Monday, July 11, 2011

Half Time

Let's face it - it could be worse.

If at the start of the season someone were to tell you: here is going to be the injury situation but you'll still be entering the break 18 games above .500 pacing for 106 wins - I think most would take it. And so will I. Despite flaws - a very, very good first half the year.

Looking forward: Cano has been given an opportunity to shine and show he can be the lead guy not just a good supportive one with A-Rod going under the knife. If he is to be the player we've seen glimpses of, now is the time to show it . . . Starting pitching is the only true "IF" right now. Hughes needs to improve big time in his next outing, and while Colon and Garcia have done their job to date, not sure I trust them yet down the stretch which leads to me to thinking the Yanks will do a deal for a starter.

Sabathia will finish with 25 wins - I did not realize he's on a scoreless streak of 23 innings until yesterday's complete game gem.

Jeter will finish with 10 HRs and a .310 avg.

Despite the winning I will believe in their championship abilities when they can show that they can beat the Sox.
Reflection on Jeter's 3,000 Hits: There was a time when I thought Jeter had a chance to break or at least challenge Pete Rose's hit record. While it seems unlikely now, I'm still holding out hope depending on how he finishes this season - I have a feeling he's going to rip it up the 2nd half. If he does do that, then I'll still believe there's a chance to do it. If he doesn't, and he muddles around offensively, I think he'll retire in 2 seasons.

When looking at the 3,000 Hit Club, I am of the opinion that Hank Aaron might be the least appreciated baseball player of all time. Take away his HRs, and he still has 3,000 hits - unbelievable.

Around the Horn

Chien-Ming Wang started a AA game in the Nats system. 5 innings of work, no runs, no walks - hope he can make it back . . . or at least to AAA so I can see him play.

A look at a few former Yankees: Tyler Clippard remember his debut?? He made the All-Star game, good for him. And my boy Jeff Karstens is top 5 in ERA . . hmmmm maybe that's who the Yanks will do a deal for. .. .


old professor said...

Mid, glad to see you are back in the business of posting. Regarding Hank Aaron, I have to agree that he was greatly unappreciated. Remember the time frame he played in and being a man of color made it more difficult. Society tended to ignore the accomplishments of Aaron, Larry Doby, and Ernie Banks go unappreciated. Playing in Atlanta made it more difficult. Even to a point look at the Yankees - There are all kind of rememberances for Munson, Berra, and Dickey while Elston Howard is somewhat overlooked.

As for the second half of the season - I don't think you will see the same kind of performances from Colon and Garcia. Colon is a the biggest question because of his age - however with the surgery that he had his arm could be that of a 21 year old. Garcia has to be too fine to be successful. Nova will be up sooner than later.

The biggest piece would be whether Feleciano and Soriano can come back by the end of July.

As for Karstens and Clippard another example of Yankees giving up on young pitchers too soon. Throw Ian Kennedy into that mix as well.

Crash said...

Karstens and Kennedy would not have those seasons in the Bronx. The fans and the city would have eaten them alive. Clippard's season is pretty solid. That's 2 in a row for him. I do think he could have been effective in the pen for the Yankees. Soriano will be back in a couple of weeks. Not sure about Feliciano.

A-Rod to be out about 6 weeks, schedule for surgery today. This would be the optimal time for A-Rod to go out. I'm just worried if he will be able to get his timing back at the plate after that layoff. Colon will be fine for the most part. Let's see if he can recover from the beating he took his last start. Garcia will do exactly what he's been doing all season. Garcia pitched a lot last year. He started 28 games, no reason to think he won't this year as well. There has been no hint of injury (knock on wood) he should be fine.

The only thing I don't like about the first half is the record against the Sox. The Yankees are 1-8 against the Sox and are only 1 game back. They have 9 games left with them and 6 are in Fenway. If the Yankees were 8-1, instead of 1-8, the Sox would be done. They would be in 3rd place behind the Rays, 6 games back. The Yankees need to take at least 6 of 9 in the second half.

old professor said...

Crash, regarding the Yanks record against the Sox - remember two years ago they were 0-8 and ended up winning the division and the World Series. They have a total of 21 games left against the Rays and Sox and need to win a majority of those games or they can sit home and watch the playoffs.

I am not convinced at this point that Garcia will hold up. Last year, he finished 12-8. I could accept that if Hughes pitches well, but if Hughes can't come back they need more wins from Garcia and Colon.

