Monday, June 13, 2011

No Boston Hangover!

So after the Red Sox came in to the Bronx and bombed the Bombers, the Yankees come back and are in position to sweep the free falling Indians. I think AJ gets the start tonight and needs to step up and complete this sweep. Yanks have kept pace with the Sox and remain 2 games back.

The Week had a rash of injuries. Joba is done for the year and Colon pulls a hammy while covering first and lands on the DL. It's tough to Lise your setup guy and #2 starter in a 24 hour span. I think Neosi will most likely get a chance to start. This is also when Carlos Silva could make an appearance. Wish Prior was healthy to help out the bullpen. Whelen looked better last night, after he walked the ballpark in his debut. And has anyone even seen Soriano? When TV cameras catch the dug out I can see Hughes, Marte, and Feliciano but not Soriano. Just wondering...

SF Giants need a catcher and offense in general, they previously had Sanchez and/or Bumgarner on the trade block, wonder if that is a possible trade partner for the Yankees. They might be able to get one of them for a catcher and maybe Swisher plus a prospect.


old professor said...

The sweep by Boston while painful to watch is not the end of the world. A couple of years ago, the Yankees lost the first eight games with Boston and came back to win nine of the next ten and won the division and I believe the World Series.

As for the injuries, maybe just maybe some of the injuries will keep the Steinbrenner boys out of some of the more significant baseball decisions: Let's remember the Joba rules and Hanks decree that Joba would be a starter - result Tommy John surgery. Hank wanted Soriano - result loss of a first round pick in a very deep draft and and elbow problem (actually he really is not missed).

As for Carlos Silva - I believe he has been in extended Spring Training (which is not meant to go into the summer) and has not been assigned to a team to get into game shape - exactly what are they waiting for?? I think the Noesi will get the start in place of Colon and do well.

The big question will be if Noesi gets two starts and wins both with outstanding stats, and Nova does well, who comes out of the rotation when Colon comes back???

Crash said...

I'm thinking Colon isn't back in 2 starts. Even if it's a mild strain he has to stay off of it for 2 weeks, then start throwing again and maybe a rehab start. You don't want to mess with a pitchers legs. Take the time and let him get better. And if both Noesi and Nova pitch well you stick with Nova. He's been there and is earning his stripes. Noesi can battle for the rotation next year. Or if he pitches real well he could be trade bait or take Nova's spot when he gets traded. You have to figure sooner or later the Yankees will trade some of their young pitchers.

Hughes, Nova, Batences, Banuelos, Brackman, CC, AJ...either a couple or going to the pen or a couple are getting traded. You have to figure CC, AJ, and Hughes are in the rotation for the next 3-4 years. Doesn't leave much room for the rest of the guys.

old professor said...

Regarding CC, he has been hinting he is going to opt out of his contract (leverage to get an extension - fallout from the attempt by the Yankees to sign Cliff Lee).

Still trying to figure what the Yankees are doing with Carlos Silva. I am also surprised he has been patient sitting in Tampa - hey it is a paycheck (most of which is coming from the Cubs).

old professor said...

okay finally tracked Carlos Silva down; he is pitching at SWB and is currently 2-0. So it appears as if the Yankees may not have to go out on the trade market to get a starter if things start to go south. He can be added to the roster when the yankees put Joba on the 60 dl due to surgery 9scheduled for this Thursday).

old professor said...

Oh and if the Yankees need some left handed help, Kei Igwa is pitching to a 0.84 ERA at SWB.

The guy should be more effective in getting lefties out that Boone Logan.

Crash said...

I would think that hell would have to freeze over before Kei Igawa is on a bus to the Bronx. No matter how good his numbers are in AAA he just isn't cut out for the Bronx in the ultra-competitive AL East. Now that being said maybe he could be semi-effective in the AL West or even the NL somewhere. He's only appeared in 16 games for the Yankees has ERA close to a touchdown and whip near 2.00. By contrast he has over 550 IP in the minors and has an ERA in the mid-3's, and a whip of 1.287...not great, but certainly not bad. His contract is up after this year I guarantee someone will take a chance on him next year if he stays in the US.

