Monday, October 31, 2011

'11 Closes Out With Cards 11th

As difficult as it was to watch the Championship Series, the Fall Classic turned out to be pretty good baseball.

Glad the Cardinals won - don't know why, just can't bring myself to root for the Rangers - plus in mind, the Cards are the Yankees of the NL, so thus my pulling for them.

As good as the games were - only true hardcore fans actually saw more than just the highlight clips on ESPN though. The games start too late. Wish something could be worked out to have the game coverage start at 6 or late afternoon like the Super Bowl. My guess is a broader audience would tune in.
Albert Pujols is the best offensive player in Major League Baseball. Arguably has been since his arrival into the league. 3 time MVP, but also think he finished 2nd at least 3 other times to beef-roider Barry Bonds.

For several years, I think the best offensive player discussion centered on A-Rod and Pujols. That battle has been decided until further notice in my mind as A-Rod has avg. 30 HRs since joining the Yanks with a much lower batting avg. than Pujols.

More significantly though - Pujols poste season avg. is the exact same level as his regular season avg (.330'ish) - A-Rod's is right at the Mendoza line. So when it counts the most - Pujols is there.

Further, '11 marked Pujols third trip to the Fall Classic, winning two of them. A-Rod has been pysically present in more post seasons, with a better surrounding cast, but has been invisible with the bat most of the time and has only come through once in 8 seasons.

Pujols is the best - both in regular season and post season play.


old professor said...

Did not watch the series. It would have been nice to see the Rangers win it. They have been in existance for 50 years (since 1961)and have not won the series. In addition there is a different atmosphere there since nolan ryan took over.

Yankees send new offer to CC. He appears ready to opt out and see what else will come forward. if someone comes up with seven years at 25-27 million, he will not be in NY next year.

A lot of players are eligible for arbitration interesting to see what happens there. Expect Robertson to get the biggest increase in salary.

Crash said...

I picked the Cardinals because they had one main advantage (and you can go back somewhere on here to look it up) Chris Carpenter is a stud pitcher. The Cardinals had a true ace on their staff in Carpenter, and the Rangers didn't. Carpenter was 2-0 in his 3 World Series starts, 19 innings with a 2.84 ERA (let me help you with that...that means he gave up 2 runs, 2 runs, and 2 runs in his starts).

Mid I'm not going to argue with your point about Pujols. He is by far the most dominant offensive player in the game today. Even in his done year he was still among the best. That being said, I wouldn't offer him $300MM over 10 years. Even Pujols shouldn't be given anything past 4 or 5 years. If he's PED free, his numbers will begin the downward trend in a couple years. At age 35 he will be more like A-Rod than Pujols, which isn't bad just not worth $25-$30MM. I know someone out there will give him 7 or 8 years guaranteed, but I wouldn't do it.

Yanks have offered CC a deal, no official word on the terms, but it is speculated that it is a 1 year extension with a 2nd year option. Many apparently don't think it would be wise for him to opt out if it was a guarantee 6 years. I think the market for CC is relatively small. The Rangers, Nationals, and maybe the Cubs. though the Cubs have a bunch of bad contracts they need to be relieved from (Zambrano, Soriano, Dempster, and they have to worry about A-Ram coming or going). Boston and both LA teams can't afford him either. So his market is really diminished. The Yankees won't lose CC, and in his press conference I can here him say "this is where I always wanted to be, I wanted to stay, etc." but it's certainly going to be drama filled in this game of chicken.

Old Prof I agree that Robertson will get a big pay day if he goes to arbitration. Gardner will get a big raise too. I think the Yankees could make a long term offer to Robertson, while they will play year to year with Gardner. Gardner needs to show better consistency. If he hits .290 - .300 (which he flirted with for a while) he's great but at .259 he's expendable. He hit .277 in 2010, he needed to improve that by 20 points, not drop 20 points. He cost himself several million with that performance.

Crash said...

Not sure why I'm thinking about this now...but could the Yankees make a run at Pujols if CC leaves? If Pujols can still play 3B, which he did do a little this year and earlier in his career, could the Yankees rotate Pujols in to spell A-Rod and Tex at 3B and 1B, respectively. Kind of like a revolving DH scenario? It would be a hell of lineup, but it would have to be with that rotation.

