Thursday, November 05, 2009


Still kind of settling in with the feeling that order has been restored to the universe.

So many points to touch on:

Matsui for MVP was deserved - a MVP(1a) award could have been given to Mo or Jeter.

Interesting stat: the only team to not blow a save in the postseason: Yankees.

Johnny Damon was clutch.

Still find it amazing that the Yanks were able to win this in 6 considering players like Tex and Cano didn't show up at the plate.

Got to run and get the NY papers!!

27 is finally here!


Crash said...
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Crash said...

What a great year. A real roller coaster of a season...from the A-Roid press conference in February, to opening the new Stadium...and having CC get waxed in that home opener to the having Boston win the first 8 games, Teixeira's slow start, Wang's terrible season (he essentially now has missed 2 seasons), wanting to fire Joe Girardi, the on-going Joba-Rules debate, to A-Rods heroic return (HR on first pitch he sees...unreal), CC dominating the second half, the emergence of Phil Hughes out of the pen, having the best record in the league, beating the one team that has owned the Yankees in the playoffs in recent years to make the World Series and finally winning #27 on the field of the new House in front of the NY fans...just remarkable. A great season.

Matsui is a very good call for MVP. No arguments out of me, though I wouldn't have been upset if it went to A-Rod or Damon or Jeter or Mo.

Took out a small loan to get some championship gear. No late editions of the NY papers here. That kind of sucks.

I'm not going to talk off-season yet. Let's at least wait for the parade to finish before we do that.

old professor said...

Crash, could not agree with you more. The season was like a rollercoaster. A lot of ups and a lot of downs. Turning point in the season seemed to be with Cashman's visit to Atlanta.

Would hope the players give equal shares of world series money to guys like Pena, Cervelli and Hinske and Alabadejo. They all played a part in getting the team to the final goal.

Will now have to be satisfied with watching the re-runs of the season since the Giants seem to have gone in the tank.

Crash - really enjoyed going to the stadium for game two. Except for the sausage sandwich it was a great experience - Oh and I want my Yankee Coffee Travel Mug.

old professor said...

Victory parade at the canyon of heroes was a nice touch (no crash did not go to NYC - watched it from th comfort of my office on the flatscreen.

YES did an interview with Cashman who refused to comment on personnel decisions. (Good for him). The plan is to enjoy the moment and get together with coaches, manager and scouts next week to begin the process of planning for next season.

The BOSS sent his congratulations to the team and ended by indicating now let's work for #28. You gotta love the guy - no doubt he wants to win it every year. He probably is disappointed the team can't go 162-0.

Another positive sign, the TV ratings were the highest they have been in five years. Apparently it is good business for the networks when the Yankees are in the playoffs and series instead of small market teams.

Speaking of small market teams, anyone tired of hearing the whinning that is coming from places like Cinncinati and Pittsburgh? They continue to indicate they can't compete with LA, NY, and Boston when it comes to free agents and contracts. Two points to make: (a) the Yankees, Red Sox and LA do something that most of the owners don't do - they reinvest the profits in the team. and (b) If teams truly can't survive financially, then maybe baseball has expanded too far and needs to contract. Tampa Bay went to the World Series last year and still couldn't draw. Pittsburgh refuses to pay for free agents, consequently fans don't go to the games which causes a revenue shortfall and who really wants to watch the Nationals (expos). Washington could not support the original senators who moved to Minnesota and became the Twins and then couldn't support the next Senators team who packed up and moved to Texas. Version number three of a Washington team is called the Nationals, but they still play like the two earlier versions of Senators (hmmm there is a correlation with our current legislative branch). Valuable lesson - fans don't come out to see bad teams. Prior to George Steinbrenner owning the Yankees, CBS had the team and they were terrible and as a result, the fans stayed away. (God Horace Clark at second, Danny Cater at first, Celerino Sanchez at third, and Mel losing twenty games in one season - those days are long gone!!!!

57 said...

Go Mets!

Mid said...

Apparently Rivera had a rib cage injury that he and the trainer kept secret.

Even when he's not 100% he's still the best closer in the game.

Crash said...

Interesting that no Yankees player has filed for free agency yet. Damon, Hairston, Hinske, Matsui, Molina, Nady, and Pettitte have until Friday.

Just looking at "potential" free agents and the Yankees needs to upgrade their OF...Carl Crawford has a team option at $10MM...any reason why the Rays wouldn't pick that up? If Crawford hits the open market he would be sure to make at least $15 million a season and the Yankees should be in on him BIG TIME.