Crash said...

This got me thinking about Chien-Ming Wang...he hasn't pitched in a game, majors or minors, since 2009 with the Yankees. He has been in extended spring training and has thrown to hitters, but has yet to appear in a real game. About 3 weeks ago news was he was nearing a rehab assignment but nothing yet. He's still with the Nats.

old professor said...

Speaking of pitchers like Wang who have been out of baseball for awhile. The Yankees have signed Brad Halsey and he is actually pitching in the minors as a relief guy out of the pen. He is only 30 years old and has not pitched in the majors in two years. (I believe he was pitching for the Newark Bears when the Yankees signed him.

There will be some serious thought about signing pitchers out of the Far East in the future: Irabu - failed; Igwa - failed; Dice-K - a head case and now washed up with Tommy John Surgery. Talk about a lot of wasted money. Irabu I think was close to 21 million, Igwa was 41 million, and Dice-K when you aid in the signing payment for negotiations rights his price tag came to about 103 million.

Even the position players seem to have some difficulty - Matsui was great for a couple of years with the Yankees, but his knees caught up with him, Ichiro has racked up more hits than any other player over the last ten years, but he has even slowed down.

Buyer beware!!!!

old professor said...

Burnett spins a gem a still loses. This team is so inconsistent offensively it is sickening.

There needs to be some changes made: catching - Martin's back is a problem and Cervelli can't hit his weight. The rotation is patchwork at best right now so it will be a wait and see situation.

Gardner needs to have his head examined. 3-2 count and he tries to bunt his way on - foul ball strike out. His speed has been negated by being thrown out 50% of the time when he tries to steal.

Defensively - shortstop is a problem regardless of who is there one can't get to the ball the other throws it away.

Crash said...

Gardner is really frustrating. But Swisher single-handedly cost the team the game yesterday. He made the final out of the inning with the bases loaded in the first. And then he misplays that ball into a triple that leads to the only run. He did this just a couple games ago when he missed played a ball down the line that ended up a triple leading to runs. I know the bullpen is short but they need to bring back Dickerson to play RF.

There is no reason this team should ever lose 1-0.

Jeter won't get # 3,000 at the stadium unless his injury keeps him out longer than this current series. I think the Yankees go to Wrigley after this Texas series. It would be kind of odd for Jeter to get it there. Not only is it inter-league play, but he has only been there once in his career...Yankees played there in 2003, Jeter was 2-10 in the series. You may not remember that series, but I do. I was trying to get tickets through a friend...and the next series Houston came to the Bronx and no hit the Yanks. For me if it wasn't going to happen in the Bronx, I almost wish it happened in Fenway. I would have loved to have seen the crowd reaction when it happened. Do they applaud, do they boo, etc. Knowing Jeter he will try to play through this and either take an 0'fer or further injure himself go on the DL and not get to 3,000 until after the all star break.

Crash said...

Even if there is an NFL season don't look for Plaxico to rejoin the Giants. He blew up Tom Coughlin yesterday in an interview, which I guess really comes as no surprised since Plax was suspended and fined more times than I can remember. But he did say he would like to play for the Jets. That would be quite the passing attack for the Jets. Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotchery, and Burress. Think they still have Santonio Holmes as well.

Crash said...

Sorry for all the posts...but I'm making my way through the NY Post and they are saying Jeter and Martin could land on the DL. If Martin goes to the DL, do the Yankees finally call up Montero? If Jeter goes to the DL do they rely on Nunez who has a ton of errors and is only hitting .200?

old professor said...

Both Martin and Jeter should be put on the DL. There is no reason the team needs to play with two players short. The unfortunate thing is that the players they probably will bring up will not help the team - Pena will be brought up to fill in at the backup infield position - great glove no offense. Don't be surprised NOT to see Montero. They may bring Gustav Molina back and let Cervelli start all of the games - NO OFFENSE with either individual.

Dickerson is already back with the team - he was added when Senit and Joba went on the DL. Later this week Chamberlain will be moved to the 60 day DL opening up a spot for someone not on the 40 man roster - that is when you will see an additional player.