Crash said...

Wow, didn't see that one coming, Tony LaRusa retires. I didn't like some of the thing he did (the constant pitching changes, the obvious hit batters being called from the bench and then denying everything) but his teams won a lot. He has championships in both leagues so you can't argue with his success. The guy is definitely a HOF manager.

old professor said...

Crash, there was a reason Pujols was moved to first - third was not something he excelled at and if I am not wrong, the team had to offer insurance to the box seat fans sitting behind first.

If the Yankees go after him, that would mean he either becomes a dh or Tex moves to third.

The Yankees going after him or Fielder would be a clear indication that are not going with Montero as a dh and backup catcher.

A two year additional contract with one of those being an option year won't get it done for CC. I would not be surprised if he would like the entire contract re-written. Boston could also be a player for him as they have meg rotation issues for next year.

Regarding LaRussa, you may remember he had to take some time off during the season due to what was state as shingles. It may be more than that. Guy goes out on top.

Crash said...

First trade of the offseason...Derek Lowe to the Cleveland Indians for a "second-line" player. Atlanta is eating $10MM of the money owed. Yankees could have taken a flier on him for $5MM. But look at the rotation Cleveland has for next season. Masterson, Lowe, Carmona, Ubaldo...a lot of fingers crossed there but a real decent rotation.

Mid said...

Good for LaRussa retiring

took two different teams to the promise land, winning the crown 3 times and going out on top

Mid said...

Yanks should offer Pujols 5 yrs @ $35 mm per with a 2 yr option

Then trade Tex for several draft picks to restock the minors

Crash said...

As of now you can't trade for draft picks in baseball...might be on the horizon though especially since MLB wants to institute a slot system. And Teixeira's contract is too long and too rich and he's coming off the worst year of his career. And all Boras clients have no trade clauses.

All that being said I agree with the fundamental principal, if you bring on Pujols, I'm not opposed to trading Tex.

old professor said...

Let's take the issues one at a time: Cleveland and its rotation: Crash you are probably right - Masterson if I am not wrong was having surgery at the end of the season Ubaldo was not what he was thought to be, and Lowe is old and washed up.

Mid no way Pujols is worth 35 million a season - MLB owners are probably glad you don't represent anyone that they need to deal with.

As for Tex, he got to be pull happy in NY and tried for the long ball. He needs to get back to doing what he does best and that is hit the ball where it is pitched and hit the mistakes for home runs.

The Yankees may just take a flyer on Oswalt. I still do not believe CC will accept the two year offer the Yankees put on the table. There has to be an increase financial incentive in the both of the last two years to make him consider it. Loading it as a performance base won't get the job done. By this time tomorrow we will know what his future is and whether he will be back. I cannot imagine if he opts to test the market that the Yankees will get into a long-term biddiing war with anyone for his services.

Crash said...

8 Yankee players are now officially free agents:
Luis Ayala, Eric Chavez, Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia, Andruw Jones, Damaso Marte, Sirgio Mitre, and Jorge Posada.

From that group I would like to see Ayala, Garcia, and Chavez resign with the Yankees.

MId said...

So here's the deal - with LaRussa hitting the beach, the only manager in the bigs Pujols has known, that leaves his relationship to the organization vulnerable in my view.

The Cards can hire the popular guy on the bench - which means they're willing to forego championship level ball for a few seasons while this guy finds his way.

I say the Yanks send out Pena and put a nice contract of 5 yrs at $35mm per in front of him.

And to OP's statement - when a player puts up 44 HRs and a .330 avg. per year, and the production does not drop off in October - YES that's worth it!!

Crash said...

I can't believe Mid actually beat me to the news of the day....So CC's deal is done, it's a guarnateed 5th year at $25MM, vesting 6th year option for another $25MM ($5MM buyout). So he's guarnateed another $30, possiblly $50MM. Not a bad extension. As many analysts are now indicating the market for a pitcher of his price tag was very limited and he wanted to stay with the Yankees. In the end it seemed like a no brainer and I'm glad they got it done sooner rather than later.

