Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bring on the Subway Series!

Yankees have been very good in interleague play this year, record of 10-4 so far heading into this afternoon's game with the Brewers, before heading into CitiField to face the Mets in part 2 of the 2011 Subway Series.

It is expected that Bartolo Colon will come of the DL and face the Mets Saturday. I would guess one of the nameless arms on the ever revolving door in the bullpen will be moved or perhaps the Yankees jettison Gordon.

Also in an odd move the Yankees waive or release or option I forget which, Buddy Carlyle and pickup Sergio Mitre from the Brewers for cash considerations. Not sure why the Yankees keep coming back to this guy. Though he has improved as a reliever, posting 2 seasons with ERA's in the low 3's, his career ERA over 8 seasons is in the mid 5's.

The Yankees should be getting healthy real soon. Colon coming of the DL this Saturday, Hughes, Jeter, and Chavez could all be back next week. Soriano by the end of July. If Hughes can comeback and be what he was last year that would be great. I just hate messing with the rotation when everything seems to be going very good for the Yankees right now. Yankees have the second best record in MLB, are 16 games over .500 (47-31) behind only the Phillies. They have 2.5 game lead on the Sox and 3.5 on the Rays.

There's a lot of talk about doing away with the divisions in MLB and just let the top 3,4, or 5 teams in the playoffs...well if MLB did that, your top 3 AL teams all come from the AL East right now. And Toronto would only be 2 games back from making that the Top 4 from the AL East. Be careful what you wish for MLB.


Crash said...

Girardi leaving the door open to a 6 man rotation when Hughes gets back. I don't really care if they use 5 or long as it works and they keep winning. That 6 man rotation may mean keeping CC on regular rest while the other 5 shuffle around accordingly. Again I don't really care as long as it works.

old professor said...

First regarding Mitre, I can't figure it out either. There seems to be some overblown loyalty with Girardi regarding this guy.

Carlyle was a retread that the Yankees have designated for assignment in order to get Mitre on the 25 roster.

With all of the guys coming back, it will be interesting to see who goes - Pena goes down when Jeter comes back. Gordon probably goes when Colon comes back. If Chavez comes back who goes - Andruw Jones of Dickerson??

I don't like a six man rotation. Most pitchers have gotten into a routine on five days and six days throws them off. Check out Burnett's statistics when he has one additional day - they skyrocket.

Crash said...

Well the 6 man idea may work for the backend of the rotation. If the Yankees have concern over how much they can really get out of Colon, Hughes, and maybe Garcia, then some kind of odd system may work to reduce their innings and give them extra rest making them more reliable and effective for the rest of the season, including in October.

old professor said...

It would appear the six man rotation is dead as Nova gets sent out to triple A. Has to be a real downer for the kid. He has the second most wins on the team and has pitched as effectively as AJ Burnett. As the only person with options left, he was the odd man out. Question now will be what happens to his mental makeup.

Pena costs the team a game. Routine grounder goes up his arm.

Michael Kay has his nose so far up Jeter's butt it is sad. When Pena made the error, Kay had to comment, "that is why you grow to admire Jeter, he makes all of those routine plays". Where exactly has he been the last three years. Jeter cannot get to balls that most shortstops make routine. He has to overplay to one way to compensate for limited range. Now every at bat we will have to hear that he is approaching 3,000 hits.

old professor said...

It is interesting how the Yankees seem to rise to the occassion offensively when CC is pitching. They seem to score early and often.

Big test for Hughes today. It would be nice to see him come back from injury. Chavez now out indefinately as he has an adominal issue suffered while rehabbing. Going to NY to have more tests - the guy can't catch a break. Team has not missed him.

Anyone tired of the Michael Kay countdown to 3,000. The guy is tireless in his platitudes for Jeter. Routine grounder that Jeter fielded last night and Kay had to comment - that is what we have been missing since Jeter went on the DL. He apparently overlooks the lack of range and the number of times Texiera has saved his bacon by scooping bad throws.

I am also growing tired of hearing the oh it is a great injustice to have CC not named as an all star. Granted he has the best record in baseball and is an absolute stud, but there has to be representatives from other teams. Is it fair that Jeter has been named as the starter at short while the Cleveland SS who has been having a better all around season gets to be the backup. I am also amazed that Russell Martin has been named as the backup. He has been slumping lately and may need the time off.

old professor said...

Hughes has a so-so return. Getting into trouble in the first and then settling down. Unfortunately the trash out of the pen put the game out of reach.

Logan comes in and immediately hits the lefthanded batter that he is supposed to get out.

Mitre comes in and gives up two runs in the eighth that kills the hope of any rally.

I cannot understand why they keep this guy around. He has never proven to be effective or consistent. Even the Brewers gave up on the guy. Why Girardi continues to be loyal to him is beyond me. His last outting was a disaster as well. It is time to send him packing.

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