The danger at this point being at catcher. Cervelli is the only one who can catch - Martin can't and they won't put Posada behind the plate though they could.

Crash said...

Yup Cashman confirmed Pena will be added today either for Jeter or in another transaction.

Crash said...

So Neosi does nit get the start in place of Colon. Yankees sign Brian Gordon and he will get the start. Who is Brian Gordon, he refused a minir league contract from the Phillies and signed with the Yankees. Gordon is a 32-year-old righty with sick numbers at Triple-A. 5-0.1.14 ERA in 12 games. He's a converted outfielder.

I would guess that means Joba will be placed on the 60 day DL prior to Thursday's game to clear the roster spot.

Crash said...

Too many typos in my last post..that's what I get for trying to post from my phone.

Anyway all this hype about how good the farm system is especially in pitching, and Cashman opts to sign a minor leaguer for this start??? I don't get it.

The tough thing about Jeter's injury, he's eligible to come off during the Brewer series at home. But after those 3 games the Yankees head out on a road trip to the Mets then Cleveland before coming home for a series against the Rays before the break. So unless he pulls out 2 big multi-hit games when he comes back he's not likely to get this at home. More likely Cleveland, which is kind of ironic because I believe that was his first major league HR. The good thing about Jeter's injury, Nunez finally gets some solid/consistent playing time for a couple weeks. Let's see what he can do.

old professor said...

It is interesting that the Yankees go after 32 year old veteran minor leaguer with all of 4 innings pitched in the majors. The only thing I can think of is that someone has been scouting this guy and has come across very impressed with what he has done: 5-0 with a 1.14 ERA 55.1 IP with 7 BB and 56 Ks.

He apparently had an opt out clause in his Phillies contract that if he could land on a major league roster, he could declare free agency.

I don't believe the Yankee will officially annnounce his signing and addition to the roster until Joba has surgery and can officially be placed on the 60 day DL.

Crash as you point out, this is somewhat sad that the Yankees don't have the confidence in any of their pitchers. The only thing I can think of his the guy was a top draft choice as an outfielder and converted to pitching at the request of Nolan Ryan. Maybe he gives the Yankees more flexibility going into the interleague games and could in an emergency play the outfield. Apparently he can hit as well as pitch.

Crash said...

Jeter who? Nunez getting a couple hits, including HR. Jeter could be Wally Pipp!

old professor said...

Team wins big and seems to be cohesive without their captain.

Odd circumstances with the revolving door at the bullpen and rotation. Brian Gordon will officially be added to the roster today (Joba goes to 60 day DL). They added another veteran relief pitcher by moving Soriano to the 60 day DL - Soriano appearantly has worn out his welcome.

The pitchers coming and going is an indication the Yankees don't have a lot of faith in their system.

Imagine how some of the SWB starters feel - work your posterior off try to show your ready and they go to another organizations minor league system!!! I can imagine a lot of those guys will opt out and become minor league free agents when all of the dust settles.

Crash said...

Most of those minor league players don't have opt out clauses. Those are usually reserved for the veteran guys that signed a minor league deal, after their initial time has come and gone. The kids that, according to Cashman, aren't ready yet, will not have opt out clauses.

Crash said...

Yankees release Sanit and option Pendelton back to AAA to make room for Brian Gordon.

old professor said...

Crash, if a player has five years of minor league service, they can declare for free agency (technically they opt out of working for the Yankees). Kevin Whalen is in his fith year, Russo can go, Kei Igwa will be gone, etc.

Cory Wade appears to be confident and healthy and could actually help. Hopefully the three shutout innings are more than just luck.

I was not impressed with Brian Gordon, yes he threw strikes, but has to be extremely fine or he will get hit. He also went 5.1 innings which is what you could have gotten from Noesi.

old professor said...

The series with the Cubs was pretty good. There seems to be good news on a lot of fronts - Swisher is starting to hit, Nunez is settling in at short, the team has won 8 out of 10 and Hughes threw a rehab game where is velocity was back in the 92-94 range.

the team needs to get on a roll as they are now a season high 12 games above 500.

