Monday, November 02, 2009

Superstitions and Fuzzy Math

All athletes and fans are superstitious to some measure. Baseball though, I think it is at an entirely level than others.

11:16 Crash sends me a text that Joba is hitting 95. My friend David sends me a similar text saying: "Joba is dealing"

11:17 I reply to David - Shh! Don't Jinx it.

11:18 Joe Buck is telling me we're tied.

11:19 David's new text says: It's not my fault.

11:25 Matsui is out, I ask him to send me a text that Lidge is dealing.

. . . and the rest as they say is history.


Fuzzy Math

When Does: .071 + .143 + .133 + .154 + .222 = 66.5 million?

When that is the annual compensation the Yanks have paid to Tex, A-Rod, Cano, Melkey and Swisher and that's their production on the biggest stage there is. Not exactly a value.

I know I should be giddy that we're one win a away from the big prize, and that A-Rod did come through at the end - but, these numbers are getting ridiculous (and may head lower with Lee on the mound tonight).

The Game

The guys with the rings are stepping up: Jeter and Damon went a combined 5/9 at the plate, not to mention Damon's great at-bat and double steal in the 9th. They already have the hardware - clearly they want more and know what it takes to get it.

Is Mo human?

Up 3-1, I just want the win. However, they're going against Cliff Lee on the road - do we want the win tonight - or at home?

10 wins down, 1 more to go.


old professor said...

Mid, While Swisher's average is low, he has been in the middle of the last two wins and has contributed. Cano looks like a lost child with little interest in swinging the bat (that would be lazy). It may finally have caught up with Tex who he is playing for.

Regardless of what those guys are hitting, the result is a 3-1 lead in the series.

If I were Girardi, I would gamble tonight and not start Burnett. Go with Gaudin. Worst case scenario you go back to NY with a 3-2 lead and Burnett pitching on regular rest as would Pettitte if there were a game seven. (The reason for Pettitte if there is a game seven - he has been there before and would be fresh. CC has thrown a lot of pitches and there is only so often you can ask the big guy to go on three days rest. He looked somewhat shakey last night.

I have been around baseball a long time, and have never seen a two base steal like Damon pulled off. That is a clear indication that he undertood where everyone was defensively and who would have to cover the bag. Great field sense.

Crash said...

When I saw Damon get up and start moving toward 3B, my first reaction was Oh no...Feliz deeked him...then i realized wait Feliz is the one is covering. Great at bat by Damon and better base running.

2 tings with Joba. I hated the pitch selection after he got ahead (I blame Posada for that). Joba did miss his spot by about 2 feet, but he still had no business throwing a fastball in to Feliz (again Posada's crappy call). My opinion he is highly overrated as a catcher, real good offensive numbers for the postion but not a good caller.

I think Tex is pressing, but has had a couple big hits when needed. A-Rod while starting out 0-8 (or whatever it was) has had big hits in the clutch. How soon we forget that is all we hammered him about for the last 5 years. I'll take a .143 average if he hits the winning HR tonight. And by the way his average for the postseason is like .350 with 6 HR, and 15 RBI. Not a bad 2 weeks considering the pitching is the best of the best.

Cano hasn't done a thing this entire post season. If Dave Winfield was Mr May, Cano may be Mr. June-August. He just sucks when it's cold. Not good in April and certainly not doing well in October and November.

If the Yankees win tonight Mariano gets the MVP. The only other person it could be is Jeter (batting over .400 right now).

Here's hoping good AJ shows up and the Yankees can scratch a couple of runs off of Lee.

old professor said...

I have to agree that Mo gets the MVP if the Yankees win - side note - that would make it difficult for the Yankees not to offer some kind of contract extension to the guy with his contract being up at the end of next season. I still have mixed emothions going with Burnett on only three days rest - adrenlin may get him through some of the early innings, but after the fifth the bullpen may want to be ready.

Crash said...

Burnett is something like 3-0 on short rest in his career. I think it may actually help his curveball. He just needs to stay away from that 1 big inning he always seems to have. He's great then all of sudden has 25 pitch inning that leads to a couple of runs. If he avoids that Yankees win this one.

They need to make Lee work. Lay off his breaking stuff and make him throw strikes. The Yankee hitters made it real easy for him to stay in the game last time. Get him out of the game early and then feast on their bullpen.

57 said...

Enjoy your purchased Championship.

old professor said...

Wow talk about sour grapes. Months go by and you don't hear from 57 and all of a sudden, he talks about purchased championship. Let's see I believe the Muts are still paying for Mo Vaughn. Other free agent signings that seem to have gone bust on the them - Billy Wagner, Did I mention Mo Vaughn, the have a Centerfielder they paid a lot of money to. The difference between the Muts and the Yankees is: the front office knows who to invest the money in. Hey and how about those Bills - T.O. isn't going to lead them to the promised land this year is he.

On a more serious note, it looks like Gardner could get the nod to start tonight. Cabrera hurt his leg last night in his last at bat and came out of the game. No word as to how serious the injury is.

Has Scooter left the country??

57 said...

Note from Scooter: "LOL, tell them I am superstitious. They have not lost a serious since I stopped posting so I won't be back until they win it all."

57's prediction is that you'll never hear from Scooter again then...

Crash said...

57 you are too funny. Not a word for 6 months then on the eve of possibly securing #27, you have to come and try to soak in some of the glory. To be perfectly honest, I don't really care about the money...everyone purchases championships today, or at least tries to, in the case of the Mets.

Mid said...