This is a two edge sword for the team. Let's say both Colon and Garcia win 15 games each. What do you do with them next year - sign one or both to another contract or let them walk and hope the young guns are ready?? Next year is also the last year of AJ's contract do you see an extension in his future? If so not at the amount he was paid for the previous four years.

Crash said...

AJ is signed through 2013 so it's worse than you think. If both Colon and Garcia pitch well the entire season, they will want bigger money and multi-year deals. I don't think the Yankees will give them that. The exception would be Colon. If he keeps dominating in the 2nd half I could see the Yankees offering an incentive deal for 2 years with maybe an option (team or vesting) on a 3rd. I mean Colon isn't pitching like a number 5, he has shown ace stuff with good velo and pinpoint control and has been the Yankees #2 behind CC. He hasn't flinched in pressure spots.

The hard part is the Yankees will have to make room for the young pitching talent coming up soon...unless you're sending 2 of them packing in trade deals. Betances is the only one really pitching well in the minors. Brackman is terrible and Banuelos is doing ok, but not great. Both Betances and Banuelos are walking to many guys.

old professor said...

Have to agree with the assessment on the 3B's in the minors. Brackman was a stretch when he was chosen with the #1 pick a few years ago. He had not played a lot of college ball and when the Yankees took him out of North Carolina they knew he needed surgery. By now he should have recovered from the surgery, but may never get beyond AAA. Almost reminds you of Brien Taylor a former #1 pick who had control problems and then got into a fight and hurt his shoulder. He is back home in North Carolina contemplating what could have been.

Crash said...
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Crash said...

Cano's performance last night in HR Derby was pretty impressive. I've heard he puts on quite a show during BP. I remember they showed video of him putting one on top of the Mohegan Sun Bar/batters eye in CF at the Stadium.

Hope it doesn't mess his swing up in the second half. But it looked like he was just taking his normal hacks. His stride didn't change, he looked well balanced. Fingers crossed.

old professor said...

Current and past Yankees so they are all stars: David Robertson - one scoreless inning; Tyler Clippard gets the win; Lance Berkman gets a single - odd how the Yankees believed he was finished and couldn't play the outfield anymore. Guy signs with St. Louis and becomes an all star outfielder. (Exactly who is evaluating the talent in the Yankee organization: Clippard, Kennedy, Berkman, Tabata, Karstens are all having solid years and every player the Yankees got in the trades for Kennedy, Tabata, Karstens and Clippard are no longer in the organization- just freebees).

Crash said...

Marte is still in the system. And some argue without they don't win the 2009 World Series. Granderson was part of the Kennedy deal last I checked he was an All-Star and having a great year.

Yankees start back tomorrow in Toronto with Colon taking the mound. I would guess CC starts Friday. Everyone that was wanting Nunez to get more AB's gets that wish granted as he will most certainly get the bulk of the playing time at 3B in A-Rod's absence over the next 6 weeks.

old professor said...

Nunez will get more at bats, but it will be interesting to see who they bring up when they formally put A-Rod on the DL.

As for those trades: Marte is in the system but has not pitched in more than a year. Granderson is having a great year, but ultimately you have to assess whether the Yankees would be better off having kept the talent that has been traded away or with what they got in the trades.

Crash said...

Yankees may have some additional Bullpen help on the way soon. JC Romero is on a minor league deal with the Washington Nationals (I think he started the season with the Twins). If he isn't promoted by the 15th he can opt out of that contract and all indications are the Yankees would sign him to a minor league deal for SWB. He wouldn't stay there long for sure.

old professor said...

Romero was with the Nationals and released, I thought the Phillies resigned him - or it could be the other way around. Either way if he can't cut it in the National League why believe he can survive in the American League.

Now the rumors are starting to swirl about Cashman - his contract expires and the Post is reporting after 14 years he has had enough of the Yankees.

Cashman's response was: I have a policy of not talking contract extensions at mid year with players and it would be hypocritical of me to ask for one for myself. Not bad reasoning.

Mark Prior pitched in his first minor league game since April. Fastball clocked only at 90 - he is a long way off from helping the team.

Crash said...

Yanks sign Romero. He has to prove something in order to get the call up. Romero was pitching for the Phillies, then get waived, Washington signed him to a minor league deal and he had an opt out clause. Romero was key part to the Phillie pen then early this year he had control problems. He had an ERA in the 3's which isn't bad but in 16IP he had allowed 16 hits along with 12 walks.