Crash said...

I've been a Swisher critic this season, but he came through in big ways last night. If he did that on a more consistent basis the second half of the season all would be forgiven.

Let's not get excited about Hughes just yet. He didn't make it out of the 5th inning and while his fastball did top out at 95, it also dropped to 89! The Yankees cannot rush him. Let's see how he bounces back and if he can maintain the velo for 5,6,7 innings.

I think the upcoming Cincinnati series is a tough one for the Yankees. That park is a launching pad and could be real tough for Nova, Garcia, and Gordon (I assume it's Gordon). On the other the Reds pitching isn't all that great this season either. I sense some major slugfest action over the next 3 games.

old professor said...

Crash, Hughes did not make it out of the fifth inning because he was on a pitch count. he threw 25 pitches in the first inning and a total of 61 in his rehab start. That would mean he threw a total of 36 pitches over the other four innings or an average of 9 pitches an inning over, which is not bad.

The key will be what he is like in his next start. Yankees have already indicated he will have between three to five more rehab starts.

Swisher has been hitting much better over the course of the last week and may be getting warmed up.

The key for the Yankees over the next 9 games will be their rotation. Nova has been so inconsistent I would almost like them to give Noesi a shot at starting. Gordon is not overpowering, but throws strikes. Garcia needs to get off to a better start in his next game. He does not look sharp in the first or second inning and then seems to get into a rythm. However, by that point the Yankees are pitching from behind.

What will be interesting is if Gordon pitches well, Garcia becomes consistent and wins and Nova actually puts in consecutive lights out performances, what happens when Colon and Hughes actually do come back???

Boston has put Crawford, Lowry and Lester on the DL. They may be in more disaray than the Yankees roster.

old professor said...

Sorry not Lester, it was Buccholz that went on the DL.

Crash said...

Boone Logan is quickly playing himself out of a role in the bullpen. Yankees need to find a reliable lefty reliever pretty quickly.

I thought Nova pitched probably his best game last night, 8IP, 4H, no walks, 7K's, 1 ER. Gave the Yankees exactly what they needed. Can't believe they had to go to Mo though. Ayala gives up a hit, Logan hits Votto. Enter Sandman. Oh well a win is a win I guess. It just seems they are really close to overusing the top guys in the pen. Robertson did get a day off but innings are racking up quick for Mo and Robertson. They will both be around 70IP.

old professor said...

Logan could be pitching himself out of the pen. Here is a question to consider - if a righthanded pitcher can pitch effectively does the team need a lefty specialist?? Robertson can get both lefties and righties out. Mo can do the same. The pitcher they signed off of the Tampa minor league roster Corry ___
pitches effectively against both. Why take up space in the pen with an individual who may come in and only throw two or three pitches to a lefthanded batter??

When some of the arms start coming off of the DL we will see who goes and who stays. Colon will go back to the rotation (exit Gordon who will then go to the pen exit Noesi). Hughes will come back and replace who - Nova - not if Nova pitches like he did last night; Garcia - probably not because Garcia has consistently kept the team in games. The ideal would be he goes to the pen.

Crash said...

How the Yankees handle the return of Hughes and Colon will be very interesting. The rotation has been pretty solid...CC has 9 wins, AJ and Nova have 7 and Garcia and Colon have 5. Any guesses who has is next on that list for number of victories...JOBA!

Was reading yesterday Randy Choate may be available down in Florida. He is the prototypical lefty specialist. "New" manager Jack McKeon pulled him in the middle of batter yesterday after going 2-1 on the guy. So maybe McKeon doesn't like Choate and the Yankees could get him on the cheap.

Don't forget split double header today...first game is 12:30, think Freddy starts this one, Gordon gets the nightcap.

old professor said...

Reports are beginning to circulate that A-Rod may be a little more than just banged up. He has a sore shoulder and apparently is not running at full speed (hip???).

Randy Choate may be a slight upgrade over Logan, but I will maintain that if you have effective right handed pitchers the need for a specialist becomes a luxuary that can be eliminated.