Scooter had a man crush on Jermaine Dye at one point and Dye is now a FA, I was thinking maybe a 1 or 2 year deal, but then saw Nick Swisher arguably had a better season: Dye: .250, 27 HR, 81 RBI, 78R .793 OPS. Swisher: .249, 29 HR, 82 RBI, 84 R, .869 OPS. Plus Swisher is younger, and the contract is more reasonable.

Can't see the Yankees getting involved in Holliday, but maybe Jason Bay???

GM Meetings start today.

old professor said...

Crash, the word that is beginning to circulate on the street is the Yankees are now beginning to consider the possibility of making offers to Damon and Matsui. Though it is thought that Matsui will only receive a one-year deal with insentives. Pettitte will not make a decision for awhile - he will not play for another team so it will be retirement or the Yankees. Hairston proved to be a valuable addition I would anticipate the Yankees make him an offer. Hinske would give them power off the bench.

If Bay goes into free agency, I would think they would make an offer. I believe Nady has a team option which the Yankees will not pick up. Same issue with Wang - Yankees will not pick up an option with him, but will probably work out a new contract with incentives. Don't be surprised if they go after another arm to add to the rotation. While both Chamberlain and Hughes are pegged for the rotation, neither has been real successful their and the Yankees don't have the ability to gamble that both will be successful. Kennedy is also a wild card for the team. He pitched well in spring training and pitched well at SWB until he had to have the anuerism removed.

He was sent to the Arizona instructional league - let's see how he does.

In a non-baseball matter, it is time the Yankees fire their offensive coordinator. Terrible play calling with less than two minutes to play cost them the game. So did the botched field goal in the first quarter. Need to have better communication only the kicker thought the play was a fake.

Crash said...

If the Yankees do make offers to both Damon and Matsui I can't see either one of them being a long term deal. Matsui would be a 1 year deal with incentives (probably a base of $7-8MM with incentives to $12). Damon will be offered a 2 year deal with a club option for a 3rd. Probably in the $10MM range. Both offers, while below what they made this year, are still more than what either of them will make on the open market.

Nady does not have a team option, he is done as a Yankee. Hairston and Hinske most likely will not be back. I would be absolutely stunned if Wang is back in any capacity with team. I think his problems are beyond physical, he is mentally finished in NY.

I think Hughes has been tabbed for the rotation, while Joba is in the pen or traded. And possibly for a very big name (think Halladay for the holidays)...

old professor said...

It is now official the following Yankees have filed for free agency: Molina, Nady, Damon, Matsui and Hinske.

Nady in all likelihood is finished with the team. With his elbow issues he may only be able to DH and if they bring back Matsui, Nady takes up a roster spot that could be used differently.

I do not see the team resigning Molina. Cervelli proved he is a valuable commodity and may give the team more offensively than Molina did (how much worse than
.219 could he do?).

I would like to see Damon, Matsui and Hinske back next year. Damon proved he can still hit, he can catch flies, but doesn't have an arm - I don't believe there are better options available for the team unless Swisher goes to left, Cabrera goes to right and Austin Jackson becomes the centerfielder (only problem being - what happens if you let Damon walk and Jackson isn't quite ready for the show).

The only surprise at this time is I have not seen that Hairston has filed for free agency.

Crash said...

Old Prof you are way off base...Matsui is as good as gone. Damon offers greater flexibility. Hinske isn't even worth considering. Nady and Molina are also gone. Cervelli makes more sense there as backup next year (though they still like the kid in the minors more than Cervelli).

There is already huge speculation/rumor that the Yankees are highly interested in John Lackey. If there is any truth to this rumor, I have mixed feelings. While Lackey has been a very good pitcher, he has also been injured the last 2 seasons. Perhaps more concerning is that he gets whacked around by the Red Sox, he's 3-7 with an 5.25 in his career, (2-5, 5.75 ERA at Fenway). But he certainly has the bulldog makeup of a big game pitcher. When he was barking at Mike Scioscia about being pulled from the game in the ALCS, I sent a text message to Mid saying I want that guy on my team. Contract wise,he just turned 31. As comparison, AJ was older and the Yankees gave him 5 years..given that I would expect something very similar to AJ's deal...5 years at about $16MM per season.

If they sign Lackey, that would still allow the Yankees the flexibility to bring back Pettitte and either Damon or Matsui. And that would still keep them under the $200MM mark (which seems to be the direction they want to go in). But they wouldn't be able to go after another big ticket item like Bay or Holliday.