90 MPH can be good enough if it's located well and there is change in speeds. The fact that Prior is pitching again is a plus. If he can stay healthy, he can get an August callup, maybe make the post season roster, and have an impact in October.

Crash said...

A-Rod heads to the DL and the Yankees recall Greg Golson??? Don't get this at all.

old professor said...

Yankee game was a complete disaster. They give up eight runs in the first (only three of which were earned). Three little rollers in the infield and and error on a standard grounder to third opened the door for a big inning. Noesi was strong in relief, Mitre continues to suck - why do they continue to run this guy out there. Yankees closed to within two runs just to watch him give up seven runs.

While Romero may have given up the hits, it was not to left handed hitters. They were batting .208 off of him. Logan can't come close to that number. At Triple A Syracuse, Romero had only given up one hit over six or seven innings.

My guess is he comes up within the next week or so and someone hits the bricks (hopefully Mitre).

I don't get the Golson call up either. The other thing I don't get is with the all star break, it would have given the Yankees time to get their rotation back to CC, AJ, Hughes, Colon, Garcia. Okay that can still happen, but why open the Blue Jays series with Colon and follow with Garcia?? This could open the door for a split at best by going with #4 and 5 to start the second half.

Crash said...

I didn't realize Garcia was tonight. I assumed they would start CC on regular rest. Maybe this is their attempt to watch CC's innings and keep him fresh. At least CC will still get a start in the Tampa series.

I didn't watch a whole lot of the game on my way home from the gym, it was 0-0 with 2 outs, I get home and turn on the TV and it's 5-0...I think I heard that Colon was limping, which indicates his hammy wasn't healed. Speculation was that the Yankees would DL him. Didn't hear anything after if that was the case though. If they do I would guess Nova gets the call up, unless Girardi doesn't want to burn one of his minor league options and goes with Mitre or Noesi for a spot start.

Crash said...

Ken Rosenthal is reporting the Yankees have intensified their search for starting pitching now that Colon and Garcia got smacked around. He suggested Ubaldo Jimenez is a possible trade opportunity.

If Jimenez is available Cashman better go get him. I know his overall stats aren't great but look at his splits, ERA of 5.58 at home and 2.28 on the road (away from Denver). Not bad. On top if that, Jimenez is not a rental. He is under contract for at least next season, with 2 more team options. And he's cheap: $4.2, $5.7, and $8, for 2012, 2013, and 2014 respectively. This means of course the Yankees would need to give up at least 2 top prospects.

Crash said...

Yankees get a split in Toronto after losing the first 2...not bad. They head to Tampa next and really need to come up big in this series. I believe the Red Sox took 2 of 3 from the Rays, hoping the Yankees can pile on my dirt and bury the rays right here. They will need to as the Sox play Baltimore and are surely looking to sweep that series. Burnett gets the start tonight, let's see how he does on 8 days rest. Last game he started was against the Rays on DJ3K day.

As the Yankees approach the trade deadline, there seems to be a lot of talk about the prospects not producing. Montero is hitting .288 with 7 HR at AAA. How is that disappointing? I guess they want to see more power? I want to say Montero had a slow first half last year, right around the same power numbers and finished with 21 HR. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up with 20 again this year. I think with all the talk about trading Montero, the Yankees are banking on Romine to be the next catcher. I wouldn't be surprised to see Brackman, Montero and a couple others go to get Jimenez. That seems to be the big name being floated out there right now. Still have 13 days until the deadline.

old professor said...

Crash, why would the Rockies want to trade a guy who one year ago was the ace of the staff. As for this years stats, he tends to mirror another 18 game winner from last year who pitched more innings than at any other time in his career - Phil Hughes.

I am not convinced the Yankees need to make a trade and empty the farm system for a big name. Nova was a pitching well with a big learning curve. Banuelos and Betances are a year away form being up -no need to rush.

Garcia is not pitching as well as probably expected. I thought he would do well because of his record from last year. But the truth of the matter is he has to be too fine and when he is off his 82 mph fastball is going to get hit. Colon could be experiencing some fatigue considering he has not pitched a full season since 2009 and was out of baseball for a year.

As for the Rays, Yankees need to sweep and if the Yankees are tipping pitches something has to be done to avoid signs being stolen.