57 I'm begining to think you have Scooter locked in the basement or something. . .

on MVP: Jeter seems to be collecting a lot of hardware, hitting .400+ this series, it'll be MLB's way of hedging their bets if he doesn't get the MVP.

Did not agree with him getting the Hank Aaron award btw.

Crash said...

AJ absolutely sucked. His 2 seam-fastball had a ton of movement and was tailing right back over the plate. I think Utley is using PEDs (seriously).

Despite the fact that the Phillies were in complete control for most of last night, I was sitting there thinking the Yankees can rattle of 4 or 5 runs in the blink of an eye...then Coke gives up 2 bombs. The bullpen did pretty decent job other than that.

I think they may have been able to comeback if Jeter did not hit into that DP (GOD he hits into a ton of DP's...he has to be near the top of the league there). Damon put in another quality AB with 2 outs in the 9th...then Teixeira comes up who couldn't find his ass with a road map. Teixeira and Cano are absolutely killing the team. And Cano needs to step up big time and carry the bottom half of the lineup now that Melky is out of the line up.

Is it me or is there something nice about having Pettitte and Pedro go at it in the Stadium for the possible clincher??? I hope the short rest doesn't hurt Andy.

I predicted the Yankees in 6. I hope they can wrap this thing up tomorrow.

57 said...


old professor said...

The fact that AJ did not have good stuff goes back to an earlier point that I made - Being up 3-1 the Yankees could have gone with Gaudin and filled in with the bullpen. That would have put A.J. on full rest, moved Pettitte to game seven on full rest and given them CC in the pen if necessary. Instead, Girardi had going with three pitchers set in stone and refused to acknowledge that it might be good to allow his pitchers to go on full rest to wrap up the series.

Now the team is stuck with Pettitte on short rest (he of the barking shoulder and elbow in September) and if there is a game seven, CC on short rest. That could be a recipe for failure.

Since I am on a Girardi bash right now let's look at the decision to bring Coke in for 2/3 of an inning. The guy is a homerun hitters dream. He gives up to really long homeruns and they were the deciding factors in the game.

On a positive note - Chamberlain, Marte, and Mo will be well rested for Wednesday's game. If Pettitte can go six and the Yankees have the lead, it is over.

Crash said...

Old Prof I am at a loss of words right now...I think I agree with everything you just wrote.

Crash said...

The NY Daily News is ripping Teixeira for his postseason performance...and rightfully so.

Mid said...

I love Tex, his fielding shows why we should have kept Tino instead of signing Giambi - but 2 for 18??? cmon!

We could have won it yesterday even with a 5 man lineup.

He and Cano suck really really bad.

Mid said...


Mid said...

Let's just put it out there:

Utley is juicing.

old professor said...

If the Yankees win the World Series, the Series MVP should still go to Utley. The guy has played steady defense and his homeruns production cannot be diminished. Compare his production to anyone of the Yankees.

Last night's game should also put to rest the idea that Molina can call a better game than Posada. This should also clear the way for the Yankees to say goodbye to Molina for next season and to keep Cervelli as the backup. Realistically, Cervelli can't do any worse offensively than Molina and defensively is better than Posada and younger than both.

I am not convinced the Yankees can't win this thing. The Phillies have to go with Pedro tomorrow and it will be the first time he has pitched without extended rest. And if he wins, who do they bring out - Hamels so he can get lit up again or AJ Happ, he of being a rookie being thrown on the biggest stage at the biggest venue the sport has to offer?

Yankee offense has to come to the top sometime!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and one last item - Robertson's performance last night was good - much better than Phil Hughes in game one- which raises the issue where has the guy been and why hasn't he been used before last night?

Anonymous said...

Because Girardi doesn't know how to manage

57 said...

The Phillies do not go quietly. Game 6 is going to be an all-nighter. Welcome to my spring, summer and fall for the past three years against these guys.

The Phillies will win Game 6 and because Hammils can't wait until the season is over, he will lay an egg in game 7 and the Yankees will win 10-9 in game 7.

Someone asked me today who does a Mets fan root for in this series... My answer: Root for the power to go out.

And Utley juicing? No way.. he reminds me of Roy Hobbs.

old professor said...

57, Hamills is done. Not only did he make that stupid statement, but got into a slight altercation with Meyers in the club house after game 5. Manuel is not a fool look for AJ Happ to get the start SHOULD there be a game seven. Rookie will melt down within four innings.

Pedro pitches tough tonight, but will wear out by seven, Pettitte gives Yanks a solid six, Chamberlain in the senth, MO pitches two shutout innings, Yanks win a close one. Series over Yankees WinNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

Crash said...

I think Pedro is pulled in the 4th. He takes a couple of innings to get warm now that the temp is dropping. He gives up a couple of runs I think Charlie Manual will have a quick hook.

Pettitte goes 6+ and the Yanks win it all TONIGHT!!!

57 said...

NO CHANCE.. Mark my words!!!!!

57 said...

Congratulations to Pinstripe Postings, Mid, Scooter, Crash, Prof and to all Yankees fans. What an incredible season, and a great team. I am envious. Enjoy #27.

While the ticker tape is happening, I'll be at Citi Field egging Omar's office.


old professor said...

Okay so I was wrong - Pedro wore out by the fourth and Pettitte pitched into the sixth.

Yankees have a small dilema in the off-season. How do you let the World Series MVP walk?

Mo gets a life time contract with a blank check. Pettitte can return or walkoff into the sunset with a fifth ring. Great veteran and leader. Hughes, Chamberlain and even Burnett can learn from his professionalism.

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