Buster Olney indicates the Yankees major offseason moves are now complete. I couldn't disagree more. The Yankees will sign a lefty for the bullpen. But the major move will be done via trade. I would think the Yankees would want to add another lefty to the rotation. While CJ Wilson and Mark Buehrle on the free agent market, I'm thinking the Yankees will opt to trade Montero and an OF, for someone like Gio Gonzalez (Oakland lefty). Young under control for a little bit, think he is eligible for arb next year. Or maybe the SF Giants for Jonathan Sanchez, another very good lefty but I think he's a free agent at the end of this season. Don't think Montero is a fit for SF, but Swisher maybe. That team needs offense, and the Yankees have offense, and Swisher while putting up decent #'s in the reg season has been atrocious in the post-season.

old professor said...

Crash, Gonzales is not available and Oakland has pretty much indicated that. In addition, why would they trade a young arm for offense. Pitching wins games.

Look for the Yankees to make a play for Buerle or Oswalt. I do not believe they have a lot of iinterest in Wilson considering his post season problems. In addition to play off a posed question that surfaced in the Post: who would you rather have on the mound in a post season game Wilson or Oswalt??

As for a left handed addition to the pen. They may look internally. I don't think the Yankees will bring Ayala back. He did well and will try to parlay that into a more secure deal.

Crash said...

Great write up on CJ Wilson by Matt Meyers on ESPN. Talks about how he has benefited from Texas' defense and the crappy AL West teams. 1 of every 4 starts Wilson has had over the last 2 years has either been against the A's or M's. Two of the worst offensive clubs...ever...really, ever in the history of the game. Texas was ranked 2nd in defensive efficiency, while the Yankees were ranked 21st. Largely due to Jeter and A-Rod's lack of range and mobility.

Tougher teams in the AL East plus old senior citizens on the left side of the infield equate to bad news for a big time ground ball pitcher with a high walk rate (3.8 walks per 9).

Crash said...

Old Prof, if you want to know why the A's would trade young pitching for hitting just read my previous comment. If pitching wins games, the A's would have been in the World Series, instead they finished 7 games under .500 and 22 back of the Rangers. They were 20th in runs scored. For a "moneyball" team that looks for OBP, they were 22nd (Boston and NY were 1st and 2nd). Now that may be ok if you have a little power, but that's all the A's had was a little power. They finished with 114 HR's, good for 24th in the league, Yankees nearly doubled that #. Just for perspective...Granderson, Tex, and Cano hit 108 HRs.

My point is they need more offense to compete. You make deals to address your weakness while dealing from your strengths. The A's strength is pitching and need hitting, Yankees strength is hitting and they need pitching...logistically it makes sense.

Crash said...

Some highlights from the Cashman conference call (it's official new 3 year deal for Cash).

Yankees did not pick up Andrew Brackman's option. He is now a free agent.

Cashman said he will not pursue Prince or Albert. He said "Offense is not a problem."...did he watch the Detroit series?

The rotation is the main focal point and would like to add second lefty to pen. Looking forward to Joba's return at some point later in the season.

Cashman really likes Russel Martin. Sounds like they will at least offer him arbitration, but want him back. Would consider a long term deal. Cashman called Martin "Munson-like".

Cashman still sticking by AJ, citing the big time performance against Detroit.

Cervelli is healthy and ready to go.

Cash said Montero could be a catcher, he could be a DH, could be a bat off the bench. He didn't say for what club though.

Cash says Swishers option was an easy call, one of the best RF in the game, their lucky to have him.

Crash said...

Cash is willing to listen to trade offers for AJ or anyone else that does not have a no trade clause.

*IF* Burnett is a Yankee, he'll be in the rotation. Again would consider all offers for him, but his innings would be tough to replace, Cash was very supportive and admired he took the ball every 5th day and that AJ was very accountable for his inconsistent performance.

old professor said...

Regarding Brackman - look for the Yankees to resign him to a minor league deal. He is still very young and a work in progress.

If you look at the free agent top fifty - wow is there some age in there. There is some talent but some age.

One of the youngest outfielders to be designated as a free agent is Grady Sizemore. He is only 29, has serious questions regarding health, but could suffice as a forth outfielder (replacing andruw jones).

If the Yankees are looking for a proven lefty reliever, George Sherrill is available. He had a decent year last year (previous year was a disaster. He is 34 but available.