Crash said...

Rockies executive saying they like Montero, and will certainly take him, but he will not be the centerpiece of the deal. This according Jon Heyman. If Montero is not the centerpiece wonder who else they will need to give up to get Jimenez. I would not give up Banuelos. Just for the fact that he's a young lefty that can touch 95 on the gun you do not trade him. I would trade Betances and/or Brackman with Montero but that's about it.

Crash said...

Eric Chavez is playing in a single-A rehab game.

Crash said...

So the Rockies asked for Jesus Montero, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, and Ivan Nova for Jimenez and Ty Wigginton. Even I wouldn't do that trade.

Good come from behind win last night for the Yankees and an equally upsetting loss for the Rays, who the previous night lost in extra-innings to the Sox 1-0. The Rays have lost 5 of last 6 and are 3-7 over their last 10 going back prior to the ASG. They're playing their way out of the division and most likely the wild card since the Sox and Yankees will most likely be within a game or 2 for the rest of the season. Colon needs to bounce back tonight. He could have a hard time with this line up. The Rays are a fastball hitting team and Colon is fastball pitcher. Not a good match up.

old professor said...

I don't believe Cashman would unload all of that talent for a pitcher that has been at best wildly inconsistent - check out his month by month ERA. Then try to translate that into the American League - does Javy Vasquez ring a bell because that is the kind of pitching you would end up with.

The team does not have to panic. They are 1.5 games back in the east and lead the wildcard by 5 games. The Red Sox have more issues with their rotation than the Yankees do. Bucholtz, Dice-K are on the DL; Lackey is not pitching well, and Beckett has been having back issues. That leaves The stud lefty and Wakefield. Their bullpen is not that sound either.

Not only is Chavez playing in a rehab game so is Soriano. If they can get Chavez back that will help with A-Rod being out and help with the bench. Getting Soriano back is a toss up. Robertson has been solid as the bridge to Mo. Wade has been solid and Ayla has been okay. Mitre - garbage time.

Crash said...

Actually the Sox stud lefty is on the DL right now and Beckett is having knee problems not back problems.

I think Cashman is on the way out, the NY Post has an article with a big quote in it. When asked about the prospective trade market and "untouchable" prospects he said:

“Realistically, there are guys that are untouchable for me. But I’ve got bosses, so …”

He has already been overruled with the Soriano deal, if he gets overruled on a trade for a questionable starter with great stuff by mortgaging the entire farm system he may just quit before the end of the season. The previously mentioned package of Montero, Batneces, Banuelos, and Nova is too rick for anybody. I wouldn't even give that up for Felix Hernandez. Take out Banuelos and I would do it though. If they were even thinking about giving all those guys up to Colorado, I would first offer the same package to Seattle for Hernandez.

Crash said...

Is it my skewed perception or have the Yankees been playing really sloppy baseball lately. They made 2 last night that ended leading to 2 unearned runs and that was the difference in the game. Nunez has 12 errors already this season. As a team they have committed 60 errors and have a .983 fielding percentage, that ranks 6th and 9th respectively in the AL (so out of 14)...not good. These have led to 36 unearned runs. That seems awfully high considering A-Rod is former Gold Glove, Jeter, and Tex are GG and Cano is a GG caliber type player. Cervelli has 5 errors and Martin has 8 errors. Some of those are on throws to second which means the baserunner more than likely advanced to 3B as the throw went to the OF. Pena has also made 5 errors.

This is little league type stuff.

old professor said...

Regarding Cashman, it could be 50-50 for him to come back. It would be difficult for the Steinbrenners to admit they made a mistake in signing Soriano who by the way got roughed up in his minor league rehab debut. Wonder if he will still want to opt out of his contract.

I do not see the Yankees giving up the farm to get a pitcher they will not need. Colon came back real well last night and could have been in line to win had Granderson caught a standard fly ball to center or worse yet Logan fielded his position.

You are correct, the Yankees are fielding like crap. A-Rod is out so Nunez goes in and has issues, Pena is now on the DL so Laird is up and his fielding will not win him a gold glove, Cano is back to his old habits and has not been consistent, Burnett throws a simple toss to first into the ground which opened up the first inning for the Rays, and Jeter is his typical lack of range shortstop. So yeah their fielding sucks right now - lack of concentration?? Willing to play only for the wildcard??