The next pitcher on the bubble has to be Ayla. While he has pitched well, he has not been consistent. He did not pitch well in his last outing.

With everyone pitching well in the rotation, there is no need to hurry anyone back.

Crash said...

Yankees have been done in by errors by their sure handed, defensive upgrade young players. Nunez has 8 errors on the season and Pena commits 2 throwing errors in the 5th inning today that gives away the lead to the Reds. Unreal.

old professor said...

Pena actually committed three errors in game one of the double header. Gordon was not sharp, only gave up four runs. Noesi implodes giving up eight hits and six runs in 1.2 innings. These guys have to realize they are auditioning to stay on the team once some of the DL guys get healthy. Colon and Hughes are scheduled to come of the DL within the next two weeks. Feliciano and Soriano maybe July of 2012, but at this rate, who cares.

Crash said...

I was posting "live" and at the time Pena only had 2 errors. I know the final score doesn't indicate that the game was close. But the Yankees had the opportunity to score when it was close and blew the opportunity. I think it was 7 inning and they had the bases loaded. 3 consecutive batters swung at the first pitch from Cueto all hitting it very weakly to kill any rally. The score a couple runs there or even tie it up and the entire game changes.

Still they went 4-2 on the road trip, day off today and back at home tomorrow against the Rockies and Brewers. I generally don't care for interleague play but I do enjoy watching a couple games where the stadiums are something I haven't seen a lot of. GreatAmerican Ball Park looks pretty nice, could be a road trip destination sometime in the future.

Crash said...

Cashman has quickly and definitively shot down a rumor that had Jose Reyes heading to the Yankees.

He did confirm he's looking for a setup man.

old professor said...

Regarding the rumor of Jose Reyes - whoever started it has crap for brains. Reyes is oft injured, plays only when he wants to play. Someone on ESPN likened to you are dating a girlfriend for seven years and she is an absolute bitch. She hears that you are going to give a ring,and all of a sudden she is the sweetest thing on earth. One bite of the wedding cake and she reverts to her old evil self.

I am not convinced the Yankees need another set up person. At best the person would be a one year rental and the asking price will be steep. Montero for ???????

old professor said...

So Jeter won't be ready to come off the DL when he is eligible to do so because the calf is still giving him problems - this from a guy who was upset that the team put him on the DL to begin with. Great so he would have preferred the team play a player short while he nursed the injury - somewhere people are going to realize his public persona that was carefully developed over the last 15 years was a sham and the real individual of me first is beginning to surface.

With the weather forecast for NY it will be interesting to see if the team gets the game in. (It wouldn't have mattered if the game was in Colorado because the forecast there is even worse).

Crash said...

Reyes is not oft injured. He missed most of the '09 season that's it. In '05, '06, '07, and '08 he never played fewer than 153 games. Last season he started the season on the DL because of that thyroid problem or something. But he still finished with 130+ games and made the All-Star game.

I would hold Jeter out I would be extra cautious just because of age. I mean the All-Star break is just around the corner no reason to rush right back. Team is better without him anyways. Even if he was healthy now, I'd hold him out until July 4th or 5th. That's a series in Cleveland. He gets a couple hits there then has a legit shot at getting 3,000 at home against the Rays right before the break. Yankees start the second half with an 8 game road activate him early or keep him on the DL until after the break.

Some possible lefty relievers on the market...Sean Marshall from the Cubs. Grant Balfour of the A'sK-Rod said he would accept a trade to the Yankees. Here's a quote from K-Rod "If I am going to be traded, obviously I want the opportunity to close out games, but if it's going to be good teams like the Yankees or the Rays, and it's going to be for two months, I can go out there and help them out,". I hope it doesn't happen.

Also I saw something pretty interesting in the Reds series that I forgot about until now. I thought it was very odd that the Yankees kept throwing over to 1B when Johny Gomes was on base for the Reds. Gomes has 5 SB this year, had 5 total last year, and isn't what I would call a real threat on the base paths...but when they stopped throwing over they called a pitch out and nailed him at 2B. The only thing I thought was the Yankees obviously had the Reds signs. No way you throw over 3 or 4 times in a row and guess pitch out on a guy who doesn't steal a lot of bases and are right. Then I see an old article that the Yankees were accused of stealing signs in the Rangers series. Apparently Andruw Jones was stealing pitches and relaying to hitters when he was on 2B. Maybe that's one of Jones' hidden talents picking signs up.

