Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy Weekend

I love these first few weekends in September - sports everywhere.

Good article on ESPN regarding Jeter - go to

After winning 9 out of 11, they've lost 5 of their 6. You guys are right on Javy and AJ. I like our chances better when Nova or Mosely is on the mound than those two. Still, despite the recent slide they do have the best record in baseball and holding onto a lead in the division. Further, the Yanks have 7 games with the The Rays over the next week and half, which should pretty much settle the division and the debate on their season.

On other teams - Looking at the three headed monster that the Phils have in their starting rotation, they could be the team that is best set for a playoff run.


It is the 2nd week of college football, so it must mean it is time to say that Notre Dame should join a conference. The game with Michigan was exciting, but no college team should be expected to run the tables with the annual schedule the Irish have - Join the Big East, win a conference, go to the BCS title game - it's that simple.

The QB from Michigan is the real deal. He runs like Mike Vick with Donovan McNabb's passing accuracy.


NFL - When do the Cowboys start their new head coaching search? I like Wade Philips, but he's not a Super Bowl level coach - lacks attention to details.

Giants looked OK, it was a sloppy game. WRs are talented but they need to catch the damn ball. Defense better than last year, but let's face it - it was a fairly low bar to eclipse.

The Detroit Lions were robbed of a victory.

Could this be the year that Houston pops through to the playoffs?


Crash said...

The Yankee bullpen heading into the series with Texas was on quite a roll. For them to blow leads when they got decent starts from AJ and Mosley was really bad timing.

Agree that the next 10 days or so will decide the East. The Phillies are already lining up their rotation for the Braves next week. They better be careful because they'll find themselves on the outside looking in. However, IF they make the playoffs that front three is pretty impressive.

The Michigan QB is good, but I have a feeling he will cost them a couple victories as he tries to do too much some times. He's only sophomore, so there's going to be learning experiences along the way.

The Giants start the new Meadowlands off right with a victory. Don't care if it was sloppy, take the W. For all the talk about how improved the Giants secondary was this offseason, every time I looked the Panthers Steve Smith was making a big play down the field.

I did watch some of the Dallas/Washington game and the Philly game. I wasn't impressed by anyone in the NFC East to be honest. If I look at the Giants schedule I could see them going as much as 11-5. They may not get there, but they should be able to find themselves in the playoff conversation late in the season.

Mid said...

I"m thinking we could have a surprise team in the NFC east - maybe the Rams or Tampa - I think that'd make a great story.


Watching the Rays and Yanks - two best teams, two of the top four pitchers in the league, not bad.

Good atmosphere.

Who the hell is in right field??

Mid said...

wow great game - Gaudin getting out of a bases loaded jam!!!!

Crash said...

I'm starting to hate the Rays as much as Boston. And it disgusts me that the Rays can't get a sell out crowd this late in the season when the Yankees are in town and 1st place is on the line with that pitching match up...unreal. How could you not be at that game? Tampa should be contracted or relocated to a place that cares about baseball. Even Minnesota sold out last week and they were playing KC.

Mid said...

you can relocate Tampa until you're willing to relocate Atlanta - The Braves couldn't even sell out a home playoff game the last time they made it to Oct.

I chalk up the lack of attndce to the wild card. Yes it was good baseball, intense, for the division, but at the end of the day, the fans from both teams know they're team is in - so they're saving the money until the real season starts vs. what could be percieved as meaningless games

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