Tuesday, October 04, 2011

On the Ropes

The Yanks had a chance in Game 3, however, questionable signing Rafael Soriano serves up the most predicted first pitch fastball in post season history and Young promptly checks it into the stands.

While it is easy to piling onto to Jeter for K'ing again with with runners on base in the 9th - there is a bigger lack of production:

A-Rod: 0-10, Tex: 1-11
for the series.

Tonight I'm wondering which version of Jeff Weaver, I mean AJ Burnett takes the mound. If AJ performs tonight - I think all ills of prior two season will be forgotten.


old professor said...

Yankees have their backs to the wall and you may have been right - this has the makings of 06 all over again.

Soriano is a self centered bum that should never have been signed. Hal and Hank felt they needed to make a big splash and sign someone for a lot of money. Robertson, Wade and even Noesi have been more consistent than this guy. Time to start the countdown to spring training.

A-Rod and Tex are both having what appears to be their usual post season - 1 dor 20 between them great.

Crash said...

Teixeira has been terrible in the post-season so far...and by so far I mean 2009-2011, not just this year. He's a .202 hitter in the post-season for his career. As a Yankee I can recall 1 big hit, walkoff HR in the 2009 ALDS against the Twins, other than that he's done nothing.

I think Girardi should bench A-Rod in favor of Nunez. It's clear A-Rod is hurting and is not the same player. Nunez a quick bat, gap power and speed that could help this club right now....A-Rod has none of that right now.

I think AJ pitches decently tonight, I'm thinking 5+ innings 1 or 2 runs. Then you can bring in Hughes for a couple of innings.

I was glad to see Miguel Cabrera intentionally walked last night, even though CC bounced it in the dirt.

I can't recall Soriano ever being great this season. Whenever the Yankees needed him to step up he seemed to always cave in. Unlike Robertson who just seems to thrive in those types of situations.

Lastly, I need to blame something for the Yankees futility, so I'm going to blame the schedule over the last month. finally catching up with them. Both Verlander and Scherzer made mistakes in the middle of the plate last 2 nights and Yankee hitters were just flat out missing them...bats were looking slow, swinging through pitches.

AJ save the season, please!

old professor said...

As for Verlander making mistakes in the center of the plate, you can do that when you throw a 100mph fastball and a 94mph slider - Yankees looked clueless. Bottom line they are an aging team with slowing bats and there isn't anything on the horizon that is going to change that - A-Rod will get older and slower, Jeter the same, Tex has gotten pull happy because of the short porch, Posada will be gone, Mo will be 42, Colon 39, Garcia 34 0r 35, AJ mid 30's. There are not a lot of position players in the system that will replace these guys especially the ones with long term contracts.

It is possible that Garcia will be resigned, Colon is history, Soriano should be history, Martin will leverage his good season into a free agent contract with someone.

Crash said...

Soriano isn't going anywhere because it's his option, not the team's. And no one will pay him that money to close after this crappy season.

Yankees have plenty of young position players. Laird was ranked the top defender in the International League at 3B. Nunez should be the starting SS, Romine should be catching. Montero needs to be traded or needs a place other than catcher. It was pretty clear in the small sample size he can't catch.

I can't believe A-Rod is signed through 2017!!! What a crap contract that is.

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