As for addtional bench help. Jerry Hairston is on the market once again. Age may play a factor since he is 36 (oh to be 36 again). But he can play several different positions including left field, ss and third base.

Mid mentioned Pena - the guy is a strikeout machine. Hit .225. Did however have 28 homeruns and 80 rbi.

Still believe the Yankees would be better off signing Buerle and re-signing Garcia instead of going after Wilson. Also Cervelli will not be their back up next year. They came close to trading him to the Pirates last year.

Crash said...

If it meant getting a very good starter, I would sign Sizemore to play LF, and package Gardner and Montero in a trade. Not to beat a dead horse but, top of the rotation, young, and lefty. Every GM's dream.

Mid said...

How much you want to bet that the Red Sox and the Cubs make a move for Pujols?

If you have money in the back or capacity on a credit line - you can't let this guy go without putting in a serious bid - don't care how much he loves the Cards $185mm for 5 years ought to be enough to give anyone pause.

Mid said...

Of course I beat you to the news!!

(story was broke by Bloomberg)

old professor said...

The Red Sox probably will make a move for Pujols simply because they will need to have a dh and they also have to look at replacing Yukliss who due to injuries is now becoming useless.

Crash said...

The story wasn't broke by was released by CC himself over his twitter account. He said "Yankee fans, I'll be here fighting for number 28 next year!" THEN everyone else picked up the twitter feed and reported it. With Social media, major news outlets rarely get the "breaking news".

The Red Sox are not going after Pujols, or Prince, they do not have a place for Pujols, much like the Yankees don't have a place for Pujols. The Cubs will absolutely make a play for Pujols, but it's not realistic. For what Pujols will cost you you can get 2 or 3 really good players and the Cubs need that more than any 1 player.

Crash said...

Gold Gloves were announced yankees at all. A-Gon beat out Tex at 1B, Pedroia beat out Cano at 2B, and I can't believe Gardner didn't get it. Alex Gordon gets it in LF? Gardner was the best defensive OF all year.

Crash said...

Glad someone in the media agrees with me...Former GM Jim Bowden just sent this out on his twitter account: "Alex Gordon beating Brett Gardner for LF AL Gold Glove is a JOKE..."

Crash said...

Granderson and Cano win Silver Sluggers.

Mid said...

I think Granderson will get it next year if he can put in a repeat performance

He's still new/overshadowed by all the star power of the line up

Anytime I hear golden gloves announced I always think back to when Raf Palmerio somehow beat out Tino for the Glove even though Raffy only played like 40 games at the position.

old professor said...

This will probably break Mid's heart - Wang agrees to a one year deal with the Washington Nationals thus eliminating the possiblity of him becoming a free agent.

Crash, regarding the cubs making a play for Pujols - they have too many big contracts they need to dump before they go after a big free agent - Soriano's contract is a problem, as is Demsters and Zambranos. They don't have the ability to make a serious financial commitment to any big free agent.

If you think about it, there are only three teams that have the financing to offer a big contract: Yankees, Red Sox and Angels. Rangers could have some flexibility but not much. The market for Pujols is not necessarily that big.

I anticipate the Yankees making a move on Buerle.

Crash said...

Old Prof you're off base a little with the Cubs, yes they have bad contracts, but they also had plenty of $$ come off the books this year and even more next year. Yes they may be stuck with Soriano's deal until 2014, but Ramirez's deal is done that's $16M, Pena is off the books ($10MM),Zambrano and Dempster are both done after this season ($18MM and $14MM, respectively). Given that they have plenty of money to spend this year and next year. Mark my words the Cubs will be very active in pursuing either Pujols or Prince. They have a better chance at getting Prince, but they will be active on both of them. I think they sign Prince this year, and get 2 big pitching free agents next year and they make the playoffs in 2013. Don't forget Theo needs to make a splash with the fans and put his stamp on the team. I wouldn't be shocked if they somehow trade for Yukillis this offseaon as well.

old professor said...

Cashman has said the team's focus is pitching pitching pitching. Freddie Garcia was the most consistant pitcher in the rotation and has stated he wants to come back to the team and pitch next year. And yet the team hasn't even talked to him about what it would take. CC, Nova, Burnett, one free agent and Garcia make a solid rotation. Hughes goes to the pen. Joba will be back late in the season but will need at least another year to build arm strenght.