Let me throw this out there...the Yankees don't resign either Damon or Matsui..they sign Lackey and Pettitte, then send Joba and another prospect not named Jackson north of the border for Roy Halladay. That's a rotation of CC, Doc, Lackey, AJ, and Pettitte??? At that point do you really care who's playing left field???

old professor said...

Crash, part of the Yankee success this year was based on solidifying the bench. Hinske gave them the opportunity to call on someone not named A-Rod to provide a homerun when needed.

As for catching we agree that Cervelli would make the leap to being Posada's backup. Regarding the kid in the minors, Jesus Montero, he is young (19), but huge - 6'5" and 235 pounds. They actually are projecting him as a third baseman in the future - unfortunately if they make that move he is finished with the team because A-rod will be there awhile.

Damon would be the likely individual to bring back, but you have to like Matsui's professionalism. Regarding Lackey, the indication from his agent is that teams need to start talking at about $100 million - Lackey sees himself as a better asset than AJ and wants to be paid on that basis. He is also inclined to want to go to Texas though the teams financial problems may prohibit that. If that is true the Yankees will not waste their time. There are more serviceable individuals to slot into #4 or 5. Joel Pinero for one and Randy Wolfe for another.

The Yankees will also shed individuals like Sergio Mitre (though Girardi is loyal to him and sees him as a serviceable #5), Albaledho (okay the spelling isn't even close, but you know who I mean). And one even has to wonder whether Aceves will be back (some believe he was just another flash in the pan like Small was a few years ago).

I cannot see the Yankees putting a package together with Toronto that would allow them to get Roy Halladay. It would be nice, but I seriously doubt it will happen.

There is very little the Yankees need to do to the team to prepare for a repeat. If 2009 taught them anything, winning is based on the rotation and having a solid bullpen. The Yankees need to concentrate on upgrading both. (speaking of bullpen, Smoltz is a free agent).

Crash said...

I'm sorry did you just say you would rather have Joel Pineiro or Randy Wolf over John Lackey??? Rand Wolf has a career ERA over 4 in the NL!!! Pineiro has been in the big leagues 10 seasons, half of those he's finished with an ERA over 5. Just for fun let's look at Pineiro in 2007. He spent half the year with Boston and then was traded to St Louis. With Boston he had an ERA over 5.00, in StL his ERA was under 4.00. What do you think would happen if he came to NY???

If Lackey is wanting $100MM, good luck, he won't get that from anyone. That's a 6 year deal at $16.6MM. No one will do that. But that's why it's called a negotiation. If the Yankees have learned anything from this season, it's that pitching will win. They went into the playoffs only 3 deep and it was good enough. I think it's safe to say they don't want to be in that scenario of only having 3 guys. Pineiro and Wolf may actually be fine over the course of the regular season, but ask yourself this. If it was game 7 of the World Series and you had to give the ball to Lackey, Pineiro, or Wolf, who would you want it to be?

I think that ends any debate.

Both the Post and Daily News are reporting possible 1 year deals for Damon and Matsui. I think it's only a one year deal because next season the free agent class is a little bit deeper talent wise. The big name will be Crawford (if the Rays don't extend him) but there are plenty of good players. Guys like Werth, Hawpe, Kubel, & DeJesus should all be available at the OF positions.

Crash said...

Mid did you see that the Peter Abraham became a traitor over the summer. He is no longer covering the Yankees for the LoHud. He accept a position with the Boston Globe as a beat writer covering the RED SUX!!! Unreal.

old professor said...

Crash, what I said was the Yankees don't need to spend another $100 million on a pitcher. Don't look at 2007 regarding Pinero. This past season he pitched extremely well and apparently became more successful because of Dave Duncan. I would think he would be a better number 4 or 5 starter than Sergio Mitre as would Randy Wolfe.

The Yankees already have the stud #1 starter and a serviceable #2 (when Burnett has his head on) you are already dreaming of adding Holliday so why spend the cash on Lackey to sit as your #4 starter?

A one year deal for Demon won't get the job done. And if you look at the free agent class available - there really is not much choice other than signing Damon.

Crash said...

Damon is good option but there are also quite a number of OF's out there and most would be cheaper (maybe not better value, but cheaper)

Obviously there's Bay and Holliday. Rick Ankiel, Marlon Byrd, Rocco Baldelli (if healthy), Mike Cameron, Jermaine Dye, & Vlad Guerrero are all out there. I would think Vlad is just a DH at this point in his career and his stats have declining the last couple of seasons.