Crash said...

Speaking of "Willing to play only for the wildcard??"...another Cashman quote really angered me. When asked about potential moves besides the whole lack of good players, not willing to trade the farm comments, he also said something along of the lines of: "Right now we're good enough to make the playoffs so there isn't a need." WTF!!! When was it ever "good enough" to just make the playoffs. Yankees don't play to make it to October, they play to win in October.

Crash said...

Cashman says if all goes well Soriano is back Tuesday or Wednesday. I believe he was talking about Rafeal, and not trading for Alfonso.

Crash said...

Good win last night. Garcia pitched in and out of trouble but kept the Rays off the board.

Nunez makes another error, that's #13. I like his bat, love his speed, like the range but why so many errors. I think at one point in his career Jeter made 30+ errors in a single season (in the minors) and has had at least 2 seasons of 20+ errors in the majors. Jeter has only had 3 season where he made less than 10 errors. He has 5 now, he finished last year with 6.

old professor said...

Let's look at Cashman's statement - it is an attempt to answer those out there ready to panic. The team is good enough to make the playoffs - whether it be as a wildcard or the division winner. Once in the playoffs, anything can happen (let's remember the Yankees lost in 97 to the Indians when Mo gave up a homerun late).

Don't read more into the statement than there is. Cashman does not want to make a deal for the sake of making a deal. CC is as forecast - a stud ace; AJ can be dominant; Hughes can be a good number 3; Garcia has the second best ERA on the team and has been the second most consistent pitcher; Colon can also be dominant. If (and this is a big if) Soriano can come back and be what he was supposed to be then the pen is really good (I would not remove Robertson from the 8th inning).

Regardiing Nunez, he is trying to prove himself (first having to replace Jeter and now A-Rod)he is going to make errors because of the pressure and his youth. Yes he made an error last night which did not hurt the team and he drove in two runs which gave Mo more breathing space in the 9th.

This team has its flaws, but it will be in the playoffs (unless they lose CC for a prolonged period). As a side note, Nova goes on the DL.

Crash said...

Saw the Nova injury it just looks like a mild sprain. I wouldn't be concerned about that.

Speaking of bullpen where is Mark Prior? Looks like he is on rehab assignment (surprise) down in the Golf League as he landed on the on the 7 day DL after pitching 1 inning for AAA SWB. I don't know why but I really hope he can put together a solid month and get a call up prior (no pun intended) to Sept 1 so he has a chance to make the post-season roster.

As much as I want the Yankees to make a HUGE deal I just don't see anything out there worth giving up a ton of prospects for. I wonder if they have any interest in Hunter Pence. Pence is a grinder who will hit .280, 25 RBI, 80-90 RBI, score a bunch and swipe a base when needed. He's young under contract for a little while. Yankees may need to give up a prospect but if they throw in Swisher who is done after this year (team option at $9.5MM for 2012) wonder if it could get done. I don't think the Yankees will exercise the club option, that being said the free agent market will be pretty non-existent for OF next off-season.

Crash said...

Last nights game was so frustrating to watch. I thought Farnsworth was going to give the lead up but he was able to shut 'em down. Glad he found success finally. He was just starting to pitch well when the Yankees traded him away and it took him a couple years to find himself after that.

Yankees are now 2 back of Boston but I think they have a 10 game home stand starting tonight.

Crash said...

Yankees were doing everything to lose that game yesterday. They had that game well in hand and the mighty offensive A's (sarcasm) were able to put up 3 runs in the last 2 innings and leave the bases loaded in the 9th. Yankees should have swept the A's and they should sweep the Mariners ...but they won't. They should also find a way to get a trade done for Felix Hernandez now. He should not leave NY with Seattle after the game Wednesday afternoon...but the won't to do that either.

I think Hughes showed in his last start he just doesn't have it this year right now. I would shut him down and put him on a reconditioning and strength program for the rest of the season and off-season. It's obvious he was overworked last year and hasn't been able to recover his fastball was a consistent flat 91. Despite all the rules that applied to protect the young pitching, the Yankees sure messed up Hughes and Joba.

old professor said...

Let's start with trades: whether it be Jiminez, Hernancez or Danks, teams involved with the Yankees always try to hold them up for more than the player is worth. At this point, the Yankees get better this week without a trade: Soriano and Chavez come back. If right, Soriano adds a big arm to the pen and can give Mo some rest occassionally as well as spelling Robertson (who really looked tired yesterday).