Crash said...

Wow watching Old Timers Day...made me feel old. Most of those players I was watching not too long ago. Glad to see Torre & Bernie get big ovations. I was in favor of letting Torre go when they did, probably could have been done better, but he'll always be a Yankee...unless he somehow puts a Boston uni on. I lost respect for David Cone when he went to Boston at the end of his career. Yankees continue to do well in inter-league play and continue to win series. An off day today before the Brew-crew comes to town. Tough series for the Yankees. They are a hot hitting club and the Yankees get their best pitchers in Greinke, Marcum, and Wolf. With the off day Yankees have elected to skip Gordon in the rotation. and bring back the top 3 on regular rest.

Just read the Dodgers have filed for bankruptcy after the TV deal falls through and as they won't be able to meet payroll later this week. Frank McCourt has to be an idiot to run the team in the 2nd biggest market into the ground. He's an embarrassment to MLB. MLB won't let Mark Cuban in but they'll let idiots in like McCourt and Wilpon. I don't get it.

old professor said...

Regarding the Dodgers, the owner seemed to spend the profits from the team into his pocket and getting his wife things.

They will fail to meet payroll this month. The bankruptcy thing is a slap at major league baseball specifically because they killed the $3 billion deal.

I am not impressed by the Brewers rotation. They have gained most of their wins in the NL Central which at best his slightly better than triple A.

With Gordon being skipped it is an indication that his time with the team is short.

old professor said...

Reports indicate that Colon may be back with the team sooner than later. Hopefully he comes back and shows the same form as before the injury.

With Colon coming back and Hughes doing well in rehab the Yankees will have some interesting questions to ask. The big question will be how long Hughes can maintain his velocity.

Crash said...

Cashman says while he wants a lefty, the market just isn't there. He said he can't find a starter who would be better than Colon or Hughes and a reliever better than Soriano. He said all 3 could be back in July.

Padres looking to trade Heath Bell or Chad Qualls, Yankees want Mike Adams (Padres setup man who has been outstanding for about 4 years now). Padres aren't looking to give him up though as he will replace Bell as closer if/when Bell is traded.

old professor said...

I know that Heath Bell has found success in the last couple of years, but I remember him as a pitcher with the Rangers a few years ago and he was not that successful pitching for them. I don't know whether it was a symptom of pitching in the american league or he has finally learned to pitch.

I believe tha Soriano coming back will not be a plus. He is not a team guy and I am not sure he really wants to be in NY, he came to the Yankees because they were the only team that met his finanical demands. I see him opting out at the end of this year and trying to land the "big" contract. What he may find out is that no one is going to pay that kind of money for a person that acts like a spoiled two year old.

Crash said...

All Star voting is wraping up and I'm disappointed in 2 things....First Adrian Gonzalez is beating Tex by nearly a million votes, but that Paul Konerko playing in the 3rd largets market isn't even sniffing the All-Star game, he has less than a million (A-Gon is over 4million, and Tex is well over 3). Just throwing Konerko's stats so far: .318, 21 HR, 60 RBI. This guy should be second if not starting.

Second Jeter is leading at SS over Asdrubal Cabrera by half a million votes. Jeter is hitting .260 with no power, no speed...Cabrera is hitting .291, 13 HR, 46 RBI, 12 SB. This guy should be starting at the ASG.

I have no problems with anyone else. Voting closes tomorrow. Don't think anything will change.

Good game last night. Cashman looks smart for not pursuing Grienke I guess.

Crash said...

Looks like Colon could be back Saturday to start against the Mets.

Crash said...

Hughes outing was positive. 4.3 ip, 88 pitches. consistently 93MPH topping out at 94. Cutter was 91-94. I would think he gets a start at S/WB, then re-joins the team post ASB.

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