On a different front, Jamie Moyer is going to try to come back from surgery at age 49. He had a workout for scouts who indicated he looked like the old (no play on words intended) Jamie Moyer. Fastball at 83 and the rest of his stuff where it should be to make batters look stupid.

Crash said...

I agree I thought Garcia was great last year. And he essentially gave you Andy Pettitte type numbers for the season, 12-8 ERA 3.62. But he only made 26 starts and less than 150 innings. They would have to be confident that he could give them the extra 6-8 starts and 40-50 more innings.

What I don't agree is that the Yankees will put Hughes in the pen. He was the top prospect in baseball, he is suppose to be the stud pitcher, let him do it in the rotation.

I think it's funny how all of sudden all the agents for the top pitching free agents are saying they would love to come to NY. Agents for Buerhle, Wilson, and Oswalt all said their guy would love to pitch in NY and thrive in the environment. I guess it also doesn't hurt that with the Yankees involved it automatically drives the market price a little higher. If Oswalt is healthy he is the best pitcher. But he's not a lefty. I guess I would rank them 1. Oswalt, 2. Buerhle, and 3. Wilson, in order of preference. I think the first 2 guys you may be able to get to 2 or 3 year deal while Wilson will most likely get 5 years.

Crash said...

On the non-Yankee the Giants have a chance against the Patriots this Sunday?

The Giants are a classic, play to your competition team. You would think they should blow out a team like the Dolphins, but they didn't they just come away with the W. I think the same thing happens this time. The Patriots defense is crap, Jacobs needs to have a big game and Eli will have a big game. I'm thinking 21-17 on a last minute TD pass from Eli to Cruz for the victory.

Crash said...

Ok this is really far fetched...some people are speculating that the Giants need offense so badly they would be willing to trade Tim Lincecum for bats. If I'm Brian Cashman, I call up Brian Sabean and offer Robinson Cano for Tim Lincecum straight up. If that doesn't work I would add Swisher, but ask for a half way decent prospect in return. This would allow Nunez to play 2B on a regular basis. Yankees could sign, say Beltran for example to play RF. Sign Lincecumm long term, and then re-sign Cano after 2013 (assuming the Giants pick up his option), and move Nunez to SS when Jeter retires/contract expires.

I think that is great deal all the way around for both teams.

old professor said...

Crash, I don't disagree with some of what you said. But here is the thing about Hughes - which Hughes are you going to get?? The one that went 18-8 or the one that couldn't get out of the third inning of most of his starts?? He proved that in the pen his fastball was back to 94-95 and his breaking pitch was sharp. He may be more suited to the pen!

If I could, I would sign both Garcia and Buerle. Buerle is only 33 and has probably a good 2 to 3 years left. Garcia will turn 35 and has one or two years left. As for the innings, if I am not wrong, he was not in the starting rotation to start the year. It was CC, Burnett, Hughes, Nova and ???

As for the Giants, check out the pass defense numbers for the Pats, they are among the worst in the league. Manning could have a field day.

Crash said...

Well Garcia was the 5th starter, Yankees did use him in mid-April, I think he started against Texas. Both he and Colon started in the pen, but I don't think Garcia did any pitching from there, maybe an inning or 2 tops. Then they skipped his turn a couple times because of early days off and rain outs.

Crash said...

Just saw the new Yankee Magazine show on Yes. They interviewed Dave Phelps...seems like he has an understanding of pitching and not just throwing. Doesn't like to walk people, throws strikes, 4 pitch pitcher using all pitches anytime. This kid could sneak up in spring training and make a spot.

old professor said...

The team has been high on Phelps. While he has four pitches the question is whether the velocity difference between them are significant enough to make him effective at the major league level. Another individual who seems to be sneaking in under the radar is Warren.

Braves trying to package Jurjens to KC. Odd move because the guy has been consistently a winner and is young. Apparently the braves offered Jurjens and Parada to KC for two minor leaguers: Cain and the Royals number 1 prospect. Apparently Cain is not the problem the other prospect is. Expect the Yankees to make a play?????????