Crash said...

Boras is saying Damon wants 4 years at $20MM per??? What?!?!?! He'll be lucky to get half that, I'm talking years and $$. If you remove the Yankees from the picture he wouldn't get $10M on the open market.

This one's for you Old Prof Jeter and his decreasing range wins the Gold Glove (4th time)...and Teixeira wins the Gold Glove at 1B.

Crash said...

Looking over some AFL stats...Ian Kennedy has started 5 games, has a 1-1 record, 3.98 ERA, 1.08 WHIP, and 19 K's in 20.1 innings. Michael Dunn is also doing fairly well in relief. 2.35 ERA he has 13 K's in just 7 innings. WOW!!!

Branden Laird is tearing it up in the AFL. Batting .354 with 5 HRs and 20 RBI. He's a 22 year old 3B prospect.

Colin Curtis is also doing well. He is a LF, batting .393, 3 HR, 11 RBI and 1 SB. He spent some significant time in SWB last year and struggled at the plate hitting only .235. I would expect he would start the season at AAA again but with a good spring we may hear his name later in the year.

Interesting that Austin Jackson is not assigned to winter ball anywhere.

Crash said...

The Tigers are making Curtis Granderson available. Speculation is the Yankees have already made inquiries and feel Granderson could nicely fill a void left by Damon.

Again I'm reading Wang will be non-tendered and no contract will be offered.

Twins are in talks with Joe Mauer on an extension. That is a great move, and I honestly hope the Twins lock him up for a long, long time. He should not play anywhere else.

old professor said...

Crash, this one is for you. Jeter's gold glove is a clear indication that the American League is lacking in quality shortstops. All kidding aside, he worked hard in the off-season and took it personally when he read about his lack of range. His hard work paid off and his range improved. Be concerned about his age. Flexibility and quickness don't improve with age (I am living proof).

Granderson would improve the defense in the outfield because of his speed. However, he is not selective at the plate and strikes out too much to be an effective cog in the offense.

Damon will not get 5 years at $20 million per year. If someone offers him that kind of money he should take it and run err hobble to the new club. I still believe he is the best option for the Yankees.

Holiday in left is not an upgrade. He had difficulty in adjusting to the American League last year leading the A's to trade him. His defense in the outfield is marginal - cost the Cardinals a playoff game.

Guzman and Towers have opted for free agency because they were removed from the 40 man roster. Neither will be missed though Towers at 32 could still have someething left.

I am also beginning to believe that Pettitte is going to retire. He is a solid family man and his kids are getting older. Being on the road as kids are growing up is difficult and you can miss a lot. Children growup only once - he shouldn't miss the opportunity to be with them he would regret it later.

It will also be interesting to see if the Yankees bring Hairston back.

Crash said...

I think Jason Bay is far better than Holliday. I think Holliday would like to go back to St.Louis, but they won't pay because they are worried about Pujols.

If Halladay leaves, he will go to Boston. That leaves Bay for NY. They are the only team that will even come close to his asking price.

The one thing I like about Damon is his ability to work a count and consistently give tough at bats. That AB against Lidge in Game 3 was amazing, and it seemed like that is what Damon did all season long. You won't get that from Bay or Holliday...but both are upgrades defensively, have better arm strength, and have more power.

Crash said...

Interesting scenario/speculation coming out...The Braves have announced Tim Hudson has a new contract extension. The Braves are looking to cut payroll and keep with a younger rotation. That means Derek Lowe and/or Javy Vazquez will be made available for trade.

We obviously know Vazquez won't be back in the Bronx, but rumors are the Yankees are said to be interested in Lowe, but only if they feel they can't/won't pursue Lackey. Lowe is scheduled to make $15MM each of the next 3 seasons.

Just my opinion here...I would rather pay Lackey a little more, say $16-18MM a season rather than pay Lowe $15MM.

old professor said...

With all of the talk about outfielders that could be available, one name that we failed to mention is Shelly Duncan. He is only 30 has hit for some power adds enthusiasm to the bench and club house, loves playing for the Yankees, and plays better defense than Damon or Swisher and has a stronger arm that most of the others in the outfield other than Cabrera.

Duncan and Kevin Russo (25 years old and a second baseman) both were named to as Triple A all-stars. Russo could prove to be a better option that Haiston.

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Crash said...

Duncan was actually AAA MVP.

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