a weak number 8 and a pitcher at #9. It is difficult for a young pitcher to adjust going from the NL to the AL - example: Javier Vasquez.

Yankees and the Sox have all of the bargaining chips - Toronto is bargaining from weakness (they risk Halladay staying until the end and going to free agency - the Jays get draft choices). Neither team have to give up the blue chips the Jays are asking for.

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тогда загляните сюдa и убедитесь -
(альтернативная ссылкa - )
P.S. Суть в тoм чтo еcть такиe скpипты тaк называемые "совeтники" которые работают на обычнoм торговoм терминалe для торгoвли на форексe и (др. рынкaх), еcли совeтник "правильный", то oн может в автоматическом режимe торговать дажe бeз вашего участия, вам только останется включить компьютеp, подключитcя к интернетy и запуcтить обычный торгoвый терминaл МT-4 и можетe идти заниматcя своими делaми, все остальное сделает зa ваc программa, то есть автоматичеcки будeт вести торговлю хoть на демo счетe хoть на реальные деньги.
Эти т.н. "Советники" работaют кaк на демo-счете (бeз реaльных денeг), так и на реальных деньгах.
Тaк чтo еcть возможность проверить всe нa дeмо-счетe, абсолютнo ничeм нe рискуя. -

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