Giants pull one out at the end. Eli is not among the elite quarterbacks until he stops throwing off the backfoot when pressured and throwing ints. in the endzone.

Crash said...

I will admit that I thought Eli ilost the game for the Giants when he threw the INT in the endzone. But when the Pats scored I thought they left too much time on the clock and the Giants would at least tie it if not win it. Eli is an elite QB. Yes his INTs look terrible but he has proven to be very clutch, leading the Giants on many 4th quarter =when they mean the most, including the little game in Arizona on February 3rd, 2008. I think I heard he's the 3rd highest rated QB in the 4th quarter. That's clutch time. Justin Tuck said it best "You can spell Elite without Eli."

Cashman doing due diligence with Wilson and Oswalt's agent. I take it as nothing more than that.

old professor said...

I am not convinced the Yankees are truly interested in Wilson. The talk is he will land a five year $15 million per year contract and that is too much for a guy with only two years in the starting rotation (the rest of his career with Texas, he was in the pen).

While Cashman and the rest talk about the needs of the rotation, they seem reluctant to look at the internal options as the best way to go and they released Brackman 9so much for the 3 killer B's in the rotation). You need to wonder whether the reluctance stems from a lack of confidence that these individuals (Betances,Benuelos, Warren and Phelps) can actually make it in the show.

I just seems odd the Yankees always hype their farm system and their prospects, but lack faith in bringing them up. Montero is a perfect example - all of the hype surrounding the kid who is still only 20 and they are questioning whether he can be the DH this coming season.

Crash said...

If the Braves are shopping Jair Jurrjens, Cashman better call them to see what the price asking price is. Not sure the Yankees are a fit though. The Yankees big trade chip is Montero. Not sure how many NL teams would look at him as a catcher, plus the Braves already have one of the top catchers in the game in McCann, a young kid who may be NLROY at 1B in Freeman, and Heyward in RF. The Braves have literally no place to put Montero. So I wonder who else the Yankees would give up in a trade. I said this all last year and I will start it again and probably repeat it numerous times this offseason, I would not trade Banuelos. Young, power lefty arms, do not come around often. You keep them in your system and give them time to develop.

Also heard a David Wright trade is possible, latest team was LA Angels. Seeing how they just moved the fences in for Wright at CitiField, not sure that's a great move trading him. He's the face of the franchise. That would be a dagger in the heart for Met fans everywhere.

Crash said...

As for Montero, the Yankees did it right last season. They brought him up late, gave him some regular starts and the kid hit...he hit .328 with 4 HR's, and he had 2 hits in the post-season. He hit for power and average and that glimpse was just enough to raise his trade value and show everyone he could be for real. The only hesitancy around Montero being the DH, in my view is, he's only 20 and just got there. You don't bring a kid through the minors and into the majors to be a DH. He needs to play a position. It's just bad timing on the Yankees part. They finally get the hitter they need but can't find a place to put him.

Crash said...

Wow I can't believe the deals that are landing at the Royals...first there was this Jurjens they land Jonathan Sanchez from the Giants, for MELKY!!! Unreal. Young (will be 29 next season) lefty, hard throwing with nasty stuff. Walks too many right now but improves that and he's REAL good.

old professor said...

MLB Network Hot Stove reviewed the KC San Fran deal and it was characterized by the Royals trading an old car with a new paint job for someone who will be a stud in the rotation. Apparently the numbers put up by Cabrera opened some eyes. The big question will be whether he can build on it or was a one year wonder. The Royals are doing it right - they can't pay for big free agents so they trade for their needs and build from within.

Problem with this process for the Royals is whether their prospects will meet expectations and if not they are in constant rebuilding mode.

Apparenlty a number of Cuban players soon to be free agents are getting interesting looks from the Yankees - a centerfielder (allegedly 26) has been characterized as hitting like Gary Sheffield and playing the outfielder with speed and grace. They are also looking at a Cuban pitcher.

Crash said...

The Cuban OF Yoenis Cespedes looks to be the real deal talent wise. I think I read that it's the Yankees, Marlins, Nationals, and one other team that have "serious" interest. If Chapman got 5 years at $30MM, I can't see this guy getting much more than that. It's a relatively affordable investment for a team like the Yankees. Cespedes would most likely start in the minors. If the Yankees do sign him it spells the end for Swisher or Gardner, either now, at the trade deadline, or end of next season. At least he's a real free agent and the teams don't have to worry about this posting fee like they do for the Japanese players.