Colon and Garcia are pitching well and if they hold up, they Yankees will actually be solid at the end of the rotation. Tim Kirchin predicted Hughes was going to be down this year. Historically if you look at a young pitcher who pitches more innings than ever in his career (and Hughes did in 2010) the following year they are not as sharp and effective. It happened to the Rays rotation the year after they went to the World Series. Shields Garza and ?? did not pitch well. It took two years for Shields to recover and Garza became expendible. Hughes is too young to give up on and he will come back next year. You may also want to put the weather conditions into how he imploded on Friday. If he pitches another bad game he needs to be shut down.

Crash said...

My offer to Seattle for King Felix would be the entire S/WB team.

However the Yankees big trade move appears to be a lefty bullpen arm...Tyler Clippard from the Nats, or Craig Breslow from Oakland appear to be the 2 names being tossed around the most.

Soriano could be activated as early as tonight.

Crash said...

Joel Sherman saying Yankees will not part with Montero, Bentances, Banuelos, or Romine unless it is for a true #1 starting pitcher. Yankees were "very interested" in Gio Gonzalez but Oakland would not discuss him.

old professor said...

Yankees continue to look for a left handed reliever, however, the names being tossed around are junk - Mike Gonzalez from the Orioles but he has an ERA north of 5, Grabow from the Cubs - ditto on the ERA. Oddly enough JC Romero has been effective in the minors striking out 17 in 7.1 innings.

Soriano can be activated on Wednesday, but with an off day on Thursday, don't expect to see him until Friday.

Garcia pitches effectively again and gives up three runs over 7.2 innings. Nova will be back this weekend for a double header - expect to see him replace Hughes in the next rotation if Hughes struggles his next time out (may mean a demotion to the minors to get straightened out).

Crash said...

NFL lockout over, Giants have a bunch of Free Agents they need to sign pretty quickly. Bradshaw, Kiwanuka, Kevin Boss, and Steve Smith are the big names I think they should make an effort to re-sign.

old professor said...

Crash, the Giants are going to have problems signing all of their free agents; they are approximately $13 million over the established or estimated cap. They will probably ask Jacobs to restructure his contract, they need to do something with Osi. Boss is not critical to the team, but is a good blocking tight end (they also lack depth at that position). There are a number of D-lineman that either have to be signed or released (Rocky Barnard is just one of them). They also need to look at signing someone for the inside linebacker position. (They are interested in the former Penn State LB who plays for the Bills).

Now back to baseball. Chavez activated and contributes an RBI single. Though if he handles the grounder in the 8th inning he turns two and the Yankees don't give up a run.

Not sure what Girardi was thinking by putting CC back in after the second rain delay. The guy had already given up one hit so a no hitter or perfect game was not on the line. It became obvious after the first two batters his stuff was off. Yet he was kept in to load the bases by walks - Robertson finds himself in his fourth straight game with bases loaded - guy is unreal.

Soriano expected back by Friday - Garrison probably goes down. Bullpen has been effective without Soriano - hey maybe he is traded for something the team really needs (new bats or a bucket of balls).

old professor said...

Just want to follow up the Giants information - team is currently 6 million over the cap - Barry Cofield has signed with the Redskins so the giants lose their best d-lineman to a division rival. They have released Shawn O'Hara and Rich Seibert both of whom are recovering from injury but were anchors on the O-line. They will release offensive lineman Shaun Andrews today because of his $7 million base. they are trying to rework the contract with Andrews but have failed to do so. There are now several big holes to fill both ofensively and defensively. And for a team over the cap that does not bode well - look for them to go to the scrap heap to get bodies into camp. Season has not started and I don't look for them to be competitive with what they have to do roster wise.

old professor said...

Upon Further Review...... Major League Baseball needs to do something about the umpiring. It is getting worse and no one seems to care. Two nights ago, the first base umpire clearly missed two calls at first base. Either call would have gotten Seattle out of the inning; instead, it kept the inning alive and led to a big inning by the Yankees.

Last night in the 19th inning, the Atlanta Braves player never reached the plate is tagged by the catcher and called safe by the umpire - game over, Atlanta wins. This is nonsense. Maybe if MLB started fining umpires for crap calls they would get better either that or start hiring competent individuals.

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