No surprise that the Marlins are meeting with Mark Buehrle, since Ozzie is now the manager there. Also heard that the Marlins are meeting with Jose Reyes. No word on Pujols, Fielder, or any other pitching free agents the Yanks may be targeting.

old professor said...

Crash, I cannot see Buerle going to a team with Ozzie as the manager. He was a tired act that wore on his players. Why would Buerle want to subject himself to a second act. In addition, Ozzie was hired to play to the hispanic crowd in Miami. (Hence the new name for the team "the Miami Marlins").

They could also be players for the Cuban free agents. Regarding Cespedes, he is considered major league ready. If signed by the Yankees he would be looked at as a number four outfielder. If he shows he can play, Swisher becomes expendable. Indications are this guy can play center and the corner outfield positions.

The market for Fielder and Pujols is very small - NY - Nope not with Tex. Boson - Nope not with Gonzalez. Texas - Maybe. Angels - Not with the kid that came up last year and put up great numbers.
Cubs - Nope don't have the money to invest. Nationals - nope because both want to play with a winner and the Nats are not that close yet. Dodgers - NO WAY since they have declared bankrupcy and are looking to sell the team. Don't be surprised if both end up back with their current teams. More so with Pujols because at his age no one is going to give him the length he is looking for ( can we say Jeter, A-Rod, Posada).

Crash said...'re wrong on the Cubs, they have money to spend on a big bat. Additionally the Cubs have the 2nd highest ticket prices in the game, and are in a big time market, they can afford it. And while the Dodgers may have filed bankruptcy it doesn't mean that can't sign a big time player. The Rangers were in bankruptcy and they were still very active in 2010. If the Dodgers can be sold relatively quickly (say the next 30 days or so) don't be surprised if they have discussions with either Pujols or Fielder.

Here's what I don't understand, the Brewers have said we would like to keep Prince, but don't know if we can afford him, but we are extremely interested in Jose Reyes. I don't see a large gap in the contracts between Reyes and Fielder. Reyes could end up getting $17-18MM for 5 or 6 years. Fielder made $15.5 last year. If he wanted to stay with the Brewers he wouldn't take $20MM per? You can have Reyes at $18 or Fielder at $20...I think I take Fielder.

Crash said...

I'm real tired of John Daniels getting credit for being a good GM in Texas. Truth is, he hasn't had a unique idea of his own in years. Last year the Rangers had no interest in Cliff Lee, until the Yankees announced they were after Lee. The Angels were hot on Beltre before Texas decided hey maybe we should go after him. And now all of a sudden pitching is a priority in Texas and they're targeting Wilson, Buehrle, and Oswalt. Only after the Yankees announced 2 weeks ago pitching was their off-seasosn priority and coincidentally targeting the same guys. Daniels did have one original idea in the past couple years, let's trade Michael Young, he's old and no good. Yeah, great idea Daniles. Ever since the rangers decided to make the Yankees their "rival", all they seem to do is react, instead of act. All that being said, you don't have to be the first to market, just the best and you can't argue with the fact that have gotten to the WS 2 years in a row.

Crash said...

Odd...Buster Olney is saying: it’s “highly unlikely” the Yankees will make a serious run at Buehrle.

old professor said...

With Buerle, it is a matter of comfortable surroundings for his family. Look for him to end up in the NL or back with Chicago.

Think the Yankees will concentrate on Wilson and bringing Garcia back. Other than that it may be a dull long winter.

old professor said...

Interesting news coming out of Venzuela - Wilson Ramos the Nationals starting catcher was kidnapped by four armed gunmen. I can see the Yankees requesting any and all of their Venzuelan players move somewhere norht of Miami.

Posada met with the press yesterday and indicated he knows his Yankee career is over. Sometime in February he will make a decision as to whether he retires or tries to hook on with another team (his wife indicated Miami would be nice since they already live there). Jorge admitted it would be tough putting on another team's uniform.

Yankees taking a real close look at Cuban player - Cepeades.

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